Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 146


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 146: The All-Out War (4)

“What are you so surprised about? Is it really such a shock that the Blood Waterport, the cornerstone of the Sorcery Formula, isn’t actually here?”

The gate that connects dimensions, the Blood Waterport.

Everyone thought the magic stone that sustained the great magic circle was here, but in truth, it was not.

Michel, ever so cautious, had removed the magic stone just in case, and had hidden it deep within the 7th floor without telling anyone.


Even the top-secret information unknown to Bertion and Ophelia had already been seen through by Jinhyuk.

“I can’t believe it… How do you know the location of the magic stone?!”

“If you fight with those who have a lot of tricks up their sleeve often enough, you start to see a pattern.”

Those types always look for conservative and extremely safe routes to account for all possible variables.

So from the beginning, Jinhyuk had operated on the premise that the magic stone was not here.

“Stop with the bravado, there’s no way you know the exact location of the magic stone. It’s impossible, absolutely impossible!”

Bravado, huh?

Well, to his opponent, wouldn’t everything seem like bravado?

Anyone who seems to be a little ahead would appear to them like a boaster full of hot air.

“Isn’t it strange, though?”

“What’s strange now?”

“I made the effort to contact the Frost Blade Tribe, so why aren’t they showing their faces here?”

There was not a single sign of life in sight.

The trolls showed no signs of approaching the island either.

That’s when Michel’s smile finally disappeared.

He felt that the situation had deviated far more than he had anticipated.

“You don’t plan on having them join the fight here?”

“Karakal might be quite strong, but they’re not powerful enough to turn the tide against you and your lackeys.”

Of course, bringing the entire tribe might have reduced the damage somewhat.

But the result would be the same.

More importantly, he hadn’t persuaded the Frost Blade Tribe just to throw them away after use.

He had approached them…

…To send them to where the magic stone was located.

More precisely, to gather warriors strong enough to destroy the golems guarding the magic stone.

“That’s all part of your calculations? That’s absurd…”

A nervous tremor in his voice.

Michel’s composure began to visibly shake.

The flawless demeanor he’d initially presented was gone, revealing vulnerabilities.

Now’s the time.

Jinhyuk activated the ‘Eye of Gluttony.’

[Target’s ‘Mana Barrier’ is significantly disrupted!]

[The Luck and Adaptive stats are activated!]

[Lv8 ‘Eye of Gluttony’ penetrates the target!]

[Michel, ????]

Age: ??? years

Level: ???

Strength ???, Agility ???, Stamina ???, Mana ???

Unique Ability: ‘Blood Kin’

Skills: Lv?? ‘Claws Covering the Moon’, Lv?? ‘Mana Barrier’, Lv?? ‘Mana Drain’…

…There are too many skills to display, so they are listed in folded state.

[Copy Condition: Michel is a member of Decasus‘ hound and the Black Wings. An upper-class vampire who is typically met only in the higher levels of the Tower. If you manage to survive this battle against the vampire, you can copy one of his skills.]

Now that Michel was mentally shaken, the status window became partially visible.

And the condition was simple: merely surviving to copy it.

Now it seemed he had a fighting chance.

Still, the difficulty was ludicrous, but it wasn’t impossible.

Overcoming overwhelmingly powerful foes… something he had repeated countless times.

“The magic circle will break soon.”


“You’re about to get beaten to a pulp by me.”

Having said that, Jinhyuk charged forward with a burst of speed.


The gap closed instantly.

The Twin Dragon Sword moved in sync with the Fang.

Kwag, kwag, kwag, kwag, kwag!

A massive scar was left in the wake of the sweeping strike.

As expected…

The synergy of the ‘Soul Devouring Sword’ and ‘Grave of Swords’ was more potent than imagined.

“Cursed brute, you think simple strength is everything…!”

Michel kept his distance with a look of disgust.

“You don’t get it. Brute force is often the strongest.”

The intricacy of the Soul Devouring Sword was a wayward path.

Lacking in brilliance or textbook precision, it had the ferocity to crush any fancy techniques.

Pats, pats, pats!

Sword energy poured out of the two blades.

The black aura that engulfed the swords extended nearly a meter out.

It was power of a different order.

Managing the sword energy with such ease was something even Michel would struggle with.

Jinhyuk accelerated further.

Bang! Kwang! Kwag, kwag, kwag!

Every clash of the blades caused a spectacular shower of sparks.

Face, neck, heart, solar plexus – every strike aimed at lethal spots.

A moment’s inattention or mistake could lead directly to death.

No time to blink or catch a breath.

Just intuition and past experience to foresee danger.


“Just a bit faster…”

Jinhyuk swung the Twin Dragon Sword broadly as he held Fang in a reverse grip.

Michel naturally angled the rapier to block.

The trajectory twisted, as anticipated.

But it wasn’t over.

A second strike, taking advantage of the rhythm.

Fang climbed up the rapier’s blade in a flash.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Once, twice, and a third time.

“This is…!”

Michel tried to move the rapier in desperation but it was too late.

The Fang, after a full rotation, swept past Michel’s neck like a whirligig.


“Damn it.”

Jinhyuk’s face, who had landed the attack, wasn’t too bright.

It wasn’t a direct hit.

“…It’s shallow.”

The sensation on his hand wasn’t cutting through bone but only a few layers of the skin.

Frustrating as it was, Michel had tilted his head at the last moment to let the strike slide off.

An annoyingly tough opponent.

Thought to be unmatched in reaction speed, it turned out Michel was just as tough.

Blood droplets fell on Jinhyuk’s forehead.

Michel slowly raised his hand.

He brushed the wound on his neck.

What stained his fingers was unmistakably blood.

“This is really something… you keep surprising me. A human who hasn’t even been chosen yet has managed to wound me.”

Michel smirked bitterly, as if he’d come to terms with it.

“I can see why Elris chose you.”

Indeed, being this powerful, it’s no wonder he was confident.

Most likely, not many vampires could beat Jinhyuk 1 on 1.

Even if the opponent was a member of the personal guard of the head of ‘Black Wings’…


“Don’t be so cocky as if you’ve already won. Though it might be a strain, I haven’t laid out all my cards yet.”

Michel’s voice sank low.

At the same time, the aura emanating from his body turned icily oppressive.

[Michel uses Lv?? ‘Claws Covering the Moon’!]

Michel’s hand turned black.


The slender white fingers had become the claws of a beast.

The blazing black flames were much more intimidating than the rapier he had held before.

Now, it seemed he was ready to get serious.

Jinhyuk gulped secretly.

Tingling pressure.

‘When he gets serious, it’s clearly different.’

Even if Elris was weakened by mana restriction and without her favored weapon, her lineage was unmistakable.

Most opponents would be effortlessly swept away.

And Michel had even defeated Elris in single combat.

This foe would be the strongest he’d faced yet.

But it was a mountain he had to climb.


‘The longer I wait, the worse it gets for me.’

While Michel didn’t know that Jinhyuk had absorbed mana to enhance his powers, the gap would become insurmountable when the time limit was up.

In other words…

To win, he had to make the opponent use all his mana, even for recovery.

Then, a fatal injury would lead to a definitive end.

Whether Michel knew Jinhyuk’s thoughts or not, Michel stretched out his clawed hand confidently.

“In honor of considering you a real enemy, I too have drawn an appropriate response.”

“You’ve really gone full beast mode. After all that talk about me being brute and simple, it looks like you’re the ultimate brute.”

“Hmph, I admit it’s undignified. What choice do I have? It’s burdensome enough to match you without wearing ill-fitting clothes.”

“I’m truly humbled to hear such words from someone of your high stature.”

As Jinhyuk continued to mock, Michel slightly tilted his head as if assessing him, staring intently at Jinhyuk—more precisely at his lips.

“Hmm. Perhaps it would be best to tear off that mouth of yours. It’s gone from annoying to unbearable.”

A chill ran down Jinhyuk’s spine.

In an instant, using perfect timing, Jinhyuk ducked his head.

At the same moment, the beast’s claws sliced through the air.

“Your reaction speed is also top-notch.”

“Keep quiet during the fight; you might bite your tongue.”

Jinhyuk, crouching low, gripped Fang tightly.

From below.

To above.

The dagger was shot out like lightning.


Michel grabbed the entirety of Fang with his right hand.

“First, I’ve taken care of one.”

His arm trembled violently.

In terms of grip strength, he was no match; even using ‘Giant’s Grasp,’ Michel’s force was superior.


Although he struck back with the Twin Dragon Sword in his other hand, that too was captured.

Pats, pats, pats!

Sword energy and dark fighting spirit consumed each other’s mana.

A smirk crept across Michel’s lips.

“Now I’ve taken both of your toys. What will you do? Your only means of attack are blocked.”


If this continues…

Jinhyuk didn’t ponder for long.

He abandoned the Twin Dragon Sword and Fang, summoning the Aetherial Inventory.

From beyond the flickering space emerged another relic made from the spirit Pentagris.

The ‘Molar’ appeared in the gap while Michel’s hands were busy holding Fang and the Twin Dragon Sword.

It was a moment so fleeting it couldn’t even be counted as a second, but it was enough.

For a veteran, a second is as good as an eternity.

“I don’t know why you’re under that impression, but…”

The bowstring drawn tight gleamed with a dazzling light.

“I’m quite confident fighting medium to long range without a sword.”

[Lv7 ‘Daylight’ is activated!]

[Lv3 ‘Crimson Magic Bullet’ is activated!]

As the skills activated…

The world turned blindingly white.


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