Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 220


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 220: Blood Sword (血劍), White Snake (白蛇) (2)

Jinhyuk clutched the wounded areas of his arms and legs.

Throbbing pain!

Blood flowed from where he had been struck by the sharp blade.

However, more pressing than the immediate pain was identifying what he was up against.

“That weapon……”

Jinhyuk’s eyes widened.

The sword in the hands of the White Snake had completely changed in form from before.


The saw-toothed blade had extended over 7 meters in length.

A Flexible Sword (軟劍).

The true nature of the oddly-shaped sword was revealed.

It was a weapon whose trajectory was unpredictable and hard to anticipate.

But if handled correctly, it could be more troublesome than any other weapon.

And then,

‘It even absorbs magic power mixed with blood.’

The blade that drank blood turning white was peculiar indeed.

It felt like staring at a White Snake (白蛇).

“Surprising. So even that responded to you. Among the ten main branches of the Demonic Cult of the Heavenly Demon, you’re the first to handle the first strike to this extent.”

“That’s quite a delicate weapon for an old guy, given how it looks.”

Even though I was already dealing with an enemy possessing foolishly strong internal energy and combat experience.

With that sword in hand, his whole demeanor changed.

With a mane like a tiger sprouting wings, a red energy began to surge around the White Snake.

Here it comes.

At the same moment Jinhyuk kicked off from the ground.


The Flexible Sword swept across the ground, advancing toward him.

The blade, hitting dirt and pebbles, changed its path in odd ways.

One should not try to predict it.

It was necessary to respond based on cumulative experience to survive.

Crack! Boom!

Jinhyuk wildly swung his fangs through the air.

Even with his body strengthened by the ‘Sword Demon Emperor’s Walk’, he couldn’t shake off the Flexible Sword.

“Damn it! Did you not say this was a capture mission?”

It was obvious he was being toyed with.

Using the Flexible Sword probably thrilled him, but it seemed only a matter of time before he would kill someone.

“Stop running and fight properly. A user of the black aura who can barely handle this much, what are you, acting?”

Roaring aggressively, the White Snake scattered the Flexible Sword in all directions.

…This was not good.

[White Snake casts Lv19 ‘Blood Serpent’s Violent Tempest (血蛇軟暴)’!]

The energy that spread in hundreds of directions engulfed the area in an instant.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A single strike and the trees around fell like toothpicks.

Rocks or whatever barriers were cleaved cleanly in half.

The attack was not only fast but absurdly powerful.


Jinhyuk, bounced off several times, caught his breath.

The ‘Blessing of the Stars’ was healing him, but it was too slow.

There might be something on that sword that worsened the wound.

But without time to catch his breath, another attack followed.

Thump! Thwack! Thud!

Left, right. Left again.

Where he had just stood was now full of holes.

The Flexible Sword wriggled as if aiming for his foot, then changed course to target his leg.

It was the difference of a paper’s thickness.

He narrowly avoided it, yet another wound added to Jinhyuk’s body.


As blood was lost, his strength plummeted rapidly.

The problem was, the opponent showed no signs of tiredness due to the immense difference in magic power.

‘If I keep on defending, I’ll end up overwhelmed.’

Time was on the opponent’s side.

If he were to look for an opportunity to counterattack, it would be when the relentless sword paused even for a moment.

Jinhyuk watched the direction of the sword as he soared amidst jumping flames.

Here it comes again.

He slightly adjusted his stance.

In the moment he deliberately exposed a weakness,


The Flexible Sword, following a semicircle path, heavily struck his side.


But somehow, he endured.


The only moment the Flexible Sword showed an opening before another strike, was right now.

[Lv11 ‘Glacial Sculpture (氷河造形)’ is activated!]

[Unique Ability ‘Breath of the Fire Dragon’ is activated!]

Two skills were executed simultaneously.

Whoosh! Crackle…

Ice and fire collided.

The conflicting skills exploded at the same location.

“This simple trick will not…”

White Snake, using his protective energy, instantly shook off the clinging ice and flame.

His deep internal energy meant that these attacks couldn’t make a single scratch on him.


“Thanks for the distraction.”

That wasn’t the main game.

Jinhyuk had already slipped the Twin Dragon Swords back into their sheath at his waist as he mustered magic power to its extreme.

For this one shot.

To turn the disadvantaged situation around.

He willingly offered his flesh.

And now it was time to go for the bone.


Delicate fingers touched the end of the hilt.

[Lv2 ‘Draw Sword (拔劍)’ is activated!]

That was the moment when concentrated magic power was unleashed.

‘White Moonlit Night (白月夜)’

A white crescent moon took form through the sword blade.

Simultaneously, a flash of light cut across space.

[Unique Ability ‘High-Speed Sword (高速劍)’ is activated!]

As the imperial knight’s prowess for being the strongest was added, the accelerated sword vanished from sight.

A strike beyond perception.

The beginning was a single gust of wind.

And then…


Turned white.


‘…I’ve been hit.’

It wasn’t because of carelessness or mercy.

It was just that the opponent had found the single weakness of the Flexible Sword.

That one small mistake led to the current result.

White Snake clenched his teeth, unable to respond to the attack before him.

Soon, he would pay the price for his mistake.

If lucky, an arm would be severed.

If not, his life would be taken.



The ‘White Moonlit Night,’ realized through the Draw Sword and High-Speed Sword, shattered in the air.

Someone intervened between Jinhyuk and White Snake.

The pupils of White Snake trembled.

Jinhyuk’s eyes also widened.

That sensation. That feeling.

Could it be…?


“Dark Emperor…”

“Supreme Being!”

Both exclaimed at once.

“If I were a bit late, it could have been disastrous. I thought you were just a kitten, but turns out, you were a tiger cub.”

The man appearing before them was someone who should not be here.

A sturdy elder glanced at his slightly scorched palm and at Jinhyuk, clicking his tongue softly.

“I-I apologize. It was my carelessness…”

“It’s done. It was also my fault for not assessing the opponent properly and giving a capture order. Had I ordered to kill, it may not have reached this point, but now all that is a meaningless supposition.”

The Dark Emperor waved off the matter nonchalantly.

He seemed to sense something and looked into the forest beyond.

“Did you send the vice-leader and the Shadow Troops that way?”

“Yes, I ordered them to handle this man’s associates.”

“Hmm… They’re dealing with another monster. It’s incomplete, but once it’s released, even I may struggle against it.”

The Dark Emperor looked the other way through the forest, muttering to himself.

Even the slight tremble in the air let him guess what might have happened there.

Without a doubt, not a single one must have been left standing.

“Entering into a contract with you, providing a constant flow of magic power, yet equalling White Snake and aiming for the core… almost successful.”

“If it hadn’t been for your interference, it might have been a success.”

“I won’t deny it. Had I not appeared, you would have won this fight.”

“In that sense, couldn’t we just consider it my victory?”


“The way of the martial world, you know? It doesn’t look good when an adult interferes in the fight of juniors.”

“Ha, ha, ha! What a plucky young man.”

Amused by Jinhyuk’s cunning, the Dark Emperor burst into laughter.

It was not a laugh of anger, but one filled with genuine joy.

“Now I see why this boy was on my mind. If one encounters a talent who’s as quick with words as with skills, they are naturally drawn to him. Wouldn’t you agree, Moonshadow?”

The Dark Emperor smiled gently.


A familiar shadow loomed beside him.

It was Moonshadow.


Moonshadow stared at Jinhyuk with complicated emotion-filled eyes.

Damn. This wasn’t like meeting a heartbroken lover again.

Confronted with a face stained with betrayal and disappointment, I’ll admit it, my conscience felt a pang.

“Been well?”

“My Lord… No. It is none of your concern.”

Definitely pouting.

This was unmistakably a sulk.

“Ha ha ha! Men are really something. Address your buried feelings later. First, I need to speak.”

“To me?”

“Yes. You piqued my interest. Flinging away such talent and skill would be a waste. So, how about joining us?”

The Demonic Cult of the Heavenly Demon prioritized skill above all else.

The radiance of one’s family lineage.

The individual’s past.

They accepted anyone, regards of these factors.

The unexpected offer bewildered White Snake the most.

“Supreme Being! What kind of talk is that? No matter what, accepting an outsider from beyond the tower is…”

“White Snake. Am I not speaking?”

“I-I apologize.”

White Snake recoiled and bent his tail, and the Dark Emperor asked Jinhyuk again.

“How about it? If you join us, you could aim not merely for the tower’s middle layers but for the upper layers. Wealth and honor are as good as granted.”

Above all…

“For a battle enthusiast like you, an abundance of sparring opportunities awaits.”

“As if I’m itching for a fight, you say?”

“Isn’t it true? To me, you seem a martial fanatic to the bone.”

The Dark Emperor shrugged.

This is…

It’s hard to tell who the real sly one is at this point.

But did the Dark Emperor know?

That even this offer he makes is scripted, a mere recitation of words already written.



Jinhyuk’s lips curled upwards.

While he hadn’t anticipated meeting the Dark Emperor here, if he did encounter the old man, he expected an offer of this nature.

Being drawn to strength is the instinct of a martial artist.

Similarly, in the past, in the Tower of Ordeal, the Dark Emperor had made such an offer.

‘It’s a pity that I can’t see all his skills due to the timeline.’

But through ‘Greedy Eyes’, he had a rough idea of the Dark Emperor’s information.


Name: Dark Emperor (暗皇)

Gender: Male

Age: 72

Level: ???

Strength ??? Agility ??? Stamina ??? Magic Power 15 Internal Energy ???

Available Stat Points: 0

Job: ???

Unique Ability: Dark Sky Demonic Emperor’s Qi (Successful insight due to possessing a lower grade unique ability.)

Skills: ‘Greedy Eyes’ level too low to completely understand subject’s abilities.


[Copy Condition: You have always claimed to be the Dark Emperor’s disciple. If you turn this falsehood into reality, you can assimilate the complete 12 forms of Dark Sky Demonic Emperor’s Qi as your own. (However, at least a month of training is required.)]

To master the original martial arts of the Dark Emperor, decades of time are necessary.

However, if the copy conditions are met, that period can be shortened to just a month.

The question now is how to utilize this opportunity…

After a moment of thought, Jinhyuk spoke calmly.

“If the Dark Emperor agrees to my conditions, I’ll consider it.”

Deciding whether to copy abilities or to utilize the Dark Emperor in this war.

The negotiation began.


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