Return To Player

“Return to Player” commences with a harrowing prologue: The First Bad Ending. Amidst the ruins of civilization now reduced to a mere game, the last human player stands alone, witnessing the closure of an era under the gaze of an ominous black hole. Ten years have transpired since reality warped into a merciless game orchestrated by distant deities, transforming humans into ‘players’ performing for these celestial spectators.

As the narrative unfolds, the sole survivor confronts the grim reality of mankind’s demise—a narrative woven by the whims of gods using humans as pawns in their cosmic play. Engulfed in the desolation of a world that once thrived, the player reflects on the futile struggle of humanity, contemplating the relentless pursuit of an ending worthy of their sacrifices.

In a twist of fate, as the player stands on the brink of surrender, a message emerges, offering an unexpected lifeline: the opening of a DLC shop, post-game. With this revelation comes the ‘New Game Plus Package,’ a beacon of hope that teases the chance to rewind time, to correct the paths once taken, and to challenge the gods at their own game.

With a blend of despair and newfound resolve, the player grasps this opportunity to rewrite history. As the world fades to black, a promise of a second chance lingers—a chance to overturn the tragic end and to craft a new destiny for mankind. Thus, the stage is set for an epic resurgence, where the player will navigate the treacherous landscapes of divinity and power, seeking a different conclusion to the story once deemed final.

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