Return To Player Chapter 284


Return To Player

# 284 Final Battle (3)

On the brink of falling into a chasm of despair under the forces of giants and stars, along with numerous players from other dimensions, the Earth was now witnessing a reversal of situations.

The descent of numerous gods from the sky had begun to flaunt their power against foes humanity couldn’t contend with by themselves.

In England had arrived Nuada from the Tuatha Dé Danann.

In Europe had come Odin of Asgard.

In Greece, Zeus from Olympus.

And many more gods had descended to the Earth, turning the tide against the forces of the Publisher.

No matter how strong the giants were, or how many constellations held divinity, compared to gods they were insufficient.

Moreover, most of the giant forces had descended in Korea, leaving giants in other countries helplessly overpowered.

“Bal, Baldr…”

Known as the most perfect god, the deity with the title ‘The Shining One’.

His hand pierced through the chest of a giant.

“You, you fools, even with this, destruction cannot be…”

“Be silent.”


The moment his arm shone brightly, the giant’s body turned to ash and dispersed instantly.

Shangguan Yuan, along with Kim Taehoon, could only silently witness this overwhelming and wondrous scene.

Baldr, upon arrival, literally annihilated dozens of giants in an instant.

Whenever his body flashed, the bodies of giants were torn apart, even though each one bore divine stature.

‘Are, are we alive?’

Having shaken off the guard of giants, a rain of stars destroyed half of Beijing.

Having barely held against them, now players from other dimensions had swarmed in.

Just when it seemed like the end was truly upon us, gods descended and the tables were turned.

Shangguan Yuan was overwhelmed by the rapidly changing situation.

“Are you alright, humans?”

“…Yes, but what exactly happened?”

“Hmm, merely swayed by that sly crow.”

Was he referring to Kim Sehan?

Though Yuan had heard various plans from Sehan, she hadn’t heard about one involving summoning gods.

Moreover, despite the term ‘swayed’, Baldr didn’t seem upset by it.

In fact, he appeared quite unperturbed.

“Does this mean we can win now?”

“I don’t know. We are here to enjoy this moment. The battle between the giant king and the crow is only beginning, and the outcome will soon be decided.”

“The giant king, you mean Ymir?”


The mention of Ymir snapped Yuan to attention.

What had happened with him?

Yuan promptly grabbed Baldr’s robe and asked.

“If it’s alright with you, could you help me?”

“Oh? Quite a bold child you are.”

To think a human would dare to speak to a god in such a manner.

Even Kim Taehoon, who was Baldr’s avatar, seemed slightly taken aback.

“What help do you seek? I shall consider it special.”

Fortunately, Baldr was a rather generous god, and his interest in humans had significantly grown, thanks to Sehan’s actions.

And this woman was one of that crow, Kim Sehan’s, subordinates.

Anxious to be involved in a special plan unknown to other gods, Baldr’s curiosity was piqued.

“I need to get to the Great Wall.”

“The long winding wall like a serpent?”


“And where there should I go? It’s considerable in length, you understand.”

“I will explain as we go.”

Yuan’s desperation spoke of no ordinary matter.

“You’ve hidden something there.”

Yuan flinched at Baldr’s statement.

She hesitated on whether to reveal it, but as she sought a favor, there was no room to hide.

Besides, he was clearly on the side of humans.

The god who had come to save Kim Taehoon, after all.

“Yes. There is a sword.”

A gigantic sword spanning thousands of meters, created in preparation to face the giant king.


“Kuhaha, hahaha!!”

At the sight of a monster rushing to ‘devour’ him, Diend thought with a snicker,

‘Father, it seems these are not to be underestimated’.

With a gigantic frame and muscles like armor,

And black hair flowing like a lion’s mane,

Confronting the demon of ‘Gluttony’, Belzebub, Diend was in a rather perplexing situation.

Diend, an Outer God with overwhelming physical interference abilities,

Boasted millions of teeth that could even tear space and time, and his flesh was like smoke—ordinarily untouchable.

A sweep of his hand opened a fissure, teeth ripping into Belzebub, but that was only at first.

“Your taste is lacking. Like gnawing on tough squid. Are all Outer Gods like this?”


Teeth shards from his mouth were spat out.

Not Belzebub’s, but those that had just tried to rend him amidst split space.

Though Belzebub was bleeding from where the teeth had bit, he devoured the wounds, adapting faster than they could cause him harm.

What was intended to be eaten, ate in turn.

“That power no longer works on me.”

“…Annoying abilities indeed.”



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