Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 194


Chapter 194: The Veteran Corporation’s Unity Event (Feat. Amusement Park) (2)

If one were to pick a feature of the disaster of a game called the Tower of Trials, it would be the developers constantly contemplating how to torture the players. And the theme that best captured this essence was the ‘Hard Mode’ amusement park right here.

“Hehe! How long has it been since we’ve had toys… ah, guests. Are you really going to enter? Really?”

A beast-man in the shape of a rabbit hopped enthusiastically at the entrance. Its ears twitched back and forth, possibly energized by the rare visitation.

Well, it made sense.

Why would any player enter such a deranged place?

Despite being on the first floor and easily accessible, this place was almost a ghost town due its absurd concepts and difficulty.

“Jinhyuk, are you really going to challenge this place?”

“How did we not see this coming when the company talked about an MT… What kind of crazy company risks their lives for a team-building retreat?”

Theresa and Cheon Yuseong each muttered their disbelief.

Having experienced the amusement park in the past, they knew exactly how insane Jinhyuk was for even attempting this.

They had to stop him at all costs. They must prevent such a pointless crossing of this dangerous bridge by any means necessary.


-It’s too late. He’s completely lost it.

-Sigh. I suppose we really have to go through with this.

-This is truly delicious cotton candy. It’s like eating clouds!

As Jinhyuk’s playful smile spread across his face, everyone entertained the thought of giving up.

“Why are you all looking so gloomy? We’re at an amusement park, we should enjoy to the fullest. Above all, passing more than four rides here comes with a surprisingly generous reward.”

A VIP membership to the massive ingredient market located on floor 15, with premium treatment.

It might seem trivial, but there was nothing as important as food in life.

Especially if the food was filled with delicacies that could never be tasted outside the Tower.

Moreover, there was the added thrill of the thrilling rides…

Jinhyuk thought there was no better place for company unity.

“I’m going on all the rides. You won’t charge an entrance fee, right?”

“Of course! We’re thankful for your visit when the rides were nearly cobwebbed.”

The rabbit rubbed its paws together.

Then, suddenly.


A status window appeared before everyone.

[Trial’s Amusement Park]

Difficulty: Very Hard

Objective: You must complete at least one ride to exit and completing more than three rides will grant you a special reward. For parties of six or fewer, rewards will be provided only if four rides are completed.

“Now please enjoy to your heart’s content. Hehe.”

With a chilling smile, the rabbit took a step to the side.


“Damn it! Why did we come to this crazy place!”

“Aaaaagh! Save me, please!”

“Hey! Let go of this, let go already!”

Screams and cries filled the amusement park.

It was akin to hell, or at least something similar.

Cheon Yuseong and Theresa chose the Viking ride.

The massive ship that rapidly descended up and down was almost identical to a typical Viking ship.

Of course, it was not exactly the same.

There were no safety belts, and real skeleton soldiers were rampaging on the deck, brandishing swords – a slightly unique touch.

Clang! Claaang!



Skeletons swung their swords madly, pushing the two to their limits.

With no chance to balance, let alone the precise coordinated attacks, it was almost impossible to regain composure.

Struggling to stay aboard the Viking, Cheon Yuseong and Theresa were in the middle of a hard fight.

“Kang Jinhyuk, you cursed bastard! This isn’t the amusement park I wanted!”

It was a life solely dedicated to swordsmanship and study, with no leisure time to enjoy.

And when he thought he was finally tasting new happiness,

That damn hardcore gamer had snatched away even that small joy.

As if pouring fuel on the fire, Jinhyuk waved his hands energetically towards Cheon Yuseong.

“Stay strong, our Sword Saint. I always believe in our Sword Saint!”

While sipping his slushie and speaking with his mouth full, there was no way not to be infuriated.

Elsewhere, high-pitched screams that could easily surpass three octaves echoed.

“Eeeek! Human! Come here right now! How dare you subject my noble self to such vulgar… please, save me, you bastard!”

Elise had entered the ‘Haunted House’.

Well… real ghosts actually appeared inside.

Although their combat power was only at the level of a slime, they looked terrifying enough to induce severe trauma.

“Please, stick together. Lady Elise! You can’t abandon me!”

Even Velrus, who was usually so tough, was now clinging to Elise, shedding tears.

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue.

“Tsk tsk. To think that these folks are the nobles of the Tower.”

It seemed that the Ataraxia family was full of pure-hearted fools, given their complete lack of gravitas.

Then, at that moment,

“Hehe. Wouldn’t you prefer to take part yourself rather than just watching? At this rate, everyone is going to fail, you know?”

The rabbit goaded Jinhyuk with a challenging voice.

Yet, Jinhyuk simply sat back and leisurely sipped his slushie.

“If you only fail, you won’t be able to leave this place. Though that would be more amusing for us. Hehe.”

“I’m aware.”


“I said, I’m aware.”

Truthfully, Jinhyuk had no expectations for the success of the others.

Nor was there a need to succeed.

The ending of this quest was predetermined, regardless of everyone’s failure.

Well, time to take action.

Standing up, Jinhyuk made his move.


He suddenly appeared atop the Viking.

“Finally here, huh? I thought my eyes would fall out waiting.”

Cheon Yuseong discovered Jinhyuk while dodging the attacks of the skeleton soldiers.

“Pl-please help me, Jinhyuk.”

Theresa, too, murmured with a pale face.

Due to the nature of the amusement park, using inherent abilities and skills would result in quest failure, forcing participants to rely solely on their innate stamina and reflexes.

The fact that even high-level participants like Cheon Yuseong and Theresa were struggling was the reality given the applied level adjustments.

Of course,

This level of penalty was embarrassingly trivial for someone like Jinhyuk.

The fifth cervical vertebra.

The rib cage.

And 3cm above the right side of the hip bone.

Knowing where the skeletons aimed to strike to slow down movement,

Which patterns they used and how to balance on the swaying ship,

Jinhyuk had it all memorized.

Avoiding the skeleton soldiers’ onslaught, he began to precisely target their weak points.

Calibrated blows.



Skeleton soldiers with only their skulls remaining tumbled across the deck before being flung out.

The smooth, graceful movements mesmerized Cheon Yuseong, who bit his lip.


A sense of inferiority and self-loathing crept up his face, dripping with complicated feelings of hate and love towards Jinhyuk.

Regardless, Jinhyuk walked to the edge of the ship, whistling.

A fancily hatted skeleton that seemed to be the captain clung to the rail with his teeth, trying not to fall off.


Jinhyuk mercilessly launched the skeleton’s skull into the sky.

Spinning around, it disappeared overboard.

‘With that dealt with, the two of them should manage to survive the rest of the time.’

Alright, next…

Jinhyuk swiftly leaped off the Viking towards the Haunted House.

Within the eerie atmosphere and chilling background music,

He spotted Elise and Velrus shaking uncontrollably.

[Your mental strength is rapidly depleting.]

[Chills and shudders are approaching danger levels.]

Indeed, the ghosts here could instill terror.

Enough to cause real emotional trauma.

‘I almost passed out the first time too…’

But after many visits, even the ghosts and spirits became familiar.

Humans adapt, and with experience, even the most stimulating things lose their luster.

“You’re the ruler of the night, why are you so scared? Get up, already.”

“But, but…”

Elise was so terrified, he couldn’t even think of getting up.

At this rate, they would never escape in a day.

“Can’t be helped. Just follow closely and don’t fall behind.”

Jinhyuk sighed softly and grabbed Elise’s wrist.

Then ran towards the entrance.


Elise gasped softly, eyes widening.

After a moment of shock, Elise started to run after Jinhyuk.

“Take me with…!”

Velrus was left alone crying out, but the fate of some intern wasn’t Jinhyuk’s concern.

After all, it’s a tradition in this business for newcomers to endure hardship.


“This can’t be!”

The rabbit’s voice trembled violently.

It couldn’t be helped.

The impregnable fortress that took all of its effort to build was falling so easily.

‘Where did this monster come from?’

It was shocking enough to clear the Viking and the Haunted House, but the feats that followed were even crazier.

He yawningly accomplished a 1:30 feat against the bumper cars that delivered 100,000 volts upon a single hit.

In the safari filled with large monster species even the administrators struggled with, he tamed the dinosaurs and traversed the area in a flash.

By this point, there was no use in being outraged.

The grand finale, throwing spear water at the mutated piranhas and giant sharks in the flume ride…

Frankly, it was terrifying.


The rabbit Dry swallowed.

For hundreds of years, managing many races after being assigned by the Tower administrators, it had never seen anyone pass through the numerous rides, especially not in such a bizarre way.


Tossed into the water, the spirit water Undine looked up at Jinhyuk.

A necklace made from the flesh that piranhas and giant sharks loved most hung around its neck.

They flinched.

Sensing the scent of blood, the fish became agitated.

“This is also part of your training. If you become powerful enough, I’ll consider making you the leader of the spirits.”

He must be well aware of how important and impressive a position it was to be a leader in the special forces.

“Leader? Me? Will you really make me one?”

“Indeed. So escape with all your might. Of the many silly spirits, my favorite Undine wouldn’t fail to outsmart such monsters, right?”

“Heh, you know something. I am indeed superior to those stupid spirits.”

Undine puffed up her chest proudly.

“Alright. I trust you.”

“Yes! Leave it to me.”

Undine worked hard, stirring up the aquarium.

As she played an intense game of tag with her life on the line,

Jinhyuk finished his slushie and completed the flume ride.

At the same time.

[You’ve cleared all Hard Mode difficulties.]

Pop pop pop!


Fireworks filled the night sky with a dazzling array.

‘Not a bad vacation.’

Jinhyuk smiled with satisfaction.

The upcoming mid-level war,

A giant storm involving an empire and martial realms.

Before diving into that chaos, this moment of laughing and chatting together would be an unforgettable memory.


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