Return To Player Chapter 280


Return To Player

# 280

280. The Beginning of the Reversal (3)

“Good, we’ve completely taken over the central control room.”

Minah, transformed into the appearance of Yoruem, let out a sigh of relief internally as she looked over the other giants held captive by the giant soldiers.

Though she had simulated the plan in her head numerous times, the release of tension from its actual success was undeniable.

Yet not everything was finished.


“What, what is it?”

“Oh, resisting, are we?”

Minah narrowed her eyes sharply, and the giant she had called averted his gaze with effort.

Most of the giants were subdued, but three giants stood firmly in their assigned spots.

‘These three were responsible for the firewall.’

Minah have studied the roles of the giants during her month undercover in the central control room.

These three were necessary for the operation – they operated the gate connecting to different dimensions and were in charge of security.

Minah had secretly learned how to operate it by watching them, but fundamentally, verification was needed to open the firewall.

And of course, that verification was done through the jewel embedded in the foreheads of the giants.

“Show me the situation on Earth on the screen. If you refuse… you know what will happen.”


The giant soldiers pointed their swords at the necks of the giants seated in position.

Those who had never experienced such a situation naturally turned pale.

The giants, swallowing their dry spit nervously, manipulated their devices to display the situation on Earth.


As the situation on Earth appeared on the screen, Minah was shocked.

The scene playing out was of Sehan, whom she had trusted, being overpowered by Imir.

‘Could it be, have we failed?’

For this plan to work, Sehan could not lose.

They absolutely needed to stage a scene provocative enough for the gods.

Simply being miserably defeated would provide no stimulation for the gods.

“You, you’re not Yoruem, are you?”

One giant stuttered to Minah, who was looking at the screen with shaking eyes.


“Yo, Yoruem was certainly a greedy one, but he would never stir up something like this. There’s no gain in it for him to be doing this… there just isn’t…”

As the giant spoke, the swords of the giant soldiers inched closer to his throat, and the volume of his voice gradually decreased.

Despite that, his words struck at the heart of the truth.

Yoruem was greedy and cunning, but he would never engage in such a risky endeavor for no benefit.

There was no gain in it for Yoruem.

It was unlikely that he would betray them. He was one of the giants who overestimated the power of the publisher more than anyone else.

“Indeed, no need to maintain this form any longer then.”

Minah spoke as she released the ‘transformation’ skill she had been using.

Thereupon, she reverted to the appearance of a short-haired young girl in a school uniform.

The cute human female was someone even the giants recognized.

Imir had warned them about her several times.

“Yo, you are!!”

“The avatar of the jester!”

“Yes, the avatar of the jester, Minah Lee.”

Minah waved her hand back and forth towards the surrounding, her eyes crinkling.

As long as the giant soldiers were here, they could not touch her.

“I had no idea you could transform into Yoruem…”

The giants sighed in unison.

Yoruem, being a newcomer, had little authority and could do little.

Moreover, his greedy nature meant he was in the ideal position to be the most suspected if anything went awry.

However, precisely because of that, he managed to avoid Imir’s suspicion.

By acting thoroughly greedy, he even acquired the authority to move the titan soldiers, waiting for this moment.

“Do you really think that by doing this, Earth will survive? Look! The raven you believed in has already met his end.”

The situation on Earth was, as the subdued giants shouted, in despair.

“So what should I do? Give up?”

“Yeah! If you stop this foolish act immediately, at least I will spare your life. It’s not difficult to sneak a human out to another dimension!”

The way they spoke, as if this were their opportunity, twisted Minah’s lips in disdain.

Had she planned to engage in such an act, she wouldn’t have thought of doing this in the first place.


An unfitting curse jumped from Minah’s fine lips.

“Not even a child would fall for that.”

“Then what, you plan to simply wait for death! You should be running away with this time……!”

“Why run? We’re going to win.”


Certainty filled Minah’s words.

They were not the immature outcries of someone refusing to accept defeat.

“Can’t you see that? Players can’t oppose the power of Lord Imir. If it were a player……”

“I’ve got eyes, I can see.”

In Minah’s eyes was the figure of Sehan.

He had been stripped of all his achievements and fallen to the state of an ordinary human.

Sehan, staggering to his feet, checked his status window, with a look that spoke volumes.

“I also once thought, ‘What kind of person is this?’. Petty, seemingly deep in thought, but surprisingly prone to mistakes.”

Sehan wasn’t without talent, but there were many like him to be found.

To her, he seemed just an ordinary human.

“Ready to commit despicable deeds without hesitation and showing off when he feels superior. But he never makes empty boasts.”

He had said.

The fight this time, we will win.

‘If we lose, he also said to open the gate so everyone could run away.’

But that was only the worst-case scenario.

At least for now, it wasn’t the worst situation.

The reason Minah could tell was simple.

On the screen, Sehan was smiling.

“You might take humans lightly.”

And Sehan brandished his axe.

“As weak as they are, you may see their struggles as pointless.”

His axe came down on his status window.

Battered and bloodied, he continued to do so.

Upon witnessing Sehan’s state, the giants were at a loss for words.

“You probably sneer at them as they make futile resistance.”

The shackles that the system had placed on the players.

As the status window shattered, a black-haired woman emerged.

And she opened a gate to the demon world in the crimson sky.


The demons of the demon world descended to earth, and the entire scene was captured by a spherical observer.

Countless gods from many dimensions were observing this spectacle.

The sight of Earth, a mere speck of a star, drawing its sword against the Publisher—the system’s representative.


“You lost.”

Now was the moment.

Intuitively, Minah realized it.

There was no special signal, but Minah knew the time had come for her to fulfill her role.


“……Wha, what to open……”

“Deactivate the firewall blocking all dimensional travel.”

The giant soldiers’ swords rested on the necks of the giants.

“I’ll kill you and do it myself, shall I?”


Under Minah’s cold gaze, the three giants trembled as they operated the device.

She was the woman who had disguised herself as Yoruem and infiltrated the central control room.

She would certainly know how to handle the core of a giant.

No point in resisting—doing so would only result in losing their lives in vain, as Minah said.

‘Just by deactivating the firewall, what could possibly happen?’

They merely thought that deactivating it would just remove the barrier preventing travel between dimensions.

The three giants did not expect anything significant to come from simply deactivating the firewall.


The device was operated, and the firewall that the Publisher had been managing across all dimensions was deactivated.

All the stars and countless mythological forces existing in the hypersphere were no longer controlled by the firewall.

“You know what? You’ve oppressed them too much.”

The giants looked at Minah, who was muttering quietly, with eyes indicating they couldn’t understand her.

They could not grasp what she meant by being too oppressive.

“Sehan told me, though they are called gods, they have the same emotions as humans and are just slightly stronger.”

Beings who were a bit stronger in spirit and were accustomed to living longer.

These beings had repeated the fake festivities they called games countless times over thousands of years.

They lived oppressed and manipulated by the will of the system.

But now there was a brief lapse.

“So what happens next is simple, right?”

In their view was now the ‘real’.


“Damn, we’ve already been pushed back to the second line!”

“Is it the end like this……?”


Not the strongest guild, but the overall quality of the players was high there.

However, due to the lack of major guilds or key players, the defense was easily crumbling.

If it continued like this, it was certain that the Greek players would all perish within a few hours.

“Against such monsters, damn!”

Constellations and giants.

The ordinary players had no chance against the relentless assault of divine beings.

Surrounded by the advancing armies of stars, the eyes of the players gleamed with despair.

“Hmph, such futile resistance, wasting time.”

One of the Zodiac.

The ruler of the Crab constellation, ‘Altarf,’ sneered at the humans.

His thick armor showed not even a scratch despite being attacked by numerous players.

“It seems that Altarf himself did not need to come here.”

“Yeah, that’s what I would say. But it’s quite fun to kill the people of Greece anyway.”

Altarf had a grudge against the Greeks.

He reminisced about his attempt to kill Hercules and the humiliation of dying miserably under foot.

‘Killing the humans in a region managed by Olympus is quite enjoyable.’

He was excited to see the reaction of those conceited gods if he destroyed a place where their believers once lived.

“Alright, let’s get back to work……”

“But, Altarf.”

“What? I’m in a good mood right now.”

A giant called Altarf, who was swinging a huge crab claw.

Suddenly summoned, Altarf spoke with annoyance, but the giant did not direct his gaze towards him.

His eyes were pointed at the sky.

“There, something seems odd with the sky?”

“The sky has always been weird. The Publisher has opened the gate…… huh?”

There was no sign of the red sky.

Instead, dark storm clouds suffocated the Greek sky, blocking the light.

Rumble, rumble!

The ominous clouds threatened rain, the thunderous roar reverberating through the air.

“Hey, hey, surely not.”

He knew what those clouds meant.

They weren’t natural; they were clouds of unnatural origin.

Altarf, hoping against hope, looked at the clouds, praying that they weren’t what he feared they were.



Lightning struck from the sky.

A giant standing next to Altarf screamed and toppled over.

The force was not something that could naturally come from lightning.

“Oh, Altarf, are you alright… huh?!”

Already, Altarf could not answer the giant’s words.

A thunderous golden spear, crackling with electric current, was embedded in the thick shell that even the players could not scratch.

And the man holding that spear, his golden hair glowing, exuded a divine aura so overwhelming it made breathing difficult.

Just where did such a being suddenly drop from the sky?

“Who… are you?”

This was not a player.

Certainly, he was a god. The giant was genuinely curious why a god was here.

“Me, you ask?”

The man, his entire body shrouded in lightning, pulled the thunderous spear that had incinerated Altarf as he spoke.

“I’m the leader of the Greeks.”


“That crazy fellow moved so quickly!”

“Well, he is lightning, isn’t he?”

“Sleipnir has been outrun. Even lightning can’t catch up!”

When Zeus descended to Greece along with the other gods of Olympus, the gods of Asgard, not to be outdone by Olympus, thus descended upon the Norse lands. Odin, who went by the nickname ‘One-eyed Mia’, ignited his spear Gungnir with a piercing divine flame, seemingly angry at having fallen behind Zeus.

“He’s excited.”

Observing that scene, Tyr, the god of law, chuckled lightly.

It had been such a long time since he last saw his father in such an exhilarated state.

With the end of the mythological era, once the Publisher began managing the hypersphere, he had never seen him like that.

“Am I a bit late?”


Tyr slowly turned around at the sound of a voice behind him.

A woman was standing there, flipping her flowing lavender hair.

Though the gender was different from his memory, Tyr knew very well who she was.

“Loki, why have you taken on the form of a woman?!”

“Because I feel like it. It’s my business.”

Loki covered her mouth, chuckling as she waved her hand at an old acquaintance.

To Tyr, Loki’s demeanor was loathsome, but it was too late to voice it now.

“…So, what are you doing here? You’re not the type to help humans.”

“Ah, but I’ve come to help. My avatar has stirred up such a huge event, how could I stay away as a god?”

“What, what did you say?”

Loki actually spoke of helping others. Tyr was so shocked he stammered in response.

“Besides, I can’t allow myself not to join in on such a huge incident. It’s against my pride.”

“… Yeah, that suits your personality better.”

Watching Loki stride forward energetically, Tyr thought of the king of giants.

‘You sought to create a utopia, but such a thing doesn’t exist.’

He was prudent but did not let go of his arrogance.

Tyr knew the outcome.

Like the end of the mythological era.

The end of the utopia built by the Publisher approached.


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