Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 200


Episode 200: The Sword of Mt. Hua, Baek Seolrin

Soft rustling.

The sound of brushing past grass was unusually light,

As if devoid of weight.

A figure able to evoke a single plum blossom with its elegance.

The nobility emanating from the fair skin and black hair made one involuntarily think, ‘She is beautiful.’

This was Mt. Hua.

A prominent family and member of the Nine Martial Factions, renowned for possessing the most graceful blade techniques.

“I am Baek Seolrin from Mt. Hua.”

Baek Seolrin greeted with a modest fist-and-palm salute.

In every movement, there was a sense of ease.


It didn’t seem like an exaggeration that this faction, alongside Mt. Kunlun, had clashed incessantly with the Heavenly Demon Sect and survived.

If a young expert, not even the clan leader, was this strong.

Once aware of their formidable opponent, Cheon Yuseong and Wol Yeong stopped their fight.

Yu Yeonhwa and Lee Tae-min, positioned further back, watched the developments with keen, tense expressions.


There was one person.

Jinhyuk alone had to struggle to suppress the cheer bursting from within.

‘Aha, truly robust fish flock to the battleground.’

He had already devoured all available information about his opponent.

From name and age to…

Unique abilities and skills…

As well as the conditions for copying them.


Name: Baek Seolrin (白雪璘)

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Level: 115

Strength 51 Agility 83 Stamina 56 Internal Energy 172

Unique Ability: Plum Blossom White Cloud Sword (梅花白雲劍)

Skills: Lv17 ‘Six Harmonies Blade Technique (六合劍法)’, Lv17 ‘Plum Blossom Thirty-Six Spirit Sword Forms (梅花三十六神劍形)’, Lv17 ‘Twenty-Four Plum Blossom Blade Techniques (二十四手梅花劍法)’, Lv17 ‘Blue Cloud Movement Technique’


[Copy Condition: The exquisite swordsmanship of Mt. Hua possesses both beauty and flamboyance. Among them, Baek Seolrin is an elite successor with skills above the rest, her pride in Mt. Hua’s name exceeds imagination. To copy any of her abilities, you must draw out all of her skills. If you can evade all her moves for 5 minutes, you will be able to copy one of her unique abilities or skills.]

It’s one thing to merely block or neutralize,

But to read and dodge every trajectory is a completely different challenge.

Especially against an expert like Baek Seolrin.

Moreover, besides her, there were several men and women standing behind her.

Members of the martial world met during the zombie wave.

Namely, Jegal Cheon, Hwangbo Geumak, Nangong Hyun, and Dang Soha.

“It seems challenging to face her alone, let us lend a hand.”

“Hmm. Even here we meet that sword ghost.”

“The other fellows look familiar too. I’ve not met that young lord before… but there’s a peculiar kinship, isn’t he a player?”

All were experts skilled in handling sword energy.



Along with them, four lower-ranking Death Knights and six liches that had reached the 5th circle of magic had joined forces.


Dark energy slowly wafted around Beyrodoom.

“It is not your place to interfere. I merely stayed my hand for enjoyment. These creatures can be swept away by me alone.”

A mix of emotions dripped from his offended tone.

“Do you really think that’s fine?”

“What are you implying?”

“That human. He’s stalling with wordplay. You haven’t used even a fraction of your power, but neither has he.”

Baek Seolrin glanced at Jinhyuk.

He fumbled awkwardly, but it was obviously an act.

A very sophisticated one.

“Stalling for time?”

“Where do you think the vanished ancient species and elemental spirits are headed now?”

The Sweet Potato and the Five Great Elementals had vanished amid the chaos.

Their absence meant they were on an important mission.

If there was a reason valuable enough here…

“…Could it be?”

Beyrodoom’s voice hardened as he realized something.

Baek Seolrin smiled gently and spoke again.

“Life Force Vessel.”

The most definitive method to completely obliterate the lich, and the Achilles heel for an immortal being.


“That man is after your lifeline.”



A small exclamation escaped Jinhyuk’s lips.

He had been causing a commotion, attempting to fragment their focus.

Yet, this woman had accurately seen through his intentions.

In reality, the Sweet Potato and elementals were indeed heading to where Beyrodoom’s Life Force Vessel was located.

Securing it would be key to the outcome of this battle.


The plan had already gone awry.

“You… You only ever choose the most devious paths. You scorned the Bone Dragon and crossed through the gate. Did you plan to stab me in the back using the same scheme?”

Beyrodoom’s eyes blazed fervently.

“It’s just smart to avoid unnecessary fights. If an easy path lies ahead, why take a difficult one?”

“Do you even know where the Life Force Vessel is? It’s…”

“I know where it is. You’ll need a lot of dark magic to corrupt the saintess, so you must’ve kept it somewhere nearby.”

Jinhyuk cut him off.

Silence ensued.

Beyrodoom, about to speak, lapsed into quiet.

Without further explanation, the mix of shock and astonishment in the magical energy revealed how much the lich was flustered.

“…The more I see, the more astonishing you are. But tell me, why do you reveal all this before achieving your objective?”

The reason…

“Simple. Even if I tell you all this, we won’t lose. My pets will definitely complete their mission. Of course, the saintess won’t fall to your whims either.”

“In other words… everything will go as you wish?”

“Puahaha! So, you’re just a human consumed by arrogance. Fine. I could stomp these insects by myself, but let’s use a more efficient method. Let’s see how long your confidence lasts… I’ll take pleasure watching it fade by the saintess’s side.”

Beyrodoom nodded to Baek Seolrin and the martial artists, indicating his willingness to fight together.

Without further obstinance, they readied themselves, with Baek Seolrin gripping her sword solidly.


The sword aglow with sword energy thrust forward.

The radiance was blinding.

It was clear to see, even for someone like Cheon Yuseong or Wol Yeong, someone too inexperienced to handle this level.


Beyrodoom, with several liches, flew towards the location of Teresa and the Life Force Vessel.

Leaving this place to Baek Seolrin and the warriors of the martial world, he pursued the fleeing elementals.

‘As long as I protect the Life Force Vessel and corrupt the saintess, there will be no variables that could lead to my defeat in this fight.’

Beyrodoom smirked with venomous confidence.

As you heard, it seems you’ll have to stay here for a while.

Baek Seolrin brought her sword down, marking a line 5 meters in front of her.

A warning.

Cross it, and she would cut down anything, no matter what it is.

“Hmm. It can’t be helped.”

Jinhyuk pulled a fang and the pair of Ssangryong swords from his spatial inventory.

Dual swords of different lengths filled his hands.

“Aren’t you going to chase after the lich?”

Cheon Yuseong furrowed his brows, expecting Jinhyuk to follow instead of fight.

“It’s a simple fact that no one except me can take down that lady with the sword; what can I do? Although I’m not fond of you, I’m not cruel enough to turn a blind eye and let your head roll.”

Familiarity breeds fondness.

If the Sword Saint died, it seemed not even a bowl of spicy soup could pass through his throat.

“You don’t think I can defeat that thing, do you?”

“Huh? No? It looks to me like you’d be dead within three moves.”


Cheon Yuseong ground his teeth.

But only for a moment.

“Get lost. I’ll kill all these leftovers, starting with that wench.”


His murderous aura consumed the space.

An ominous energy surged out from Cheon Yuseong, unlike anything seen before.

‘I’ve bitten onto one, and…’

“My lord.”

Wol Yeong began speaking to Jinhyuk.


“I will prove to be more useful than that scoundrel. So, after this ends, promise me I shall be your most trusted sword.”

“If you fight better than that jerk, of course, I should. Honestly, I trust you the most. So, show off all your skills.”

“Really, my lord?”

“Of course. ‘The arm bends inward,’ after all, we’re all the limbs of the same Dark Emperor. We’re different from the ordinary players and martial artists.”

Jinhyuk nodded.

He haven’t forgotten to whisper just softly enough to keep it from Cheon Yuseong’s ears.

‘Indeed, competition among servants is an excellent motivator.’

Better than any incentive or work-life balance… the thrill of crushing an irksome rival next to you.

Having sent his good wishes to Yu Yeonhwa and Lee Tae-min,

“If you take care of the martial artists’ goons, keep the Death Knights from interfering. Don’t push yourselves.”

“Don’t worry about the back and go. I can smash the Death Knights with my bare fists.”

“Please rescue Saint Teresa. Brother.”

Yu Yeonhwa answered by channeling magical energy into her gauntlets. Lee Tae-min also reactivated his drones.

Truly reliable comrades.

Strong enough to have your back as you face forward.

The sword prepared by Beyrodoom.

The sword prepared by this side.

Which would prove sharper was about to be decided.


Using the ‘Sword Devil Emperor’s Gaze,’ Jinhyuk charged after Beyrodoom.

A light filled Baek Seolrin’s eyes.

“I said not to cross the line.”


The richly decorated sword sliced through the air in a diagonal line.



The sword clash shattered in midair.

With the might of a mountain, Cheon Yuseong intercepted Baek Seolrin, blocking her path.

“It’s not for you to define where the line is.”

“You do not know your place. Do you really think you mere beings can stop me?”

“It’s you who is ignorant.”

Cheon Yuseong’s glare grew icy.

The Sword Saint.

The one who has reached the pinnacle and understands all aspects of the sword.

Cheon Yuseong had once been the player who defeated…

Even the superlative swordsman of Mt. Hua, ‘Plum Blossom Sword Show.’


Footsteps quickened.

Despite a frantic chase, Jinhyuk could not see Beyrodoom.

‘He must have teleported en route.’

True to his moniker as a Grand Sorcerer, Beyrodoom had likely arrived where the Life Force Vessel was ahead of time.

Running for a few minutes more, Jinhyuk arrived at his destination.

But then,


There was something even Jinhyuk had overlooked.

First was the fact that Beyrodoom’s mastery over the Black Corner Dice was no less formidable than the previous Demon Lords.

And the second…

The meaning behind the words in his detailed description, ‘If it serves his intellectual pursuit, he is prepared to face any danger or pay any cost,’ was fundamentally different from the common understanding.

His heart pounded frantically.

The scene unfolding before him was…

A veritable demon realm.


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