Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 197


Chapter 197. The Immortal Grand Sorcerer (1)

The Amsterdam royal palace lies in ruins, now transformed into a dark abode ruled by a lich. Five individuals – Jegal Cheon, Hwangbo Geunak, Namgung Hyun, and Dang Soha – tread deeper into the heart of this desolate place.

Bound by their allegiance to the Murim, these four had used a mart as a stronghold on the fourth floor, which hosts the ‘Zombie Wave’ as its main mission. They had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Jinhyuk, for which they had been training tirelessly within their respective factions, waiting for the opportunity to redeem themselves.

“We can finally avenge the humiliation that low-born inflicted upon us,” Dang Soha grinds his teeth in anger, an emotion shared by his companions.

“Lucky for us, the sect leader gave us another chance,” they murmured.

“But why would the alliance entrust this mission to a mere corpse animated by sorcery?” Hwangbo Geunak inquired, a question that was answered by the fifth person, a woman with short hair and a long sword slung over her shoulder. She was none other than Baek Seollin, also known as ‘Seolun Sword’, from the Huashan faction. Baek Seollin was also one of the ‘Hidden Dragons’, known to have broken through the barrier of peak-level martial artists and closely approaching the realm of the supreme.

Hwangbo Geunak hesitated but couldn’t shake off the feeling of impropriety in a righteous faction allied with the lich.

“We’re at war with the Empire and there’s intelligence that the ‘Heavenly Demon’ has finished his seclusion. There’s no luxury of choosing means,” she explained, highlighting the urgency driving the Murim, especially considering the ‘Heavenly Demon’ could be a double-edged sword.

The Kunlun sect was keeping a close watch on the demonic sect’s movements. But if the Heavenly Demon, the Dark Emperor, or other high-ranking officials from the demonic sect were to take action, Kunlun alone would not be able to withstand them.

The plan was to weaken the Empire’s territory quickly while ensuring the players under the Empire’s protection would not be capable of aiding, extending their influence even outside the tower’s reach.

As they approached the throne room, they finally came face to face with a boss monster known as a lich, an immortal sorcerer with overwhelming magical powers, sitting atop his throne.

“You’re late. Do humans value even the moments they live in?” the lich spoke with a penetrating glare.

Jegal Cheon felt insulted but before he could retort, Baek Seollin intervened. The lich offered them assistance, as everything on Earth bowed to his will.

Baek Seollin declined, yet something else in the palace caught her attention.

“Who is that woman?”

“She’s the only human amongst the many in Europe who provided me with entertainment. She’s been especially kept alive due to the interesting aura she exudes,” the lich replied nonchalantly.

The woman in question, bound by blood-stained chains, was Theresa – Amsterdam’s saint. Despite her valiant efforts to save the city, all was in vain against the lich’s power.

As Baek Seollin observed Theresa’s torment, the lich’s magic intensified, eager to explore the effects of his cruel torment.


Nations like Korea, the USA, Japan, India, and Russia decided to send troops to support Europe. Due to the fact that the lich could be damaged only by magic, large numbers of players were mobilized for the raid.

Korean teams, including the Dangun Guild led by Mongyuho, the Fighting Fathers Guild led by Gong Minwoo, and Jinhyuk with a select few were headed to their respective destinations.

“Never thought I’d be on a military plane like this,” Jinhyuk mused, eyeing everyone including Cheon Yuseong, who despite his constant complaints, had become an indispensable partner, especially now in the absence of Ellis.

Jinhyuk assured Yuseong that his concerns mattered, even as they quarreled lightheartedly. It was Jinhyuk’s twisted form of care, preparing them for battle.

As their transport flew, a dreadful explosion occurred, signaling an attack. Swarms of gargoyles, influenced by the ‘Specter’s Reincarnation’ attacked with extraordinary resistance to physical attacks.

It was a dire situation until Jinhyuk unleashed a powerful spell; ‘Bingha Jojoong’ (Glacial Sculpture), creating a massive ice sphere that shattered into countless fragments, freezing the gargoyles solid, claiming the skies for himself.


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