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# 292

Breaking Through Limits (2)

“Hmph, a futile effort.”

Azazel, holding a pair of swords, was met with laughter from Idrick, who found the situation pitiful.

What could he possibly do alone at this point?

‘I’ll take care of this demon and then kill the Demon Lord.’

Despite having been overpowered by the Demon Lord once, that was merely being caught off guard.

A rematch would surely end in victory.

He did not pay much attention to the white demon either.

How much difference could wielding a sword possibly make?

Idrick exchanged a glance with Diendira before stretching out his hand towards the ground.

He intended to end it quickly using the same method as before.


The space between the heavens where they stood and the ground where Azazel was twisted and warped.

A black space leading to another dimension opened, and countless tendrils with sharp teeth burst forth.

Eerie shadows crept on the ground, and the howls of Tindalos’s hounds filled the air.

“Submit quietly, and you shall die without pain.”

As Idrick’s cruel judgment fell, twice as many attacks as before assailed Azazel. The tendrils swallowed the earth and gouged out where Azazel stood, while the hounds of Tindalos charged at him.



Amidst the collapsing earth, a small explosion occurred.

Narrowing his eyes at the unexpected sound, Idrick spotted Azazel leaping high into the air from an opening.


As Azazel soared high, hounds of Tindalos sprinted through the air after him.

Leaving a dark trail, at least twenty hounds opened their jaws wide to sink their teeth into Azazel’s legs.


Just before they could bite his ankles, the head of a hound was sliced off.

And not just that—golden sword light traced a path, cutting down the hounds that followed in one swift motion.

Azazel’s twin swords danced through the air as if threading beauty into the empty space.

Seeing his hounds fall in an instant, Idrick gritted his teeth angrily.

“Diendira!! Are you just going to watch?!”

“Calm down, Idrick.”

Unlike the agitated Idrick, Diendira noticed the anomaly happen with Azazel.

His movements were totally different than before.

His speed, as well as his strength, had both increased considerably.

‘Was he hiding his power?’

Unaware of Azazel’s capabilities, they could only think so.

One thing was certain, they needed to put an end to this without further delay.

“I’ll open the gate. Put in your full effort too.”

“What? But then my father won’t get to enjoy…”

“Do it now.”

Idrick clicked his tongue softly at Diendira’s sensitive reaction and released his ‘Authority.’

He could command more than just the hounds of Tindalos—all leaders of Tindalos were under his power.


Among Tindalos’s leaders, he was an exceptional warrior.

Once, he had even dared to challenge an Outer God, the strongest ruler of Tindalos.

At Idrick’s summons, space tore as if clawed apart, and a massive hand with dozens of sharp fingers appeared.

As large as Idrick, though not as gigantic as Ymir, the colossal hand burst through space.

“Crush it.”

A strange noise, incomprehensible to humans, rang out as the giant arm, cutting through Tindalos’s hounds and tendrils, reached out for Azazel.

However, it only grazed past Azazel, pounding the bare earth instead.

With a narrow escape from Muhitralha’s grip, Azazel began to climb upon the great arm.

“Open, Yekub.”

During the time Idrick summoned Muhitralha, Diendira opened the gates to the stars where multiple Great Old Ones resided.

As the gate to the outer cosmos opened, a giant creature resembling a centipede burst out and attacked Azazel, who was scrambling up Muhitralha’s arm.

The serpent-like ginormous centipede, known as the Ekuubian, opened its grotesque mouth to swallow Azazel whole, but he tightly gripped his swords and spun like a windmill.


Rotating like a saw blade, Azazel’s form split the giant centipede in half as he pressed forward.

However, there was more than just one Ekuubian.

And they weren’t the only monsters.

Creatures from Nyarlathotep’s Dreamland that had been dwelling there suddenly started appearing everywhere.


An endless number of Shantak flocks descended like eagles eyeing their prey, rushing in from all sides.


Azazel viewed the approaching monster horde and thought that they were undeniably slow.

Not referring to the speed at which the monsters moved, but at how he himself had been too slow.

‘Slow, and weak.’

The swarm of monsters wasn’t the problem.

It was insufficient to contend with Diendira and Idrick, who controlled all the Great Old Ones emerging from the gates.

They still had reserves of strength.

Now that they had summoned a multitude of monsters, they would start attacking him in earnest.


Countless tentacles and tens of thousands of hounds, along with the outsiders’ authority, prevented Azazel from even seeing the sky, blocked by the legion of monsters before him.

So, this wasn’t enough.

He had to become stronger.

To brush aside these monsters effortlessly and surpass both outsiders and reach Azathoth.


Azazel tightly clenched the swords in his hands.

The previously golden blades began to burn like flames and slowly turned white.

A pure white light, matching the color of Azazel’s hair, radiated brilliantly, and he leaped higher.


Muhitralha let out a monstrous cry, reaching out.

Its fingers grotesquely lengthened like tendrils, wrapping around to bind Azazel.


Azazel swung his sword at Muhitralha’s fingers, but unable to slice through instantly, he was repelled in a shower of sparks.


Her golden eyes glowed as she tapped into her power, which began to unleash steadily.

The demon of Sloth’s ability to break through limits, which she was unable to use fully until now, was now being realized.



The blade that had been knocked away now severed Muhitralha’s fingers.

And that was just the beginning.

As Azazel cut through the fingers that created the opening, he charged through the encircling tentacles and tackled the Shantak’s torso directly, continuing his ascent toward the sky.

Once, twice, three times.

Moving in a zigzag trajectory, white afterimages trailed behind.

A white lightning bolt surged from the ground toward the heavens.

Faster and faster.

“Block it!!”

As the situation took an unfavorable turn, Diendira screamed, commanding all the summoned monsters and Great Old Ones to attack.

A waterfall of monsters poured down to engulf a single demon.

Dozens of Ekuubian centipedes opened their mouths wide and raced towards Azazel.

He spun his body in a half-turn and bisected them, then leaped upon their bisected torsoes.

Giant human-shaped creatures with horns, called Night Gaunts, shrieked and swung their sharp claws.


As the white light flashed by, the Night Gaunts’ heads were cleanly severed and they plummeted towards the ground.

Ahead of Azazel, the huge head of a monster appeared.

It was Muhitralha’s true form.

The monster’s mouth gathered a blood-red light and shot it at Azazel.

Facing the crimson beam head-on, Azazel crossed his swords and pierced through it.

As the red light vanished, Muhitralha’s head spun and fell through the air, decapitated.

“Damn it, fuck!”

Idrick cursed in human language as he summoned all the hounds of Tindalos and rulers he could command.

The White Demon was slowly advancing towards them.

Slicing through thousands of Tindalos’s hounds.

Decapitating the rulers who commanded such hounds.

Cutting down alien monsters.

Slice, slice, and continue slicing until the white radiance in his swords shone even brighter.

“Cthugha, Ithaqua!”

These were names of Great Old Ones, unlike the monsters faced so far.

Symbolizing fire and ice, two outer gods pushed through space and appeared.

As Azazel, who had split the gigantic worm-like Akman in half, aimed at them, the powers of the gods struck.

A frost that could freeze anything.

A heat that could reduce anything to ashes.

Each capable of obliterating an ordinary star, the beings were infused with such power.

But the timing was unfortunately poor.


The white swords drew a circular arc, and the heads of both Great Old Ones were severed.

With Ithaqua and Cthugha losing their heads in a single swipe, they could not maintain their balance and collapsed towards the ground while Azazel used their bodies as steppingstones to jump up.

By now, only Idrick and Diendira remained before Azazel.

If he passed the two of them, he would reach Azathoth.

Idrick broke into a cold sweat, feeling an uneasy sense of urgency.

It made it difficult for him to correctly read the situation and make decisions.

‘Human emotions are truly useless and unnecessary!’

Although cutting ties with his human form was an option, Azathoth was a concern.

He also relied on his own existence.

‘If I return to my true form, could I kill him?’

That he even had to question this indicated the severity of the situation.

What kind of power does he possess to keep growing stronger?


No, that wasn’t it. Something more, a fundamental strength.

He could no longer grasp the extent of Azazel’s power, which kept increasing.

With each tick of the second hand, Azazel moved to the next stage.

Overcoming limit after limit, to a point where even he didn’t know where he was.

He had to, as he wouldn’t reach it otherwise.

He needed to obtain a force beyond comprehension, recognition, and understanding.

“Enough, disappear!!”

With a cry like a scream, Idrick stretched out his hands.

The power he unleashed caused the entire Earth to resonate and tremble. But before he could put his full strength to use, white sword light flashed as Azazel’s form swept past Idrick.

Then, the tremors abruptly stopped.

‘What is this?’

As a wry smile spread across his face, his vision spun wildly.

Only then did he realize his head had been severed.

Of course, that wasn’t enough to kill Idrick.

But Azazel’s goal was not to slay an outer god.

His aim was to pass them and reach Azathoth.

There was no need to prolong the fight and deal with him.


Diendira clenched her teeth as she saw Idrick’s head falling.

As soon as Idrick’s head was severed, Diendira decided she couldn’t stop that with her human body.

The human form of Diendira twisted and instantly transformed into a massive monstrosity. Countless tentacles, innumerable gaping mouths writhing all over her body.

Under normal circumstances, her size would have been comparable to a star, but there wasn’t enough time for that.

Tens of thousands of tooth-ridden tendrils emerged from the giant slab of flesh, targeting Azazel, aiming to sever his fragile arms and legs to halt his advance.

Azazel moved his sword against the thrashing tentacles aimed at his smaller, frail body.

Splitting the tentacles aimed at his head, severing those encircling his torso, he parried the rain of teeth with his sword, which then embedded itself in the giant body of Diendira.

Diendira, realizing her mistake as her tentacles were being sliced off, activated a monstrous tentacle from the center of her body, covered with numerous barbs—her own tongue.


Azazel effortlessly dodged the huge tongue, thrust his sword into it, and split it in half as he ran over it.

By the time Diendira became aware of her blunder, Azazel was already in front of her numerous eyes.

Rotating like a windmill, he charged straight ahead.


The massive body of Diendira was cleaved in two.

As both halves of the huge chunk of flesh split apart, a strange colored liquid sprayed down towards the ground.


Watching Azazel escape from the severed Diendira, Azathoth clicked his tongue.

He had abandoned the ‘imitation of humanity’ he had been enjoying, his eyebrows furrowing in displeasure.

“Useless beings.”

He casually spun his fingers, and the sphere that had been growing in size had now reached a considerable magnitude.

Within the roughly fifteen-meter sphere, there was enough destructive force to eradicate not only this planet but entire neighboring star systems.

However, it was not enough power to reset the universe in one go.

Azathoth had deliberately increased the size slowly to enjoy the situation.

“And so it leads to such an unpleasant sight.”

A mere demon made light work of two outer gods.

The vast armies of outer gods were breached.

Faced with a mere insect capable of wielding power only in the absence of the Demon Lord.

To Azathoth, Azazel now appeared to be unstoppable by just one or two outer gods.

The power residing in that sword even made Azathoth wonder ‘how?’ given its extraordinary level.

“I’m sick of this. Just vanish now.”

The spinning fingers stopped.

Azathoth stepped back further, watching Azazel fly towards him, not wanting to deal with such displeasing matter.

His task was sufficient, for already Emir had requested him to reset this universe.


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