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Chapter 289: The King of the Foreign Gods (1)

As the system began to connect to the crevices of the world, Sehan felt his own created world crumbling away. Though he held the power of a deity, maybe even more, all he could create were illusions. But the system could turn such feats into reality. It had the omniscient and omnipotent ability to interfere with and perceive everything. Unlike Sehan, who only held a fragmentary power in his hand, the system was starting to fully embrace it.


As the lonely red sky symbolizing the ending world shattered, tiny holes began to form. Dozens, hundreds, thousands. Countless fissures emerged, converging into a purple light.


Simultaneous with Sehan’s shout, a purple beam plummeted towards the ground. The beams fell like a torrential downpour, melting and destroying the land as if it was corroding away.

This power couldn’t simply be blocked by a barrier. Sehan hid his body beneath a massive sword, focusing the power of the key. The beams of light brutally struck the massive sword. For now, he was safe, but if the attacks continued, both the sword and he would be entirely dissolved.

“Please, Idra!”

“You always leave the tough tasks to me!”

Like the system could directly connect to the world’s fissures, Sehan also had two means to reach the crevices of the world. One was the key given to him by Lin, and the other was the Shining Trapezoheadron, crafted in imitation of the key.

Pop, pop, pop!!

Like the breaking of light bulbs that had been lit, the holes filling the sky began to disappear one by one. The power of the Shining Trapezoheadron reached out towards the sky, severing the system’s control.

[Installation 51 Percent]


As if in response, the system’s loading bar surpassed half its completion. It meant that the system’s main body had grasped more than half of the omnipotent power.


Simultaneously, an opportunity.

Would the gods favor one side?

‘Seeking the gods in this situation is laughable.’

Sehan could only snort in mockery. The being he was fighting against was a god with omnipotent power—only they lacked worshippers.

Whose prayer had he just uttered?

“Perhaps praying to you would be better.”

“Huh? What are you saying all of a sudden?”

Idra looked puzzled by Sehan’s words, and the small witch flying above his shoulder seemed quite at ease even in these circumstances. That was something about her that never changed, even as she grew infinitely closer to humans. It was probably just part of her inherent nature, which ironically gave Sehan some semblance of relief.

“Now, let’s end this in one go.”

The percentage was climbing in real-time. This was now a time attack; the goal was to end it before the system finished installing over 80 percent.

Go, go, go!!

Sehan moved his arm, causing the massive sword hovering over his head to smoothly swing. It was as if a giant had grasped the sword.

‘The target is…’ The flesh of Imir, with the purple jewel embedded in its forehead—inside was the core of the system.

If he could shatter the jewel, he would reach the core of the system.

“Human beyond the world’s mold, Kim Sehan, you will be deleted from this world.”

He had heard these words repeatedly. Facing the system, which repeated its mechanical words, Sehan unfolded his black wings and flew, accompanied by the system’s full-powered barrage.

Boom, boom, boom!!

From the jewel embedded in the system’s forehand shot out a purple beam, shattering the illusory world. These were followed by innumerable holes in pursuit of Sehan, firing beams at random, any single one of which could ‘delete’ him on contact.

With all his power focused on the sword, Sehan would evaporate without resistance if he was caught in the maelstrom.

[Installation 57 Percent]

With Sehan’s guidance, the massive sword spun like a windmill, reflecting the oncoming beams. The reflected beams broke Sehan’s world, exposing the empty void beyond.

[Installation 63 Percent]

The system’s fist punched through the air. Like breaking a glass window, the illusion shattered, and the system began to encroach further.

[Installation 69 Percent]

Objectively, there seemed no chance of victory in this fight. Sehan’s power dwindled with each system attack, but the system’s power only grew.

The system was aware of this and therefore couldn’t understand Sehan’s actions. Resistance was futile.

All he could do was move gradually closer, wielding the sword to cut through the omnipotent power.

[Installation 73 Percent]


[Installation 75 Percent]

Bit by bit.

[Installation 76 Percent]

Sehan was clearly closing the distance.

Slowly, yet steadily pushing forward without being pushed back.

[Installation 77 Percent]

By the time the system began to question ‘why,’ Sehan had already reached striking distance. How did he approach so close?

The system couldn’t comprehend it. Even though it had the power of the foreign gods in hand, how could a mere human resist the omnipotent power and reach this far?

[Installation 78 Percent]

Before the ‘god,’ the sword was raised. The massive sword pierced through the collapsing sky, soaring upwards.

The system ignored the swirling doubts within itself. What did it matter that he had approached? Rather, it was fortunate. The power Sehan had to resist the system was in the key that possessed the sword.

Now, nearly connected to the World’s Gap, it could absorb even that power.



With a cry of effort, Sehan swung the massive sword down in a vertical strike, as if to bisect the system’s form.

[Installation 79 Percent]

The system used the omnipotent power it had acquired thus far. Expelling its defiance of the world’s will, it targeted the key-infused massive sword. Once that was gone, Sehan would have no weapon left to harm the system—without the key, he might as well be considered dead to the system.



The system’s arms, charged with the omnipotent power from the World’s Gap, fired towards the sword. Wrapped in purple light, this maelstrom struck the falling sword and dissipated it in an instant.

Even coated with Orichalcum, the strongest metal known, the sword was obliterated in barely 3 seconds. Yes, just 3 seconds—a full ten times faster than the system had calculated.


Penetrating the purple radiance, a small figure appeared. He was badly wounded, yet his eyes shone brightly as ‘the human’ looked upon the system from merely a few meters away.

“Let’s end this now.”

In Sehan’s right hand was a sword. It had a rather flamboyant shape, and the system recognized that the power of the key once within the massive sword was now contained in this small one.

To begin with, Sehan had never intended to kill the system with the massive sword. It was merely a decoy. Those 3 seconds were but bait to buy perhaps the last few crucial seconds of time.


For the first time, the system experienced an unpleasant ’emotion’ rising in its chest. A discomfort gripping its heart, a feeling of unease—an anomaly. After all, what could such a small sword or Sehan without his divinity do to the system?

Using the key’s power had its limits, of course. Surely, that would be the case… If it weren’t for the fact that a pure white light wasn’t flourishing from Sehan’s hand.

The Blasphemy Sword, Fragarah.

Within the sword resided the authority of Lin—the judgment sword, Paekya (White Night).

“Do you also possess emotions?”

The white flame of judgment grew stronger, rapidly increasing as Sehan’s remaining divinity and the key’s power, along with the Shining Trapezoheadron’s power, merged into it. The system’s pupils perceptibly reflected a significant ’emotion’ this time.


[Installation 79.9 Percent]

Right before reaching 80 percent. Had it been just one second later, the system would have become untouchable.

“You were never a god after all.”


The white sword penetrated the purple jewel. It cleaved through everything—the giant king, the system’s power, and the line connected to the World’s Gap.

Crackle Crack!!


An inarticulate scream erupted from the system. Could this be a loss? The system that symbolized the world’s laws? Holding nearly omnipotent power in its grasp?

‘Where’s the system core?’

The immense pressure from the shattering jewel clenched Sehan’s teeth. It was merely a breach in empty space, yet he struggled to breathe. Unlike the small gap he created by breaking the status window, now a colossal fissure opened before him, large enough to swallow several humans—the World’s Gap connected by the system. Within it lay the system’s core.

The being once called a god forcibly drawn through it.


Idra extended her hand, indicating the end of the black space. Following her indication, a small path formed, revealing the core’s location.

“Thank you!”

Without delay upon confirming it, Sehan leaped into the black space. Having just shattered the jewel to throw the system into a groggy state, it would soon recover its condition being still connected to the World’s Gap. Sehan had to destroy the system’s core before that happened.


He had only placed a single arm in when he calculated the digits. The pain then was terrible, but nothing compared to what he felt now. An ordinary person would have died of shock on entry from the excruciating agony that now assaulted Sehan.

‘I can do it.’

Yet Sehan continued to advance. He followed the path Idra marked out, heading for the core. He had never been born with immense talent like Rin or Jisu. His power now, too, was nearly a product of coincidence, born of the convergence of Idra’s aid and various encounters. He had possessed only a minuscule amount of power from the start—except for one thing.


This was why Idra first took an interest in Sehan. It was the power he could confidently present. Only one thing had ever been able to break his spirit.

‘The ones I hold dear.’

Just as the Mad King had experienced.

Nothing else could shatter Sehan’s spirit. And now, holding the white-blazing Fragarah, Sehan stood before the core.

‘Just a marble, huh?’

The core was no bigger than a human head—a small orb that had manipulated the universe, ‘the system’s’ core. Did Imir ever know the truth? Now it was an unanswerable question.


Without hesitation, Sehan thrust Fragarah at the orb before him. The judgment sword split the orb, cleaving it in half. Originally, he would have used a ‘stake’ to shatter it, but first, the barriers surrounding the sphere needed breaching.

Now, to complete the destruction with the stake…

“Wow, this is quite a surprise.”


The moment the system’s core was supposed to be destroyed, an unfamiliar voice sounded from behind Sehan.

It wasn’t Idra’s voice. Currently, Idra was perched on Sehan’s shoulder, her eyes wide in shock.

Sehan swiftly turned around, and before him stood a boy with a mischievous smile.

“Who could have imagined you’d actually make it this far? Even though the system wasn’t perfect yet, it’s truly amazing, brother.”

Sehan wanted to say something, but sound had no presence in this space.

Neglecting the pain, it was the fact that ‘sound’ itself wasn’t possible.

“Ah, can humans not speak here?”

“Father, what are you doing here? And that tone…?”

“This age’s human form seemed fitting. How about it? It’s my first time conversing with humans, so I’m trying to fit in. What do you think?”

Idra silently stared at the seemingly carefree boy. Her tightly clenched hand on Sehan’s collar revealed her fear.

Even Idra, who had faced the system with indifference, was now…

“Anyway, did you ask what I was doing?”

Conversely, the boy was entirely at ease.

“It’s because of a promise made to the Giant King.”

With those words, the boy smiled softly and slowly raised his right hand. Sehan instinctively reached for the halved core of the system.



Sehan couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. His vision flared, and suddenly, he was tumbling through the air.

‘Where am I?’

This wasn’t the World’s Gap. He was met with familiar air and a clear blue sky. Sehan opened his eyes wide, immediately spread his wings, and righted his posture.

‘When exactly…?’

Sehan was now on Earth. At the sensation of something happening, his world had shattered in an instant, and he was cast out of the World’s Gap.

“Wow, impressive, brother. You immediately realized that the core was what I was after.”

Just as Sehan steadied himself, there was the boy floating in front of him. In his right hand was the system’s core that had been in the World’s Gap moments ago—half of it suspended in mid-air.

“And on top of that, you managed to take half of it in a confrontation with me. Praise well deserved.”

Moreover, that power was gradually being absorbed by the boy. There seemed only one being Sehan knew capable of such a feat.

“Imir asked for a complete retrieval, but perhaps half will suffice?”

The ruler of all foreign gods.



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