Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 202


Chapter 202. The Fallen Saint (Part 2)

“Could it be… that’s what you were aiming for?”

Bairodoom muttered in disbelief.

It was he who had found the interesting concept of a saint.

And it was he who had conceived the idea of her corruption.

He was certain that all his preparations were perfect.

But how did things end up like this?

The tangled thread was so twisted he didn’t have the slightest clue where to start unraveling it.

‘Have I underestimated the humans…?’

But that seemed unlikely – the humans he had encountered up until now were far too inferior.

Even the strongest players crumbled to mere ashes with a few of his spells.

The army and all the other military forces had been virtually annihilated by the legion of the undead.

There was not a single aspect of humanity that merited overestimation.

Which meant…

‘Only that one human is exceptionally strong, beyond the norm.’

There was no other explanation.

His ridiculous strength and ability to strategize under any circumstance.

And above all, an unwavering composure in any situation.

The root cause of all these problems was his underestimation of that one human.


Bairodoom nodded slightly.

At this point, he had no choice but to accept the truth.

If he did not use his full power against that human… irreversible consequences could occur.

“Having lost the saint, we can’t afford any more damage. I concede, so far, the victory is yours. But don’t raise your glass too soon. I, too, have a move up my sleeve.”

Bairodoom took out the black-horned dice.

Unlike before, this time the faces of the dice began to shine simultaneously.


Jinhyuk’s eyes narrowed.

‘Could it be…?’

He had thought the last ability of the black-horned dice could only be managed by ‘him’.

For a boss monster on the 10th floor to know this…

It seemed this creature too had something to fall back on.


The symbols on the dice overlapped into one.

Ancient runes formed six engravings around the symbol.

Above these engravings, a scarlet swirl arose.


Waves of magic pricked his skin.


A sound of intrigue escaped Teresa, who stood beside him.

No surprise there.

What was approaching from beyond was one of the most formidable melee monsters renowned even in the demon realm.


With a light step, a man with blue glowing eyes, white skin, and white hair appeared.

He was different from the others.

This creature before them was a ‘Grand Sword Master’-class Death Knight.

No need for a bulky armor – his slender plated armor had defensive magic inscribed, and his outfit revealed his limbs.

Prioritizing mobility, his shoes and balanced physique were perfect that, merely standing before him, he inspired awe.

“That’s the thing that subdued you, wasn’t it? Though, strictly speaking, it was the little one who was defeated.”

Teresa shrugged her shoulders.

“That is going to be quite a headache.”

The magician Bairodoom was providing support from the rear,

while the Death Knight stood blocking the front.

It was a combination that could exhibit optimal efficiency even with just those two.

Of course,

the advantage of this combination was something we could leverage as well.

“How about it. Do you think you can handle it?”

“I guess? I’ll be able to use my mana freely, so it’ll be different this time.”

“Then, I’ll leave the Death Knight to you. I’d rather play with that lich anyway.”

“That’s fine with me, but in return, promise me one thing.”

“A promise?”

“You’ll have to maintain a strong presence. Keep it interesting for me. As long as you can do that, I won’t have cause to draw my sword against you, and that little one won’t have to mourn the loss of loved ones.”

It was easy to forget, given her familiar expressions.

Teresa was corrupted.

The only reason she was joining in was because my mana was the strongest.

Due to the nature of her split personality, her original character would once again become dominant after the fight, but once corrupted, the current persona might awaken at any time.

‘If the Demon King or a high-ranking demon manifested, she could betray me at any moment.’

That’s why Teresa was urging me.

Don’t be outdone by them.


help so that her original persona would no longer be hurt.

“Reminds me of the old days. Remember? You were just as anxious back then, like a sandcastle about to crumble.”

The day I first met Teresa.

I had made a request of her.

No matter what happens. Always trust in me.

“Seems like I do remember it quite clearly.”

Teresa smiled subtly, satisfied with the answer she received.

“I don’t mind men who don’t forget anniversaries. Of course, with the Queen of Leeches sticking to your side, I won’t dare come any closer.”


Teresa drew her greatsword along the ground and walked forward.

The gap narrowed.

The Death Knight also took his position with his sword in hand.

“If you have any honor, you would accept your defeat and withdraw. You are no match for me.”

“My, my. To think a corpse is talking about honor. Find that in a dragon’s feeding bowl. I’m itching to get back at you for last time.”

Two energies – different yet akin – collided in the air.

In the calm before the storm, Teresa and the Death Knight gauged the distance between them.

Three steps, two steps… and then one.

Teresa moved into a range where one strike could end a life.

The atmosphere shifted dramatically.

The tense breath they held exploded in an instant.

Followed by a relentless, brutal battle that didn’t need words like thunderous beasts.


Teresa, wielding her substantial greatsword, chased devastating power…


…While the Death Knight, with a thin and long sword, secured his advantage with speed and agility.

The techniques of swordplay refined into art.

[Teresa uses the Lv17 skill ‘Fall of a Nation’!]

[All abilities increase by 10% for 1 minute!]

As the flag inscribed with the symbol of a fallen nation was erected,

Teresa’s movements transformed.


A greatsword thrust upwards in an instant, sending the Death Knight’s helm flying.

Almost simultaneously,

the Death Knight, who minimized the impact by tilting his head, thrust his sword into Teresa’s shoulder pad.

Give and take.

In a battle for life and limb, each strived to exploit the weaknesses of the other with their swords.


Thud! Thud!

Jinhyuk brushed off the dust that clung to his body.

“It seems they’re getting into it over there, so shall we start?”

“Do you really think you can defeat me using both a sword and magic at the same time?”


It seemed he was seriously misunderstanding something…

“There’s no need to use a sword when I fight you.”

Jinhyuk stored his twin swords in his spatial inventory.

“With magic alone, you are more than enough.”

In order to improve his skills, competing against a powerful magician was essential.

If that magician was of Bairodoom’s caliber, he would be an exemplary sparring partner.

Furthermore, the anticipation of trying out even the second phase of fusion made his heart race with excitement.

“Magic alone… Ha! You should’ve known. You really don’t see the gravity of your mistake. After all, I didn’t think you’d write me off as a nobody.”

Bairodoom’s laughter, which had been relentless, suddenly ceased.

He raised three fingers.

“Three moves. I will finish you off exactly within three moves.”


Bairodoom slowly levitated into the air, hovering about 10 meters above the ground.

Instantly, a red hexagram appeared behind him.

In less than a second, a magic circle spanning 5 meters was completed.

“You must understand the importance of calculation speed if you can create circles yourself.”

Calculation speed.

How quickly can one draw a complex magic circle – this is crucial in a magic battle.

The victor of the battle might be decided on whose circle is completed first.

For this reason, high-ranking mages could complete these calculations in a blink, while lower-ranking mages would always be at a disadvantage.

“But, those are novice magicians’ concerns. At my level, the game changes drastically.”

Lich created another magic circle with his opposite hand.

Dual incantation.

Using completely different elements, Bairodoom was casting dual incantations.

“You don’t need to lecture me on the basics of magic. So, what are you trying to say? That I won’t stand a chance because I can do dual incantations?”

“How many simultaneous incantations do you think I can make?”

The ability to maintain simultaneous incantations denotes a magician’s power.

And Bairodoom was…




Capable of executing 30 incantations all at once.

An entire army of incantations!

The numerous hexagrams filled the sky.

Every single one contained magic powerful enough to reduce its target to ashes in a single blow.

“This is who I am.”

Demon Tower’s upper stratum, a domain ruled by the Demon King and his nobles.

He was the legion commander, unmistakably leading the 2nd Magic Division, honored among demons and their kind.

All the titles and descriptors pointed to none other than the immortal magician, Bairodoom.

He looked down from above, casting a condescending gaze.

“What’s the matter? Frozen in fear? It’s natural to react this way upon feeling such a disparity.”

Seeing Jinhyuk unable to move, Bairodoom smiled with satisfaction.

But right then.


Jinhyuk began to chant, barely concealing a snicker.

[Unique Abilities ‘Fire Element’ and ‘Glacial Sculpting’…]

Fusing two skills together.

And then.

[…’Daylight’ fuses with them!]

He added a third skill into the mix.

The second capability of fusion was not just uniting two abilities, but syncretizing multiple unique skills and abilities.

Up until now, he had combined magic and melee combat instead of engaging in significant magical confrontations that require a boatload of mana.

But today was different.

At least to this guy, he would show earnestly what real multiple incantations were.

[You have successfully fused ‘Triple Magic’ as a unique ability!]

[The fused ability will be stored under ‘World’s Memory’.]

Using the newly acquired ability, he enhanced the ‘Barrier’.

Then, based on the enhanced abilities, he recreated multiple incantations.


One by one.

Magic circles based on ancient runes began to emerge over Jinhyuk’s shoulders.

“Th-this can’t be…”

Bairodoom’s eyes shook violently.

It wasn’t just 30 something – it was an uncountable number.

An endless array of magic circles consumed the sky above.

[A 10-star ‘Multiple Successive Barriers’ has been constructed.]

With a one-minute limit.

[‘Infinite Magic’ manifests!]

Fancy titles like ‘Magic Division’ were unnecessary for a veteran player.

Even without recognition or adornment,

the true ruler of the tower was one who could simply enjoy this world.

“I’ll end this with a single move.”


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