Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 104


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 104. Medusa Raid (4)

Using the Giant’s Grasp to swing the pillar was a kind of performance.

To catch the opponent’s eyes and distract them.

‘When it comes to deception, visuals are the best.’

Jinhyuk’s lips curled upwards.

Magicians weren’t capturing the audience’s attention with beautiful ladies and flashy outfits for nothing.

And if you strike during the gap that’s been created,

Even if it’s a boss monster, it’s bound to take a hit.

“Wow, when did you… set up this trickery!”

Medusa clenched her teeth in frustration, staring at the floor.

The runes drawn in blood.

It was a spell scribed using the blood of the tanker that died moments ago, smeared on his shoes.

Medusa attempted to dodge quickly, but it was already too late.

Too late indeed.

“I made it especially for you.”

If you can’t trap it with an ordinary-size barrier…

Then use the entire ground, that’s all there is to it.


The giant runes drawn on the floor emitted a brilliant light.

“This isn’t something you can break easily.”

Of course that was the case.

The scale was completely different from before, after all.


[The 3-star Barrier ‘Seal’s Coffin’ has been activated!]

A phrase that only appeared when the correct process and precise magical power were combined.

For the first time, a Barrier with the word ‘Success’ was activated.


Watching the burst of light particles, Jinhyuk nodded.

He was a bit worried about drawing it with his foot,

But it seems the body remembers well after all.

There’s an old saying – ‘Styles may fade, but class is eternal,’ right?

Medusa, trapped in the square barrier, screamed.

“Kraaah! Can you not dispel this immediately?”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even as she whipped and slammed with her tail, the barrier didn’t budge an inch.

That’s why I told you.

It won’t break easily.

“Save your strength and behave.”

There is a way to disrupt it, but if you rely on brute force, even a thousand years would barely scratch it.

Barriers are kind of delicate, you know.

Jinhyuk glanced up into thin air.

Now that he had trapped the boss monster, the quest success notification should appear.

Right at that moment.

Ding dong!

Multiple status windows appeared one after the other.

[The third condition has been satisfied.]

[You have successfully changed your profession to Barrier Master.]

[Due to your success in trapping the highest-grade boss monster in the profession quest, a ‘Hidden Job’ is activated!]

[You have changed your profession to ‘Rune Interpreter’, a higher profession of Barrier Master!]


“Yes! I knew this would happen!”

Jinhyuk let out an exuberant cheer.

While the profession change required trapping a boss monster, there was no clear mention of how powerful a boss was needed.

Naturally, players who chose Barrier Master, a rare profession, sought after the weakest bosses for the third condition.

First-floor creatures like goblins or slimes. Or creatures like trolls. The relatively easy catches.

‘Yeah. That would be wise.’

Not many would choose the hard path when there’s an easy one.


Veterans don’t follow the paths that others take.

Even in situations with no information, they opt for the harder path. One that promises even the slightest bigger rewards.

The harder the circumstances,

The more people shy away,

The bigger the reward they instinctively know exists.

And that hypothesis hit the mark perfectly.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart hammered like mad.

No wonder it did.

For 11 years since the release of the Tower of Trials, not a single player had changed to a hidden profession.

As he handled Medusa, the most challenging difficulty in the Grey Temple, he expected additional rewards upon the profession change.

But who would’ve thought it would be a hidden job?

‘I didn’t see this coming.’

However, he welcomed such delightful surprises any time.

Jinhyuk clenched his fist.

‘First, I’ve got to check the details.’

It must be good being a hidden job, but he still needed to read the specifics.

Swallowing dryly, Jinhyuk started reading the first line of the status window.

[Rune Interpreter]

Difficulty to acquire: Overrank

Description: If a Barrier Master is capable of constructing barriers with existing runes, a Rune Interpreter can fathom the essence of runes and reinterpret them to create barriers that didn’t exist before. Implementing the universe through rune language – that is the essence of an Interpreter’s ability. Barriers created by a Rune Interpreter possess double the performance of regular barriers, and they are incredibly difficult for anyone but their creator to disrupt or even understand.


Nothing came to his mind but admiration.

What he liked most was that this job met a condition most beloved by veterans.

It’s particularly difficult to disrupt!

A mischievous smile formed on Jinhyuk’s lips.

At the same time, numerous scenes flashed through his mind.

Imprisoning someone he disliked within a barrier and delicately dripping acid rain on their hair. Or expanding a barrier over a treasure chest and watching the desperate cries of those inside.


It could also be amusing to block the restroom after feeding a foe laxatives.

‘For Ellis, just trap her with chicken and beer inside the barrier.’

For Cheon Yuseong… maybe I’ll seal away his precious sword in a barrier and watch the fun unfold?

It would be a thrill indeed.

Of course, he couldn’t pull off everything he schemed since it’d be too much to handle.

‘But the potential uses are practically endless.’

A choice made for the sake of keeping interest in the Tower led to a ripple effect of massive proportions.


[The ‘Mark of the Moon’ has been inscribed.]


As a brief message appeared, a white mark sprang up from Jinhyuk’s wrist to his shoulder.

A conduit that allows the activation of barriers with minimal magical power.

With that, his first profession change concluded.



“Good, good.”

“Very good.”

While Jinhyuk repeatedly admired and read the status window.

“What, what are you planning to do with me?”

The trapped Medusa mumbled.


“…Are you going to kill me after all?”

The previously formidable appearance was gone. Now, she simply looked filled with worry and fear, like a mouse caught in a trap.

She must be scared.

She could lose her life in this situation.

Jinhyuk wore a meaningful smile.

“Guess? I’d better cut off your head and make some decent armor out of your snakeskin. I heard the demand for armor among players is quite high these days.”

“What, what did you say?”

Chilled by his sinister words, Medusa’s pupils quaked.

Hearing about her ultimate fate and posthumous use couldn’t be a pleasant topic of conversation.

At least for Medusa, that is.

“Just kidding. But, keep making noise, and I might really have to whip up a new snakeskin wallet.”

Typically, clearing a dungeon means killing the boss monster.

For experience, rewards, and even items.

Endless gains were on the line.

However, the Grey Temple was less meritorious compared to other locations.

Once past the temple, Medusa’s head would lose its petrifying power, and armor made from her skin retained toxins, causing continuous harm to its wearer.

Sure, there’d be other rewards besides experience, but…

There was a much better method.

Jinhyuk activated the ‘Coin Exchange’.

Now, what do I need…

“Was it a brass bowl with 1L of Tri-Horned Goat blood, 6 legs of a swamp creeper, and a blue lotus?”

[You spent a total of 3350 coins.]

These were mostly cheap items, so it wasn’t a large expense.

Especially with his recent videos hitting tens of millions of views.

“First things to do are…”


Jinhyuk poured goat blood into a tarnished brass bowl and floated a blue lotus on top.

Lastly, he placed one creeper leg at each corner of the lotus.

At that moment…


The bowl began shaking violently.

The red surface roiled before calming.

[This is… rather absurd.]

The deep voice spoke right then.

The man sighed lightly before adding.

[Player Kang Jinhyuk, how did you come across this contact?]

The voice belonged to the librarian of the Grand Magic Library and the guild master himself.

Rick Henesys.

“Huh? I just bought stuff randomly and mixed it, why has it come to this? Ha-ha. What an odd coincidence.”

Jinhyuk chuckled awkwardly.

Using this method was akin to barging into someone’s home uninvited.

But what can be done?

Since the gates to the library were closed, he had no choice but to resort to this.

[That’s not an answer to my question… Tell me, how did you find this contact that hasn’t been disclosed even to the divine beings? I need to know the method.]

Rick’s voice cooled.

He did not seem inclined to let the matter slide lightly.

If that was the case.

“Ah! Look, there’s a demon over here!”

Suddenly changing the subject, Jinhyuk exclaimed.


Rick’s voice paused.

Since the item for contact shared vision, what Jinhyuk saw could also be seen by Rick.

“Ta-da! Have a look!”

Jinhyuk gazed at the crestfallen Medusa coiled up within the barrier.


[What? That monster is…!?]

A gasp filtered through Rick’s throat.

As expected.

‘He took the bait.’

Jinhyuk’s grin widened slightly.

If it was related to Greece, whether it be relics, records, people, or even demons, there was a divine being eagerly collecting them.

Rick was in a close relationship with that divine being.

If it was Made in Greece, even a chip-cracked jar would make him drool, so what if he could acquire a living Medusa?

No point in discussing this further.

Given Rick’s calculating nature, he’d no doubt reached the same conclusion.

“I admit contacting you out of the blue was wrong. I do have my reasons, though… If it upsets you, we’ll pretend this never happened. I’m perfectly content with Medusa’s byproducts anyway.”

Jinhyuk infused his Twin Dragon Sword with magic power.


As the ‘Grave of Swords’ manifested, the sword shifted to a dusky blue hue.

[Wait, just a moment! Please wait! You absolutely must not kill her. Absolutely!]

Rick cried out urgently.

Isn’t this the first time seeing him so desperate?

Given the distance, it’s lucky he isn’t here himself, perhaps he would’ve bolted over, even in his underwear.

“One last time, I ask you.”

Jinhyuk’s sword pointed at Medusa.

“Do you really think how I discovered this contact matters right now?”


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