Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 141


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 141: Blood Wayport (1)

How many minutes had passed?

Jinhyuk, who had been running alone, finally reached the vicinity of the coast.

From where he stood to the island with the ‘Phoenix Feather’ was roughly 10 kilometers.

As expected, a path made of black clouds stretched over the sea.

‘Has someone already crossed?’

Despite the elaborate setup, the bloodline’s objective had been singular from the beginning – to reach the island with the ‘Phoenix Feather’.

Specifically, to activate a grand magic targeting the entire island.

Jinhyuk’s eyes narrowed.


Off in the distance, surges of red mist could be seen wavering around the island.

In barely an hour, the magic circle would unleash its effect.


Jinhyuk took out the ‘Essence of the Frost Blade Tribe’ given by Karakal.

Simultaneously, the status window activated.


Name: Kang Jinhyuk

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Level: 42

Strength 22 Agility 22 Stamina 31 Magic Power 80 Void 100 Luck 10 Adaptability 78

Available Stat Points: 0

Available Coins: 251,558

Occupation: Rune Translator

Unique Abilities: Possesses numerous unique abilities which are ‘folded up’ due to space. They can be expanded for review when necessary.

Barrier: Has learned numerous barriers which have been ‘folded up’ due to space.


A growth without a flaw.

Yet to move forward from here, simply being ‘perfect’ was insufficient.

Perfection is expected, and everything must be overwhelming.

Only then could one hope to return alive from that island.

‘Currently, I have 80 in magic power…’

An impressively high number that would take other players’ breath away.

Moreover, Jinhyuk specialized not only in magic but excelled in close combat as well.

Considering the void and adaptability stats, his level was monstrous compared to other players.

Yet Jinhyuk’s expression remained unrelaxed.

‘At the very least, I need to triple my current power to stand a chance.’

The magic power radiating from the island was ominously strong.

Jinhyuk swallowed the essence he held.


The hard solid descended down his throat.

At that moment.


A hot sensation began to rise from within his body.

The pain felt like his entire body would be torn apart, causing Jinhyuk’s face to grimace in agony.


Despite anticipating it, he couldn’t help but groan.

[You have consumed the ‘Essence Containing a Soul’ of the Frost Blade Tribe Sacred Relic!]

[Your magic power temporarily increases from 80 → 320!]

[Remaining Time: 0h:59m:59s]


Jinhyuk regained his breath.

His bones still throbbed and his insides felt as if they were going to burst.

Damn it. This was why he hated overloading his body with power.

If it hadn’t been for the ‘Jintaecheonghwarangsimbeop’, managing the magic would have been arduous, and without it, he would have been reduced to rags, regardless of his tenacity.

‘But now I’m ready.’

Lacking magic power was no longer a concern.

At least for the next hour, he had regained a power close to his peak form from before the arrival of the Tower of Ordeal.



Using the ‘Sword Demon Emperor Technique’, Jinhyuk crossed the bridge in an instant.


Thanks to the significant increase in magic power, it took less than 5 minutes to cross.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart pounded fiercely.

This feeling.

This energy.

It was similar to when he had stormed the giants’ settlement on the 18th floor, carrying just a sunflower.

‘I remember. It was when I was diligently reading that book “Don’t Even Hit With A Flower”.’

Moved by the book, and with magic power to spare, he had fought with flowers instead of weapons for months.

Roses, hibiscus, dandelions — he seized whatever he could and reinforced them with magic power.

Such an opponent would be enough to crack someone’s mental state.

“Consider yourself lucky. The 7th floor is too cold for plants to grow; it’s fortunate for you.”

Jinhyuk grinned.

A man with silver hair appeared before him.


Mihael’s corners of the mouth slightly lifted.

He didn’t expect someone to reach this point—after both Vertion and Ophilia, and then all of the cultists being overrun.

Nonetheless, despite the most unexpected situation, Mihael’s composure was unfazed as if he could handle any unforeseen variable.

“So you must be Kang Jinhyuk, the human the rumors are all abuzz about.”

“That’s right. And who might you be?”

“I am Mihael. There are more tedious honorifics and titles associated with my name, but they’re unnecessary between us.”

“I like it. Straight to the point.”

Jinhyuk nodded.

“Ophilia said she has never seen a human with such special blood. And indeed, you are not mere talk. Having transcended my appetites long ago, this feeling has been absent for a while.”

Somehow…the expression is like that of a person who’s been starving for a week upon seeing a delicious steak for the first time.

How did I end up looking like a vampire’s fancy lunch?

It’s all because of Ellis.

“Wow. Seems I’m quite famous, aren’t I? To be the talk among the bugs, that is.”

“Ha. Indeed. You should take pride in that. Frankly, it’s surprising. Even I didn’t expect there would be a human of your strength.”

Mihael sized up Jinhyuk from top to bottom.

The greasy gaze clung to his skin.

It’s rather off-putting.

“I’m not very keen on being ogled by a man… If you’re trying to provoke me, you’re doing quite well.”

Even if that man was handsome, that type of attention would be firmly declined.

“Pity. I find you quite interesting, but it seems that the attention is unidirectional.”

“If you’re going to stall by talking, I would appreciate if you didn’t. To be honest, it’s too obvious and not fun.”

“Stalling? Are you insinuating that I’m stalling?”

“Don’t you think?”

“I’m completely lost on what you’re suggesting. I’m just genuinely interested in the conversation.”

Mihael responded nonchalantly.

Hmm. At least this guy manages his expression pretty well.

Such a potential Oscar nominee, wasting away in this icy corner. The world’s movie directors would hit the ground regretting.

“Then let me remind you. The Blood Wayport requires at least another 15 minutes to be fully operational. Obviously, you’d prefer to keep that fact hidden. A premature interruption could cause an unwanted misalignment in the magic circle.”

The ‘Blood Wayport’, constructed with the blood of a thousand lives.

A grand magic circle that is activated by the presence of blood, regardless of it being friend or foe.

For the completion of this, Mihael had sacrificed countless lives.

Of course, having his plans thwarted at the last minute was not his intention.

“You know about the… Blood Wayport?”

Tremors stirred in Mihael’s pupils.

His voice even quivered slightly as he spoke, as though he found it incredible to believe.

One can understand such a reality being difficult to grasp for him.

However, Jinhyuk continued speaking regardless.

It was about time to drop the bomb.

“The Blood Wayport, using the sacrifices to summon mindless monsters.”


“You’re preparing for war to expand your territory, aren’t you?”

How many floors he aimed to conquer specifically was unknown.

Undoubtedly, the power structures and interests within the Tower are far more complex than the game world.

Silence ensued for a moment.

But only briefly.

“…Fine. I can no longer deny it. To consider you as no different than a cultist or Guild ranker was my mistake.”

Suddenly, Mihael’s complexion intensely shifted.

An explosive will to kill.

Not just a sense of alertness, but for a fleeting moment, a deep terror was undoubtedly present.

“There’s a lot I want to ask you, including Ellis. So don’t worry. I’ll make sure to keep you breathing.”

Mihael raised his magical power.


A force like none other ran through him.

It felt like the whole island was vibrating.

‘So among the bloodline, there are indeed different ranks…’

Numbing energy rushed through, stinging his skin.

At this level, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ophilia and Vertion were considered entirely different species.

However, why was it that?

Even as a typhoon of powerful magic power approached, Jinhyuk wore a smile.

Excited for the opportunity to fight a strong opponent.

Grateful for the chance to face this enemy under the best conditions.

He felt every cell in his body coming to life.


‘This is what it’s about.’

The invigoration of overcoming an overwhelmingly difficult enemy.

He stayed in this world to bask in this thrill and enjoyment.

He chose to live in this world once again.

“You might want to worry a bit. There isn’t a single reason to keep you alive.”

In his left hand was a dagger.

In his right, one of the Twin Dragon Swords.

The pair of weapons of different lengths exuded a strange aura.

At that moment.

[Your unique ability ‘Blessing of the Stars’ has been activated.]

Beside Teresa’s unspeakable…

The energy of the stars floating in the night sky…

Now descended upon the earth.

“Shall I go? Or will you come?”

Jinhyuk raised his shining sword.


A rapid shift in the atmosphere.

A power beyond imagination collided head-on.


Snow and dirt were churned up, and a new path was carved into the ground.

Amidst the upturned snow, crimson sparks flickered.

Such a battle made one question if it was merely two beings clashing.


Mihael’s brow tensed, veins popping.

Not just because of being outpowered, but realizing all seven of his magic attacks had been read and countered was significant.

‘I was… outdone in a battle of wits?’

He thought he had used the optimal combination.

Confident that he would have Jinhyuk on his knees as a ragged mess after just one exchange.

And yet this was the outcome.

The burns across his body rapidly healed, but his pride’s wound did not.

Facing Mihael, Jinhyuk too licked his lips.

Even raw strength-wise, stronger than the rock giants of the 10th floor.

And the magic power? Incomparable to any foe he had faced thus far.

‘Receiving this much shock despite blocking with favorable magic…the challenge is real.’

Though he had expected difficulty, this was beyond imagination.

Despite absorbing the ‘essence’ and significantly enhancing his magic power, he failed to inflict a mortal wound.

Just 7 minutes remain.

‘I need to get serious for a bit to handle this on time.’

Jinhyuk reset his stance.

To breach the vampire’s unique rapid regeneration and shields, he needed to exploit more openings.

In this fight, speed was key.

He activated ‘Sword Demon Emperor Technique’, and his legs shimmered with light.

To combine utmost speed with the strongest strike.

His senses sharpened, poised for action.

And at that moment.

“This can’t be…”

Jinhyuk held his breath.

An event that should not happen had just occurred.


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