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# 288

Human Sword (4)

While Sehan was battling the system, Xiangguan Yuan had arrived at the Great Wall with Baldur. The secret facility they had constructed was luckily untouched by invaders, though it had been significantly damaged by the shock waves caused by the descent of the constellations and giants to Earth.

‘What should I do now?’

Yuan looked at the destroyed facility in despair. The passageways leading to the sword had all collapsed, making it tough to even check if the sword was unharmed. In this state, even if Sehan requested to use the sword, transporting it would be impossible.

“…Is this the sword?”

“Do you see something?!”

Yuan quickly turned to Baldur, who had spoken with a grimace on his face. Because they were on the surface, it was impossible to see the sword buried underground. However, Baldur could see it due to his ability to see through the earth.

“Yes, I can see it. Such a gigantic sword wasn’t even seen during the mythical era.”

“Is it intact?”

“Mm, the sword is completely unscathed. It wouldn’t have been damaged by a shock of this level. How on earth was it made?”

Baldur was genuinely curious. Not only was the construction of such a massive sword remarkable, but the fact that it was coated with orichalcum was particularly intriguing. Where could all that orichalcum have come from?

However, Yuan did not answer Baldur’s question. More accurately, he couldn’t. He was in the midst of sending a message to Sehan.

“Fortunately, China has successfully repelled the attack of the Publisher. But the sword is buried underground, making it difficult to send it to your location.”

Yuan penned the message and immediately transmitted it to Sehan. Kim Tae-hoon, observing Yuan, asked on behalf of his God.

“Did you send a message to Kim Sehan?”

“Yes. It seems the Giant King has gone directly to Korea, so a reply might not come immediately…”


Contrary to Yuan’s expectations, the reply came right away.

“I will send a split body there.”

“A split body?”


Before Yuan could even grasp the meaning of the message, a small space opened up right in front of him. It was Sehan’s commonly-used skill, Void Space.


From the small space emerged a diminutive woman in a black and red witch’s outfit with blonde hair, her stature reduced to that of a fairy. Though she was small, Yuan instantly recognized who she was.

“Lady Idris?!”

“Sehan is currently battling the system, so I have come in his stead.”

“Is Lady Idris alright?”

“My main body is still with him. This here is but a phantom, a split body made of illusion.”

Idris, crossing her arms and smirking, was unmistakably herself. Yuan was momentarily taken aback, but since she was a deity, not a human, he decided to just accept it. His attention was more concerned about Sehan, who was fighting the ‘system.’

Yet it was Baldur who reacted before Yuan could ask.

“What?! The crow is fighting the system?!”

“Oh, it’s Baldur. Yes. Imir has allowed the system to descend into his body.”

“It’s an astonishing turn of events. He’s pushed the Giant King to a corner…”

Baldur was genuinely amazed. The strength of Imir was something that the gods knew all too well, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been living warily within the sphere of the Publisher for so long.

Hearing the conversation between the two gods, Yuan quickly grasped the situation and looked sharply at Idris.

“But, Lady Idris, there must be a reason you sent your split body here?”

“Ah, as expected. You’re quick-witted.”

“Of course. If it were just a matter of conveying a message, a note would have sufficed.”

“Indeed. I came here to ascertain the situation and to move the sword.”

“Through Void Space?”

At Yuan’s words, Idris slowly nodded.

“I was originally planning to just transport it, but since Baldur is here, maybe Sehan sent this child here with that in mind.”


Kim Tae-hoon felt uneasy when he was pointed out. Sure, it was Sehan who sent him to China, but what did that have to do with the current situation?

While that was a separate matter, Baldur, Kim Tae-hoon’s deity, seemed to understand the meaning behind Idris’s words, as he chuckled.

“Ahh, indeed. He created a reason for me to descend here.”

“Given that you cherish your avatar, you were sure to come.”

“Plus, you thought I’d be interested in the crow’s affairs.”

“After all, if you’re a god, you can’t just sit idly by when such matters arise.”

Idris tapped Baldur’s shoulder with her tiny hand as he nodded his head. It was a comic scene, but Yuan was having trouble understanding how things were unfolding.

“Does this mean you are going to help extract the buried sword?”

“It seems this little deity expects more than just that.”


Yuan didn’t understand their conversation.

Extracting a buried sword?

The thought that a god could do such a thing hadn’t crossed his mind.

But that was underestimating beings entitled to call themselves ‘gods’. Even if Sehan himself did not acknowledge them as deities, they appeared infinitely omnipotent to human eyes.

“I’ll make sure to collect this debt from the crow later.”

In response to Yuan’s questions, Baldur spoke with a solemn voice, although his face could not hide his excitement. There was no help for it. His actions were being observed by countless gods through the Observer. For gods who loved to be noticed, this was a greater reward than any.


Baldur drove his fist into the ground. As his fist impacted the earth, the ground cracked like a spider web, and golden light began to emit from the crevices.


A thunderous roar resounded, and the ground began to crumble. Yuan let out a small shriek, but Idris lightly lifted him and Kim Tae-hoon into the air, saving them from falling with the collapsing ground.

Thanks to that, Yuan could closely witness the miraculous scene unfolding before him.

‘Goodness gracious…’

Yuan knew Baldur was a formidable god from the time he had slain the giants. Kim Tae-hoon alone, as his avatar, possessed overwhelming physical abilities and remained unscarred by any attack.

But Baldur’s power was of a different nature.

It was the first time the designation ‘god’ felt so appropriate.

“A bit heavy indeed!”


The enormous sword that had been buried in the earth, easily a couple thousand meters long, was now being lifted by Baldur from below.

Yuan knew better than anyone how heavy the sword was. To see a deity of a human size lifting it evoked images of Atlas carrying the heavens.

“Very well, just a bit heavy indeed. So, what am I to do with this, Idris!”

“Wait. I will signal from the other side once I assess the situation.”

Idris was nervously observing Sehan fighting the system. It was uncertain whether ‘the almost perfect’ system would show a weakness. But Sehan was slowly chipping away at the system’s barrier, holding on.

A tiny gap.

A very small opening would be enough to pull ‘the nearly perfect’ system down to ‘imperfection.’ After all, Sehan must have been thinking the same.

And then, like a miracle, an opportunity arose.

The system opened ‘a crack in the world’ to eliminate the persistently resisting ‘evil.’


With Idris’s shout, Baldur raised the hilt of the sword he was shouldering and aimed it at a specific spot.

Straight up at the center of the blue sky, where the red heavens had vanished.

“Open the passage, Idris!”

With Baldur’s cry, a gigantic black space began to open in the blue sky.

This was Sehan and Idris’s signature skill, Void Space.

A gap that should not be there, connecting this world to someplace else.

Baldur threw the thousand-meter-long sword towards the gap.

The golden bracelet on his arm, boasting a bright gold color, was clearly shining. It was the manifestation of his mythological skill and divine power.


In Norse mythology, Baldur is the second son of Odin and the god of light. He was known as ‘The Shining One’ and celebrated as the most perfect among all the gods.

Yes, he was the most radiant deity.

And he had the power befitting his title.

The power to hurl anything at the speed of light – all of Baldur’s abilities are derived from this divine power.

The reason Kim Tae-hoon, his avatar, possesses overwhelming speed and strength is due to this as well.

To withstand the speed of light.


At Baldur’s call, the giant sword vanished from sight – at least, that’s how it appeared to Yuan. Leaving behind a golden afterimage, the sword, flying at the speed of light, entered the Void Space.

And faster than the system could register, it pierced the colossal flesh at the heart.





Imir’s body had become over 20 kilometers in size, but the massive sword was ample to pierce through his heart, weakened from Sehan’s continuous attacks and unable to deflect the light-speed sword.

“An unexpected hit caused a delay.”

The first occurrence of an error.

Even in an unanticipated situation, the system quickly searched for a way to overcome the current condition.

“Deleting foreign substance.”

The system tried to ‘delete’ the sword that was embedded in its chest by grabbing it with both hands.

However, Sehan’s hand touched the hilt before it could proceed.

“That’s not happening.”

A light ignited from the golden crown floating above Sehan’s head, and part of the key’s power flowed into the sword. If the key’s power was infused into the sword, even the system wouldn’t be able to delete it.

That was also why the system couldn’t directly delete Sehan.

“Changing plan.”

When the sword could not be deleted, the system immediately threw the embedded sword, aiming at Sehan.

The sword flew towards Sehan, but he reached out towards it.


The sword, as if grabbed by someone, stopped abruptly in mid-air.

Of course, Sehan was the one who had caught it.

He had created an invisible, gigantic hand using illusions to intercept the sword.

“Detecting critical damage. To recover the body, loading save data from 1 minute ago.”

No sooner had the system spoken than the chest that was blasted open was instantly restored.

To be precise, it ‘reverted to a previous state.’

For Sehan, who had planned to capitalize on the wound, it was a frustrating setback.

‘He’s not rewinding time; he’s overlaying his body with his saved self from 1 minute ago.’

If the system had interfered with the world to reverse time, Sehan could have used the key to counter it.

However, the system simply pasted a copy of itself from 1 minute ago, leaving no room for intervention or resistance.

“If the core isn’t destroyed, it can never truly be killed.”

“That seems likely.”

Sehan quietly watched the system.

After recovering its physique, the system began to install ‘the crack in the world’ into itself again.

‘I must not block the install. At least not before a little more than just before…’

But it also couldn’t be fully connected.

Then the illusion Sehan had created would break, and the Earth would be doomed.

‘There’s only one chance.’

Sehan slowly raised his arm, and the giant sword followed the trajectory of his arm.

Now Sehan had to walk a fine line.

To reach the origin of the system, it must be connected to ‘the crack in the world.’

But if it’s fully connected, it’s all over.

‘It feels like I’m playing with words.’

A wry smile crept across Sehan’s face as Idris flicked her finger at him, displaying a small loading bar in front of him.

The current loading bar showed 20 percent.

“50 percent is the point where the system can’t forcibly close ‘the crack in the world’ and the origin gets connected. If it exceeds 80 percent, the world you’ve created will disintegrate.”

“That’s easy to understand.”

Sehan took a breath, steadied himself, and began to fly slowly towards the system, with the giant sword trailing behind like a battleship.

“Using the power of ‘the crack in the world,’ it will completely eliminate the enemy.”

With a mechanical notification, space warped, and a bizarre construct took shape.

It could now interfere with Sehan’s illusion as it connected to the origin.

This scenario was anticipated.

That’s why the sword was created.

To have a weapon that wasn’t subject to any interference, imbued with the power of the key.

A human sword that could slice through the great Giant King’s flesh.

The more the system connected to ‘the crack in the world,’ the more Sehan’s constructed world crumbled.

The red sky opened, and a large cubic black object fell towards Sehan, with chains, like the ones Imir wielded, following him through the opened space.

Monstrous constructs created by broken space seemed ready to devour Sehan any moment.

“Here it comes!”

At Idris’s outcry, Sehan moved his hand.

He slashed through the massive object falling from the sky and severed the pursuing chains.

After breaking the monstrous constructs that were closing in from both sides, he swung his arm widely.

Then, the massive sword swung horizontally towards the system’s neck.


Before it could contact the neck, the system raised its right arm to block it.

The barrier shattered like paper, and the sword embedded halfway into the system’s arm.

“Detecting damage. To recover the body, loading save data from 1 minute ago.”

As soon as the sword was pulled out, the system immediately repaired the wound.

‘Fortunately, the maximum time it can recall is limited to 1 minute.’

If that wasn’t the case, it would have restored a time before the barrier was weakened.

However, that would only be the case before it fully connected to ‘the crack in the world.’

Once it exceeded 80 percent, the limitations would disappear.

[Install 42 percent]

It’s close to 50 percent.

Sehan narrowed his eyes and flicked his fingers lightly.

It seemed a second sword would be needed.

[End of Chapter 288, Human Sword (4)]


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