Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 224


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 224: The Illusory Paradise (1)

The white tree that guards the Illusory Paradise.

The symbol of the giants’ stronghold and the foundation of all barriers, this tree was a holy relic that emitted a massive amount of magical power just by its existence.

Naturally, monsters attracted to the magical power would gather, and as a result, even without the giants’ protection, the tree had its own means of defending itself from intruders.

‘Don’t underestimate it just because the giants don’t pay attention – or you’ll pay the price.’

To avoid repeating that mistake, this time I needed to prepare thoroughly.

[1 Litre of Sweet Fairy Acacia Honey – 1,000 coins]

[Breath of the Tree – 5,500 coins]

[100 Litres of Oshium Mountain Glacier Water – 2,250 coins]

[Discovered Prehistoric ??? Bone 0.349365 Kg – 10 coins]

[Discovered Prehistoric ??? Bone 349.365 Kg – 10,000 coins]

Jinhyuk quickly scanned through the ingredient-type items he had purchased from the coin exchange.

Although there were countless possibilities, the one certainty to break through this place was to buy these.

‘Well then, shall we get started?’

Jinhyuk dropped the ‘Discovered Prehistoric ??? Bone’ on the floor.

Before its actualization, the item was a random gacha-type, and it was impossible to know what kind of monster bone it was.

But there was one trick.

A loophole that allowed seeing behind the curtain.

‘You buy the bones twice.’

Only by purchasing bones of different weights with precise decimal places would the condition be met.

It was information he had learned by spending every last coin he had earned while engrossed in gacha.

[Hidden conditions met!]

[You can choose one of three bones!]

[Ixus Species ‘Ketchalkoatlus’ × 1]

[Marine Species ‘Tidalos’ × 1]

[Ancient Soldiers × 10]

A golden status window unfolded.

Jinhyuk grimaced bitterly.

‘Damn, this just brings back terrible memories.’

He remembered the time he spent all his money, even the cash for triangle kimbap, on such gambles.

Going hungry all day was usual and without bus fare, he’d walk ten subway stations.

It was then he gained notoriety as PK, frequently killing Cheon Yuseong and extorting bounties.

It was the only time he provoked Cheon Yuseong first.

‘So that’s why he held such a deep grudge?’

After a moment of thought, Jinhyuk shook his head.

No way a guy would hold a grudge over something like that. The more important thing was choosing the right monster bone.

‘Here, quantity trumps quality.’

He still lacked the ability to control undead monsters other than T-bones.

Instead of trying to summon difficult ones, it was better to have obedient, albeit weaker, ones.

Jinhyuk activated his skill toward the pile of bones.

[Lv1 ‘Undead Manufacture’ activated!]

[Summoning Ancient Soldier!]

[Ancient Soldier]

Level: 3

Strength 20 Agility 20 Vitality 20 Magic 20

Details: Soldiers of an ancient beastman kingdom whose names are now forgotten. Loyalty to protect their king and kingdom even in death—if directed toward you, the Ancient Soldiers could become a formidable force.

Note: Due to the caster’s lack of proficiency, their size is limited to about 50cm. Their intelligence is significantly reduced.

They looked like SD characters from a fraction.

Skulls with sharp single horns suggested they were from unicorn species…

‘They don’t even have 10% of their original abilities.’

The Archmage’s Robe obtained from a European Lich and Merlin’s Staff acquired from a corridor helped, but this was his limit.

Though less efficient, he didn’t plan to abandon the undead.

Among all species, they were the only ones free from the stronghold’s barriers.

“Where am I?”

“Back to life.”

The revived Ancient Soldiers looked at their dry bones.

The dark pupils and white skeletons matched well.

Ahem! Ahem!

Jinhyuk cleared his throat.

“I am your master…”


“Enough chattering. From now on, I’m your master…”

“Master? Is that something to eat?”

“Master. Master.”

It seemed endless.

“Sigh. I can’t do everything, including teaching them. I don’t have the time anyway.”

Jinhyuk then called T-bone through his subspace inventory.

“Master, you summoned me?”

“They will be your subordinates from now on. While I prepare for other things, train them well.”

“Yes! Leave it to me.”

T-bone smartly saluted.

Then with a peculiar gleam in his eyes, he approached the Ancient Soldiers.

“Welcome. I am T-bone, your senior. Clink.”

Just by how many days he’d been there, he acted high and mighty.

“What are you. The same. Undead.”

“Why do you try to give orders?”

“The reason is simple. I come from a noble bone. Created in the sky, unlike you buried in the dirt. Think of me as descended from holy bone. Clink.”

In fact, he was made from an in-flight meal tray.

“Ever heard of the Ancient Kind and our great vampire lady master? Probably at least once, right?”

“Ancient. Kind.”

“True Ancestor… Clink.”

“Magnificent beings.”

“Yes. And directly serving the five elemental spirits. In other words, I’m a bodyguard captain far above you.”

Sweet potatoes and Ellis too, who’d have thought?


It wasn’t entirely false, but there was a lot of exaggeration.

Like claiming to raise a dragon while owning a poodle next door.

Who would fall for such nonsense? However, newly born undead were gullible.


“An impressive skeleton.”

“First time witnessing such a high-flying undead.”

“Undead King! We follow!”

Low intelligence could be so sad.

They blew trumpets even for such nonsensical boastfulness.

Well, it did make it easier for those in command.

While T-bone played the leader with his arms raised, Jinhyuk began synthesizing the rest of the purchased items.

He blew ‘Breath of the Tree’ into the ‘Sweet Fairy Acacia Honey’. Then he mixed the sticky honey into the ‘Oshium Mountain Glacier Water’.

[Successfully synthesized ‘Heavenly Fragrance’.]

[All plants will be enticed by this scent.]

[Resistance is reduced by 10%. The influence of curses due to barriers decreases by an additional 10%!]

[Special effect ‘Provocation’ is forcibly activated!]

At that moment…


The white tree reacted to the scent.


It began.

Jinhyuk readied himself.



Hundreds of noises assaulted his eardrums.

What appeared to be the petals of the white tree took flight in unison.

Butterfly-like insectoid monsters.

Their stark white wings and blue eyes nearly blinded him as they filled the sky.

On the ground, large centipedes with black carapaces moved swiftly.

‘So many hidden away.’

Despite their number, the combat strength of each was not ordinary.

Well, that must have been why the giants could leave with ease.

“The butterflies and centipedes don’t matter. Just interrupt the pathing of those large insects.”

“Will you be alright on your own, Master?”

“No point worrying. There’s no other way.”

Though the support of Ellis or Wolyeong would make things easier, they had their own duties to fulfill.

And besides…

Even if it weren’t the white tree’s body or the giant king ‘Ograkun’, it was too soon to fret.

That’s when it happened.


A rhinoceros beetle the size of a house erupted from the foliage.

Despite its length of 4 meters, it was only medium-sized.

Its pincers opened to cleave Jinhyuk’s body in two.



They were stopped by two pillars of bone.

“Master. Don’t worry about the small fry.”

“Oh? A good ploy. But evidently not good enough, eh?”

“Ha! As if I… Ah! It’s breaking! It’s breaking!”



The pincers easily shattered the bone, making T-bone retreat in alarm.

Praise them a little and this always happens…

“Tsk, tsk.”

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue and left T-bone as he thrust off the ground.

Ancient Soldiers bravely blocked another beetle and a pair of large armor bugs that had appeared.

‘They’re not bad with a bit of training.’

More and more allies appeared, including sweet potatoes, elemental spirits, T-bone, and Ancient Soldiers. He couldn’t help but feel secure.


White light gathered at the tips of the fangs.

The air dried, the moisture evaporated.

[Lv9 ‘Daylight’ activated!]

Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!

The concentrated light shot forward.

Even the insectoids’ sturdy exoskeleton couldn’t withstand the point-blank AOE Daylight attack.

A path was cleared straight to the white tree.

Before long, Jinhyuk held a longbow instead of fangs.

The ‘Crimson Magic Bullet’ pierced through the air, replacing the arrows.


Thwack! Thwack!



Windholes were made in the abdomens of butterflies scattering dust above.

17 in total.

Except for one, the remaining butterflies plummeted to the ground.

“Why leave one alive, Master?”

T-bone did not comprehend.

He couldn’t tell him he was slightly confused because it had been a while since he fought under a curse.

The dignity of the company president mattered.

Jinhyuk replied curtly.


Even the experienced have a human touch.

“It looked more like you got the direction wrong to me.”

“Say that again? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“That is, it appears you shot the arrow entirely in the opposite direction…”



“Don’t doubt uselessly, or I’ll use your bones as arrow substitutes. And if you let even one follow me, I’ll sell you all to a soup restaurant as bone broth ingredients.”

T-bone and the Ancient Soldiers shivered slightly.

Then, a thought crossed T-bone’s mind.

Whether it was the master or the lady master… Do they become similar when together?


The grand hall in the center of the fortress.

The small bonfire in the middle was the only source of light in the vast space.

Giant figures blurred beyond the flames.

“Ograkun. The enemies’ assault is no small matter.”

One giant began to speak heavily.


In the late hours moving into dawn when everyone was awake and gathered here…

It was to devise strategies against the oncoming foes from all sides.

All eyes turned to the throne at the edge of the hall.

The dark iron throne, the white tree banner behind it, and…

The figure seated upon the throne was Ograkun, king of the giants.

Amidst everyone’s anxiety, Ograkun’s expression was undisturbed.


Instead, he seemed bored, slowly rotating his wine glass clockwise.

“King! The humans have acted upon the barrier. The gates might fall.”

The empire pressed with Titans and various siege weapons, while the martial world slowly targeted the walls with peak masters.


Yet, Ograkun remained unresponsive to the urgent news.

“Do something. If we do nothing, the siege will tighten and the gate will teem with their forces.”

“That’s to be expected.”

“What do you mean…? Just stand idle till the enemy grows stronger?”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”


“Let’s do nothing and simply wait. If we do, this battle will end in our victory once again.”

Ograkun downed the contents of his goblet in one gulp.

The wine running from his warped mouth…

…was vivid, bloody red.


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