Return To Player Chapter 283


Return To Player

# 283

283. Final Battle (2)

Publisher and Earth.

There should have been no fight to begin with, but that was not the case anymore.

The battle that had begun with Imir’s war cry was now clashing on equal footing.

No, in fact, it was slowly being pushed back.

Constellations with divinity and giants.

They were certainly powerful beings compared to ordinary players, but the story changed when they faced demons or gods.

‘This is ridiculous.’

Loops, who belonged to the Canis constellation, was desperately swinging his claws.

The war seemed like it would end soon.

Yet, he had never dreamed the situation would turn around like this.

“To think I would bring light back to this land!!”

Ha ha ha! A jovial cry echoed through the sky as a chariot enveloped in flames split the heavens.

Demons and those who could fly tried to stop the fiery chariot, but they were helpless against it.

‘Ah, Apollo!’

As the firewall was lifted, numerous gods scattered around the world.

Apollo was one of the gods that had descended to Seoul.

A god of the highest divinity.

Only a few outside gods and a handful of giants among the publisher’s forces could directly oppose him.

“Make way.”


A cold voice reached Loops, who was watching the sun chariot soar through the sky.

Before he knew who the voice belonged to, Loops’ vision spun around.


For some reason, he saw his own body collapsing to the ground.

‘With intermediate divinity like mine, to be struck down in one blow…’

Loops, whose head had flown off, saw the face of his killer with his last breath.

It was a pallid girl, out of place on the battlefield.

She looked as if she were out for a stroll, holding a white parasol.

“You should have moved away more quickly.”

Loops’ decapitation wasn’t executed with a weapon, but simply with a casual swing of the hand.

That was enough to snatch Loops’ life away.


Azazel, leisurely walking after dealing with Loops, was addressed by someone.

As his gaze shifted, he saw Beelzebub standing there, a muscular demon with stature.

“Looks like it’s about time to move since Lucifer has summoned us.”

“Moving? Oh… Right.”

Azazel remembered ‘that thing’ he had seen before.

The singular gaze that kept watch over them.

Azazel felt distinctly the eyes of the supreme being, looking down upon everything.

‘Indeed, is that so?’

Azazel chuckled lightly.

Three foreign gods had arrived, so it could be seen as inevitable.

[How far can you grow in strength, Azazel?]

The impudent question from the girl came to mind.

‘Ah, so you had this in mind, Minsu.’

Was he supposed to take on that role?

Himself, a demon of sloth?

‘If it were before… I would have definitely refused.’

He had always found such matters bothersome.

But how about now?

Azazel had become different, having learnt what fear was.

The fear experienced from Han Jisoo, the current Demon King, had been quite the stimulus for Azazel.

“I will not go, Beelzebub.”

“What? So the three of us should confront it together? Well, I don’t mind.”

Beelzebub gazed at the three foreign gods currently being confronted by the Demon King and Lucifer.

Those who had just taken the shape of vast chunks of meat now stood tall in human form, seemingly waiting with arrogance.

“I’ve got some cheeky kid to take care of.”

“…And why is that?”

“If I am to live up to that child’s words, I might need to make an effort too.”

“You? Making an effort?”

Effort was not a word that suited Azazel.

She had everything from the moment she was born; to Lyn Taylor, and to Azazel, effort was meaningless.

‘It doesn’t seem like a joke.’

It didn’t seem like Azazel was simply refusing out of laziness.

“Hmph, I get it. You’ve always been willful, so even Lucifer will understand this time. But if you don’t properly block them, the Demon King won’t just sit idle, you know?”

Among the three outside gods, one named Shub-Niggurath was of a different caliber.

Even if Lucifer was strong and the Demon King present, it wasn’t going to be easy to block them.

“It’s alright. A proxy seems to be coming soon.”

“A proxy?”

There was no one besides the top three of the Seven Deadly Sins who could confront an outside god.

“Well, the numbers are perfect now, aren’t they? Take care then.”

With those words, Azazel quietly closed her eyes.

From her demeanor, it was clear she had no intention of continuing the conversation, which made Beelzebub smirk.

“You’re really not to my liking.”

Of course, Azazel did not respond.


‘Was it a demon?’

The Outer God, appearing as a beautiful woman.

Shub-Niggurath was looking down at the two demons obstructing her from midair.

She had casually caught hands with them, but it was clear they weren’t entities that could be easily taken down.

“Who would have thought there would be two beings with a power similar to that of an outer god?”

“That’s right.”

Diondra, now with the appearance of a man with a sharp expression, agreed with Shub-Niggurath’s remark.

They had been observing Earth’s events as mere spectators, but their indifference was challenged by the existence of the demons called “publishers.”

“Idra was always an incomprehensible one.”

“It’s natural, given he was always fond of humans, wasn’t it?”

Idra’s action of wanting to become human and not hesitating to merge with humanity was incomprehensible to them.

“Anyway, Azathoth told us not to idle around anymore, so we must hurry.”


“I was due to feed them anyway, so the timing couldn’t be better.”

At Shub-Niggurath’s statement, both Nodens and Diondra nodded in agreement.

With Azathoth’s command, they could no longer just stand by and watch.

Moreover, if the publisher lost, their universe would be affected as well.

“Now, my children, it is time to feast after a long while.”

Nodens, who joyously received Shub-Niggurath’s word, spread his arms to both sides.

Then from his body, small boil-like swellings rose and fell to the ground like fruits.

Once they landed, they wriggled and grew into grotesque monsters.

The monsters then divided and multiplied rapidly.

Dozens of newly emerged monsters were an unexpected surprise for Jisoo.

“What’s that?”

“Those are the Hounds of Tindalos. Nodens… They are Outer God’s pets, so to speak.”

To Jisoo’s question, Lucifer calmly explained.

But the Hounds of Tindalos weren’t the only problem. The other two outside gods also began summoning their monsters, including some Great Old Ones.

Seeing the number of daunting Great Old Ones grow, Jisoo frowned.

“There’s no point in a standoff; it’s a loss for us.”

“I agree.”

Jisoo gripped the Genocidal Butcher fervently.

Lucifer too unfurled his black wings and slowly rose into the sky.

‘Azazel isn’t coming then.’

As Lucifer ascended, he saw Beelzebub returning alone.

Considering he had refused the Demon King’s order, there must be a reason.

‘It could be a tough fight then.’

Lucifer took a deep breath and slowly began to draw upon his power, the Sephiroth.

As light gathered on his black wings turning them white, the gaze of the outside gods fell upon him.

And that was the signal.

“The fifth, Geburah.”

The divine judgment that burned everything shot forth, aiming at Shub-Niggurath.

The immense heat, equal to that of the sun, caused Shub-Niggurath to halt the summoning of her children and hastily raise her hand to block it.

‘This is……!!’

But before Geburah could reach her, Shub-Niggurath quickly retreated.

The flame was imbued with the concept of ‘burning’. Anything it touched would be incinerated.

As an immortal being, she would find it troublesome to come into contact with such flames.

“Annoying task.”

Shub-Niggurath was not the only one who thought so.

As the three outside gods evaded the flames of Geburah, they each landed at somewhat separate locations.

That was what Lucifer had intended—to force them apart rather than let them stay clustered together.

“I will take on Shub-Niggurath. The Demon King should confront Nodens, and Diondra can be handled by Beelzebub.”


Jisoo did not dispute Lucifer’s command.

Lucifer had profound knowledge about outside gods due to his long life.

If he had made that judgment, there must have been a reason.

Above all, Jisoo was not one to ponder deeply when making decisions.

With a thump, Jisoo made her move towards Nodens as Lucifer had instructed.

He stood there, arms crossed, as if he had been waiting for Jisoo all along.

“An interesting tactic. Do you believe engaging in separate battles will grant you victory? It appears we have been greatly underestimated.”

Nodens was one of the most combative outside gods.

He was the ruler of all Tindalos lords.

In terms of combat abilities, he was not inferior to Shub-Niggurath; in fact, he had points of superiority.

Even Yog-Sothoth could not overlook Nodens.

“It looks like you’ve chosen to confront me at that thing’s behest; a poor selection indeed. You seem like a fresh Demon King, quite the stroke of bad luck. Or, have you gotten on his bad side?”

Jisoo simply listened to his words silently, then squinted her eyes.

“You’re the type I dislike the most.”

“Oh? And what might that mean?”

“You talk too much.”

The light began to flow from Jisoo’s crimson eyes.

Divinity seeped from the crown and spread throughout her body, inscribing red patterns all over her.

With strength gripping the Genocidal Butcher, her foot stamped the ground.


The earth cracked like a spider web as Jisoo’s figure dashed in a flash to Nodens’ face.

“You’re quite impatient.”

Facing the menacing club, Nodens extended his hand.

As the lord of the Hounds of Tindalos, Nodens naturally could wield all their powers.

He essentially had the ability to twist both time and space, traversing anywhere at will.

A simple physical attack like this was nothing to him; he could easily twist it apart.


Nodens easily bent the space in the club’s trajectory, planning to destroy the weapon and its wielder through the twisted spatial plane.

However, Jisoo’s club casually passed through the twisted space as if such things simply did not exist.

Before Nodens could comprehend what happened, the club struck his waist.

Bang bang bang bang bang!!!

Like a ball hit by a baseball bat, Nodens was flung in a parabola and crashed through several buildings before smacking into the ground.

Feeling a sharp pain as he lifted himself up, Nodens, despite imitating a human body, felt a human emotion called ‘anger’ and cussed.

“Arrogant little thing!!”

“What is?”


As Nodens raised his head, he was met with Jisoo’s crimson eyes, just inches from his face.

In her red eyes reflected Nodens’ face like a mirror, and simultaneously, the club raised high came smashing down vertically.

In haste, Nodens reached out both hands.

‘This will be different.’

He first intended to manipulate time to separate Jisoo’s body from his, and then launch her into a space rift.

Nodens’ power was near omnipotent; with mere volition, he could trap entire stars within the folds of space.

A mere demon had no chance to resist such power.


But Jisoo’s body was not twisted by the manipulated time axis, nor was she flung into a space rift.

Fundamentally, Jisoo possessed an ‘irresistible’ skill.

That ability had evolved while fighting Lucifer and, after gaining the power of the crown and reaching the territory of an outside god, it had become an intrinsic part of Jisoo’s capabilities.

Nothing could halt Jisoo now, save for pure physical force.

Nodens only realized that now.

“What kind of absurdity is this…?”

For the first time, Nodens understood why humans would swear.

With that realization, the club impacted his head.

Boom boom boom boom!!!

Jisoo was already a transcendent in pure physical strength.

Even the mere aftermath of her halted swing was enough to shake the entirety of Seoul.


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