Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 198


Chapter 198: The Immortal Archmage (2)

[This… magic is…?]

The unconstrained, chaotic voice of the Lich was interrupted by an anomaly.

It had no choice but to be.

At the current level of humans, using magic powerful enough to destroy even one gargoyle was believed to be no easy feat.

In truth, during its rampage across Europe, the damage dealt to undead monsters was virtually non-existent.

It was only logical that if they had built up a defensive network of this caliber, at least 80% of the intruders would normally be thrown into the sea.

But now.

He was using wide-scale magic without even blinking an eye.

The level of sense and speed in forming circles wasn’t just on a ‘remarkable’ level.

[Does this mean he’s reinterpreted the formulations to shape them into higher-tier spells?]

A realm difficult to reach even for Liches who had devoted centuries to studying magic.

…It was a scene hard to believe even while watching it.

The others were equally astonished, those who had once stood beside Jinhyuk, guarding him.

‘How much could Brother have grown in the time we were apart?’

‘I knew he was versatile, but just how far do his abilities actually go? I wouldn’t have guessed that he could even rival a Lich specialized in magic.’

Yoo Yeonhwa and Lee Taemin swallowed their saliva.

They struggled to enhance even a single skill.

Yet, to witness Jinhyuk wield overwhelming power in every aspect was nothing short of astounding.

Wolyeong looked on with eyes as wide as a startled rabbit.

The best understanding and use of ice-based martial arts in the Murim belonged to the Beokhaegung (北海宮).

Naturally resistant to cold, one would turn snowstorms and cutting winds into a bed from birth.

Among them, the head of the Beokhaegung was considered a genius among geniuses, endowed with both talent and hard work.

However, it was different now.

‘I only faced the head of Beokhaegung once… but it’s clear.’

The martial arts my lord has shown…

They were undoubtedly several levels above the Beokhaegung’s head.

“My lord… when did you achieve such a profound level of Ice White Spirit Arts? Even by my limited insight, it seems you’ve reached a higher realm than the head of Beokhaegung…”


She asked rather directly about a sensitive subject.

I can’t tell her the truth, so I should concoct a suitable response here.

Now, what would be fitting?

After a brief moment of contemplation, Jinhyuk freely fabricated a response without hesitation.

“After eating one Millennium Snow Ginseng from Amwang’s treasures, it sort of just happened.”

“Ah… From Amwang’s treasures, no, you mean you consumed the entire Millennium Snow Ginseng?”


It was an absurd claim, but Wolyeong would have no choice but to believe it.

How would anyone in Heukpung have even seen a Millennium Snow Ginseng?

At most, they would have heard about how it was ingested by a promising successor of one of the Nine Factions, or how a demon of the Witch Clan devoured it as a snack.


Cheon Yuseong, who seemed quite discontent, muttered to himself.

“I was just about to deal with them all.”

His disappointment was an added layer.

“Yes, yes. Of course, you were.”

“Really! The techniques of the Pursuit Sword that I recently mastered…”

Cheon Yuseong tried to protest, but Jinhyuk’s attention had already turned to the Lich.

“So. Is this your whole welcome? If so, I’m rather disappointed…”

[Disappointed? You dare claim disappointment after merely handling a flock of gargoyles?]

“The first impression is most important. One glance and you can gauge the overall standard. Or perhaps, you were hoping to say something like ‘These are the weakest of my subordinates’ from the era of Goguryeo?”

I have my suspicions, but it would be nice if that were not the case.

It’s too predictable.

However, my prediction seemed spot on.

The voice of the Lich came to an abrupt halt.


Whoa. There was a twitch.

It was obvious it wanted to make that cliche statement and had hesitated.

“Why waste our time with such things? Instead of posting weaklings on the outskirts to test the waters. Why not just summon a Core Dragon with a few Death Knights as Dragon Knights?”

If the boss has such a foolish plan to allow us to grow by slowly eliminating the weak ones, then he’s not much of a boss.

If it were me, I would have crushed my opponent from the beginning with my most reliable subordinates.

Tsk, tsk.

Jinhyuk blatantly clicked his tongue.

And then…

[That’s not a bad idea. I suppose dealing with you should be placed above guarding this spot.]

The Lich did not deny his words.

Rather, it accepted Jinhyuk’s suggestion with enthusiasm.


A fissure opened in the air.

1m… 2m… 5m…

A black gate engulfed in flames expanded rapidly.

It was a large-scale gate.

What came through was a Core Dragon, spanning 20 meters in length.


The atmosphere surged.

The sheer presence made any attempt to estimate its level moot.

The overwhelming size and the overflowing mana left no doubt—though it may be a dead carcass, a dragon was still a dragon.

Moreover, atop the dragon were knights adorned in black armor, wielding rune-etched swords.

Death Knights.

The utmost in close-combat undead monsters capable of manipulating aura.


Three Death Knights glared intensely through their helms.

As if to prove they were once knights, their contained ferocity was akin to unwavering spears.

“Damn it! Is your mouth some kind of disaster-bringer?”

Unable to hold back, Cheon Yuseong cursed.

The same guy who’d said he’d handle it all, now that the stage was set, he was angry.

More than anything, this wasn’t merely boasting gone wrong.

Provoking the enemy to summon powerful gatekeepers to this spot.

That was exactly what Jinhyuk had hoped for.

‘…He’s hooked.’

It was normally a destination one would reach only after countless hours and effort.

How many foes must one defeat and how much time must pass before reaching that place?

But thanks to the gate’s opening, there was no need to waste that time.

Since the gate allowed two-way traffic, he could reach the Lich’s location at any time.

‘Gates typically last around 10 minutes.’

I must settle the battle within that time span.

Jinhyuk quickly activated his spatial inventory.

A bulky and sluggish military transporter wouldn’t be able to dodge the dragon’s attacks.

Then, the appropriate countermeasures would need to be brought out.

At Jinhyuk’s call, sweet potatoes and elemental spirits responded.


Apparently, the hierarchy within the spatial inventory was decided.

The others were only stealthily glancing around the sweet potato.

Jinhyuk mounted the sweet potato.

“Get on, one by one. Hurry.”

Realizing that fighting was the only option left, everyone quickly took one of the elemental spirits for themselves.

“And you guys, if you drop any of these into the sea, you can consider it your last day in the world. Got it?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do well! Trust us, master!”

“Yep. Just practiced making wings so hard, I’m exhausted.”

“Everybody quiet down. It’s too noisy.”

The elemental spirits each used their unique properties to create wings that allowed them to fly.

“Then, take care of yourselves.”

The pilot wished them luck.

As they all left the transporter, the real air battle began.


The signal for battle was given by the searing surge of a Salamander.

The slender flame struck the side of the Core Dragon.


A massive explosion ensued, followed by billowing smoke.

Through the gap, ice arrows created by Jinhyuk flew like lightning.



They proved insufficient to pierce the dragon’s bones.

It was to be expected, a defense that beggared belief.

A magic of the 9th class or higher would be necessary for an impact… or perhaps the physical force known as ‘Sword Force’, regarded as the supreme strength.

Cheon Yuseong too must have had the same thought as he approached Jinhyuk.

“We need to get close enough for the sword to reach. If you and I join forces, we can take down the Death Knights and sever the Core Dragon’s lifeline.”

Like any dragon, the Core Dragon also operated through a ‘Dragon Heart’.

Though modified by the Lich’s dark magics, its weaknesses remained as any typical dragon.

That’s when Cheon Yuseong shifted his weight forward.

A sudden jolt.

His entire body’s senses stood on edge.


Upon seeing the accumulated energy in the Core Dragon’s mouth, Jinhyuk yelled.



Concentrated acid sprayed forth in a straight line.

The clouds split, and waves evaporated.


Steam obscured the visibility.

‘A mere graze would leave nothing to recover.’

Jinhyuk, narrowly avoiding the attack, looked over his companions.

Fortunately, no one was struck. They had all managed to dodge, seasoned by their past battles.


All of that was just a matter of time.

Regardless of how quickly the elemental spirits were flying, they couldn’t outrun the dragon.

[You scurry like rats, but I’ll teach you its futility! This is the end!]

The Lich roared.


[The Core Dragon activates Lv?? ‘Fear’!]

An undeniable oppression clamped down on every fiber of their beings.

An authority only usable by dragons.

The ultimate power to hold all living creatures in contempt.


“This is…”


“I… can’t… move.”

Overwhelmed by absolute terror, the elemental spirits froze in place.

Once more, the breath began to condense.

If struck, they would unavoidably be submerged in a corrosive sea.

But there was something the Lich didn’t anticipate.

There were levels to the Fear used by dragons.

And the strongest—ancient dragons—were known to wield the most potent kind.

[The sweet potato activates Lv4 ‘Fear’!]


The oppressive atmosphere cleared.

Or rather, the building energy in the Core Dragon’s mouth faltered.

It was affected by the sweet potato’s Fear.

“A living Ancient-tier dragon might have been a problem, but gloating with a mere corpse is foolish.”

The hierarchy of skills holds true above the levels of skills.

The dragons could never surpass the ancient kind.

Proudly, the sweet potato spread its wings wide.

‘Yes. That’s my pet.’

Jinhyuk gently stroked the head of the sweet potato.

[That… small reptile, could it truly be… an ancient dragon? Such preposterous… How could a human tame an ancient dragon? It’s unbelievable. It cannot be!]

The Lich muttered in disbelief.

Of course, whether it believed or not was completely irrelevant.


“Yes, Brother!”

At Jinhyuk’s signal, Lee Taemin’s drones switched the magic bullets to special rounds.


Blue smoke carried a complex mix of magical energies.

Naturally, it confused the undead, who used magical residue to track their targets.

And that was their cue.

Led by Jinhyuk, Cheon Yuseong, Lee Taemin, and Yoo Yeonhwa dispersed in all directions.

Wolyeong darted viciously downward.


The Core Dragon wildly tossed its head from side to side.


The Death Knights atop it also raised their aura blades, ready for the impending sneak attack.

Instinctively, they realized this was the most perilous moment.

Everywhere, from all sides,

Enemies could be lurking.

And any of those foes had enough force to injure them.

There could be no carelessness.

An intense atmosphere wrapped the final showdown.


What followed once again leaped far beyond expectations.

[What, what is this madness?]

Enraged, the Lich let out a thunderous shout.


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