Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 123


Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 123: Uninvited Guest (4)

There’s a saying about natural disasters.

Calamities beyond human control.

Unexpected and unforeseen, they strike when you least anticipate them.

And now, Tenchao was feeling the full brunt of what a natural disaster truly was.

Crash! Crack! Crack!

The ground split apart like dry twigs.


A heavy groan escaped Tenchao’s lips.

His limbs were shaking, but there was no time for complaints.

The next attack was already upon him.


The released sword aura struck Tenchao’s greatsword.

He was sent flying about 4 meters back.

He barely managed to regain his balance—a near miss from hitting the ground.

“Wow, tougher than I thought. Is the Zhonghua Guild’s scouting so good that they can discover useable talents like you?”

Jinhyuk let out a sound of astonishment.

Really now.

He had planned to finish this within three moves, but who knew it would last five?

Maybe even a couple more?

“How dare you… to do such a thing. If the entire Zhonghua Guild took retribution, even if you’re a famous ranker, you couldn’t face all of them alone. Dammit. You know it too!”

Tenchao’s voice was raised in anger.

The name ‘Zhonghua’ had always carried weight.

Renowned guilds across the world showed their concern, and smaller guilds trembled in fear.

Indeed, with their vast membership, substantial financial resources, and formidable rankers, it was natural for them to be so arrogant.

Above all, the Zhonghua Guild, backed by the name of Namgung Cheon, secured an unshakeable position that no one in the world could ignore.


There was one thing they didn’t know.

Even the deified Namgung Cheon hadn’t passed the Tower’s 20th floor.

And Jinhyuk, standing before them now, had reached heights beyond comparison with that place.

“Will killing you now bring Namgung Cheon here himself?”


Tenchao’s eyes widened in disbelief.

It was hard to believe what he had just heard.

But Jinhyuk casually ignored Tenchao’s reaction and continued.

“Just as I heard. Everyone chirps about that guy’s name, and I’m curious to see how much he’s grown.”

“…You’re insane. When you meet him in person, you’ll regret what you’ve said.”

“Let’s test that, shall we? To see if I’ll regret it or not. Whether I’ll cry or Namgung Cheon will. That’s what I’m dying to know.”

Jinhyuk shrugged.

There was no trace of tension in his voice or posture.

At that, Tenchao bit his lip hard.

‘I don’t know if this man could truly stand against Namgung Cheon…’

But one thing was clear: this enemy was too powerful for anyone here to handle.

Clearly, there was no chance in a one-on-one fight.

Even running wouldn’t save him from the Guild’s retribution.

So, there was only one thing to do…

Tenchao’s gaze sharpened.

He had made his decision.

“Everyone. Deploy the Blood Demon Array!”



The players who had been waiting behind him changed their expressions.

Blood Demon Array.

It was a formation that focused on the complete destruction of the target, even at the expense of allied forces.

Used as a last resort when the power gap was extreme, it was a tactic that discarded defense to pour all effort into the offense.

“We must take down that man at all costs, even if our bones are buried here.”



Once the order was given, no matter how unreasonable, they had to follow.

The players swiftly formed the array around Jinhyuk.

Solid as could be, no ant could pass through.

It spoke volumes about the rigorous training the Zhonghua Guild players had undergone.

They must have practiced on numerous people already.

Though an unspoken rule publicly, the ruthlessness of their training was well-known.


‘As I thought. They’re deploying the Blood Demon Array.’

Jinhyuk nodded, as if expecting it.

There was a reason he had drawn them into this desperate situation.

To psychologically wear them out and force their last resort.

Precisely, to satisfy the ‘copy condition’ he wanted.


Name: Tenchao

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Level: 29

Strength: 31 Agility: 24 Stamina: 25 Magic Power: 33 Internal Power: 55

Stat Points: 0

Coins: 17,463

Occupation: Commander

Unique Ability: ‘Mount Tai Sword’

Skills: Lv10 ‘Mount Tai Sword Aura’, Lv9 ‘Formation Strengthening’, Lv9 ‘Blood Spirit Hand’, Lv8 ‘Mount Tai Step’, Lv7 ‘Net of Heaven and Earth’


With ‘Tomb of Swords’ and ‘Chase Soul Sword’ already in his arsenal, there was no need to copy a lower ability like ‘Mount Tai Sword’.

‘Just a nuisance, really.’

Jinhyuk frowned.

He had no desire to boast about the multitude of useless skills copied that offered little efficiency.

But it wasn’t all for naught.

While the offensive skills were unremarkable, there was one non-combat skill that caught his eye.

‘Figures a combat leader would have one useful trick up his sleeve.’

Net of Heaven and Earth.

The skill indicating inexorable binding was worth considering for future encounters.

Yes, if he was to copy a skill, it would be this one.

‘Blood Demon Array, though… It’s been a while since I last confronted the martial artists. It’s about time for a reminder.’

Jinhyuk’s eyes scanned the array.

It was solid, as you’d expect from a formation completed under direct transmission from the martial arts masters.

Anyone caught in it would be sweating bullets for their life.

Yet, Jinhyuk could see its flaws.

Minor as they were, he felt compelled to point them out.

It was like an instinct for a seasoned player.

“Hmm… there, second from the right. If you predominantly use the left-handed sword technique, don’t take a position on the wing of the Blood Demon Array. You’re just a half beat off from the others.”


“The middle… where are you looking? Yeah, you. You’re too forward-weighted. You need to posture ready to move to either side, not just the front.”

“How… how could you know…?”

As the precision remarks continued, the players were startled and adjusted their stances.

To Tenchao, however, this was all but a grotesque twist.

But it was true; every flaw Jinhyuk pointed out was spot-on.

And if they were to persist with the Blood Demon Array against such an adversary…

The outcome didn’t need stating—it was obvious.

Despite this, Tenchao had no choice but to order the attack.

It was the only remaining strategy.



The First Form, [Blood Demon Jade Shatter Array].

Dozens of swords erased each other’s paths and exploded.

Even allies would be cut if they interfered, a tactic that accounted for the enemy’s escape routes.

This alone could suppress most rankers.

Clang! Boom!

Brilliant sparks erupted.

A cacophony of clashes ensued.

But no sounds of flesh being torn or agonized groans were heard; his attack was completely parried.

“You’re the most in sync out of all I’ve met.”

Jinhyuk shrugged, this time sincerely.

It was a level that would be commendable anywhere, really.

But to his foes, even praise would sting as insult.

“Hurry… follow up with the Second Form now!”

Tenchao commanded, but it was already too late.

“Who’s going to just watch?” Jinhyuk had already penetrated the weakest point in the Blood Demon Array. The transition to the Second Form had left a slight looseness, making his surprise attack even more effective.

“Over there!”


“Attack… attack him!”

The players turned, swinging their swords and spears at Jinhyuk.

But their futile struggle was halted by a divine intervention.

[Your unique ability ‘Blessing of the Stars’ has been activated!]

A celestial blessing merged with holy power, surrounding Jinhyuk with a gentle aura.


“Now it’s my turn, after all the blocking.”

Retrieving his dagger, Jinhyuk summoned his paired divine swords from his subspace inventory.

A pair of sacred relics emerged from distorted space.


The moment Tenchao sensed the danger, a smooth sword strike swept across the ground.


In a single blow, the Blood Demon Array was shattered.

Not just broken, but the players composing the array were all slain.

Only Tenchao was left standing amidst the carnage.

“How… How can this be…?”

Tenchao’s voice trembled drastically.

His allies and subordinates, who had trained to honor the essence of Chinese martial arts since before the Tower’s advent, had fallen so futilely.

The elites carefully chosen from within the Zhonghua Guild for this mission…

Had been vanquished so effortlessly.

‘Just how strong… is this man?’

He had thought that dying in mutual destruction would be satisfactory.

But he had been mistaken.

Even with life at stake, inflicting even a scratch was an insurmountable task.

Perhaps only Namgung Cheon himself could rival this monster.

As his thoughts led there, Tenchao felt the gravity of the situation skin-deep.

‘Never… must he face him in battle.’

His instincts screamed that they mustn’t be driven to the same battlefield.

Should a fatal duel unfold, they might just draw the worst card imaginable from the stack of possibilities.

He didn’t ponder long.

Tenchao gripped his greatsword with both hands.

“This attack will determine the battle. Win or lose, there is no next for me.”

With that final word,

the atmosphere changed,

no, not just the environment but the energy itself.

From the tip of his sword surged a blue aura.


The quenched sword aura pointed sharply upward.

The Mount Tai Sword Form —

A secret technique from the ‘Second Form’ of the Mount Tai Sword capable of cleaving ten-meter rocks with a single strike — was cast.

‘Mount Tai Annihilation’!

Crash! Crash!

The sword aura rushed forward within inches of Jinhyuk’s nose.

In moments, he would be cleanly beheaded.

At that moment,

Jinhyuk slowly took his stance.

‘Chase Soul Sword Dance.’

The sword chosen by the Sword Saint to reach the pinnacle.

The strongest sword said to be able to sever even souls was now manifested through the Twin Dragon Swords.

‘Eighth Form.’

An exceptional energy began to dominate the space.

The pitch-black aura emanating from ‘Tomb of Swords’ awaited the completion of the form.


Someone took the first step into a domain unreached even by martial artists of the pugilist world.

Dark Soul Fusion.

And thus,

everything became enshrouded in shadow.


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