Return To Player Chapter 68


Return To Player

Chapter 68: The Girl Who Sees Fate(2)

“Dear god.”

Before the scattered corpses on the ground, the girl looked up at Jawoon with a stunned expression. Jawoon, smoking a cigarette, was indifferently checking to see if there were any survivors. It was unlikely; all of their heads had been crushed by his fist. But one could not be careless, as those who had made pacts with demons often clung to life tenaciously.


“Yes, y-yes!”

The girl froze up as Jawoon sighed. It must have been a ghastly sight for a child. “Why were those bastards chasing you?” Initially, Jawoon thought they might be kidnapping children for some nefarious purpose, like the Heukcheonghoe had done. However, the number of pursuers was too great for it to be a simple case of retrieving an escaped child. Normally, they’d rather kidnap a new one than waste effort on a hunt. But their persistence suggested they were desperate to capture the girl, even showing a willingness to kill her than letting her go to someone else. It was as if they couldn’t afford to lose her.


The girl clamped her mouth shut, clearly unable to speak.

“Forget it. Then leave.”

“Excuse me?”

“If you have nothing to say, I have no interest in asking. I’ve dealt with those who were pursuing you; you should have no trouble escaping.” Jawoon had slain enough to buy significant time before they would chase after the girl again. If she got caught later, there was nothing he could do about it. Actually, by his usual standards, he had already meddled more than he should have.


Turning his back, Jawoon felt the girl carefully trailing him. ‘Strange one,’ he thought. Despite having witnessed him violently killing people, she reached out to him like he was her lifeline, which he found amusing. Surely once she was back with Azazel, she would leave on her own. With that thought, Jawoon headed towards where his bike was parked and saw Azazel, still standing like a mannequin.

“You’re here.”

Azazel asked no questions about the strange girl trailing behind Jawoon. She turned and walked toward the girl, who was hesitating with confusion.

“What’s your name?”

“Me, my?”

“Your name, I asked.”

“I’m… Sua. Min Sua.”

Azazel looked at the girl as if assessing her, and Sua scrutinized Azazel in return. The clothing and everything about her seemed out of the ordinary. ‘A Player?’ She wasn’t sure. Players normally didn’t dress so blatantly.

“Don’t scare her.”

“I didn’t scare anyone~. But if we bring this child too, I’ll have to return separately.”

Azazel hummed, causing Jawoon to be at a loss for words. Take her with us? “This girl is staying here,” Jawoon stated.

“Really? She’s not just any ordinary girl.”

“I’m not interested.”

Jawoon said this as he started his bike. He truly seemed to have no concern for the girl, Sua. It was Sua who became desperate.

“Wait, brother!”

She hadn’t spoken easily at first due to Jawoon’s suspicious actions, but she felt she might never see him again if she let him leave now. ‘This man must definitely be the one who will change my fate!’ The future that had been uncertain revealed itself after meeting him. She was certain she had survived. The problem was that someone who should’ve lived, had died.


Sua calling him that privately startled Jawoon. It felt awkward coming from a girl who seemed to be barely in her early teens while Jawoon himself was 25. It was awkward regardless of the age difference.

“What is it?”

“I– I mean, could you please take me with you!”

“Why should I?”

He sounded sincerely curious.

Sua realized hiding her abilities was a loss at this point. Jawoon had truly no interest in her. He had only helped her because she was a child. In truth, Sua wasn’t as young as she appeared. Despite her youthful appearance, she was 17 and a high school student. One way or another, it was obvious Jawoon would leave her behind unless things changed.

“I can see the future!”

“The future?”

“Yes, I am… an avatar of a god.”

Her god was Skuld, a goddess who governed the future. She could see a few seconds to a few years into the future. Becoming an avatar was made possible by her innate talent for foresight. What was peculiar is she had been connected to a god even before the world became a game.



“Is that reason enough for me to take you with me?”

Jawoon seemed genuinely uninterested. You can see the future? It was hard to understand what she expected from that revelation.


When Jawoon said that, Sua found herself speechless. The reactions were different from those who typically understood her abilities. Everyone clung to her, eager to extract any bit of information about the future. Initially, Sua had been hopeful, but as the world changed, she was forced into hiding. Those who realized her abilities had kidnapped her – along with her only family, her brother!

“If not, my brother will die.”

He was someone who should have lived. That was the future she had seen. But now, that future had vanished. “My brother is going to die…”

There had been no future where she survived initially. Right after the game started, she foresaw her death: after her parents died and she fled led by her brother’s hand. She had been preparing herself mentally for that. But recently, the future had changed. She survived, and conversely, her brother died.

The reason was unknown.

Normally, her brother would’ve escaped fiercely and sought vengeance after her death. However, because she survived, he might have felt content thinking, “At least my sister survived.” That slight complacency had killed him.

Sua was teary-eyed as she spoke, and Jawoon found himself longing for a cigarette. But there were none left; he had smoked his last stick earlier.

‘Did this girl know this would happen and lead me here?’

He glanced at Azazel, but the creature seemed indifferent. It was as if he was leaving the decision entirely to Jawoon.

Eventually, Jawoon, as always, could only sigh heavily.

“Then say that first.”

He turned to Azazel.

“You can get back on your own, right?”

“Of course. You go on ahead. I’ll make my way leisurely.”

“I’ll go for a walk and then leave,” she said leisurely, giving Jaun a headache.

“Just get on,” he snapped.


“Let’s go back and talk. By the way, there’s no helmet.”

“Ah, got it!”

Sua quickly climbed onto the back seat of the motorcycle, worried that Jaun might change his mind and leave her behind.

‘This has become annoying,’ she thought.

It was her first time holding tightly onto someone while riding on the back of a motorcycle like this, and she remained frozen. Jaun glanced at Sua clinging onto him and then rode the motorcycle towards the building he had been staying in. Despite everything, there was not a completely negative expression on Jaun’s face—it seemed like Azazel’s intentions had perhaps given him a purpose.


“The ones who kidnapped me and my brother are a guild competing against Grumoon,” she explained.

“What’s the name of the guild?”

“Amcheon Guild.”

Jaun was familiar with the name—Amcheon Guild was one of the factions separated from Heukcheon Society. The names were similar, weren’t they? Originally overshadowed by Heukcheon Society, now that the latter had disappeared, Amcheon Guild had been acting recklessly. With the dissolution of Heukcheon, that had absorbed most of the devils, it was clear that Amcheon had soaked up all that was left.

‘Amcheon Guild… that guy must be there.’

Cheolma Park Doyoung, a contractor with a demon, possessing a skill to harden his body like steel. The demon he contracted with was a fairly strong entity, ranking within the top 30 in the demon realm hierarchy.

“Have they been abducting children too?”

“What? No, it wasn’t like that. They just wanted to use my powers,” Sua replied with a bitter face. Flaunting her own abilities had led to this situation. She felt it was deserved, but it was a different story if her brother was to be harmed.

“They planned to use my power to see the future to gain advantages during the last guild event. Of course, I didn’t want to say anything, but with my brother held hostage, I only gave them the minimum information.”

Yet, the Amcheon Guild lacked experience in dungeon raids, so they didn’t achieve a high ranking. However, that didn’t bother Park Doyoung, the guildmaster of Amcheon. Knowing that the future prediction was effectively working was a harvest in itself. Park Doyoung intended to exploit Sua’s abilities to their fullest and was prepared to kill her if she ever fell into another organization’s hands. That was the extent of her capabilities.

“So exactly how far can you see into the future?”

Azazel asked casually, sitting atop his bed. To Sua, her demeanor was curious, but she decided to let it go, given Jaun’s calm.

“At first, I can see about three seconds ahead, just simple and fragmentary scenes. This ability has a short reuse time, so I can use it whenever. Then, there’s the ability where I can specify a date to view. A day ahead or even a month. Of course, the farther into the future I look, the longer it takes before I can use the power again.”

She could even choose what to see. It was no wonder Park Doyoung coveted Sua’s ability.

“This is beyond a normal avatar’s ability. It even includes a player’s personal powers.”

Azazel secretly admired Sua’s power upon hearing about it. Indeed, the divine power he had sensed from afar had not been a fake. The goddess Skuld surely favored this child. Furthermore, she had been an avatar for a longer period than any player. If she had been an avatar before the game even started, her potential abilities were surely boundless. Azazel found it somewhat amusing that someone with such an incredible talent had so little power in her original form.

“Is that all?”

Jaun was rather indifferent.

Being able to see the future seemed quite convenient, nothing more.


Seeing Jaun’s flat reaction, Sua gauged the situation. She had already described her powers, and while someone like Azazel might at least express minimal admiration, Jaun seemed genuinely uninterested. She worried she might be discarded as useless.

‘Well, is the ability to see the future that big of a deal?’

It wasn’t until she arrived here that Sua learned of Azazel’s true identity.

One of the seven great demons of the demon world, the demon of Sloth.

When she ‘saw’ who he was, she nearly fainted. No one would have guessed that such a pure white girl could be a demon. Sua recalled the image of a demon she had in her mind—until now, she believed a demon to be a ghastly figure with bat wings and horns on its head, but that notion had to be revised.

“In fact, there’s one more thing I can see.”

Finally, Sua decided to reveal something she had never told anyone before.

“Oh? You’re saying there’s more you can do?”

“Yes. I can see… the end of this game.”

Even Azazel was speechless for a moment. The end of the game was unknown to everyone. Not even a goddess who could see the future was permitted to see it because she was a goddess. However, as a human who had not gained divinity, Sua might evade the system’s gaze.

“The end of the game?”

Jaun also showed interest.

The end of this game that had plunged the world into the depths of hell.

A player couldn’t help but be curious.

“Precisely, I can see the ‘ending.’ I know how this world will conclude and the game will end.”

“An ending, you say. So, what is the current ending? Is it a bad ending?”


Not a bad ending?

Azazel, who had seen the fates of countless dimensions, internally admired the players of Earth.

Most worlds turned into game boards tended to end in bad endings.

“Then a happy ending?”

“Not that, either.”

“Not a happy ending?”


Seeing the curious eyes of the two, Sua felt secretly relieved.

At least she didn’t have to worry about being discarded now.

‘Actually, the ending has changed once.’

She didn’t know what had caused the change in the ending.

Even before this world became a game, Sua knew it would soon turn into one.

The ending she saw at that time was a bad ending.

Up until the game started, it was certain.

The bad ending: “Solitary World.”

A conclusion where only one person survives.

Sua had clearly seen that.

The ending changed just a few minutes before the game began.

A sharp pain pierced her head, and she saw the altered ending.

Seeing the ending was unlike her other future-seeing abilities; it was forcibly revealed to her.

So she had no choice but to see it.

‘His’ silhouette.

“The current ending is…”

What she currently saw was a man with black hair sitting on a throne.

Numerous demons were bowing their heads to him.

If you looked closely, you could even see Azazel among them.

Only one being could make the seven great demons bow their heads.

“The True Ending. ‘The Mad Demon King.’”


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