Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 134


Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 134: The Hunting Dogs of the Decasus Family (3)

The radiance imbued with the energy of the constellations was known as the “Star’s Blessing.”

Apart from Jinhyuk, only one other person possessed this unique ability.

The holy maiden of Amsterdam, Teresa, had arrived here.

‘This is quite the remarkable timing,’ Jinhyuk thought with an interested expression, watching the point where the light fell.

Given the tremendous overflow of magical power, Teresa was surely pouring in all her efforts.

The mine they were facing was formidable, but once the advantage of a surprise attack was lost, the battle was as good as over.

It was an obvious conclusion.

With continuous requests for reinforcement, the number of players was bound to increase, while the number of mines was fixed.

“Holy power…?” Bertion and Ophelia ground their teeth.

To vampires and mines alike guarding the Dan-gun Guild, holy power was a deadly threat.

Especially if it was as pure as this…

The mines alone would not suffice.

The entire plan could go awry—recovering Eris and achieving ‘that objective’—every step of it.


“Damn, I know. I know already!”

At Ophelia’s shout, Bertion moved away swiftly.

He was in the process of dismantling his “Blood Jade” formation.

Evidently, he was planning to withdraw and join the mines.

At that moment.

[Lv7 ‘Day Light’ has been activated!]

A white flash swept across.


No distance was safe enough.

After all, ‘Day Light’ was an area-wide technique with hundreds of meters of effective range.

The storm raged on for more than five seconds, violently shaking the forest.

And after what seemed an eternity, the light finally subsided.


Where the light had melted the snow, an enormous amount of steam soared upwards.

‘Good. It’s time to speak up.’

Jinhyuk cleared his throat.

He had to speak now, and only in this moment could his words find their significance.

“…Have they been dealt with?”

A voice tinged with anticipation, slightly quivering.

A face flushed from a heart beating just a bit too fast.

It was perfect.

As if to reinforce his conviction, several status windows popped up before Jinhyuk.

[The condition for copy ‘Death Flag Dialogue’ has been satisfied. The second line has been counted.]

[One of your unique abilities or skills will be randomly sealed.]

[The skill ‘Fire Elemental’ has been sealed.]

As expected…

The line confident of the opponent’s death was also a typical ‘Death Flag Dialogue.’

Indeed, beyond the mist, the two bloodline members could be felt alive. Under normal circumstances, they would have emerged unscathed, and their opponent would be crushed.

But this time, it was the opposite.

Bertion and Ophelia were preparing to escape, using the cover of the dense steam.

‘I’ve given you the opportunity, now vanish into thin air.’

Relaxed, Jinhyuk crossed his arms.

The initial plan was entirely disrupted.

Due to consecutive unforeseen events, the vampires were surely in a state of utter chaos.

Their only choice now was retreat.

They needed time to regroup and recover.

And, of course.

Jinhyuk did not pursue them.

Not only had he still not met the copying conditions, but he had also realized a more entertaining way to deal with the Mine Association and vampires.

‘Ha, why does my mind always tend toward such unsavory ideas?’

Jinhyuk shook his head left and right, eyes closed, as if admiring his own wit.

There were many challenges to overcome for the plan to be a complete success, but no real problems.

After all, there’s a reason why veterans are referred to as such.


Thirty minutes later, Jinhyuk joined the location where the Dan-gun Guild was stationed.

Jang Eunseok and the players of the Dan-gun Guild were still gasping for breath, completely exhausted.

“Those damn bastards…”

“Damn it. Hoyeon and Suho are done for. Without an elixir, those wounds won’t heal.”

“Hoo… Hoo… Hoo. Okay… not okay. Okay… not okay.”

The site was stained with fatigue.

The fact that not a single person was unscathed showed how fierce the close battle had been.

‘What a mess.’

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue.

If not for Teresa and support from other guilds arriving in time, they would have been obliterated had they been even a bit late.

After walking for a while, Jinhyuk saw several familiar faces on the white snow.

This was unexpected.

He hadn’t anticipated that even such individuals would be here.

“It’s been a while, everyone.”

As Jinhyuk spoke, those gathered turned their heads in unison.


“Eh? Why is big brother here?”

Lee Taemin and Yoo Yeonhwa exclaimed, their eyes wide as saucers.


Even Teresa, who’d been tending to the wounded, was taken aback.

After the sixth floor had been opened for quite some time, they had all been separated, so their reunification was greeted with visible joy.

“Anyway, it’s always you I run into wherever I go.”

Lastly, Cheon Yuseong frowned.

Well, this is…

It’s like a party.

Since they had all come together on the fourth floor to fend off the zombie wave and had since been working separately.

It had been quite some time since they had all met like this.

“I’m here to get a phoenix feather. I got wrapped up in some interesting stuff along the way.”

“A phoenix feather? But hyung, you…”

Taemin tried to say something but suddenly hesitated.

Then, after slowly looking around, he lowered his voice.

The four people here knew about the secrets of Jinhyuk and Unknown, but they didn’t want to inadvertently expose it to any members of the Dan-gun Guild.

“It’s okay. I have cast a barrier to prevent our voices from spilling out.”

“Why didn’t you just go to the 11th floor? Why come down here instead?”

The ‘Phoenix Feather’ was undeniably an important item, but that was only relevant for tackling the 7th floor.

For Jinhyuk, who could enter the 11th floor, it wasn’t strictly necessary to acquire the ‘Phoenix Feather.’

At least…

That’s what Taemin thought.

‘Well, Taemin only made it to the 20th floor, so of course he’d think that.’

In the upper layers of the tower, there’s a much harsher cold region than here, and the benefits of the 7th floor weren’t merely limited to the ‘Phoenix Feather.’

However, Jinhyuk had no intention of explaining every detail.

There was no need to share everything, even with trusted colleagues.

“I had some personal business to take care of.”

That was a sufficient evasive answer. After all, Taemin wasn’t the type to pry further.

With a nonchalant shrug, Jinhyuk changed the subject.

“What about you guys? What brings you here?”

“Oh. Taemin and I came because of the sea dragon in the ocean. You know about making weapons from its heart.”

“You’re making gauntlets for Yeonhwa with that?”

“Right. I’m here to help her out just in case, plus the Dan-gun Guild asked for our help, so we joined them.”

So that’s what happened.

Taking down a sea dragon wasn’t easy, but together, the two would manage.

Now, they’ve moved on to an even bigger hunt.

“I came here because I heard that there’s been a high casualty rate nearby, so I thought I might be able to help.”

Exactly something Teresa would say, burning with a fervor to lend a hand in times of hardship.

Right, well, the holy maiden from Amsterdam can surely muster such a resolve.

After all, she was renowned for her benevolent nature.

But then…

Jinhyuk turned to the person next to him.

The icy swordsman still looked unamused by everything.

The term ‘Ice Prince’ is trendy and all, but he’s so frigid, it wouldn’t be surprising if his veins flowed with ice.

“Why are you here? Don’t tell me the spirit of a medical student burns passionately within you.”

“I owe this woman a debt, so I followed her.”

“Wait, seriously? Teresa, what did you do to make this leech follow you obediently?”

To think this man wouldn’t even blink an eye under normal circumstances.

The method she used to make him follow her like a gentle sheep was unbearably curious.

“Well, that’s…”

Teresa trailed off, looking troubled.

Just then, Cheon Yuseong interrupted.

“That’s enough of such nonsense. Do you realize how serious the situation is right now?”

“I have a rough idea. Mines causing mayhem, pointy-toothed mosquitoes joining in. Mixing it up with ice cream trolls on the side too.”

“And you’re cracking jokes in the midst of all this? Do you even understand the gravity of the situation? Whatever they’re after, I have a bad feeling about it. Something big and bad is going to happen.”

“I know.”


“I know what they’re targeting, how they’re going to move. I’m aware of it all.”

No, it’s not just a matter of knowing.

Jinhyuk had a way to get rid of the mines and vampires and deal with another headache—and he could sweep up all the benefits here in one fell swoop.

“Listen closely.”

As Jinhyuk explained, a look of horror dawned on everyone’s faces.

Even Cheon Yuseong seemed to be wondering how such a devil could exist in the world.

And when the conversation came to an end.

Except for the sound of the wind, there was not a single noise to be heard around them.

They seemed to be quite shocked.

Mouths agape so wide that a fly could buzz right in without notice.

“How about it? Does it pique your interest now?”

Jinhyuk smiled slightly.


“Damn… Damn it all!”

Jang Eunseok cursed as he looked at the battered attack force.

The recent surprise attack had rendered 20% of the entire attack force incapacitated.

There were a fair number of deaths as well, and the lack of supplies only worsened the situation, with healers and damage dealers exhausted of mana.

‘The damage is worse than expected.’

At the very least, recovery from the damage would require a day of doing nothing else.

But that could jeopardize the outcome of the entire raid.

A significant decision needed to be made.

Switching the flow of events was crucial.

And then, at that moment.


Jang Eunseok spotted Jinhyuk and the other four people.

“Player Kang Jinhyuk!”

Jang Eunseok rushed towards Jinhyuk.

It was obvious they were preparing to move somewhere.

And that too, right after Teresa, Cheon Yuseong, Lee Taemin, and Yoo Yeonhwa, who had played a major role in blocking the recent ambush, were all ready to leave together.

He had to prevent them from leaving. At the very least, he needed to find out where they were going or, if possible, ask if they could join them.

“Wait, just a moment, please!”

His voice was filled with urgency.

Jinhyuk casually turned his head.

“What is it?”

It was unavoidable to sound a bit prickly, especially in discussion with someone you’d rather avoid.

But Jang Eunseok, his face a mask of determination, continued his questioning.

“It’s just… I wanted to ask where you’re headed.”

Well, if he wanted to know so badly, Jinhyuk wouldn’t refuse to tell him.

“We’re headed to the ‘Freshwater Lake’ in the center of the forest.”

“The Freshwater Lake…?”

Jang Eunseok’s pupils shook with the impact of that information.

Although not much information was widely available about the 7th floor, he knew the significance of that name.

It was the place where all the magic of the 7th floor converged.

In other words.

It was where the most powerful monsters on this floor had gathered.


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