Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 183


Chapter 183: The Alliance of Two Levels (Part 1)



As if enchanted by something, the goblins approached.

Their pupils were half-dilated, their noses twitched, and the drool flowing from their mouths suggested a sort of addiction.


Their steps staggered even more.

At that very moment.

Puff! Puff!

The men clad in black quickly overpowered the goblins.

They struck the soft spot of the neck from behind, causing the goblins to collapse on the spot like dolls with their strings cut.

In total, seven creatures.

With that, the number of monsters caught had surpassed triple digits.

Melena swallowed dryly at the absurd sight before her.

To think she’d see monsters being lured by scent in her lifetime…

It was beyond absurd; it was unimaginable.

“Is that concoction you made with the items you bought at the coin exchange the one that makes these guys lose their minds?”

Melena pointed at a jar placed in the center of the passageway.

It contained an unidentified purple liquid, bubbling away.

However, what was important was not the color but the smell.

A sweet aroma prickled the nostrils.

It likely affected only monsters.

“More precisely, it affects only monsters bearing that mark. It’s quite efficient, but it has a clear weakness.”

The ‘Red Mark’ was a spell that could originally maximize the potential of individual monsters.

It was used occasionally by high-ranking sorcerers because it could greatly enhance combat power and even remove significant parts of fear, but no technique in the world comes without its downsides.

If you mix ‘Mayabi Ground Bee Honey 527mg’, ‘Three-Eyed Skunk Pheromones’, and ’15 Peonies’ and simmer them slowly over the fire, you can make quite an interesting potion.

A potion that weakens the power of the marks and induces visual illusions, as if walking through fog.

With the ‘Illusory Prison’ summoned by the barrier added in, the detail was perfect…

To any monster that comes here, it’s no different from a fly venturing into a carnivorous plant.

‘Of course, such a method wouldn’t work in their home turf, but at least it’ll be useful until we get there.’

This should do the job well.

After listening to Jinhyuk’s calm explanation, Melena was astonished once again.

“What exactly are you? No, setting that aside, how do you even know such a method?”

“How I know? I used to study about the tower earnestly, and it came to me naturally.”

“That’s nonsensical! I’ve played the [Tower of Trials] a lot, but I’ve never heard of anything like this!”

“That’s probably because you’ve been playing with newbies.”

To get where high-level players were, one had to swim with the big fishes, as they say.

“Who’s a newbie? I’ve done quite well for myself in the Mine Association…”

“Ahh, I’ve failed to acknowledge such a distinguished miner. Now let’s get these collars on the captured monsters, shall we?”

Jinhyuk tossed several collars at Melena.

They were crude chains that even an untrained eye could tell were poorly made.

“Collars? What are you planning to do with these?”

“We’ll break through the traps.”

It’s pointless to recruit helpers only to have them idle around.

It was wise to immediately put to use what was in hand.

While Melena was still not fully understanding the plan, tilting her head, there was an update.

“My Lord. I’ve completed everything you’ve requested.”

Wolyeong approached, reporting with utmost respect.

Her face was flushed with a sense of accomplishment from completing her task.

“Ahem. Good. Let’s see if you did it properly.”

Jinhyuk, puffing up with pride, followed Wolyeong’s guidance.

And a short while later, the three of them arrived at a surprisingly ghastly and grandiose creation – a splendid golden carriage nearly 2 meters in size.

The black wheels made of brass and the engraved symbols of the ‘Heavenly Horse Religion’ exuded a tremendous intimidation on their own.

“As expected, it does not fall short of our faith’s dignity. Even the Dark Emperor would be pleased.”

“Wolyeong is immensely honored by your approval, my Lord.”

“Then, let’s head out.”

Jinhyuk climbed onto the carriage.

Indeed, the investment of expensive coins was worthwhile.

First off, the ride was incredibly smooth, and thanks to the high platform, the field of vision was clear.

The leather whip in hand, as the finishing touch… Yes, it tasted of ‘power.’

‘This is why everyone seeks higher ground.’


The whip left a thin mark on the ground.

And then.


The Elemental Spirits of the Five Elements, sweating profusely, lifted the ‘Giant Bird’ feathers.

“This is way too heavy.”

“Master, we have short limbs, we can’t lift this kind of stuff…”

“Spare the spirits!”

“I should’ve returned to the realm of spirits when I had the chance. Is it too late now?”

“Quiet down, everyone. I have a headache, so keep it down, will you?”

Even though they were in a sunless maze, such detailed decorations were essential.

Indeed, such feathers were mandatory for a king’s procession.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The monsters connected by long leashes in front of the carriage began to march down the hallway.



As the trap was triggered, massive flames erupted.



One of the leading goblins instantly turned into a lump of coal.

“This time, it’s a fire-based formation.”

“The traps are indeed diverse. We would have been in serious trouble if we just walked into them.”

By now, Wolyeong and Melena seemed unfazed, having seen such scenes repeatedly.

Humans truly are creatures of adaptation, and this proved it.

‘Sure enough, this is the best method.’

Jinhyuk leisurely flicked the whip from atop the carriage.

Using the enemy’s underlings to break through the traps designed by the enemy.

What could be safer and more efficient than this?


Another goblin met its end amid a loud noise.

“It’s safe, but it seems it will take a while this way?”

“I was just about to play my second card.”

The map of the maze had already been drawn in Jinhyuk’s mind.

He had memorized everything – the location of the major traps, where the large monsters likely resided, and much more.

Nodding, Jinhyuk signaled the members of the Black Wind Association to release the iron chains they held.




Ogres wearing spike-shaped helmets charged forward, letting out a collective roar.

The direction didn’t matter.

Blinded by their helmets, they couldn’t even tell where they were heading; their only allowed action was to charge forward at full speed and thrust themselves against the walls with their spike-shaped helmets.

That was their sole mission.


The wall collapsed, revealing a huge hole in the passage.

Although the ogres that hit the wall were either knocked out or dead from the sheer force of the impact, they had nonetheless fulfilled their task.

“Ta-da! The path is clear, isn’t it?”

Jinhyuk spread his arms wide.

Expecting cheers and applause.




The eyes of the onlookers were cold.

It was as if they were staring at a Demon King who had wandered out of his own realm.

Even the gnome and the salamander were pantomiming strangling themselves or poking their eyes out.

Hmm. Maybe that was a bit much?

“Ahem. Ahem! Given that everyone is risking their lives climbing the tower, surely no one is about to argue ‘monsters have rights too,’ right?”

“Who said anything? I didn’t say a word.”

“You’re swearing with your eyes. A subordinate to a boss.”

“I wasn’t though, boss?”

Melena smiled slyly, her eyes laughing while her mouth did not.

[Lv9 ‘Eye of Greed’ has been activated.]

[The subject’s statement is ‘false’.]

She really was cursing, and quite colorfully at that.

‘I need to improve my image.’

A leader should always be at the forefront of his group.

Jinhyuk purchased another item from the coin exchange.

Unlike the previous purchases, this time it was a cheap 200-coin pickaxe.

“Master. Are you intending to take action yourself? But with that…”

Wolyeong eyed the near-breaking pickaxe and shook her head gently.

“If there’s a need to clear a path, let us handle it.”

“You don’t need to do it personally.”

Even to the members of the Black Wind Association, it seemed a poor choice to use such a worn-out tool.

An ogre would need to ram with full force to break down a wall that would barely scratch from the strike of such a pickaxe.


It’s a different story for ordinary people.

‘I am different.’

Jinhyuk, who had made a strong impression on the bosses of the ninth layer with various performances, now needed to motivate their lazy bones.


Jinhyuk activated different skills in each hand.

He gripped the edge of the pickaxe with ‘Giant’s Grasp.’

In the other hand, flames arose from the ‘Element of Fire.’


Pressure and heat converged, heating the surface of the pickaxe until it glowed a dark red.

‘It’s a bit tricky since it’s been a while.’

One had to control the exact heat and pressure, a feat practically impossible for a player without advanced blacksmith skills.

Among the rotten veteran players, perhaps only two could manage such a feat.

Finally, Jinhyuk maximized all ability expectations through a 3-star ‘Amplification Barrier.’

The maze trembled violently from the tremendous magical power.

After a few minutes, Jinhyuk ceased pouring his magic.


[You have created a ‘Diamond Pickaxe’!]

[Your precise and remarkable craftsmanship will be listed in the ‘Hall of Honor’ for a day!]

[The deity ‘Father of Iron and Fire’ admires your skill.]

[A few deities of the upper layers express their interest.]

Father of Iron and Fire belonged to Olympus, one who spent his days hammering away.

For him, it must have been quite an intriguing event, as even the mighty residents of the middle layers didn’t possess the skill to craft items in such a manner.

‘The unique blend of science and skill must have indeed drawn their eyes.’

Jinhyuk offered a faint smile while inspecting the finished pickaxe.

[Diamond Pickaxe]

Acquisition Difficulty: A

Durability: 1,000/1,100

Attack Power: 550

Description: Specialized for mining, this item can also be used to efficiently break through walls in labyrinths or mazes. Mining attack power increases by 20%, and wall-breaking attack power increases by 10%.

The color of the pickaxe had changed.

Its emerald-tinted edge could be perceived as extraordinary even by the untrained eye.


Jinhyuk swung the pickaxe lightly.


The pickaxe, drawing a soft curve, dug into the wall.

It tore through the wall with ease, like scooping through clay.

“My goodness…”

“Such magical power exists.”

Melena and Wolyeong let out astonished breaths.

The creator, however, scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Hmm. I dug in the wrong place. This isn’t it.”

One of the maze’s central mechanisms was now openly exposed.

He had unwittingly entered a secret chamber.

“Now that I see it, there seems to be a system room that manages the types of traps on the other side…”

It might not be bad to check it out.

Thus, Jinhyuk continued to nullify visible traps and destroy intact paths, turning the maze into utter chaos.

Not coming out yet? Even now? After all this?



All of the traps suddenly stopped.

At the same time, walls began to rise.

‘That’s enough playtime.’

Jinhyuk slowly observed the shadow approaching from beyond the wall.

Perhaps… one of the intermediaries sent by the boss monsters was coming.



Upon seeing the intermediary, Jinhyuk’s pupils shook with shock.

Someone who shouldn’t be here, completely unexpected, had appeared.


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