Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 121


Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 121: Uninvited Guests (2)

“What’s with that idiot? Why is he stepping forward?”

“Oh? Look at that. There’s a human among the elves?”

“Hahaha! It’s true. Wow, of all the times to come to the Elf Forest… He’s got really bad luck.”

“Hey. Whatever you’re planning, consider yourself unlucky today. Stay still and we’ll make it quick and painless.”

“Kek kek. That’s right. We’re so kind that we’ll just cut off a limb or two before ending your breath quickly.”

Initially, when Jinhyuk stepped out from amongst the elves, the players from the Central Continent guild treated it as nothing more than spotting a foolish nobody.

Of course, no one with any sense would stand up against a squad of players on par with a small raid party.

But then…

The sight that followed…

Everyone present felt the urge to slap their own faces for uttering those previous words.

[Your Unique Ability ‘Grave of the Sword’ has been activated.]

Players belonging to the Central Continent would all know.

To manifest sword qi, one must reach the pinnacle of effort.

To manifest sword aura, one must experience the extreme end of talent.


If the sword aura enveloped the entire sword to the point of surging upward more than 1m…

That meant the moment you faced it, you might as well give up on life.


Thirty players froze on the spot.

Their fighting spirit completely shattered before the overwhelming power.

“Such sword aura…”

“A master of such calibre hidden in this remote place?”

“We can’t do this. There’s no chance of winning.”

The figures that used to snicker mere moments ago were now standing with their mouths agape like frightened mice.

Jinhyuk swept his cold gaze around him.

Those who met his eyes hastily averted their gaze.

“At first, I didn’t want to interfere with another family’s affairs.”

After all, this place belonged to the elves.

It was not a place for outsiders to intrude.


Even if he had formed some trivial bond, he was nothing more than a guest.


“At the very least, you should have been able to distinguish between war and slaughter.”

Killing unarmed women, children, and the elderly.

That was something only vermin would do.

Completely devoid of any conscience.


He had no intention of treating such vermin as humans.

With a flick.

As the ‘Demon Sword Sovereign Treasures’ activated, Jinhyuk’s form vanished like a shadow.



A red mist began to spread.

His opponents stood no chance against his sword qi.

With his swift movement techniques, he did not allow his enemies any time to respond.


Simply the sword pressure alone tore flesh and shattered bones.

Severed limbs tumbled across the ground, creating a hellscape.

Yet, Jinhyuk showed no hesitation, continuing to wield his sword.




In less than ten seconds, more than half the players had lost their lives.

“Sa… save me!”

“My arm… my arm!”

Screams and shouts filled the air.

“You demon! We’ve lost, we’ll surrender, so please stop!”

Someone cried out like that.

Then, as if by a miracle, the onslaught ceased.

Jinhyuk lowered his sword.

“How ridiculous,” he said, his voice laden with various emotions.

“Did you spare the elves when they begged for their lives?”

Instead, they crushed them more cruelly and even bragged about it proudly.

“I’ll treat you exactly the same way.”

Know what it means to put oneself in another’s shoes…

…Now feel it properly.

Jinhyuk raised his dagger high.

With a snap!

He split the body of the one who had been puffing out his chest in defiance.

As if warning there would be no further negotiation or dialogue.

“Scatter! Damn it! We have to inform the main force somehow!”


Realizing it was futile, a few survivors chose to flee in different directions.

If they ran with all their might, at least one or two might survive.

It seemed like a good plan.

Indeed it would be—under normal circumstances.

Sadly, they had picked the wrong opponent to flee from.

Jinhyuk took up his bow.

[Lv1 ‘Crimson Bullet’ activates!]

A flash of red, and …


A man running to the left had his head blown clean off.



Now the heart of a woman running straight ahead had a new hole.

One by one, as the number of arrows leaving the bowstring increased…

Thump! Thwack! Thumpity-thump!

…the number of players trying to escape diminished.

Shortly after, there was no longer any sign of life from the forest.


[Left Ridge].

Located at the southernmost point of the Elf Forest, one of the Central Continent Guild’s raid captains, Xie Hua, was stationed there.

Xie Hua was overseeing the overall strategy, preventing anyone from entering or escaping the outskirts of the forest—a critical role, though not directly involved in taking prisoners.

But then…

“Xie Hua. Scouts from the reconnaissance team request an audience.”

A man standing guard outside Xie Hua’s tent reported.

Xie Hua nodded and waved a dismissive hand.

Translation: Get in, say your piece, and get out ASAP.

She had already been pestered enough by the reconnaissance teams over the past few hours.

Soon after, three players wearing black masks entered the tent.

They were part of the Central Continent Guild’s reconnaissance team, created for stealth operations.

“Speak,” Xie Hua commanded curtly as she brewed tea.

“The squad stationed in area 6 was found dead just a while ago.”


The news caused Xie Hua’s hand to freeze.

Shock registered across her face, wrinkles forming on her white brow.

“Yes. Most died instantly, but some appeared to have been tortured. We found suggestive wounds.”

Even hearing about her subordinates being tortured did not provoke a blink from Xie Hua.

Her focus lay elsewhere.

“Area 6 had few rangers, an interesting development. Could there be other variables at play? What was the squad’s composition?”

“Five B-rank and twenty-six C-rank.”

“A mediocre setup indeed… Send three A-rank this time. Ah, and have Deputy Chief Tai lead them. I want to ensure a thorough job.”

“Understood, I’ll go myself.”

The deputy waiting nearby bowed and immediately led players toward area 6.


“Why are you still here? If your report is done, why not leave?”

The reconnaissance team, who should have left, seemed to have no intention of doing so.

They loitered, and the one in front was blatantly scanning the interior of the tent.

Could it be…? Before she could finish the thought…

“Who are you?”


A powerful mana burst from Xie Hua’s body.

“Oh, you only notice now? How did someone as careless as you get to be a raid captain?”

A familiar tone escaped from behind the mask.

And then…


Jinhyuk removed his mask, inhaling the fresh air deeply.


He hated anything as suffocating as a piece of cloth over his mouth.

The other two also removed their masks.

It was Sylvia and another ranger elf.

“Gang… Jinhyuk…!”

Xie Hua inhaled sharply.

“Do you know me?”

“Of course.”

How could she not know?

He was the ranker who gave the Central Continent Guild a hard time on a talk show in Korea just a while back.

Jinhyuk was already considered a high-priority target within the Central Continent Guild due to his influential network and accumulated achievements.

“What brings you here?”

“You destroy the eyes and ears first if you want to crush your enemies. It’s standard to target the command center, plus bonus points if you can eliminate the raid captain. Not to mention getting a look at the strategy map inside.”

“You plan to oppose us? Seriously?”

“You touched us first.”

Jinhyuk drew a line.

“I don’t understand. You’re willing to become enemies with us just for some elves? If you knew how many rankers we have here, you’d regret your decision now.”

“No regrets. And aren’t you overestimating yourselves too much? Even if Namgung Cheon came, he’d struggle. You’re too confident just because you brought a few rankers along?”

The mention of Namgung Cheon shifted the atmosphere rapidly.

Namgung Cheon, that guy.

Impressive, sure, but not to the extent of betting one’s life on his abilities…

Wasn’t he last spotted around the 18th floor of the Tower?

Images of him struggling against the giants flashed through Jinhyuk’s mind.

Now he’d have more support and growth, but still just a few levels above Cheon Yooseong.

Of course, Xie Hua, unaware of all this, had blind faith in Namgung Cheon.

“What matters now is that all your information has been leaked.”

“And what exactly do you plan to do with it? You don’t have the strength to face the other raid captains.”

Information is indeed crucial.

But it’s all about having the competent forces to execute strategies based on that intel.

If it’s just the elves, they’re no match for the other raid captains.

To that, Jinhyuk’s lips twisted into a grin.

“Actually, a guy who doesn’t like to get involved has moved for once due to this.”

Contractor’s ‘Mind Share’ would have delivered the scene to that far-flung companion.

Of the Central Continent Guild’s raid captains’ locations.

Of where the main forces were moving.


And probably…

“That guy… he’ll go further than me if he can. He looked quite angry because of your damned actions.”



Red streaks slowly rose to the sky.

“Such an unimaginable power…!”

Li Ke Chang’s pupils shook with dread.

With this number and these members, they’d confidently claim victory against a floor boss monster.

But it was all a delusion.

Hovering about 20 meters above ground.

Jinjo observed all enemies with a carefree smile.

“I don’t care about elves or the like. Honestly, it makes no difference to me.”

Penheim’s lighthearted laughter.

Teslon’s grumpy grumbling.

Even Sylvia, inexplicably clinging to her contractor.

He didn’t like any of them.


Jinhyuk liked it here. He even showed a rare smile on his face, pleased to be here. That was enough for him.

The problem was, those pests ruined everything.

“You fools dared to challenge my contractor,” Jinjo said.

The only one who can speak so freely to Jinhyuk.

The only one who can approach him without hesitation.

It should have been Jinjo alone.

But they broke that rule.

“And that’s why you’re going to die.”

After those final words…

A rain of crimson poured from the heavens.


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