Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 185


Chapter 185. Shadow Weapon, Moonyoung (月影) (1)

[Loyalty has increased by +20.]

[The resident of Murim, ‘Moonyoung (月影),’ begins to trust you slightly.]

As expected.

The deeper the wounds of the past, the simpler the method to heal them must be.

‘What’s most important is giving them certainty that they’ll never be discarded.’

Right now, my words may have only broken a part of that solid wall, but

if I continue to demonstrate trust, he too will open the doors to his guarded heart.

‘Once that happens, he can be rewritten, not as a weapon for the Heukpung Association, but solely for my own use.’

Beyond shattering his defenses, the benefits of showing this change in demeanor were not limited to this one matter.

Even Melena and the Spirit Water users appeared to be touched by this unexpected behavior, wearing interesting expressions.

“Is our master actually kind?”

“Could it be his true feelings are warm…?”

“I heard Tsundere is trendy among humans these days—could that be it?”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s a term for a cold-hearted butcher who treats his people well.”

The Spirit Water users chattered away.

“Wow, you sure know how to say nice things.”

Melena let out a small exclamation of admiration.

The significance of a single action, a single word, is evidently important.

Even a once-unfavorable image could change 180 degrees in an instant.

However, there was no time to revel in the applause.

“Finally, you’ve arrived, you damned human.”

A low voice filled the air.

Beyond a wall surrounded by monsters, a throne made of human bones came into view.

Atop it, with a sardonic smile, was none other than the brain bird, Atasha.

The creature, with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a bird, spread her gleaming white wings.


The gale carried by magic power was extraordinary.

Indeed, a boss is still a boss.

Though not as powerful as the ‘Invincible’ skill-wielding Rock Giant of the 10th stratum, the boss monster had an impressive aura.

‘The other two aren’t visible.’

Jinhyuk’s eyes narrowed.

He was scanning all corners for magic power but could not sense the other bosses.

Were they somewhere else?


‘…A trap?’

The latter seemed more likely.

If they had lured him all the way here, they must have a card up their sleeve.

But they weren’t the only ones with a prepared card.

Earlier, while at the ‘Coin Exchange,’ he obtained materials to deal with an enchantment, preparing a hidden card for this very moment.

The corners of Jinhyuk’s mouth curled upward.

On the other hand, Atasha, seeing this, furrowed her brows.

“What’s there to laugh about when you’ve waltzed into the lion’s den? Has fear driven you insane?”

Jinhyuk had proven his strength in the battle against the ogres.

However, said strength had limits, since he was only up against a few ogres.

These monsters arrayed here were beyond comparison—nine-stratum elites to be reckoned with.

“Sorry, it’d be polite to show a serious face, but I just can’t seem to manage it. Maybe because I just don’t feel any tension.”

“Kuh! Is there no kin here brave enough to claim the head of that impudent human?”

At Atasha’s cry, a monstrous bellow echoed amidst the monsters.

“I, Kangora of the Black Rock Tribe, will go!”

An orc cloaked in the fur of a wild beast pushed through the monster crowd, stepping forward.

Brandishing a freshly sharpened glaive, this orc was easily twice the size of the average orc.

“You’re sending underlings instead of coming down yourself?”

“It isn’t necessary for me to deal with the likes of you. And do not underestimate Kangora. The Black Rock Tribe is the strongest among the orcs of the ninth stratum.”

The strongest among the orcs…

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Dust rose from the ground.

The charging orc warrior closed the distance in the blink of an eye.

The glaive, aimed precisely at Jinhyuk’s throat, flew towards him.

Fast and accurate.

And in the midst of this, a feint altering the course of the blade twice over.

It was a level of swordsmanship unthinkable from an orc.



The glaive that seemed to charge unabated abruptly halted in mid-air.

Black nails began gnawing at the surface of the glaive.


I told you.

“No matter how many of you come, it’s useless. Come down here yourself.”


The glaive was crushed, and the orc’s hand holding it broke to pieces.


The orc howled in pain.

Almost instantly, in the blink of an eye.

Jinhyuk’s other hand blew the orc’s head clean off.

Pussh! Pusshush!

Blood sprayed first.

Then, decapitated, the orc’s body lost balance and fell.

“Kangora has been taken down with a single strike…?”

“The greatest warrior of the Black Rock Tribe didn’t even exchange a blow before dying?”

“Against a mere human….”

Among the more intelligent monsters, significant unrest began to stir.

The less intelligent ones instinctively sensed the threat and bared their fangs.


Atasha too grated her teeth.

Her white wings quivered, a sign of her rage.

“None again!”

As if not convinced to let it go, she demanded another challenger.

This time, not one but five monsters stepped forward.

They were Lizardmen armed with spears and shields.


The Heukpung Association members reached for their swords.

There was no need to stick to a one-on-one battle if the opponents came in numbers.

“Filthy vermin…!”

“They’re pushing their numbers.”

“Draw your swords, everyone!”

But then.

Moonyoung held back the Heukpung Association members about to step forward.

“Why do you stop us?”

“Hasn’t our lord commanded us?”

To have faith and follow.

“He has yet to give us orders to step forward.”

If he was confident enough to handle it alone,

then they only needed to wait for a command to be issued.


Five Lizardmen had formed a circle around Jinhyuk.

‘If I keep going like this, it’ll never end.’

Addressing them one by one would make a day’s fighting insufficient.

It was necessary to show them first-hand that such half-hearted measures were futile.

Jinhyuk slowly started drawing upon his magic.

‘Heukcheonmaohgong’ blossomed, and his entire body began to stir with a black ethereal mist.

One thing was certain about those affiliated with the Dark Demonic Religion:



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