Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 207


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 207: The Guardian of Blood ‘Empire’ (1)

“Do you not wish to hear where the information came from?”

“Well. Should I be curious?”

Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

Chandra muttered in disbelief at his composed demeanor.

“This is the only chance to secure a strategic advantage in the war… Isn’t that something to be curious about?”

It wasn’t like he was overconfident without reason.

Normally, when such bait is laid out, one would expect it to be taken.

‘No, he definitely showed interest just a moment ago.’

But then, he suddenly switched tactics.

It was as if he had seen through every card they had been hiding.

‘Where did I go wrong?’

Chandra’s head spun with various possibilities.

On the other hand,

“Do you think this is all a joke? No matter how capable you are in combat, you cannot be unscathed if you make enemies of everyone.”

Arun growled with a low voice.

After investing so much time and effort, they couldn’t afford a wasted trip.

Of course, threats weren’t going to work on Jinhyuk.

“There were quite a few people who have said similar things to me.”

They’ll regret it.

Just you wait.

They won’t leave me alone next time.

He had heard so many threats that, if he compiled them into a novel, it could overshadow the ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ as merely a prologue.

“However, in the end, it’s always those who utter such words who end up regretting it.”

It didn’t matter whether the enemy was a martial artist or Gandhara.

Now that he had identified his internal enemies, he would extract everything he could from them.

What remained could be dealt with his skills and experience.

“Are you saying our assistance is no longer needed?”

“Yes. Of course, I acknowledge the trouble you took to come here.”

He didn’t know how many hours it took by plane from India.

“You may return the way you came.”

I am truly grateful for the information worth its weight in gold.

It certainly made the journey from Europe worthwhile.

“Well, I’ll excuse myself first. Ah! Since you’ve come all the way to Korea, why not take a tour? Take a look around Gyeongbokgung and have a hot bowl of soondae-gukbap, followed by the sweet sujeonggwa for dessert.”

Jinhyuk left the room, leaving the two men with sour expressions behind him.


Shimman Dae Mountain (십만대산).

The home of the Heavenly Demon Sect, this place was off-limits to the martial arts world.

Usually, there should not have been any signs of life, but on the single path that could be considered an entrance, an old man and a young man were slowly making their way.

“Hmm. It has been a while since I’ve taken this path. In the past, the smell of blood was so strong…”

The robust old man muttered as if reminiscing.

Fist Dragon of the Heavenly Emperor ‘Amhwang’.

One of the two Protectors of the Heavenly Demon Sect and an expert known to be invincible in the art of fist fighting.

And the person walking a little behind Amhwang was none other than Moonlight of the Black Wind Guild.

“Why do you look so solemn, even though an opportunity to accompany me is rare?”

Amhwang asked without turning back.

However, Moonlight found it hard to respond.

Brooding with a troubled expression, he remained silent.


“Heh. That guy was an imposter claiming to be my disciple. Are you still holding on to any feelings for him?”

“It’s not that……”

Moonlight trailed off.

Indeed, Jinhyuk had deceived and manipulated him.

A traitor who had played the entire Black Wind Guild using the name of the Heavenly Demon Sect and Amhwang.

It would only be right to hunt him down and take his life.

But why?

While anger should have been the dominating emotion, the words spoken to him kept surfacing.

[“Right. As long as I’m here, I won’t let anyone die.”]

A life to be used and discarded at any moment.

For the first time, he believed his life had meaning…

He had hoped to find someone he could sincerely trust and follow…

Moonlight bit his lip hard.

“It seems you are too preoccupied with personal sentimentality when Master Yang Ho-myeong raised what I thought was a capable youngster. It seems it won’t work.”

Amhwang tsked.

“…I’m sorry. That is not my intention.”

“It’s done. I was just curious to see the person who’s drained your spirits—exactly who he might be.”

The Heavenly Demon Sect was currently in seclusion, cut off from the outside world.

They needed to keep tabs on key figures from outside for the future.

Especially if that person could enchant members of the Black Wind Guild who had been rigorously trained from birth.

“Blood Sword.”

“Did you call for me?”

At Amhwang’s call, a new figure appeared as if he had been there all along.

With movements so fluent, as if there was no excess.

“Bring me this Kang Jinhyuk. However, ensure it does not cause issues with the ‘Empire’.”

“As you command.”

The man referred to as the Blood Sword bowed shortly.

With that.

The first move of the Heavenly Demon Sect was decided.


The 12th floor of the Tower of Tribulation, also known as the Ant Nest.

To move on to the 13th floor, one must kill countless insect-type monsters buried in the earth.

The queen insect and her many soldier insects were notoriously difficult to defeat.

‘Oof, it’s been a while since I’ve been here.’

With a pit that seemed to swallow the abyss in front of them, Jinhyuk and his companions gathered together.

It was one of the many entrances to the 12th floor, albeit the least popular one.

“Master. It seems very deep.”

Gnome looked down from the edge of the pit.

They dropped a clod of earth, but no sound of it hitting the bottom could be heard.

Salamander and Sylphid trembled slightly, their eyes wide in fear.

And that’s when it happened.

“But, Master. Didn’t you say we are supposed to go to the ‘Empire’? Why are we here?”

Udine, noticing that something was off, asked.


There was one sharp cookie in the bunch.

“It’s true that I should head to the ‘Empire’. But there’s no need for all of you to follow.”

Riding in the pocket dimension inventory, giggling away and expecting to hop on the bus—such complacency is a bad habit that eats away at the Tower of Tribulation.

Everyone has a role to play, and for the Elemental Lords, that role is to use their spare time to work diligently on personal growth.

That way, they won’t hold back my progress, and they’ll be able to protect themselves from enemies.

“Could it be……”

Dread spread across Udine’s eyes.

Instinctually feeling the need to flee, but it was already too late.

Jinhyuk, smiling mischievously, laid his hand on Udine’s shoulder.

“Until we meet again, be at least two levels stronger than you are now. You know my style, right? I only take the strong with me.”

And with that.



“Ah, noooo!”

“Oh… such a hassle.”

One by one, the Elemental Lords began to fall into the abyss.

Last to remain, Gnome tried desperately to hang on…

“Gnome, it’ll be harder on you the more you resist. This special training is for your own good, so just accept it.”

Jinhyuk kindly detached each of Gnome’s clinging fingers.


With Gnome as the last to fall, the surroundings became quite empty.

“Mogi mogi. Mogi…….”

Goguma looked forlornly as though pitying their fate.

“Clatter! Tick! Tick!”

T-Bone seemed to share in the sympathy, clattering his jawbone continually.


I don’t understand why they feel pity.

Even less so, why they would sigh in relief.

Jinhyuk grabbed T-Bone and set him on Goguma’s back.

Then, he smiled once more.

“What are you doing? You should follow too.”



“You think I’d only send DPS Elemental Lords? You, Goguma, and T-Bone have to fulfill the tanker role and take hits at the front.”

The plan was for the summons to sweep the 12th floor clean while he was taking care of business in the ‘Empire’.

To rise to fame in the Hall of Honor and to gulp down rewards—it’s a two-birds-one-stone scenario.

What he liked most was how someone else would feed him the gains without him lifting a finger.

That, presumably, was the appeal of Necromancers and Elemental Lords.


Goguma cried like a calf being dragged off to the slaughterhouse, but for Jinhyuk, who had already issued the command, it was time to pull out the invitation to the ‘Empire’.


A bright light shone from a ring adorned with a golden dragon and Rose of Sharon.

It was the ‘Royal Seal’ given by Fenheimer.

As a gate, two meters in diameter, was formed, Jinhyuk inhaled deeply.

‘…There can be no mistakes.’

Relations were so edgy and complexly entangled that a small slip could very well lead to catastrophic collapse.

Thankfully, he had already identified the internal spy.

Using this variable, he could certainly tilt the field in his favor.


Stepping into the flickering gate, his vision was enveloped in white.


When he opened his eyes again.

The entire landscape before him had changed completely.



Jinhyuk tilted his head.

He knew he had arrived in the ‘Empire’, but the location was far off from what he expected.

Sweat trickled down his forehead.

‘Damn it. Fenheimer, that old fox…’

He had merely used the invitation to travel here, but Jinhyuk felt his head spinning.


He was now in a meeting room with dazzling chandeliers and marble tables.

And around him were the people in charge of the real power in the ‘Empire’.

Not just that,

At the chief table was a familiar old man crowned with a crown.

That man was none other than Reinhardt III, the ruler of the ‘Empire’.

“This, this is outrageous…!”

“How dare you use spatial magic in this place!”

“Royal guards!”

The ministers bellowed all at once.

‘Normally, it wouldn’t even be possible to use spatial magic in such a place, right?’

A counterargument bubbled up to his throat, but he suspected the incoming barrage of swords would be quicker.

At this rate, he might end up with a beheading—a bad ending before anything even began.

Jinhyuk scanned his surroundings.


Reinhardt III looked at him sternly and.

In a corner of the meeting room, Fenheimer looked on with an expression full of anticipation.

‘Could it be… this was a trap?’

In a place with all the influential power of the ‘Empire’.

An internal spy.

The power of the imperial authority waning.

Information meshing together.

Now he understood why Fenheimer summoned him here—to see what he intended to achieve from this.

And just as he realized all this,


A blue status window appeared before Jinhyuk.


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