Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 201


Chapter 201: The Fallen Saint (1)

A member of Rosenberg family must always know honor, protect the weak, and never submit to the powerful.

Theresa had strived her whole life to uphold her family’s creed.

If she could save kind-hearted people…

If she could even sacrifice her own life to save the world…

She would be content.

She was prepared to sacrifice everything for that one cause alone.

That’s what she thought.


Even after burning everything she had, saving everyone proved to be an impossible task.

‘With these weak hands… what can I possibly do?’

In the past, when the 3rd Despair manifested in Beijing.

Even now, during the outbreak in Europe.

She could do nothing.

Can she truly be called a saint who protects everyone with this meager strength?

Theresa lifted her pale face.

Throb! Throb! Throb!

She didn’t know how long this pain had lasted.

Her mind had become so frail that she’d lost sense of time.


the heart she thought had eroded and withered…

…was once again writhing in pain.


When Bairoth returned from his journey, in his skeletal hand, he held a familiar woman’s hair.

It was Maria from the Olympus Guild.

Like Theresa, she was one of the 100 players, but she was no match for Bairoth.

“Still planning to persevere? Fine. Let’s see if you can endure more.”

Bairoth dragged Maria right in front of Theresa.

Then he used black magic.

Crimson lines ensnared Maria’s spirit.

Creak creak creak!


Maria screamed in unimaginable agony.

The pain was incomparable to any physical suffering.

Knowing well how horrific the experience was, Theresa bit her lip until it bled.

“That’s enough. Please… just stop!”

“It’s not for me to decide when to stop. Cease your resistance and accept your fate. Then, I will end all this torment.”

Surrender. How sweet that word was.

Seeing Theresa’s pupils waver, Bairoth delivered the final blow.

“There’s a human here to save you. His name is… Jinhyuk, I believe?”

She twitched.

Theresa’s expression changed further.

“Jinhyuk… came here… for me?”

“Yes. He’s causing quite a commotion out there. But don’t hold out hope. Just like I captured you, I plan to use all the hidden features of the Black Horn Dice on him.”



The same painful memory was about to repeat.

No matter how strong Jinhyuk is, he cannot match a fully-powered Bairoth.

If the dice are fully revealed…

That strength is of a completely different dimension.

“Do you plan to kill him?”

“Of course. After capturing him alive, I’ll tear him to shreds before your eyes.”


Despair continued.

His words were no false threat.

No shallow intimidation.

Bairoth had the ability and the will to do it.

“After that, I’ll kill everyone you remember, leaving no one alive.”

The nightmare continued.

It was never going to end until she gave up.

“Ah, no…”

“With that, I’ll reduce this country and the world you tried to protect to ashes.”

With Bairoth’s words,

Something deep within Theresa’s heart,

That had been hanging by a thread,

Snapped at this moment.


Black tears flowed down both of Theresa’s eyes.

At the same time.

[The Saint of Salvation falls into corruption.]

[All magic in the vicinity is converted into magical power!]

[Beings in the upper levels of the tower detect the anomaly.]

[Several major forces take notice of this event.]

Along with the series of red notification windows.

Boom boom boom boom!

A streak of black light fell from the sky.



Finally, Jinhyuk reached his destination.

‘It’s already been done, she’s fallen.’

But everything was too late.

“Fuahaha! It has finally come to frution! This undead-dominated land is a paradise for the fallen saint, powered by magic! Now there is no human who can challenge the saint!”

The sight of Theresa, tears of black streaming from her eyes, and Bairoth in manic laughter was seen.

The Fall of the Saint.

Her once pure white armor was now stained black, and the pure aura vanished.

No, her presence now seemed even darker and more ominous than Bairoth’s.


Theresa slowly looked around.

She was no longer bound by the chains of magic.

“Good thing you got out. I couldn’t stand watching that simpleton struggle. I almost vomited from the claustrophobia.”

When fallen, a person’s character changes, entirely erasing their previous nature.

Instead, the instincts deeply hidden within take their place.

“Good to know. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Bairoth, the boss in charge of the 14th floor, and at the same time the Legion Commander of the Second Demon Magic Corps in the demon world.”

“Fancy titles you have there. Seems like you’re someone important?”

“That’s right. I’m also your new master you should serve from now on.”

A fallen saint has an inclination towards strong magic.

And that’s why he had a Life Force Vessel, the source of a Lich’s life, close by.

“Definitely. It’s an attractive magic. Kind of fits my taste.”

Theresa smirked.

That smile…

Felt chillingly cold.

Bairoth, feeling satisfied, pointed his index finger at Jinhyuk.

“It’d be best to deal with former comrades swiftly. To celebrate your true freedom, start by cutting off that man’s head. We’ll talk thereafter.”

“A former comrade… that sounds fun.”

Theresa gripped her sword.

And in one fluid motion, closed the distance between her and Jinhyuk.

Here she comes.


While she was already a capable fighter before, now fallen, her movements were on a completely different level than when she fought in the corridor.

In terms of magic.

In terms of speed.

Naturally, a fallen saint can wield power beyond measure in a place seething with magic.


Having penetrated the safety distance, Jinhyuk had no choice but to respond.

[Unique Ability ‘Sword Graveyard’ activated!]

Black aura flux surrounded his twin fangs and double dragon swords.

‘I have to block this.’

In sync with Theresa’s greatsword, his two swords moved left and right.


Although he managed to block the attack, the heavy sensation in his hands told him just how much stronger Theresa had become.

Particles of black spark scattered everywhere.

…Even with a strength stat of 71, he was pushed back. Despite having stats nearly on par with a large raid’s main tank.

‘This is a brutally blunt attack.’

At least a few levels above Emperor Penheimer’s Aura Blade.

No, he wondered how many knights of the Empire could rival Theresa.

Boom! Boom! Bang! Bang!

Against the storm-like barrage of strikes, Jinhyuk frantically moved.

The greatsword that grazed his head stopped abruptly in mid-air, then sharply changed direction downwards.

This is insane…!?

How could such heavy sword make such a maneuver?

Boom boom boom!

A deep scar formed on the ground.

Had he not redirected the sword’s trajectory with his fangs at that instant, he would have been split in half from head to toe.

But there was no time for relief.

A blast of solidified qi erupted from the sword halfway sunken into the ground.

Boom boom boom!

With such a dense essence of Aura Blade, the mere touch of the sword altered the terrain.

With lips moistened by her tongue, Theresa asked,

“How long will you just dodge? A passive man lacks charm, don’t you know?”

“Hasn’t your personality changed a bit too much? When the real Theresa comes back, you won’t be able to leave your bed in shame for a year, right?”

“Don’t worry. Even if I return to my old self, I won’t remember this incident.”

It was built that way, huh.

In the past, there had never been a player who had fallen, so Jinhyuk didn’t know how the switch of personalities worked.

“Or maybe you’re hesitating to hurt my body, fearing if you do, later in hell you’ll suffer, is that it?”

“You don’t know, but I’ve been living in hell already.”

With Ellis, Cheonyuseong, Wolhaeng, even Goguma…

Pacifying these outrageous characters makes me feel like I’m in hell already.

“And it’s not like I was going to keep dodging. This time I’ll attack.”

It wasn’t hesitation over the possibility of hurting Theresa.

‘By now, you should be comfortable with it.’

Jinhyuk infused his sword with mana.

The strong energy he poured into it was now reaching the peak.

‘The Sword Graveyard is at its zenith.’

Suddenly, the air around them sharply changed.


Theresa too must have sensed the difference, as she quickly backed away and assumed her stance.

Her Aura Blade surged nearly 2 meters high.

Just at that moment.

‘Mahongeommoo (Devil Soul Sword Dance)’

The blade darkened.

‘The First Formulation.’

And the surroundings turned dark alike.

‘Kwangmajilso (Mad Devil Erase)’

Finally, everything visible in front of him was painted black.


The sword of the Sword Demon manifested as a single line.


It was a close to perfect slash.



Suddenly, Theresa, bearing no wounds, was in front of him again.

‘I thought the first form of Mahongeommoo would be enough…’

How ridiculously strong is being corrupted?

Jinhyuk swung his Fang again.


Theresa’s fingertip reached his cheek first.

No intention of attack was felt.

Rather… her lip corners held full of affection.

“I’ve always felt it, you are quite charming. I’m crazed with desire. Are you like a star that cannot be captured?”

Her soft finger traced down his cheek.

Down his Adam’s apple to his chest.

When her finger stopped where his heart was, Jinhyuk felt a chilling coldness.

With a greatsword pressed against his abdomen, it was hard to decide whether to blush or kick her away.

To stay alive, the latter seems necessary…

“Hehe. Don’t worry. Though Bairoth’s magic is attractive, I personally prefer yours. Of course, the simpleton would not want you dead either.”

“What do you mean?”

This time, it was Bairoth who exclaimed in shock.

Of course, he never imagined that the saint, who he believed was under his control, would suddenly betray him.

“Didn’t know? This man’s magic is stronger. So dense…so true to instinct.”

Theresa’s pupils dilated dreamily.

Gone was the innocent and pure image from before. Instead, an enchanting and decadent allure overwhelmed.

It’s all good, but please keep some distance when talking.

Even if her personality was predictable, it’s still uncomfortable.

As Jinhyuk took a step back, Theresa smiled more mysteriously.

“Feeling burdened? But what can I do? This is who I am.”

“Is that so? You prefer me to him?”

“Right. At least for now.”

“That’s preposterous…! My magic is less than a mere human?”

Unable to accept the reality, Bairoth shouted out.

“Oh dear. Can’t believe it? Maybe you didn’t realize because you were too focused on magic… his magic isn’t from the same origin.”

“Not the same origin?”

“Right. If anything, it’s closer to those from the martial world.”

Sword Graveyard.

The source of its magic lies with the ‘Sword Demon’.

The one to receive the fallen saint’s choice.

It was predetermined from the start.


Creating this situation took a lot of effort.

If any piece had gone astray, it could have undone everything, but eventually, every component played its part perfectly.

“That’s why I said.”

Jinhyuk’s lips curled upwards.

“No matter what happens, in the end, everything moves within my plan.”

Who do you think initiated the thought of making Theresa fall in the first place?


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