Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 102


Solo Max-Level Newbie

Chapter 102: Medusa Raid (2)


It is the term used to describe the absolute entities that exist in the Tower.

They watched humans from above, searching for worthy individuals to employ.

All to expand their dominions high within the Tower’s echelons.

But then.

To be chosen by a Divinity!

Takeshi’s body trembled slightly. His lips, unable to contain his excitement, twitched repeatedly.

‘This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.’

The sly will take their positions everywhere in the world.

Seizing a fortuitous opportunity was only natural.

‘Indeed, that explained the unnatural strength.’

It didn’t make sense that rankers from large guilds failed where he succeeded with such ease—

Especially when he was cutting through the difficulties alone, shredding all conventional wisdom.


All the dissonance dissolved the moment it was revealed that he was one among the Divinities.

It must be some sort of amusement for them.

‘Divinities cannot be judged by human standards.’

Crash! Crash! Crash!

Even now, the marvel of him erecting ice barriers to halt the breath attacks was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Moreover, he was casting another barrier on the other side to protect the players from the Fight Club Guild.

The deliberation didn’t last long.

The choice became clear on which side to stand to survive in this mad world.

“May I inquire what kind of favor you would ask of us?”

“You know, your guild recently acquired a certain interesting toy.”

You mean.

You know.

“That precious treasure from Japan, one of the Three Regalia.”

“C-could it be…!”

“Yes, that. I want that very thing.”

The samurai guild had obtained a holy relic from a ruin.

The Kusanagi Sword, also known as the Heavenly Sword of Gathering Clouds.

I desire that sword immensely.

“But, that item is kept deep within the guild’s vault. It’s difficult to access without being the guild master…”

Takeshi trailed off, his voice filled with difficulty.

A holy relic was a treasure that symbolized power, something no guild would willingly forfeit.

Of course, the security was extreme.

“I know it won’t be easy. But if you’re a human of my choosing, shouldn’t you be able to do the ‘difficult’?”

Here’s what matters: buttering him up gently.

Suggesting that he’s special and that he must live up to that—it was flattery that would inflate one’s ego.

“Thank you for your kind words, but…”

He took the bait.

All that was left was to shake him with a story that exceeded his imagination.

Often, the same tactic was used in sales or negotiations—bombarding with jargon to overwhelm the other party.

It was quite effective here too.

“Right now, that Norse blacksmith is wreaking havoc up above with a wolf, bragging about something called Ragnarok. Surprisingly, we’re losing on our side.”

Thor, the chief god of Norse mythology.

Ragnarok, the final war prophesied for utter destruction.

If the Norse Divinities heard, they would seize. But it wasn’t my concern.

If they’re heated up, they can come down here.

“Weaker under the influence of the World Tree, I can’t exert my full power. So I need as many holy relics as possible.”


Takeshi gaped, stunned by the staggering revelation. But only momentarily.

“I understand. The sword… I will procure it by any means necessary. Please count on me.”

“Good. And before you go, I’ll engrave a special stigma on you.”

Specifically, the Brand of Soul Devouring.

“It’s a type of contract; nothing dangerous, really. Should you betray me, you’ll simply burn alive. But you won’t betray me, right?”

“O-of course.”

With a solemn face, Takeshi nodded his head, no thoughts of betrayal crossing his mind.

Who would cut the golden tether by themselves?

“Don’t worry; it won’t hurt more than it looks.”

Jinhyuk pressed his blood-dyed finger upon Takeshi’s chest.

[Lv5 ‘Brand of Soul Devouring’ has been activated.]

A vividly engraved crimson stigma.


With this, a loyal intern from the Aged Company was born in Japan.

Even if he realized he was deceived, it was too late with a slave contract bound to his soul.

“Now go. I’ll deal with this serpent.”

Jinhyuk turned around.

Before him, the serpent writhed after unleashing its fourth breath, its flames weakened from the expended colossal mana.


Infuriated. The serpent hissed a piercing scream.

‘Being called a god, I can’t show any struggle.’

Having worked hard mimicking the tone of a chuunibyou already, it would be embarrassing not to dominate in battle.



Jinhyuk drew the Twin Dragon Swords leisurely.

The blade, shining with bright auspice.

‘A move that could end this in one blow…’

There was one, a skill that had once trapped all Named on the third floor.

Due to its immense mana consumption, it wasn’t something to be used thoughtlessly.

But for showcasing presence, nothing was more apt.

Jinhyuk focused, gathering mana.


Blue mana engulfed the entire sword blade.

An indescribable light started to consume the corridor.


Sensing the anomaly, the serpent lowered its stance.

Then, at that very moment.

[Ice Sculpture ‘Sword of the Heavens’ is activated!]

Ice strands descending from the sky and.

[Ice Sculpture ‘Sword of the Earth’ is activated!]

Ice strands rising from the earth, met as one.


No more wavering flames.

A gigantic ice pillar with the serpent’s form remained before everyone’s eyes.

“Truly magnificent.”

Takeshi swallowed hard.

Overwhelming power.

By now, Jinhyuk had so grown that Named monsters in the Tower’s lower floors no longer served as warm-ups.

His strength was that formidable.

Thanks to his perfect opportunities and the optimal growth path.

‘Not bad.’

Jinhyuk looked at the ice statue without much emotion.

While Takeshi’s eyes visibly distorted with shock, to Jinhyuk, it wasn’t something too surprising.

‘It’s my second run, naturally, it would have this kind of power.’

If not, he’d hardly deserve the adjective ‘veteran’.

“Why haven’t you left?”

“A-ah no, I was just… worried about what you might do to those people…”

Takeshi’s gaze drifted beyond the barrier to the players from the Fight Club Guild, concerned they might overhear their conversation.

For selection, it had to be just him.

A man whose greed was as high as his neck.

That’s why he was so easy to control.

“The Fight Club’s on the other side of the barrier; I’ve set it up so they can’t see or hear, but if they did see us chatting, they might find it odd. Especially since we’re not close enough to have casual talks, right?”

In short, Jinhyuk was telling him to leave before anyone else noticed.

Since the Japanese players were wiped out, no one would find it strange for Takeshi to flee.

“Ah… such profound meaning! Very well, I shall leave at once.”

Takeshi bowed deeply before vanishing back the way he came.

At the same time.


The barrier concealing the Ice Sculpture disappeared. Sealed visions restored, players of the Fight Club Guild emerged from it.

“Everyone, get ready for battle!”

“Damn it! Everyone choose offensive skills…huh?”

“How did this happen?”


“Is the serpent…?”

Their pupils dilated in shock.

They had seen the white characters emerge after the breath attack, but then saw and heard nothing after, like being trapped in a sealed box.

Not long after the box shattered, they stepped out from the barrier to find much had changed.

“Did player Kang Jinhyuk… defeat it?”

Lee Yeonggwon asked Jinhyuk.

Truthfully, he asked despite knowing the answer.

“Yes. I found it more convenient to handle alone rather than dealing with it as a group.”

“That… I see.”

A monster that single-handedly wiped out an elite combat force from a large guild.

He toppled it solo?

Without a scratch?

‘How strong is this man?’

Amazed, Lee Yeonggwon then clenched his lips in anger.

‘Couldn’t we even serve as a backdrop?’

They were merely a legitimate pass into a labyrinth.

To Jinhyuk, the Fight Club’s combat force was no more, no less than that.

It was an implicit invitation—they could ride the bus as long as they obediently watched the show.


Fury and shame about himself made his fist tremble slightly.

However, the reality was undeniable.

He knew better than anyone that intervening in this raid would only hinder.

“Whew… Let’s get the team in order for now. I’ll speak to you again about the rest later…”

Just then, Lee Yeonggwon was about to speak when—


A sound swiftly brushed across the ground.

A light yet chilling movement.

‘She’s here, as expected.’

Jinhyuk instantly heightened his senses, mana wrapping thinly around him.


From between the columns.

“How intriguing, a human unaffected by my pet’s attack. And you even found my location. Quite exciting. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt such a thrill.”

A luscious voice interrupted.

The labyrinth’s master, the mythical beast of legend.


“It’s the boss!”

“Damn it! Don’t make eye contact! The ground! Only look at the ground!”

The tale of petrification upon gazing into Medusa’s eyes was far too renowned.

Granted, few could challenge the labyrinth precisely because knowing her abilities didn’t simplify the counteraction.

Fight a boss without making eye contact?

It’s easier said than done.

Fighting with our most critical sense sealed?

It’s possible not to turn to stone by seeing her reflection in a shield, but it’s still fighting with a handicap.

Ultimately, this raid’s success didn’t rest with a horde of combat teams but with one individual.


“Is it you? The one?”

Medusa smiled broadly, catching sight of Jinhyuk, whose grim appearance reflected in the shield of Perseus.

“Ho ho ho. Such a cold iron barrier, avoid it not and look at me directly. Escaping a lady’s eyes is hardly polite.”

As if she sounded like a lady.

Even if Medusa looked graceful, one mustn’t be fooled by her looks or think of her warmly.

Being part snake, her mouth would tear horizontally to consume her prey entirely.

“I’d rather refuse a lady who swallows people whole. I can understand one-man-one-chicken, but one-snake-one-man is rather terrifying.”

“Oh my, it seems you know quite a bit about me.”

Indeed, I do.

“Who would not know of the tragic princess who lost all her sisters?”

At those words,

“You insolent—”


The air shifted violently.


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