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#290 The King of Outer Gods (2)

Half of the system rested in Azathoth’s hand.

The other half currently lay within Sehan’s imaginary space, but as long as Azathoth possessed it, the system could not be completely destroyed.


As the illusory world created by Sehan collapsed, the enormous body of Ymir began to fall to the earth. The gigantic form, easily 20 kilometers in size, began to crumble bit by bit, breaking into smaller pieces and falling to the ground like a meteor.


Sehan, who had significantly overexerted himself in the fight against the system, struggled to maintain his balance in the air.

Azathoth watched Sehan with a delighted gaze, as if he had no need to involve himself personally.

Even though he clearly knew that Sehan possessed the other half of the system.

‘Is he implying he can take it whenever he wishes? Or….’

Had Ymir entrusted Azathoth with a task?

Feeling an ominous premonition, Sehan became aware of his body steadily descending.

“Ah, right, I’ll take this off your hands too.”

Azathoth sneered as Sehan’s heavy body fell toward him helplessly.

Golden above Azathoth’s head was a crown, seemingly retrieved from the collapsing body of Ymir.

It was the other half of the key that Ymir once possessed.

It was clear Azathoth had been tasked by Ymir to retrieve it, along with the system.

‘No, this can’t be happening.’

Sehan reached out his hand towards Azathoth, who hovered majestically above.

Of course, there was no way his hand could actually reach Azathoth.

Sehan’s falling body accelerated, plummeting to the earth like a meteor.

Sehan wanted to ask Idra to control his body, but struck by the shock of escaping the world’s gap, or perhaps from glimpsing Azathoth, Idra had lost consciousness and was clinging to Sehan’s clothes.

“Sehan oppa!!”

Just before impact, Jisoo embraced Sehan in a tight hug, cushioning their landing.

Thanks to her, a disaster was averted, but their condition was far from good.

“Ugh, th-thank you, Jisoo.”

“No, it’s nothing. But what happened to the Giant King?”

“Ymir is….”

Sehan weakly smiled, explaining to Jisoo, who held him in her arms, everything that had happened.

As he recounted the tale of defeating Ymir and reaching the system’s core, he assessed the current situation on Earth.

‘It’s a complete mess.’

In the time he fought Ymir in the illusion, Seoul had turned into a wasteland as if it had undergone a full-scale war, arguably worse than the ‘Lonely World’ ending.

The greatest damage must have been caused by the fight between the Outer Gods and the Seven Deadly Sins.

“Except for one, I was able to suppress all the Outer Gods.”

“Out of the three?”


That was at least some good news.

Jisoo pointed in one direction, and there lay the shattered remains of the Apocalypse Bringer and an almost flattened human head.

“We couldn’t kill it, but we’ve restrained it using the key’s power, so it shouldn’t be able to cause more trouble.”

“…Impressive indeed.”

Sehan couldn’t help but truly admire her.

The crushed Outer God there was Noth Ithic, the ruler of all Tinadloss.

Jisoo had suppressed an entity that stood high even among Outer Gods in terms of combat power.

“Hmph, same goes over here.”

Grumbling, the demon Beelzebub approached after witnessing Sehan’s fall.

And beside him stood Rin.

“The Outer God called Diendre has also been sealed by sister Jisoo.”


Rin’s comment clearly didn’t sit well with Beelzebub, who had been interrupted by Rin in the midst of battle.

Of course, with Jisoo present, he refrained from further complaints.

‘The remaining Outer God is Shub-Niggurath… Lucifer must be handling that one.’

Sehan was relieved by the thought.

If, in addition to Azathoth, the three Outer Gods had also pounced, the situation would indeed have been dire.

“Then, oppa. About that one…”

Jisoo, still embracing Sehan, looked up at Azathoth in the sky.

To human eyes, he would have looked no larger than a dot, but everyone present—me, Jisoo, Rin, even Beelzebub—could see him clearly.

Likely even Lucifer, who wasn’t here, would have noticed Azathoth’s arrival.

With our mouths shut tight, we watched Azathoth.

He was slowly descending towards the ground.

“The Giant King has been defeated!”

“We’ve won! We actually won!”

Unaware of Azathoth’s presence, Earth’s players shouted in joy.

It was a natural reaction as the body of Ymir, which had suddenly materialized, began to disintegrate.

The demise of the Giant King who led the publisher signified the downfall of the publishers.

Unlike Earth’s players, those who fought alongside the publishers couldn’t hide the despair on their faces.

“Can we win?”


Sehan shook his head in response to Jisoo’s quiet question.

Even if viewed favorably, our condition wasn’t good.

Sehan was depleted of divinity after fighting both Ymir and the system.

Though he barely managed to hold on thanks to merging with Idra, keeping consciousness was the most he could do.

Engaging in another fight was out of the question.

‘Jisoo probably isn’t in great shape either.’

Jisoo had spent most of her time in the gap between worlds.

Even though she had returned with the power of a demon king, her condition couldn’t have been good.

She was merely not showing her discomfort to Sehan.

“Even I can’t handle that.”

Beelzebub didn’t look well either.

Under normal circumstances, he would have pounced on succulent prey, but clearly, with someone like Azathoth, such remarks didn’t spring forth.

“I wonder what task Ymir tasked him with?”

“I understand it’s about recovering the system… but beyond that, I’m not sure.”

While we remained stiff, the surroundings took on a festive mood.

Celebratory screams echoed as everyone let loose their excitement.

The joy of overcoming the publisher and being freed from the ‘game.’

Their suppressed shouts of liberation rang out.

But gradually, those shouts began to fade.

One by one, they noticed the figure of a boy descending from the sky.

“What’s that?”

The entity with the innocent face of a boy.

Innately, players recognized that it was nothing more than a facade.

Sehan too felt nauseous as he remembered the voice of Azathoth, who’d called him ‘hyung’.

The creature had said it was ‘imitating an appropriate appearance.’

In other words, everything was merely a game to Azathoth.

“Why the sudden silence?”

Azathoth, descending slowly, smiled wryly at the suddenly quiet Earth.

Despite not being loud, the voice of the innocent boy could be heard clearly by all the players in Seoul.

“There are humans and even gods aplenty. And to think there’s a giant too. Never thought I’d witness such a rare scene. Also, congrats on defeating the publisher.”

Azathoth continued to act the part of an innocent boy, curious about humans who had broken free from the shackles of the publishers that once ruled the universe.

Despite his repulsive act, nobody dared to call out Azathoth.

“But isn’t this a shame? Right when I happened to be asked a favor by Ymir.”

“Ymir? Yes, it had to be Ymir! We’ve survived!!”

Upon hearing Azathoth’s words, the giants shouted with joy.

They thought it was all over when the Giant King’s body crumbled into ash, but such a secret tactic remained.

“Survived? Why?”


“What did you think was the request I received?”

Azathoth, grinning, stroked the system’s half with his left hand.

The all-powerful half connected to the world’s gap was absorbed into Azathoth’s body as if it melted away.

Being inherently all-powerful, Azathoth didn’t change just from absorbing half the system. It was critical that ‘the Outer God’ had gained the right to intervene in this world.

“The favor I was asked was simple.”

The giants, staring blankly at him, were kindly told by Azathoth about the ‘favor’ he received from Ymir.

Since they would soon vanish, it caused no harm to tell them.


“What does that…?”

“Ymir figured that with his death, the publisher would crumble.”

Of course, Ymir had not anticipated that Sehan would reach the core of the system.

But Ymir was very cautious.

He foresaw a ‘what if’ scenario and left a final measure in place.

“If Ymir was to die, then this world would no longer remain a utopia. The universe’s law would be defied by the birth of such beings, and those who have seen will never allow it to return to its previous state. He thought so.”

Anticipating that the new flow of things would ultimately doom the finite universe, Ymir entrusted Azathoth with a request.

“To start all over from the beginning.”


Azathoth flicked his fingers.

With the crisp sound, a very tiny sphere appeared before the giants.

“Though Ymir wanted both the system and the key recovered, honestly, I found it tiresome. Is this also one of human emotions? Hmm, curious.”

The small sphere began to expand.

Sehan immediately recognized the force contained within that insignificant black sphere.

“He really intends to erase it all.”

That was not the power of the system in use.

It was purely Azathoth’s own force. Once the sphere expanded to its limit, something terrible would inevitably occur.

“Erasing the entire universe? Is that even possible?”

“…Father could do it.”

As Beelzebub spoke incredulously, Idra responded.

Idra, who had lost consciousness up until a moment ago, crawled weakly to Sehan’s shoulder.

“Idra, are you alright?”

“Uh, yeah. I’m still dizzy, but given the situation, I can’t keep sleeping.”

“Can’t you ask that one for a favor? You said he’s ‘father,’ right?”

Jisoo sharply questioned the lethargic Idra.

“That’s nothing more than a title and doesn’t mean ‘father’ in the way humans understand. How could I possibly stop ‘father,’ who’s just started to indulge in human ’emotions’?”

“Then there’s no solution?”

“…If we accept annihilation, there might be a way.”

Shining Trapezohedron and, here, two keys.

Perhaps they could use those to extinguish the sphere.

“With the remaining power, we’d only be able to resist, I guess.”

Idra smiled weakly, and Sehan clenched his teeth.

That would mean nothing but a senseless death.

Even if we managed to stop it once, Azathoth would simply repeat the same process.

“But maybe we should still try…”

“Stop it, crow.”

Someone pressed on Sehan’s shoulder, which was trying to rise forcibly.

On his shoulder was a small woman’s hand.

A fleeting glimpse of a pure white dress.

As far as Sehan knew, there was only one person who wore such clothing.

“Azazel?! Where have you been all this time?!”

Beelzebub scowled at the woman standing behind Sehan.

After fighting fiercely with the Outer Gods, and now she appeared?

“My, are you angry?”


Azazel closed her white parasol, smirking as usual, appearing at ease even though there was a bomb overhead capable of wiping out the world.

“Let’s leave the questioning for later. I have business with the demon king.”


Beelzebub queried about her odd behavior, but Azazel paid no heed.

She simply knelt quietly before Jisoo, who was holding Sehan.

“Your Majesty.”

“What is it?”

“Pass down an order.”

The white-robed demon, Azazel, bowed her head to Jisoo.

“I am but a slothful demon of lethargy. I ask that you give me a command.”

“Why would that… What meaning would it hold?”

“It means a great deal, at least to me.”

Azazel slowly lifted her gaze to meet Jisoo’s eyes.

Jisoo sensed the fear lurking within those eyes.

The fear that had never shown in Azazel’s eyes, who always seemed composed.

It wasn’t directed at Azathoth.

“Is it because I am a demon king?”

“That’s one reason, certainly. But even without that, you hold special significance to me.”


Azazel had bestowed her blood on very few individuals.

And out of that scant few, only two had survived: the demon of envy, Abaddon, and the demon king, Han Jisoo, before her.

Azazel shared her blood with those who had a reason, who had a desperate thirst for strength.

“Because you have made me whole.”


Jisoo gazed intently at Azazel.

As Azazel was the one who gave birth to Jisoo’s demon nature, her ‘love’-sensitive self could faintly grasp Azazel’s sentiments.

Her recognition included the reason for Azazel’s fear.

“I didn’t know you felt that way. We haven’t known each other that long, have we?”

“I’m surprised myself.”

Azazel smiled gently, and diverting her gaze from Azazel, Jisoo looked up into the sky briefly.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Dispose of that thing.”

As always, Jisoo’s voice was utterly dry.

So nonchalant about it all.

“Will do, Your Majesty.”

Azazel rose from her kneeling position and looked towards Sehan.

“Could I borrow your stake for a moment, Crow?”

“Are you planning to…”


Sehan stopped, pulling the stake from the imaginary space as something swiftly sliced, shaving an edge of the stake.

“That should be enough.”

Azazel picked up a piece of the stake now resembling a dagger and secured it in her embrace. Sehan was left bewildered as the previously undamaged stake was inexplicably cut. He had no chance of even seeing what had sliced off a part of the stake.


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