Return To Player Chapter 279


Return To Player

# 279

The Beginning of the Reversal (2)

The first to notice the anomaly in the sky were the observers.

Adjacently positioned against the red sky, they couldn’t help but feel perplexed by the appearance of a new black rift that began to cover the massive fissure created by the Publisher.

Naturally, the community was in uproar.

In the videos being uploaded in real-time, comments were exploding over the sudden emergency.

[What’s up with that gate???]

[What’s going on, it’s covering the Publisher’s gate.]

[Is that even possible?]

The Publisher was able to control everything because Eimir, having mastered half of the key, was acknowledged by the system as a being of power. There was no one in the current universe who could defy the power of Eimir.

And yet, here was a completely new gate beginning to open, overshadowing the one Eimir had created.

Furthermore, this gate was much larger than the one opened by Eimir.

[Does anyone know where this leads?]

[Who even opened that gate in the first place?]

[It looks like it’s that person who just appeared out of nowhere.]

[Are they even human?]

The gods observing the Earth’s situation all thought the same.

What mattered more, however, was the identity of the extraordinary being who had caused such an event.

A woman appeared suddenly in Sehan’s status window.

[Ah, I feel like I know who it is but I can’t remember. Is it just me?]

[Me too. What’s going on?]

The gods would not have been oblivious to the existence of a being with such power.

But their memories remained stubbornly elusive.

The woman had black hair and crimson eyes and above her head was a black crown that even the gods were seeing for the first time.

What was the identity of this woman?

The answer sprang from her own mouth.

[She calls herself the Demon King?]


How long had it been since a Demon King had vanished from the demon world?

Ever since a ‘key’ had been assigned to the demon world long ago, there had never been a birth of a Demon King.

In practice, the Devil of Pride, the de facto top rank in the demon world, had taken on that role.

And now, a Demon King?

[Eh, does that even make any sense?]

[But… otherwise, why would the Giant King have such an expression?]


Eimir, as reflected in the observers’ feed, wore a genuinely flustered look.

It was the first time the Giant King had been seen with such an expression.

[Is this really going to cause a big problem?]

After all, this had moved beyond the category of a ‘game.’

And to prove it, from the gate connected to the demon world, black beams of light began to fall toward the ground.

At first, there were three.

Then, following them, hundreds of beams of light started to descend.

The sight left countless players, giants, constellations, and gods staring in dumbfounded silence.

Even the foreign gods slaughtering people stopped in their tracks, stunned by the sudden turn of events

Their eyes witnessed the descent of fallen angels with black wings.

Monsters with bodies as colossal and muscular as giants.

A girl like a flower dressed in a pure white dress.

It wasn’t necessary to explain who they were.

They were the three mighty demons from among the seven Great Sins of the demon world, best known for their supreme status.

Pride, Gluttony, and Sloth.

These three demons had now made an abrupt descent to Earth.

And they had descended with all their power intact.

‘Demons shouldn’t be able to wield such power on other stars, right?’

That was the common question among the gods witnessing this scene.

The devils, especially the seven Great Sins, could wield powers similar to those of foreign gods.

And in the case of these three demons, they were monsters with powers on par or greater than those of the foreign gods.

Despite the mighty strength they commanded in the demon world, there was one drawback.

They couldn’t use their true power outside of the demon world.

The system, trying to adjust the laws of the universe with a key, had turned the demon world into a massive prison.

Demons, especially those who could break the mold like foreign gods, were a considerable obstruction to the universe’s orchestration.

Especially powerful demons faced severe penalties, and without a contractor, demons could not acquire points or exert their powers on other stars.

That was always the case, but the demons that had descended to Earth now held their full power.

It was an event without precedent.

The appearance of the three demons who had landed on Earth spread through countless dimensions via the observers.

“Really, a Demon King?”

Eimir, staring at the whole spectacle right in front of him, had his mind in turmoil.

He did not want to believe the words of the woman claiming to be the Demon King.

But the scene unfolding before him validated that her statement was indeed true.

Crucially, the three demons known to be the rulers of the demon world had knelt down.

Before the woman wearing the black crown.

“We salute you, our great King.”

Following the demons’ words, hundreds of demons who had descended to Earth also knelt down.

It was a gesture of reverence and respect towards the King they had awaited for eons—a sight truly spectacular.


Looking dispassionately at them, Jisoo finally spoke.

“Are there no problems with exercising power on other stars?”

“Where the Demon King resides, that place becomes the demon world.”

In other words, it was an affirmation that all powers could be exerted.

‘My God!’ The gods watching the scene couldn’t help but shudder.

‘It’s real.’

‘The Demon King has truly been born.’

With the situation turning out this way, the Publisher’s forces had no choice but to falter.

If that woman was the Demon King, then all the demons were under her command.

In other words, the Publisher now had to face these demons.

Deities with divine status, hundreds of them including many high-ranking demons.

By making them enemies, the Publisher had essentially antagonized a force nearly unrivaled in this universe.

“Did I do well?” Jisoo looked back at Sehan as she watched the demons kneeling before her.

She was genuinely smiling with satisfaction.

That made Sehan smile wryly as well.

Even as a Demon King, Jisoo’s eyes reflected nothing but Sehan.


“I thought you would surely remember me, brother.”

“Yes, of course. How could I forget Jisoo?”

“Yes, I believed in you!”

Stricken by Jisoo’s words filled with boundless trust, Sehan felt a pang of guilt.

The undeniable fact was that he had completely forgotten, and honestly, it had been a close call.

Only when pushed to a dead end did he manage to successfully recall his memories.

That’s when it happened.

“Are you, an ally?” Elize, until moments ago confronting Eimir, approached Sehan and asked.

She seemed to have regained some of her senses compared to their first meeting.

It appeared that she had been observing the situation and approached Sehan and Jisoo, who seemed to be the leaders.

Knowing that Sehan had killed Mamajack, she curiously did not show any hostility towards him.

So Sehan could easily nod in agreement.

“We are allies, Elize.”


She responded and coiled up her body, slowly regaining her strength.

In any case, it was thanks to her holding off Eimir that they were able to save Jisoo.

Sehan shifted his gaze away from Elize and directly confronted Eimir.

Eimir’s lips were tightly sealed with rigidity.

“Are you not smiling anymore, Eimir?”

“…Insolent brat.”

Sehan’s powers had not yet been restored.

His lowered stats remained as they were. Yet, for some reason, such matters seemed irrelevant now.

Was it because Jisoo stood protectively by his side?

Eimir, a mere human to Sehan, felt an indescribable pressure.

‘It’s fine. No matter how powerful the demons are, they cannot prevent the destruction of a star.’

Eimir glanced briefly at the foreign gods he had summoned.

They hadn’t yet called all their vassals.

As long as the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones were dealing with the demons, he could destroy the Earth.

“Are you becoming calmer because you think you can stop demons with foreign gods?”

“…Hmph, yes. I was a little startled, but this sort of variable was anticipated.”

That’s why he had called these foreign gods to Earth, even if it meant making a contract.

The emergence of a Demon King was unexpected, but it wasn’t a problem.

“But do you know? It’s just the beginning.”


Eimir frowned at Sehan’s sneering smile.

What more could there be at this point?

Was there something beyond demons? Impossible.

Yet Sehan’s expression was certainly not one of pretense.

“The odds were fifty-fifty, to begin with. It depended on whether I regained my memories or not. Surely, that was going to be the deciding factor.”

Of course, he hadn’t anticipated the arrival of the demons.

This situation was even better than what Sehan had expected.

“If I hadn’t regained my memories, I would’ve moved all the players of the star to another place. We need to survive first, right?”

Then this world would’ve met the ‘Scattered World’ ending.

As the system had determined.

“But I remembered.”

The situation had changed.

With the arrival of the demons, the tide of the battle had turned more favorably, and the morale of friends and foes had switched.

Most importantly.

“All of this is being broadcasted live to the community.”


By now Eimir was catching on to what Sehan had intended.

He was smart after all.

‘Impossible, yet that’s…!!’

Eimir realized what Sehan was aiming for.

But for Sehan’s plan to work, the system’s blockade would have to be lifted.

And the only place currently capable of that was the Publisher’s central control room.


Sehan opened his mouth leisurely.

By then, everything had already come to an end.

“Do you know a giant named Yoruem?”


How could he not?

Before coming here, it was the greedy giant who had been given authority to move the giant soldiers.

There was a clear reason why Sehan mentioned the name of that giant now.

“You mean, that guy…!!”

“Ding dong, correct~!”

Sehan clapped, smirking with boundless arrogance as Eimir had done to him before.

“You’re screwed, little shit.”


Publisher’s Central Control Room.

The nerve center of the Publisher, tasked with managing firewalls connecting numerous stars and dimensions—an embodiment of the authority granted by the system.

Here where giants had been working tirelessly for eons, they couldn’t believe the current situation.

“Yo, Yoruem! What on earth are you doing!”

“Release us immediately!”

“Yeah, sorry about this. But there’s a chance I’ve been compromised.”

While Eimir was in the midst of invading Earth, Yoruem suddenly appeared, leading the giant soldiers.

The giants, who had been enjoying the spectacle of Earth being ravaged by Eimir, were helplessly subdued by the sudden event.

It happened so abruptly that they had no chance to resist.

Had they not been caught off guard, the elite of the central control room would never have been subdued so easily.

“I’ve been devotedly serving for thousands of years! How could I be the traitor! You know that the shape-shifting wench has only been a human for around 20 years or so!!”

“Yes, let’s save the excuses for later. You’re being noisy, so I’ll have to take you out.”

At Yoruem’s gesture, the giant soldiers bound the elder giant and threw him out of the central control room.

Understandably, the watching giants were incensed.

“Elder! You bastard, Yoruem! Do you really think you’ll be safe after doing this, before Lord Eimir?! Once this gets out, you’re a dead man!!”

“So much talk for someone who’s caught.”

“I would have, would have resisted if I hadn’t let my guard down!!”

A young giant gritted his teeth and glared at Yoruem.

However, that glare softened under the blade of the giant soldier pointed at his throat.

“The law is far and violence is near.”

Yoruem hummed a tune, inspecting the subdued giants.

None seemed likely to cause further trouble.

‘These giant soldiers are so dependable, truly.’

The mindless elite soldiers, who only listened to commands, made a whistle escape from Yoruem’s mouth.

“But, the giant soldiers shouldn’t be controllable like this…”

“Ah, I did make some modifications. To the magic circle on the back of their necks.”

“You altered that?”

“I have some skills in that area.”

The giants hadn’t noticed the change in Yoruem’s tone.

It was such a shocking revelation that it overshadowed everything else.

The mindless giant soldiers were controlled through an engraved magic circle on their necks.

That magic circle had safety features to prevent situations like this. That’s why Eimir had readily given Yoruem the authority to command the giant soldiers.

Normally, the giant soldiers could only draw their swords if they perceived hostility toward Yoruem or the Publisher, but the current giant soldiers were acting like dogs that only listened to Yoruem.

‘It was complicated, indeed. It really took me days to retrofit them.’

But Yoruem, or rather the one transformed into Yoruem, who was that?

She was, after all, the avatar of the Jester.

Minah, who learned from the foremost expert on such extraordinary magic circles, had already mastered such magic and alchemy to an extent.

So, while she couldn’t completely erase or replace the magic circle, she could modify it slightly.

‘Not attack the Publisher, but attack those who don’t show hostility towards him.’


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