Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 115


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 115: The Mirror that Breaks the Boundary (5)

[Your unique ability ‘Blood Demonic Energy’ has activated.]

The ability to worsen the target’s wounds.

There is no ability better than this to break the balance that had been maintained so tightly.

As the crimson energy began to rise, a change finally occurred in the body of the rock-like giant that had seemed impregnable.

The effect of Medusa‘s petrification began to take hold.


[Absolute Judgment ‘Curse of Petrification’ has manifested!]

A deep grey wave arose from the parts that the liquid had touched.

“Med…usa’s blood maintains its effect even outside the temple? You! What kind of method did you use?”

The rock giant roared.

The ‘Absolute Judgment’ ability, found in only a few on the 10th floor below.

However, most of them were extremely difficult to obtain, and even if someone had, there was no one who knew how to utilize it properly.

Even the higher beings protecting the floors didn’t know everything about it.

Of course, it was impossible for mere humans.

But then.

This insolent human knew a method even he didn’t!

“Answer me! Human! Answer me right now!”

The rock giant, whose body was slowly hardening, still sought to understand why it had been defeated.

Probably more curious about this situation than death itself.

However, Jinhyuk didn’t answer the question.

Even if he told him, the giant would not understand.

‘He will never understand how many trials and frustrations I’ve been through.’

The realm of being able to transmute boredom and repetition into the joy of challenge.

The only reason he was able to find the many secrets of the tower was because of this.


The rock giant’s body was hardening faster and faster.

Starting from the legs, petrification had progressed up to the chest.

In a few minutes, it would completely consume the head.

This was the end of the ‘rock giant,’ the boss monster of the 10th floor that had led everyone to despair.

Jinhyuk watched its end with emotionless eyes.

Then, shortly after.

The rock giant turned into complete stone.


[You have defeated the boss monster of the 10th floor, the ‘rock giant’!]

[The 11th floor of the Tower of Trials is now open!]

[Since the intermediate floors have not been cleared, only players who have the ‘permission’ of the first conqueror can go to the 11th floor.]

[Time remaining until the next floor’s conquest: 89D 23h:59m:59s]

[Your level has increased.]

[Your level has increased.]

[Your level has increased.]

[Your level has increased.]

[Your level has increased.]

[You have acquired the ‘Armor Breaker,’ the greatsword of the rock giant.]

[You have acquired the ‘Gray Heart,’ the shield of the rock giant.]

[You have acquired the ‘Cookieback Promotion (limited-time item)’ from the coin exchange.]

[Your remarkable achievement will be listed in the ‘Hall of Honor’ for two days.]

[You have acquired the unique ability ‘1-Second Invincibility.’]

A whopping five levels gained.

And items used by the boss monster dropped as well.

‘This is why I couldn’t give up climbing the tower.’

The sense of accomplishment from overcoming difficult challenges.

The anticipation of seeing new places.

But the best part was definitely the reward that came after all the hardships.


From the Tower of Trials to communities, information departments of major guilds, VTube, the press, and numerous other media.

Truly, the entire world turned upside down.

It had to be.

The video now in the ‘Hall of Honor’ transcended all common sense.

-WatermelonNose: Just recently, there was a fuss over the video posted by player Kang Jinhyuk, but this time Unknown has thrown a rock into my heart.

-GrindKim: I mean. I only found out about Ancient Species and middle managers because of this.

-AppleTart: ㅇㅈ. Honestly, I thought that video would stay No. 1 for at least a month.

-zerokpl1005: But, ha… the 10th floor lol. What exactly did Unknown do?

-Mid Faker: Truth is, broke the ceiling and flew up to the 10th floor. ㅇㅈ? ㅇㅇㅈ.

-GoodForMen: Really, it means we’ve stagnated beyond our imagination. Wish those guild guys who frequent golf courses would learn a thing or two.

-Seyoung Unhwan: There’s a rumor about a hidden piece that can overcome floors… Does it really exist?

-LazyButFit: Wow. Now that I think about it, such a hidden piece would explain this situation.

-Screaming Squirrel: Turns out, a barrier master is a super special hidden class at this point.

-Class of 20 in Seolyeon: People with skills in foreign languages should learn ancient runes instead of English or Chinese now.

-5252: My heart grows grander.

-DietCokeIsZeroCal: But really, it’s self-reliance. The top rankers seem to share the title between the two of them, but which one is stronger?

Amidst the praise that continued.

A viewer threw a sensitive topic.

Like, who would win between a lion and a tiger? Or who is better, Messi or Ronaldo?

Things endlessly debated in the mind but never to be voiced.

However, DietCoke broke that taboo.

And eventually, the community began to heat up like crazy.

-AnotherOneBitesTheDust: Comparing clearing the 10th floor with some ancient species? Obviously, it’s Unknown. Am I the only one who saw a different video?

-BadDogsExist: Someone who would get bitten by my chihuahua thinks taming an ancient species is a joke. How does a shady fellow hiding behind a mask compare to Kang Jinhyuk? It’s clearly a celestial vs. human clash, isn’t it?

-WatermelonNose: ㅇㅈㅇㅈ. No matter what, Kang Jinhyuk has done more accomplishments. He hasn’t showed us the detailed process of reaching the 10th floor. Luck seems more likely.

-AppleTart: Does everyone know the 10th floor boss had invincibility abilities when they’re talking? Some veteran rankers previously succeeded in conquering it and could go to the 11th floor. The method of conquest has never been revealed.

-AT&TShareholder: Nope, not true. Still Kang Jinhyuk.

-CCL5004: Yeah right. Unknown is higher.

-AudioOwner: Cut it out, you geeks!

It was truly chaos.

It was hard to keep up with the speed of the comments pouring in.

‘Is this like fan clubs fighting each other?’

As Jinhyuk browsed the community, he licked his lips.

The DietCoke username was actually a secondary account he had created. Just a matchstick tossed in to see if it would start a fire.

The reaction was beyond imagination.

Kang Jinhyuk and Unknown.

Both were appropriately competing and gathering their own fan bases, just as he had planned.

‘Any overlapping parts can be properly spun with editing skills…’

Having edited numerous videos himself without an editor, he was quite confident in his editing skills.

After having checked the response, Jinhyuk stretched out at length.

Oh my.

‘My arms and legs are all stiff.’

It really felt like a proper workout, dealing with the boss of the 10th floor after a while.

Of course, thanks to running the ‘Jintaecheonghwang Simbeop,’ he didn’t retain any fatigue.

But still, it wouldn’t hurt to complain a bit.

After all, he had defeated a boss monster that others couldn’t beat even at the risk of their lives.

Jinhyuk wallowed in self-pity and then looked down at the items spread out on the hotel’s marble floor.

‘Armor Breaker’ and ‘Gray Heart.’

The best things he could get from it had indeed dropped, thanks to the solo-play bonus effects.

This must be why solo-play, with a 100% contribution, is the best.

He could monopolize the most delicious parts.

‘This seems to be… a tank-specific item, if I remember correctly.’

Jinhyuk scrutinized the items with ‘Greedy Eyes.’

[Armor Breaker]

Difficulty of Acquisition: SS

Attack Power: 2850

Durability: 550/580

Weight: 105kg

Effect: Ignores 30% of the target’s total defense. If 10 consecutive attacks land, it triggers a stun effect for 1 second.

Requirement: Can only be used by players who have completed the ‘Tank’ class change.

Considering a 10-enhanced dagger from the labyrinth had an attack power of 280, this item boasted an attack power that was tenfold greater.

Most armors could be shattered with a single strike.

Additionally, the defense-ignore effect and stun effect were so strong that it wouldn’t be an understatement to call it overpowered.

‘I can’t carelessly put this on the market.’

It’s much too powerful for other players to use.

‘I can’t stand to see someone better equipped than me.’

No matter how much coin is offered, or what kind of items are exchanged for it.

If there’s even a 1% risk factor, it’s standard practice to avoid it.

[Gray Heart]

Difficulty of Acquisition: SS

Defense: 120,558

Durability: 1800/2000

Weight: 200kg

Effect: Gets an additional 10% defense against both physical and magical attacks. If fighting 1-on-1 with an enemy, the weight decreases by 30% for an hour.

Requirement: Can only be used by players who have completed the ‘Tank’ class change.

The shield was the same story.

With massive defense and rare effects, any tanker would want to sell their soul to acquire it.

‘If I were to sell it, it should be given to divine beings with high collecting desires.’

Since those beings would never hand over a collectible to other players, it would eliminate the risk of nurturing unnecessary competitors.

And with Rick to serve as an intermediary, there shouldn’t be a problem.

‘But in any case, this raid really brought a lot in terms of items.’

Jinhyuk nodded with satisfaction.

The opportunity to practice various combinations while linking skills and barriers was rare.

It was a unique opportunity made possible by the invincibility conditions.

Some combinations were quite satisfying, and he’d be able to apply them in even more varied ways in the future.

Next was the newly acquired unique ability. ‘1-Second Invincibility.’

[1-Second Invincibility]

Description: Invincibility ability used by the 10th floor boss monster, the rock giant. However, the copied ability only lasts 1 second, with a 240-hour cooldown period required before reuse.

While it was a bit disappointing that it wasn’t the constant invincibility the boss had used, the harsh limit on time would be invaluable in critical combat situations.


Jinhyuk’s gaze turned to one side of the floor.

The last reward, the ‘Cookieback Promotion,’ was an item that could be used to learn abilities related to the second class change.

What made it interesting was this.

If he successfully learned a related ability with coins, the item would refund the exact amount of coins.

Of course, given the extremely high difficulty, even top-tier players could only succeed two or three times…

‘But that’s a story for the mediocres.’

For someone entrenched in the game.

No, for someone who had become rotten with experience, such a reward should not be given.

Even with a single opportunity, he would sweep everything away.

‘Really, the phrase “one coin clear” itself is strange.’

If they truly wanted to maintain the name “invincible stronghold,” then not allowing even a single chance would be the right method.

Jinhyuk tore a 30cm-long voucher in half.

[You have used the Cookieback Promotion.]

[Skills related to the second class change are now unlocked. (A total of 117 barrier-related skills have been found up to 3 stars.)]

[750,000 coins are needed to learn skill number 1, and if failed, you can attempt again with the same amount of coins. However, if successful, you will be refunded the full 750,000 coins.]

[You have 24 hours.]

Status windows appeared in succession.

Beside them, the 117 barrier-related skills were listed.

He wouldn’t need the full 24 hours.

“I’ll wrap this up in 3 hours.”

Jinhyuk smiled leisurely as he viewed the first ability.





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