Return To Player Chapter 273


Return To Player

# 273

Chapter 273: Descent (4)

As the monsters that the players were struggling to combat vanished in an instant, most of the players could only stand there, arms slack, in stunned silence.

‘Is this even possible?’

Constellations and giants that were so powerful it took dozens of players to barely handle one.

The number of the monster army that these creatures had led had been reduced by nearly half in one breath.

Among them, there were not only army forces but also injured constellations.

The turn of the battle took barely a minute.

It wasn’t just the players who were taken off guard by Sehan’s attack.

[Wow, so he really did attain the power of an Outer God.]

[Go watch the video of him taking down Antares. ‘Link’]

[This is crazy. Seriously OP. So that’s why everyone talks about the Outer Gods.]

[LOL but the problem is that even this power isn’t fully complete yet.]

Even the gods themselves couldn’t help but be astounded by Sehan’s abilities.

Wasn’t this close to omnipotence?

Overlaying illusions onto reality might seem simple, but it approached reality manipulation.

In some ways, being able to customize reality infinitely with illusions was even more useful than simple reality manipulation.

However, it required a significant amount of divine authority.

And since he had not yet fully grasped the power of an Outer God, there were certainly limits.

Yet, the fact remained that his ability was of a cheat-like level.

[How does one become an Outer God? Do you have to start with top-tier divine authority?]

[That’s the basics, plus you need to be unaffected by the system.]

[Isn’t that because their folks are different from our universe? Azathoth operates on their system after all.]

[But Outer Gods aren’t at a level to be controlled by Azathoth, see. Even the Great Old Ones seem well controlled.]

[True, they are god-tier too. Hmm.]

[Is it even possible to step outside the system?]

[I wouldn’t know.]

Thanks to this, the community was full of discussions about Outer Gods, mostly out of curiosity.

Idra witnessed such posts in the Temple of Fantasy.

“It seems we’ve secured enough numbers now.”

Idra guessed the general situation by checking the number of views on his video and the newly formed chat rooms.

‘It looks like a quest from the Publisher has surfaced.’

Among the chat rooms was an increase in gods receiving ‘Collab Quests’ from Publishers.

‘Probably a dozen at least, seems like they’re determined to shatter Earth.’

It seemed the Publisher had used their resources to the limit.

Imyr possessed only half of a key, not a complete one.

It must have taken significant time to stir up this much trouble with half a key.

They’d obviously decided to attack Earth with great caution.

“Honestly, I think it might be over now…”

Even Idra felt that the situation was irreversibly dire.

He could only move according to Sehan’s guidance, and it was difficult to guess what would happen next.

Players from countless stars would come to Earth.

They may be weaker than a constellation’s army, but their numbers were incomparable.

Idra instinctively sensed another presence.

‘Father is coming.’

He referred to him as father, but in fact, he was a ‘god’ who reigned over all Outer Gods.

Azathoth’s movements were palpable and Idra sneered bitterly.

How did Imyr persuade Azathoth?

Maybe, it was just interest after seeing Idra or a desire to witness the human who had killed Nyarlathotep and subjugated Idra.

It meant that the biggest cause of his movement was himself.

‘… And it’s not just Father.’

He also detected the auras of other Outer Gods.

Each one was an Outer God, indomitable to Idra.

If they descended on Earth, it would become insurmountable even if those on Earth were not players but avatars chosen by the gods.

Only beings on par with Outer Gods could stop Outer Gods themselves, let alone if the Great Old Ones started to act…

‘I don’t even want to imagine.’

Does Sehan actually believe he can overcome this and save Earth?

And what future is Minsua seeking with such a man?

“And really, does any of this truly benefit us? I’m unsure.”

Idra had come here at Minsua’s request, but frankly, he was skeptical.

‘She’ was an entity that had once fought with Sehan. It’s uncertain if she would assist them.

Whether rationality remained was even questionable.

However, Idra decided to quietly wait in the Temple of Fantasy.

Minsua had asked him to stand by here until she sent another note.


Most gods assumed Earth would quickly crumble.

However, the vanguard’s arrival and successful defense changed their minds, and public opinion shifted as players managed to hold against the zodiacs and the stars’ armies.

[Could they really fend off the Publisher?]

[Normally half the stars would have been gone by now.]

Among the players on Earth, currently, only three possessed divine authority.

Sehan, who obtained the power of an Outer God; Lynn Taylor, who embraced the Goddess of Justice Astraea and became the new Goddess of Justice; and Shin Jawoon, the new Demon of Wrath.

Without a doubt, these three were monstrously strong. To the point where even playing gods wondered how such creatures could have emerged.

Still, there were only three of them.

But on the Publisher’s side, there were dozens, possibly hundreds of beings with divine authority.

From lower to upper echelons, not all constellations were high quality, but they were far stronger compared to normal players.

Nevertheless, there were no fallen regions on Earth.

Not just Korea, home to the headquarters of Deicide, but nowhere on the entire planet was found trampled by the stars’ armies.

[Even with all those preparations…]

[Humans who haven’t attained divine authority truly are remarkable.]

[It’s just like the mythic age.]

The gods gradually immersed themselves in the situation.

Observers floating in the sky increased in number – everywhere on Earth, the spherical observers were visible.

“Ugh. Is our Lynn really okay?”

“Just calm down, father.”

“How can I be calm?! We don’t know when Imyr will come to Earth!”

Among them were the gods of Olympus.

The gods of Olympus, unlike those from other stars, had thrown massive amounts of random boxes, each boasting observers reflecting their individual personality in the sky.

Zeus’s observer, flaunting the nickname ‘Greek Leader,’ was one of them.

“So you’re not thinking of going to help Earth?”

“Help? Who?”


Olympus isn’t just powerful on Earth, but a leading force in the universe. The gods of Olympus sat in huddles in their hall, watching the giant screen displaying what Zeus’s observer could see, along with the conversation between Zeus and Hermes.

“We! Lynn is at risk anytime now, and you’d sit idle?!”

“Since when did she become father’s Lynn…”

“Father, if you obsess like that it’s creepy. You’re not aiming for something else, are you?”

“What nonsense, you lunatic. How old do you think I am?”

“You’ve done plenty of inappropriate things for your age.”

Though Zeus had shown a solemn demeanor when facing Sehan, in front of Hermes, he was just an ordinary father. However, there were only a few even among the twelve gods of Olympus who dared talk back to Zeus.

“Anyway, so why did you bring this out? You didn’t call me here just to watch together, did you?”

The man making the bitter remarks was a male with purple hair. Shackles were affixed to his neck, both arms, and legs. He looked at Zeus with a face clearly saying he couldn’t comprehend the situation.

“Shut up, Abaddon. Don’t you think I don’t want to bring you out?”

Zeus responded with an equally displeased expression toward the purple-haired man, Abaddon.

He was ‘Jealous Demon Abaddon’ who once tried to take Zeus’s half of the key. Subdued by Sehan, he had been locked away in Tartarus, but for some reason, Zeus had brought him out.

“It came up in a conversation with Atropos.”

“Aha, so you brought him out for that reason?”

Hermes’s surprise at Zeus’s words shone in his eyes as he gazed at Abaddon.

Atropos was part of the Three Fates of Olympus.

She was a goddess in charge of the future.

It seems he took him out of Tartarus because of that, possibly because she couldn’t keep up with a girl on Earth who could see the future, and her pride was hurt as a goddess in charge of the future. She had been fuming lately and seemed to have seen a rather encouraging future.

“Hehe, it shouldn’t be funny but it kind of is.”

The idea of a god not wanting to be outdone by a human and striving hard.

Hermes inwardly thanked that no player on Earth possessed a similar ability to his.

“But she’s practically fused with Skuld, isn’t she? There’s no reason for her to be concerned.”

“They’re rivals, you know.”

“Makes sense.”

Hermes casually pushed his sunglasses up his nose with a smirk.

‘Things are taking an interesting turn. So they need Abaddon for some purpose?’

What exactly is going to happen on Earth?

Hermes slowly placed his palm on his chest.

His heart hadn’t pounded like this in what seemed like hundreds or even thousands of years.

It felt almost like the mythic age when he roamed the world reprimanding it, side by side with human heroes.

The gods crave stimulation because they live long lives.

Even playing games is part of that.

But now, happenings that dwarfed any game unfolded before their eyes.

Greece’s Gigantomachia, the Norse Ragnarok.

Such events were underway again, here and now.



I looked around to catch my breath.

How long had it been since I started using my power?

Now that the area seemed somewhat calmer, I could finally relax.

“You are utterly astounding.”

Yi Ya-Ong seemed genuinely flabbergasted.

She wasn’t the only one. Park Sung-Hyuk looked at me like I was some kind of monster.

“Isn’t this too different from before?”

“I’ve eaten some good stuff.”


The two stared at me with indescribable expressions, but I had nothing specific to say to them.

Somehow, I had opportunities to continue raising my divine authority, and Idra from the first playthrough had chased me and bestowed powers upon me.

It might have been a power that an ordinary player couldn’t handle, but I had knowledge from the first playthrough.

Moreover, one of my strong suits was patience. A strong will was the key to wielding Idra’s power, so I was really compatible with it.

“It was silly to get tense all of a sudden. With this level of power, we might easily win…”

Park Sung-Hyuk said that and looked around at the aftermath of the havoc I had wreaked.

I had knocked down two giants, and there were so many constellations that they were countless.

Thanks to that, constellations that had confidently begun their invasion of Seoul were no longer aggressively attacking as before.

Instead, they kept a wary eye on me, keenly observing my movements.

“We won! We’ve really won!”

“Look at those guys, freaking out, kekeke!”

The morale of the players soared endlessly, contrasting with the constellations and giants.

The atmosphere was as if they had successfully repelled the invasion of the Publisher.

It seemed the ordinary players thought that’s all the force the Publisher had.

Beings possessing divine authority among the constellations and their armies. Utterly unimaginable existences from the perspective of an ordinary player, so it wasn’t odd that they thought that way.

However, I knew.

“This is just the beginning.”


Park Sung-Hyuk seemed to have heard my murmuring as he asked back with a puzzled look.

“You’ve heard, haven’t you… that this isn’t the end? That there’s more to come?”

“The quality of troops might be better on our side, but that’s about it.”

The vanguard was nothing but the vanguard.

The zodiac, including the 12 signs of the zodiac, were just subcontractors following the Publisher’s orders.

“I feel like vomiting.”

Yi Ya-Ong clenched her teeth and looked up at the sky.

The black hole that had already grown to its limit filled her view completely.

“They’re coming.”

I could feel it distinctly.

The black hole that Gyung-rak Choi, the King of Madness, had opened using Idra’s power.

The power that had emanated from that black hole was becoming completely identical to the one in front of us.

It signified that the Publisher had arrived on Earth.


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