Return To Player Chapter 286


Return To Player

# 286

286. The Sword of Humanity (2)

The stake that bestows death.

An object created solely for the purpose of killing immortals.

The external goddess of dreams and illusions, the Dream Witch Idris, had spent an almost eternal amount of time to craft this trump card.

The moment the stake was pointed at Ymir’s face, such information fleetingly crossed his mind. Ymir considered it a critical threat, something he had learned about during his investigation into the death of Nyarlathotep.

Among the giants, Ymir was the only one who had reached the realm of ‘Immortality.’

Like other external gods, the concept of death was non-existent to Ymir.

Not that it had never existed, but rather, it was forcibly removed when he became an agent of the system.



Sehan clicked his tongue as the stake rebounded in the air, sparking flames.

Sure enough, Ymir knew about it.

That’s why a thick barrier was always deployed around his body, capable of stopping the stake.

A barrier not like any ordinary one, but like the ‘firewall’ of the system.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know about it?”

How could he not know? It was merely an experiment.

Yet, as expected, the stake could not penetrate Ymir’s barrier.

Without power to shatter the laws of the world, that barrier could not be breached.


Following Ymir’s gesture, black chains soared towards the void.

Not just that but around Ymir, purple flames spread out, and a baptism of fire began to pour down like rain.

“That lunatic!”

There weren’t only his forces present, but also the troops of Publisher and players from Earth.

Unable to restrain his curse as attacks fell indiscriminately on friend and foe, Sehan was incensed.

‘Is this a challenge?’

With power, counter power.

Sehan spread his hands to the sides, opening a multitude of voids in the air that swallowed all the descending baptism of fire.


As the baptism of fire ceased, Sehan clapped his hands together.

With that, the voids began to disappear one by one, revealing a huge hole right in front of Ymir.


And as Sehan flicked his finger towards the hole, flames erupted out as if they had been waiting for the signal.

Boom, boom, boom!!

The flames, a combination of the same purple flames that Ymir had just used, struck his towering form. Ymir’s massive body swayed from the impact, yet given its colossal size, it was merely a bit of shaking.


Yet for Ymir, this was a humiliating affair.

“An insignificant human wielded power too great for his own good!”

What Ymir was now employing was the manipulation of reality using the key – when combined with massive divine power and mana, it almost attained omnipotence.

A power akin to the creation of heaven and earth.

Lightning fell from the skies, earthquakes erupted with a mere gesture, and vast tornadoes connecting earth and heaven appeared.

Using the system’s intervention to continually impose penalties, no beings in this universe could withstand it.

So it had been until now.

‘Why isn’t it working?’

However, his opponent countered without hesitation.

The power of the key that adjusted the laws of the world. Even an omnipotent-like power of reality manipulation didn’t work against him.

Sehan utilized illusions to likewise turn ‘non-existent’ things into reality.

In some ways, it was similar to reality manipulation. In fact, this was arguably stronger.

As long as his imagination reached, and as long as there was sufficient divine power and mana available, there were no limits to the illusions Sehan could manipulate.

Beep, beep, beep!

As beams of purple light poured down from the heavens and massive earth spires attempted to crush him like a bug, Sehan’s power countered and neutralised each attempt.

The beams of light were swallowed by the voids, and the earth flattened out.

Lightning falling from the sky, and storms that would wipe out everything.

‘He cannot be defeated.’

Ymir began to feel a growing anxiety within himself.

Even with his enlarged physical form, he couldn’t crush this small world.

Against an opponent who also held a key, Ymir found his power had limits.

The system’s authority didn’t work properly, as the damned being had merged with a god from an external universe.

‘What should I use to defeat him?’

For the first time in his life, Ymir faced an uncertain question.

The authority he possessed.

The power he held.

Even before these things to which everyone bowed their heads, the opponent did not fall.


For the first time, Ymir felt something akin to frustration.

Despite having carefully guided the situation, everything was turning topsy-turvy.

The fact that he couldn’t kill the person in front of him who had overturned his plans.

The bitterness of knowing his trusted system authority could not reach his opponent ignited in Ymir’s chest like flames.

“Enough, I say──!!”

Their powers clearly antagonized each other.

But that was precisely the problem.

It didn’t make sense that they were equal.

[Penalty is imposed on player Kim Sehan.]

[Penalty is imposed on player Kim Sehan.]

[Penalty is imposed on player Kim Sehan.]


[Penalty is imposed on player Kim Seh…]


[Pla… Seh…]

Above Sehan’s head, a golden crown shone, and one by one, the notifications filling the air disintegrated. Even the system’s authority could not overcome him, and Ymir was forced to turmoil.

By now, the system had realized it could no longer impose penalties on him.

‘If it has come to this…’

There was only one method left.

There was no more time to waste.

Now was the time for Ymir to engage with a determination to risk everything.


From the gem on Ymir’s forehead, purple radiance burst forth, and the black chains that had been chasing Sehan coiled around his own body.

“King of Giants Ymir commands.”

It was a choice he would never have considered if he was in his right mind.

But as more time dragged on, it was clear that he would be the one disadvantaged.

Those he trusted, the external gods, were now flustering at the hands of demons.

And was that all? With the coming of the Goddess of Justice, they began to be overwhelmed.


That detestable god would probably just sit back and enjoy the fight if he had not been ordered to fight in human form.

Other external gods falling doesn’t matter to him – Azathoth would simply observe.

He would only act in the last moment, as promised to Ymir.

‘Yes, truly the very last….’

A final and worst-case strategy that Azathoth had prepared for Ymir in the event that Publisher were to be defeated.

Ymir sincerely hoped that such a measure would not have to be taken.

Even if he had to lose everything.

“Consume me.”

The black chains tightened around his body with a crushing sound.

The chains embedded into his flesh, transforming into tattoos as they spread over his body, reaching the gem on his forehead.

Using the power of the key he held and everything he had achieved as the King of Giants Ymir, he was determined to kill Sehan.

If he could defeat everyone here, Publisher could somehow be rebuilt.

The patterns of the black chains surrounded the purple gem on his forehead, and myriad notifications began to resound in Ymir’s ears.

[System base contact initiated.]

[Connecting to the World’s gap.]


Just like a player.

As the notifications sounded, Ymir’s eyes faded to a stark white and disappeared.

[Entities defying the Order of the Universe will be deleted.]

It was the will of the world, devoid of reason or emotion, that consumed Ymir’s consciousness known as ‘I’ or ‘Myself.’

What remained was only the will of the world.

A colossal puppet moved in accordance with the system’s wishes.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!!

The world began to quake.

Not just a simple trembling of the land.

The very being of the world vibrated and shook.

The first to feel it was Idris, who had anchored Ymir’s body with a Shining Trapezohedron.


With a startled cry, the Shining Trapezohedron fell from above Idris’s head.

“Be careful! It seems he’s resolved to become one with the system completely!”

“Is that even possible?!”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen it before. But since they’re a race born from the system, there’s no reason they couldn’t.”

If humans could merge with gods, then it made sense that giants derived from the system could do the same.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!!

The already massive form of Ymir, which towered over a thousand meters, started to grow even larger.

If left unchecked, not only would the entirety of Seoul be crushed beneath his foot, but a single step might even obliterate the Korean peninsula.

“Idris, can you trap that thing in an illusion?”

“…And if I can’t?”

“We’re screwed.”

“Such an unpleasant thing to say.”

Idris yanked Sehan’s ear and narrowed her eyes at him.

Seeing her expression, Sehan grinned.

“With two keys at our disposal, shouldn’t it be possible?”

“Don’t be too cheeky with your words if it’s not your job to do!”

“If it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t have spoken so casually either.”

The Goddess of Dreams and Illusions, Idris, spoke.

Dreams and illusions can reach anywhere.

Sehan seemed to understand her meaning, sealing his lips in firm resolution.

Then he sighed with a look of discomfort on his face.

“I guess I have no choice but to try. Prepare yourself. I’ll have to pull a lot from your power.”

Once again, the Shining Trapezohedron rose into the void.

Hum, hum, hum!

Nyarlathotep’s fake key, which emulated this world’s key yet was almost as real, and the half of the key that Sehan received from Rin began resonating.

But at the same time, Ymir’s body doubled in size.

Due to this, those fighting on the ground were forced to evacuate without warning because if they didn’t, they would certainly be crushed to death by his step.

Currently, the only ones oblivious to the situation and still fighting were Jisu, alongside the demons and external gods.

“Hurry up!!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

Together with Idris’s scream-like shout, the light on Sehan’s crown grew more intense.

Sehan could feel it. The two forms of authority filling him up now.


As if waiting, Idris called out his name.

Although she offered no explanation, Sehan realized what he needed to do.

Slowly lifting his right hand, he crossed his middle and thumb fingers.


A blinding white flash consumed his sight.

He could feel the divine power dwindling significantly, his consciousness reeling for a moment.

‘Succeeded, right?’

Blinded by the bright light, Sehan’s vision was slightly blurred.

Blinking a few times, he realized he was no longer in Seoul.

“Is Ymir?”

Did he successfully pull him in?

If not, Seoul, and likely Korea, would have been destroyed.

“Eh, yes. It seems we’ve pulled him in correctly.”

Idris’s nervous voice reached his ear.

Her gaze was directed upwards, as if looking at a steep cliff.

“Oh wow…”

Instantly, Sehan remembered the illusion of Idris descending to Earth.

Idris, who grew so large that she could hold stars in her hand. Of course, she was much smaller now, but still several thousand meters tall.

“How many meters is that?”

“Roughly 20 kilometers.”

Stunned by Idris’s ability to estimate the size at a glance, Sehan was momentarily speechless.

‘Standing idle would nearly touch the ozone layer?’

It was a dizzyingly immense size, almost laughable.

The problem was, not all of him had grown to that extent.

“If we leave it unchecked, it will grow larger than stars.”

“There’s really no moderation with this guy.”

“Indeed not.”

[Environmental change detected. This location is an extradimensional world. Judgement: External God Intervention.]

System notifications filled the air.

It sounded like a mere ‘alert,’ but Sehan clearly perceived it as language.

[Identified ‘External God’ interfering with Giant King Ymir’s original form.]

The white-blinded eyes of Ymir turned towards Sehan.

Merely looking at his massive form gave a choking feel of overwhelming pressure.

[It has been judged that you should not exist in the current universe. Following King Ymir’s request, you will be removed.]

It was akin to the notice of a quest repeated several times.

As if being instructed to kill a monster or boss.

‘…I should probably send a note to the UN now.’

Sehan had anticipated that Ymir would borrow the power of the system in his impatience.

Though he hadn’t expected this situation, the resolution to settle the issue was the same.

Only pure black and white, existing solely for the universe.

Now only one step remained to topple the system.


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