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Chapter 282: Final Battle (1)

Ymir denied the reality unfolding before his eyes.

‘That’s not possible.’

A human merging with a god as an avatar.

No one ever thought that could be possible.

No one had tried, nor was there any need to try.

Why would proud gods perform such absurd acts?

And to make matters worse, the opposition was a foreign god.

A deity from the outer universe who saw humans as bugs or dust.

Ymir knew better than anyone about the foreign gods.

They were not the kind to allow such a thing.

What, then, was before him now?

“It’s not bad. You can’t tell any changes from the outside, but something must have changed, right?”

The divine power flowing within his body and the strength of Idra felt as natural as breathing.

No longer was he choked by formidable power nor was the ability of Idra unfamiliar.

“Since we’ve merged, I’ve used some power. It’s quite a peculiar sensation, merging with another.”

Suddenly, with a ‘pop’, a small Idra appeared by his shoulder.

Roughly the size of a humanoid Observer.

Floating in the air with its arms crossed, it looked like an Observer, but it was not.

Sehan, who hadn’t anticipated even this, nodded to Idra, who made an utterly satisfied expression.

“But why are you out here?”

Like Rin and Astraea, wasn’t it normal for the personality to only take charge while observing from within the heart?

Sehan had thought that would be the case, but the Idra floating leisurely before him was completely unexpected.

“Isn’t it obvious? ‘I’ am two beings. The body constituting you right now is from my first cycle. That’s what I stepped out from while being stored and merged. Didn’t I tell you?”

“Merge… Do you mean it’s possible? Are you sure it’s done properly?”

“Yes, precisely because it’s a merge. Right now, you and I have become one. Have you forgotten? When I disguised myself to vanish in the chaos of the Demon King. Compared to that, this is much simpler.”

Sehan and Idra had merged into one.

The foundation of the body was that of Idra’s.

Idra had reconstructed Sehan’s body based on the Idra of the first cycle.

And the second-cycle self had separated and come out like this.

Even so, given it was a merge, it was right that the power of the second cycle was filling Sehan.

It was just a bit of a trick.

“Besides, it’s better if I assist when you use your powers than if you do it alone, right?”

“That’s certainly true.”

Moreover, if Idra could use power together with him, their strategic range would greatly expand.

“So, let’s continue together…”

Suddenly, the Idra who had been patting his cheeks with its palm vanished.

It disappeared so suddenly that Sehan wondered where it had gone, only to find it in Jisu’s grip.

Jisu’s face looked like she was holding a disgusting bug.

“Can’t I make it come off?”

“Well, since we’ve become one, wouldn’t it be hard? I guess we’ll separate again once this is over.”

If so, they would only have half of the foreign god’s power again.

Well, that alone was enough.

Primarily, it was vital that my body had been reconstructed with the power of Idra’s first cycle.

“Can’t I do that?”

“How could you not? You insolent thing!”

“Hey, I’m the Demon King now. Who’s being insolent?”

“Let go, let go! It hurts!”

Watching Jisu wringing Idra in her hand like a rag, Sehan felt strangely mixed emotions.

‘Hasn’t the world been on the brink of destruction until now?’

Although the situation had turned around, Jisu seemed to have no concern about such things from the start.

For her, Idra, who had become one with Sehan, was far more important.

“This-, you parasite…!”


“How dare you parasitize Sehan’s body without permission!”

Sehan had to intervene seeing as Idra might really wither away if left in Jisu’s grasp.

Moreover, it wasn’t the time to be joking around.

After rescuing Idra from Jisu’s hands, Sehan directed a cough towards Ymir, who was gazing at them with a dazed expression, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Hem-hem, anyhow… Ymir. This is the situation.”


Sehan lightly snapped his fingers.

His tattered clothes restored to their original condition.

Body, divinity, power, magic.

He had far surpassed his player days.

At that level, wasn’t he practically a foreign god?

“Kim Sehan… Do you still consider yourself human even now?”

“Yes. I’m human.”

“Ha. With such power in your hands?”

Ymir said with a stiff expression.

Sehan’s thoughts remained unchanged, though.

Kim Sehan was human.

He had human emotions and thoughts.

Just a human who was a little stronger and lived a longer life.

“As long as I think so. I’m human. Forever.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Ymir closed his eyes tightly.

How did things come to this?

Surely, Sehan Kim, who had caused such outlandish events, must have had an unforeseen plan.

But he never imagined they would be cornered like this.


Sehan spoke to him.

He was ready now.

“Let’s properly fight one-on-one. It will surely be different from before.”

Ymir was silent.

The situation was irreversible.

Therefore, the only choice left to him was clear.

He deeply realized that pondering too much would only mess things up.

“No more time to think extensively.”

Ymir muttered.

The future of the universe, the authority of the system. Now was the time to worry about nearer matters before those far in the future.

“I have always sought to keep the universe that the system governs in order and not fall into disarray.”

Countless stars were annihilated due to him, but it was unavoidable.

Protruding stones had to be broken.

And among those stones was himself.

“I believed that I should not be the one to violate the system’s authority.”

He had expanded his authority over a lengthy period, using the key.

Over time, Ymir’s power grew.

He constantly had to suppress his true power.

If he became a being that defied the system himself, the others within the Publisher sphere might follow suit.

He needed to be an example and strictly adhere to his rules.

“But… that doesn’t seem to be the case now.”

The amethyst jewel embedded in Ymir’s forehead started to glitter little by little.

It was the same as when he tried to draw out the power of his true self earlier.

“Kim Sehan, let me ask you one thing. Who do you consider as a god? You said that there is only one god.”

Sehan called those known as gods merely humans who lived a bit longer and were a little stronger.

He stated that there was only one being he could consider a god.

“Yes, there is only one god in my mind.”

The reason why Sehan of the first cycle came to the second was precisely to kill that god.

“The system.”

An entity without emotion, overseeing and maintaining all of the universe.

A transcendent something that decides stars to be destroyed and determines the future of the universe.

This system was the god in Sehan’s perspective.

Of course, in a negative sense.

A god unworthy of worship.

“As expected…”

Ymir nodded at Sehan’s answer.

Then, he stepped forward.


The man who had wished to be the agent of the gods took a step.

The earth shook violently, and Ymir’s body began to enlarge.

Growing ever closer to his true self, along with the purple light flowing from his forehead.

“Let’s finish this, Kim Sehan.”

They shared the same thought, but their paths were entirely different.

One who wanted to become an agent of the gods and one who sought to kill a god.

The ever-enlarging giant that exceeded tens of meters reached out slowly.

It was a signal that heralded war.

The army of the Publisher standing behind him, without waiting for anyone, began running in the direction of where Sehan was.

Towards the Earth’s players and the demons.


Jisu said, watching the army rushing in like a tidal wave.

Sehan slowly nodded.

“Please take care of the foreign gods.”

“And you?”

“Well, obviously.”

The still growing king of giants.

He was Sehan’s opponent.

With a nod from Jisu, who sensed Sehan’s thoughts:

“Leave the rest to me.”

Black divinity started to flow from Jisu’s crown.

The black divinity ran through her arms and into the Butcher of Constellations.

She then extended her hand forward, as Ymir had done.

Then she spoke to the hundreds of demons behind her.

“Sweep them all away.”

“We obey your command!!”

As soon as Jisu’s order fell, the demons charged at the advancing giants and the foreign god’s army. Giants and Great Old Ones with the same power as gods were overwhelming opponents for the players.

“Let’s go too!!”

Park Sung-hyeok shouted belatedly, inspired by the demons rushing into battle.

There were not only god-tier beings to contend with. Players from other worlds had also come.

They were their opponents.

“What about the constellations and the other armies!”

As Park Sung-hyeok took the lead, running and commanding, Lee Ah-young followed, shouting late.

“There’s someone in charge of that, so it’s fine.”

“In charge?”

Wondering what that meant and narrowing her eyes, a chariot wrapped in flames cut through the sky.

“What, what’s that?”

It wasn’t just the chariot.

Each armed with something, they eagerly flew forward.

They were the gods that had fallen to Seoul.

“Hahaha! Earth, I, your supreme ruler, have returned!”

They flew, laughing heartily as if they had been waiting for this moment—real combat, not a ‘game’, after thousands of years.

For them, constellations or armies were mere desserts after the struggle.

Watching the gods slaughtering the challenging foes, Lee Ah-young murmured blankly.

“But who’s the supreme ruler?”

“In my history books, he’s Ares.”

Well, as long as they could fight.


“The situation is getting interesting, Ymir.”

Someone was watching that scene from a high building, a little distance from the current battle.

The boy’s posture, seemingly having just taken a nap with a listless look, was like that of a child.

He spoke of Ymir as if he were a child himself, but anyone who knew his true identity would nod in recognition.

The pinnacle of all Outer Gods.


That was the boy’s true form.

Azathoth tapped his body while observing the battle that had commenced between the Publisher and Earth.

“Idra really is peculiar, opting for such an uncomfortable body.”

The emotions and sensations that humans possessed were merely mimicked by Azathoth, yet it was undeniably a novel experience.

It felt too unworthy, as if it were okay to continue like this.

“Nevertheless, let’s put an end to these shenanigans.”

Azathoth told the children who had been frolicking and not actively fighting.

He was now slightly curious about the power of Earth.

From an audience’s perspective, what Sehan had orchestrated was genuinely intriguing.

When else would they see demons allied with gods fighting against the Publisher?

“If this continues, I might have to clean up afterward.”

Azathoth lounged on the building, observing three foreign gods preparing to move properly.

“I’d prefer it if you would fight in human form, it’s hard to watch.”

Their current forms were mere reductions of their true selves, boring to behold. Wasn’t it what he always saw?

Azathoth wished to witness the ‘human’ battles of this place.

“Yes, that’s right… Hm?”

While he was contentedly smiling, watching the three foreign gods begin to transform into their human forms, Azathoth suddenly felt an odd gaze.

‘Is that… a demon?’

At the end of Azathoth’s sight stood a girl in a pure white dress.

Her eyes had already moved towards the other foreign gods, but Azathoth had a hunch she had been looking at him just a moment before.


Azathoth clicked his tongue dismissively and switched off his attention.

Judging by the fact that she had felt his gaze, she seemed to be a child with a sensitive perception, but that was all.

To Azathoth, another being was merely that much.

Even if they were other foreign gods.


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