Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 199


Chapter 199: The Immortal Great Sorcerer (3)


Having accurately timed 10 minutes, the gate closed the moment Jinhyuk and his party passed through.

The landscape in view had changed.

Instead of the rough seas and overcast skies, an antique European-style palace had appeared.

Gardens filled with dark-tinted flowers.

Here, positioned were numerous undead monsters including the lich, the main culprit of this outbreak.

Jinhyuk’s eyes narrowed.

“Not all of them came through.”

There were still around five death knights remaining.

Though a couple of ranks below those riding the bondragons, a death knight was still a death knight.

If knights capable of using Aura Blade and the lich were grouped together, it meant they retained at least the bare minimum defenses.

Moreover, if those ‘inside’ joined in, victory could not yet be guaranteed.

‘Most importantly, rescuing Miss Teresa is the priority.’

Jinhyuk’s gaze shifted elsewhere.

Invisible to the eye, he sensed powerful magic energy beyond the garden.

A mix of good and evil.

A struggle between a will trying desperately to remain sane and a desire to succumb and corrupt was palpable.

Even at this moment, someone was clinging to consciousness.

‘They can probably last 30 minutes at best.’

Though the fall of the saint was part of their plan, if the timing and circumstances weren’t perfectly controlled, it could result in an irreversible situation.

An uncontrolled nuclear bomb could serve as a double-edged sword.

As Jinhyuk was sorting out these scenarios, the enraged lich bellowed.

“Feigning a straight fight and then escaping through the gate I opened like rats! Have you no shred of dignity left?”

Provoking an atmosphere only to slip away through the gate amidst the confusion was unexpected.

Even demons, who consider such tactics a virtue, would not stoop to this.

However, the lich was unaware.

That even demons would shake their heads at what veterans are capable of.

Jinhyuk retorted as if it were obvious.

“I’m no fool. Why should I fight those bondragons and death knights?”

Maybe a righteous knight would engage in a duel in the name of honor.

But this was war.

The goal was to pursue the best efficiency, without regard to means or methods.

And in the current situation, the best strategy was to siphon off the enemy’s forces and weaken them before taking out their leader directly.

Jinhyuk swiftly triggered ‘Greed’s Eyes’.


Race: Undead

Age: 3005

Level: 91

Strength 55 Agility 60 Stamina 45 Magic Power 213

Unique Ability: Great Magic

Skills: Lv19 ‘Elemental Magic’, Lv18 ‘Dark Magic’, Lv18 ‘Necromancy’, Lv18 ‘Undead Craft’, Lv17 ‘Curse’

Profile: Bayrodoom was once a great imperial magician who had climbed the tower but, upon realizing his limits and despairing, he made a deal with the demon king to become a lich. He is proficient not only in the magic of the five elements but also in dark magic and is willing to face any danger and pay any price in the pursuit of his intellectual curiosity.

[Copy Condition: A lich who has always looked down on everything since becoming one. If you can let him experience the bitter taste of life in a dire way, you can copy one of the skills he possesses.]

An immediate subordinant of a high-ranking demon and the boss monster controlling the 14th floor.

This is the lich ‘Bayrodoom’.

Jinhyuk’s lips slightly curved up when he saw the copy condition.

A skill that would be quite useful in climbing the tower had caught his eye.

‘Showing someone the bitterness of life is my forte.’

A rough plan formed in his mind.

To begin with…

Jinhyuk whispered something softly into the ear of Sweet Potato.


Disdain (蔑視) implies looking down on someone.

However, to ignore (無視) means to have no interest in someone’s very worth.


In this sense, Bayrodoom had to feel an indescribable rage.

‘How dare… they blatantly ignore me while I’m right in front of them?’

Admitting that the human possessed a decent level of magical skill was one thing.

Even acknowledging how they poked at a weakness to arrive here was acceptable.


That was only in consideration of trivial human standards.

“If you think such tricks will work… you are sorely mistaken.”

Bayrodoom reached out his hand again.

If the gate was closed, just open it again.


The space wavered, as the gate that just closed began to open once more.


What was a gap as big as an adult’s fist vanished quickly.

Not a mishap of the spell.

Would a great sorcerer, who had dealt with magic all his life, ever make such a mistake?

This was… a direct nullification of the magic’s activation.

“You read my spell…? That’s impossible…!”

His enchantment was layered with several bypass circuits to prevent external interference.

Breaking down such a complex blueprint and altering the circuit was next to impossible.

Even if…… that someone was himself.

“It might be hard to notice from afar, but from this distance… disruption is quite manageable, especially with your magic level being unimpressive.”

“Stop joking. A mere centuries-old human… has no right to discuss magic in front of me! I am an immortal sorcerer!”

The lich spat out, his voice seething with anger.

At the same time, the air began to vibrate violently.

[A holy relic… is being unleashed!]

A black cubic die appeared before Bayrodoom.

Instead of dots, red runes and symbols were marked on each face.

“The Black Horn Die…”


At Jinhyuk’s murmur, Bayrodoom’s eyes flinched sharply.

“You… how do you know about this die?”

“Quite a while back, I fought for three days and nights with someone who understood this die far better than you. That guy was strong enough on his own, but this thing made it quite a headache.”

He was neither a lich nor a demon, but… a demon king.

The battle against a monster who transcended all norms was an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.

And if he had once fought against such a creature… A mere lich wouldn’t be a problem.

Even if his level and stats were less now.

Even if he could wield the magic artifact, the ‘Black Horn Die’.

Just that. Nothing more.

“Stop your bluffs! No human who has seen this die could possibly survive!”

“Well, that might be true for a normal human. Unfortunately, I’m a bit far from being… ordinary.”

“Always yapping your mouth! Fine. Let’s see if your words hold any truth. I’ll test it right now.”

The lich flipped the die.

A face with the design of a turtle shell and runes appeared.

Though the range was limited, this shield possessed an ‘absolute judgment’.


The sword energy was shattered upon hitting the transparent shield.

But Bayrodoom’s body still staggered greatly from the unabsorbed impact.


“He’s got quite the headache-inducing skill, that lich…”

Cheon Yuseong clicked his tongue.

Then, he gestured overtly towards Jinhyuk.

“This is my recently perfected Chasehong Sword. As you can see, even that lich, who’s giving you trouble, can’t stand against this sword.”


He seemed as proud as a grade-schooler who aced a spelling test.

Should he get a “Good job” sticker and a pat on the head?

“Who do you think you are to speak so rudely to the master? Do you know who this person is?”

Now, Wol Young burst with a fearsome aura.

Enraged at Cheon Yuseong for talking back to Jinhyuk.

Of course, Cheon Yuseong wasn’t one to stay silent.

“And who might you be?”

“I am Shadow, serving the master. I am Wol Young.”

“Shadow or whatever, why do you speak as if you know him so well?”

“What’s strange about a sword knowing its master well?”

“I can’t believe this. I have fought alongside him for years. No one knows better about him than I do.”

“You speak as if you’re close friends with the master. However, the master never mentioned you to me.”

“That’s because that damned Colonel Timo trusts me more than you.”

Their voices grew louder.

While Bayrodoom was recovering and concentrating his magical power, the two seemed utterly unconcerned.

“Is this really the time to fight among ourselves? Don’t you see that lich is still fine there? You can tie his feet up with a sword energy, but you need to cast a magical attack to deliver a decisive blow, don’t you understand?”

Please, stop the arguing already.

And don’t even think about drawing swords at each other.

“No matter if it’s the lich or whatever, what’s important to me is fixing the attitude of this insolent brat.”

“I feel the same, master. Please tell us. Among the humans and the allies, who is more important to you?”

These crazy people.

Europe might be on the brink of destruction, but is their pride more important than that?

Jinhyuk massaged his temples.

He was thankful for them drawing Bayrodoom’s attention, but the thought of managing a company with these people was already giving him a headache.


Almost resembling a whine born from aggravation, his casual demeanor soon disappeared.


With the light sound of stepping on grass…

A new person intervened.


The air underwent a sudden change.




All three turned their gaze simultaneously in one direction.


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