Return To Player Chapter 299


Return To Player

# 299

299. Beyond the Boundary of the World (2)

The Outer Universe, as its name suggests, is a universe outside of our universe.

A world where even extraordinary beings are not readily allowed to live.

This is the domain of Greater Gods, who are far beyond the standards of normal gods.

And at the deepest heart of the universe,

The domain of Azathoth, a place that oversees everything in the Outer Universe, was exactly where they were.

“Father is?”

Dyendra, in human form, stood on the desolate land of the star and spoke.

At the other end of her gaze stood Idyk, likewise in human form.

“He’s recovering his strength. What in the world have those things done to my father? How is any of this possible?!”

“Shh, lower your voice or father will be displeased,” Idyk quickly shut his mouth at Dyendra’s command.

They were currently guarding this star where Azathoth resided.

And it wasn’t just Dyendra and Idyk present here.

Several other Greater Gods were gathered as well, along with the Great Old Ones and various monsters, densely populating the area.

It was an event not meant to be possible.

‘It’s the first time I see so many gathered here.’

Although resembling a huge planet, this was no ordinary celestial body.

This was the ‘throne’ where Azathoth usually dwelt.

Normally, no Greater God, aside from Nyarlathotep, would dare to set foot here, but Azathoth had directly summoned the other Greater Gods and the Great Old Ones to his presence.

“Why do we have to be in human form? And why must we be here?” Dyendra was quietly lost in thought at Idyk’s grumbling.

By taking on ‘human’ form and reflecting, Dyendra tried to understand Azathoth’s intentions from a human perspective.

‘Could it be that father is… afraid?’

That they would come after him to deliver ‘death’ was the only conclusion fitting for this situation.

Thus, he hid himself in such a place and summoned the other Greater Gods.

And the command to take human form was because Azathoth himself couldn’t return to his original form at this time. As a result, all the Greater Gods present wore human appearances.

For the other Greater Gods, assembling here like this was a fairly novel experience.

“A judgement a god should not make…”

“What are you talking about, Dyendra?”

“Nothing. But staying here can’t be all bad, right? My guess is, those beings will surely come here.”


Idyk’s face showed confusion at Dyendra’s words.

“We have survived, so why would they come to die? They should know it is impossible for ordinary beings to come to the Outer Universe.”

“As long as father is alive, the fight will never end.”

Idyk was utterly failing to grasp the situation.

Unlike Dyendra, Idyk had no desire to think from a human perspective.

To him, taking on a human form was nothing but humiliation.

“To me it does not matter. In fact, it’s better. I can avenge the humiliation I suffered…”

“No, you will not fight.”

“What do you mean?”

“More precisely, you must not fight.”

Dyendra said to the bewildered Idyk.

“I know the wounds you received from the Demon King and the Pale Devil have not fully healed.”

Idyk recalled the Pale Devil, the demon who had split his throat in a single blow. The image was still vivid in his mind.

Moreover, he was rendered powerless before the Demon King as well.

He was miserably defeated because his powers didn’t work.

If he hadn’t recovered now, speaking of it would be pointless.

“Others may not know, but you, Ithyk, must not fall. You know why, right?”


North Idyk is the king of the Tindalos.

And the Hounds of Tindalos under his command hold the power to relentlessly pursue their designated target.

“For the sake of father’s will, we definitely need your strength.”

“Damn it!”

Idyk’s power might not work against them, but his Hounds of Tindalos were particularly effective in repelling external invasions.

‘I cannot trust the others who do not ponder deeply on this matter and are unaccustomed to human form.’

The other Greater Gods didn’t even consider the possibility of invaders arriving.

The most crucial part was that they were currently consumed by a single emotion.

‘The complacency of humanity.’

The Greater Gods, having taken human form by Azathoth’s command, were inevitably intoxicated by that emotion.

Therefore, Idyk’s power was essential to defend against intruders.

‘Really disgraceful.’

On the other hand, Idyk was privy to Dyendra’s thoughts, understanding what she intended to say.

Simply put, the message was to stay hidden and unnoticed.

The irony was that he couldn’t deny Dyendra’s words.


For the first time since his birth, North Idyk felt the emotion of misery.


“Father is probably in the Whirlpool of Chaos.”

“The Whirlpool of Chaos?”

After a sweeping gaze over the assembled group, Idra nodded slowly.

The one who knew the most about the Outer Universe here was none other than Idra.

“Yes, it exists at the center of the Outer Universe, and within it lies the Throne of the Nameless where our father dwells.”

“The Throne of the Nameless, what sort of place is it? Could we even operate if we went there?”

Lucifer asked quietly, following Idra’s explanation.

The place where Azathoth resides is said to be inaccessible even to standard Greater Gods.

It’s not just about avoiding Azathoth’s watchful eye, but actually functioning there is difficult.

“If it’s father’s main body, I’m unsure, but given that he’s now human, he should be within the throne so there’s no need for concern.”

With that assured response, she spread her palms wide apart, and with a small spark between her hands, a tiny hologram appeared in the air.

“As you can see, this is what the Domain of Chaos looks like.”

It was like a black hole come to life, a round band in shape, with countless swirls moving within, seeming as if it could swallow one whole at any moment.

“And at its center is a single star.”

“A star in such a place?”

“It’s not any ordinary star. This star is father’s Throne, and if you enter inside, where the core should be, exists a vast room.”

Rubbing her hands together a few times, the image resembling the round band distorted and turned into the appearance of a round planet.

“Although it takes the shape of a star, it’s a place crafted by father’s divinity. The inner space of the star transcends physical laws and is larger and greater than any world.”

It was Vessel


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