Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 129


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 129: Veteran Corporation Shareholders’ Meeting (2)

“The phrasing may sound grandiose, but the actual content of the shareholders’ meeting is rather simple. I would like you all to report any information you’ve acquired while in the tower, as well as any trends in your respective areas.”

Although everyone here had pledged loyalty or was being forced to obey through the ‘Soul Branding,’ the plan was to conduct individual interviews.

Building walls of information between them would serve as an advantageous strategy going forward.

‘Too much shared information among the subordinates can lead to unnecessary thoughts,’ he reasoned.

If their stomachs and backs are warm, they might start having miscellaneous ideas:

About the company’s welfare programs,

Or the salaries of the colleagues next to them.

And so on.

This could lead to dangerously bothersome and malicious gossip.

To prevent all this, the solution was to isolate each person thoroughly.

If they believe they are the most competent, that they are the most useful among their peers,

And if you can instigate envy and jealousy among them…

Only then can you create a perfect, controlled society.

‘Hehe. I must thoroughly exploit them while they’re still breathing, just like how King Sejong the Great utilized Chancellor Hwang Hui.’


Jinhyuk prepared a spot under the rock formation, where he fetched a couple of wide stones to serve as chairs and brewed some tea with the grass plucked from the surroundings. That should suffice; with these amenities, the gathering wouldn’t envy a luxurious reception at a major corporation’s shareholders’ meeting.

[A 2-star barrier ‘Dimensional Isolation’ is activated!]

The barrier not only isolated vision but also sound, creating an encapsulated world.

Soon after, the first participant, Ho Taesik, entered the barrier, looking extremely nervous as if coming for a job interview.

“Skip the small talk and just tell me the important stuff. What has been happening at the Awakened Association lately?”

“Uh, recently, Chairman Hansangjin had his birthday.”

His birthday?

Jinhyuk frowned slightly.

What does that have to do with anything? Should I congratulate him with a birthday bash or something?

“That’s it?”

“No, no! Of course not! This is some prime information… With the emergence of the Trial Tower, the property prices in the Gangnam Seocho area are expected to surge. With players flocking from across the country, the demand for real estate is booming. If you wish, I can give you insights into areas ripe for redevelopment…”

Oh boy.

Now a public servant is leaking insider information for real estate speculation?

Does he want a pleasant tax audit sometime soon?

“Hmm. So far, the information isn’t really of high quality. Our dear deputy manager Ho Taesik might need to consider resigning soon.”

Company cutbacks may be necessary due to recent shaky performance.

With this, Ho Taesik’s tone changed dramatically.

“W-wait a minute! The 7th floor!”

“The 7th floor?”

“Yes… Yes! Recently, Jang Eunseok, who leads the Dangun Guild’s second assault team, is tackling the 7th floor. The progress is slow due to severe cold. There’s something about a feather that can resist the cold if obtained…”

Feathers? Could it be?

Jinhyuk’s eyes narrowed.


This is finally a piece of useful information.

‘They’re trying to acquire a Phoenix feather to offset the 7th floor’s cold.’

A feather that raises body temperature through the blessing of flames would indeed aid an assault team in extreme cold.

The Dangun Guild has set their sights on the northern region of the 7th floor.

‘It seems the guild reputed as Korea’s strongest does have significant information about conquering the 7th floor.’

Plus, if it’s Jang Eunseok… Jinhyuk had encountered him before.

The player who was in the middle of a debate about the 4th floor with an announcer.

‘The one I startled with a sudden zombie wave.’

Out of all the high-rankers, to choose him as the raid captain…

‘So that’s what they’re aiming for.’

This is getting interesting.

While Jinhyuk had no grudge against Dangun, he couldn’t ignore a feast laid out before him; it would only be polite to partake.

He began to envision a strategy, considering all variables, recalling his memories of the 7th floor, assessing the current level of the Dangun Guild, and ways to obtain the Phoenix feather – painting it all onto a mental canvas.


The next person was Takeshi.

Seeing him after a long time was quite… “Ohhhh…! To be called upon by the most noble existence in the tower, it’s truly an infinite honor…!”‘

Damn, forget what I just said.

“Could, could you please stop talking?”

His oddly flattering jargon was making him furious.

“Ahem! My apologies.”

“Now, I’m assuming you’ve secured what I asked for from the temple?”

“Of course! How could I dare fail the request of such a person?”

Takeshi carefully activated his spatial inventory, and what revealed itself in the midst of a brilliant mist was a sword imbued with enigmatic energy.

A symmetrical blade, the edges tinged with white.

Despite the ancient vibe the metal sword exuded, its sharpness was far from worn out.

No surprise, really, as this sword, known as the Heavenly Cloud Sword, was one of Japan’s treasured artifacts.

‘With my Twin Dragon Swords and Fang, I doubt I’ll need it… but it will hold its own in an exchange for another item of similar grade.’

Jinhyuk had an item in mind that he wanted desperately, one that was not obtainable through ordinary means.

“Thank you. I’ll make good use of it.”

His gratitude was genuine.

If he had actually taken Takeshi’s life at the temple, it would have been a regrettable loss.


Next is…

After sending Takeshi off, Jinhyuk called in MIn Jungwoo and Lee Yoori, who were waiting outside, and received several useful pieces of information, along with the usual trivial chatter.

Then Kim Heeung reported on the Black Crow Guild’s operations.

Andria also discussed matters related to the 5th floor’s ‘Mental Ward’.

“We managed to hold the Colosseum and mines, but we’re still intact. Thanks to this, players are hesitant to enter the Mental Ward.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Certainly, as a boss monster, Andria had grown incomparably stronger than before, much aided by Elise’s various advice.

If Andria continues to fortify her territory like this and expand her influence, she might eventually exert her influence beyond the 5th floor to much higher levels.

‘Still far from the level I’m aiming for, though.’


Not just struggling on single-digit floors, but a force to be reckoned with in the higher sections of the tower.

That’s why he entrusted the 5th floor to Andria.

“Thank you for making the journey. Let’s meet again another time.”

“Oh, no. You gave me a second life, Jinhyuk. I must come whenever you call.”

Andria bowed respectfully.

How wonderful… If someone in that ring, cohabiting a small room, could see this.

To be in the same category as a tower boss, yet be so utterly different.

[What! You just insulted me!]

Right on cue, the vibrations from Brahm’s ring reflected his indignation.

Pretending not to hear, Jinhyuk shoved his hand into his pocket with the ring on.

Was this creature practicing some sort of attention-seeking magic? It seemed to be getting shrewder by the minute.

A few minutes later, the last participant, Melena, entered the room.

With a frozen expression as if stiffened with nervousness, Melena regarded Jinhyuk with a fear greater than any other being, especially after her harrowing experiences on the 3rd floor.

To top it off, she was also marked with the ‘Soul Branding,’ leaving her practically immobilized.

“Haha. Don’t be so nervous. Please, take a seat comfortably. There’s also tea available, even if it’s a bit bitter, but it’s quite drinkable.”

It might contain a trace of poison, but that was just a guess.

“Thank you.”

Melena cautiously took her seat.

When she first arrived here, she thought she had somewhat recovered from her painful experiences.

But upon facing Jinhyuk, she shivered like a mouse before a snake.

Trauma, once experienced, isn’t easily healed.

Now that the hierarchy was clearly established, Jinhyuk got to the point.

“Any significant recent movements among the Myriad group?”

For several past months, he had been too occupied with the Chinese and Murim sects, anxiously sharpening his focus since the skirmish at the Elven village.

“Actually, there’s something I needed to tell you. Some from the upper levels of the tower have visited our location.”

“The upper levels…?”

“I’m not sure exactly which floor. But they were silver-haired, red-eyed vampires. They were terrifyingly strong. I couldn’t imagine the Myriad warriors we meticulously trained getting wiped out so easily.”

Silver hair. Red eyes. Vampires.

As these three keywords formed a single notion in Jinhyuk’s mind, his pupils dilated with astonishment.

This revelation was bound to be shocking.

The meaning implied by those traits was clear.

A violent reaction erupted from Elise’s pouch, fiercer than before.

‘Understood, but please wait a moment.’ He needed to stay calm. He wasn’t privy to all the information yet.

“It was a two-person team, a man and a woman. They claimed to be from the Decaruss clan.”


Jinhyuk’s expression hardened.

“Please continue.”

“They barged right into our cathedral with an offer. If we helped them, they would give us the relic we sought. ‘The Bracelet of the Renegade’ from the 11th floor…”

“Yes, that one. Our higher-ups are eager to acquire that bracelet.”

“And what do the vampires want in return?”

That was the most important question for Jinhyuk.

Then, she said…

“They mentioned that a criminal from their clan who was sealed in a ruin has escaped. They need the help of the Myriads to catch him. The name was something like… El… ress, no, Elise? Something like that?”

The familiar name fell from Melena’s lips.

Of course.

As suspected, if there was a reason for the upper tower vampires to descend here, it had to be Elise.

‘That’s quite the valuable information.’

Among all the information gathered today, this was the most significant.

The decision to hold a shareholders’ meeting to listen to the stories of various factions was, in retrospect, a wise choice.

The Phoenix Feather on the 7th floor, the “Renegade’s Bracelet” on the 11th, and now, members of the Decaruss clan.

Future plans are now being determined.

“Before you go, can I ask one thing?” Melena hesitated as she stood up.

“Absolutely. I very much prefer active participants here.”

“When you say shareholders’ meeting… we hold rights within the company, right? With growth comes dividends, and if something goes wrong or we’re being exploited, as shareholders, we can voice concerns, can’t we?” Melena inquired cautiously.


Shareholders own the company.

In other words, they’re in a position to pressurize management.

“Yes, everyone here is indeed a rightful part of the company. You’re most welcome to assert your rights and raise your voice for the welfare of the company.”

Jinhyuk didn’t deny this.


“Our company isn’t exactly close to the law.”

It’s fine to harbor grievances.

But keep them to yourself.

If you so much as hint at dissatisfaction, you’ll be crushed on the spot.

That was the founding principle of Veteran Corporation and the policy they would follow into the future.


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