Return To Player Chapter 271


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# 271

Descent (2)

When Sehan headed to Seoul, a fierce battle was unfolding there.

The clash between Regulus of Lion Palace and Sword Saint was nothing short of a disaster.

Each time Regulus’s fist extended, the earth overturned and the atmosphere split, while Sword Saint blocked all such attacks, protecting the Dearside building from harm.

‘Could this end up in defeat?’

Players watching swallowed dryly, gazing at the Dearside building, in a precarious situation.

One failed block, and Regulus’s attack could blow the building away entirely.

“Keep your wits about you! We need to build a defensive line and prevent other enemies from aiding Regulus!”

“Let’s do our part! Don’t worry about the back!”

The ones shouting commands were the officers of the three major guilds.

At the forefront was Park Sung-hyuk, the Guild Master of Genesis.

One could also spot Lee Ah-young, the disinterested Guild Master of Pianhua Guild, standing nearby.

Outrising was responsible for other areas of Seoul, but given the circumstances, two of the major guilds ended up here.

‘Did he not anticipate this?’

Park Sung-hyuk ground his teeth and hastened the people’s movements.

He was concerned about Dearside. If that building fell, Earth would be defeated.

His current task was to defend as much as possible so that no giants or constellations could assist Regulus.

If they joined the attack, it would lead to an irreversible situation.

“We can’t help that side even if we wanted to!”

Some players started moving towards Dearside, intimidated by Regulus’s threatening presence.

But control was not maintained. The fearsome power of Regulus was enough to make some flee.

“I’ll do it.”

“…I appreciate it.”

Lee Ah-young, who had been silently watching, stepped forward.

It was a method she preferred not to use, but if she needed to control the crowd, there was no choice.

With a light breath, Lee Ah-young gently stroked her neck as if indicating an invisible necklace.

“「Everyone, build a defensive line without worrying about the back. Execute.」”


The absolute command authority manifests only in males.

The movements of ordinary male players, without any resistance to her legacy skill, changed instantly.

Those who were scared stiff moments before quickly began constructing a defense line.

“So that’s why you insisted on gathering male players.”

“People panic when cornered in a tight spot. Then, my ability shows greater power. “

Under such threatening circumstances, humans tend to grow mentally fragile.

Players who could resist Brisingamen under normal conditions changed in the moment.

All became prisoners to her words.

‘But even so, it would not work on that monster.’

Lee Ah-young bit her lower lip, observing the battle between Regulus and Sword Saint.

Her ability would have no effect on them. If only she could wield divinity, but regrettably, she did not possess it.

All she could do was use the players here to focus on defense.

The same was true for Park Sung-hyuk.

Without a skill like Brisingamen, Park Sung-hyuk couldn’t help but miss Hong Ga-eun.

‘At least she’s cutting off the giants coming this way.’

Hong Ga-eun was currently dealing with the vanguard coming with Changwoo on the front lines.

Her power might not be sufficient to face the giants, but she could block other attacks for Changwoo while he struck.

Changwoo’s Unwol sword attacks were essentially defense-ignoring strikes.

Even creatures with robust bodies would die if hit properly.

Thanks to this, the giants and constellations could not easily rush here.

‘But who knows how long that will last.’

Lifting his gaze skyward, he saw a reddened sky blurring the division between day and night.

In the center of the crimson sky was a growing dark hole.

‘The end.’

It was undeniably an apt sight.

‘Sehan, can you truly prevent the apocalypse?’

Park Sung-hyuk was unsure if Sehan had planned this all along.



Regulus ground his sharp lion fangs irritably.

The flitting image of Sword Saint before him was unbearably irritating and vexatious.

“Gaile, are you only planning to defend?!”

“If you offered a chance to attack, I would take it. I’m getting older, and quick movements are tough now.”

If Regulus’s fist landed correctly, it could collapse Seoul in one strike, and if he put more effort into smashing the ground, it could wipe out an entire nation.

Such are beings who’ve reached the pinnacle of divinity, world calamities capable of splitting a star in half with a single blow.

Against this overwhelming power, Gaile perfectly blocked and nullified all impacts.

Observers might see it as a mere grand fight, but what Gaile was doing was more than that – the repeated nullification of country-obliterating power in an instant.

‘I’m definitely getting tired.’

Gaile’s hand shook, gripping the sword hilt.

Though he deflected every attack within his domain, even he had limits.

Even as the strongest player with a divinity equal to Regulus’s, Gaile had not reached the realm of external divinity.

Clang! Claaang!

Devastating divine powers spread and dispersed with each airborne clash.

Consequently, Gaile was also slowly pushed back, for as equals in divinity, the physical difference was immense.

“Indeed, you are a remarkable being. But in the end, merely human. Compared to this body born and lived as a divine beast, you’re insignificant.”

“How does such a magnificent being end up so desperate against a young girl?”

“A young girl?”

Gaile’s sarcastic comment twisted Regulus’s lips.

“Is that what you call a child? No, was she even human to begin with? Even after witnessing the child in battle, could you still say the same?”

Regulus’s words poured out, unanswerable by Gaile.

Lynn Taylor was a shock from the very first sight – a prodigious girl wielding ‘anyway’ talents that dwarfed even the self-proclaimed strongest of humanity.

Yet, Gaile never once desired a serious battle with Lynn.

Not because it would expose his limits, but because she was still a child – a young girl no different in age from his own daughter.

The sight of Regulus yearning to battle such a youth stirred anger within Gaile, eliminating his smile then and there.

“Regardless, she remains a child.”


Gaile’s sword once again repelled Regulus’s fist.

“I separate only between the strong and the weak. Being a child is entirely irrelevant!”

“Then, do you consider yourself strong enough to claim that title before Lynn Taylor, the one who even defeated Bango? Can you really assert your strength against her? To her, you are just a cute kitten.”

He received, repelled, and blocked the attacks.

Dozens, hundreds, thousands of swords cut through the air, colliding with Regulus’s fists in the void.

“This, little…!!”

A lion’s roar bellowed, and Regulus’s golden mane expanded.

The golden light swelled, and his foot stomped the ground with a thud.


Asphalt cracked in all directions, buildings collapsed, but they paid no heed to such trivialities.

Regulus’s action wasn’t an attack, but a mere push-off before a strong sprint.

“Fancy yourself a Sword Saint and forgot your place, it seems!”

“Seems you’re the one who forgot your place, housecat.”


Gaile’s contemptuous words gripped the sword hilt tighter.

His eyes, sharp as his blade, stared down Regulus.

“You see, I don’t usually fight seriously. But you, I can’t let you be.”

A sharp presence emanated from Gaile like a drawn sword, causing Regulus to pour strength into his advancing leg.

Their surging momentum made breathing difficult even for nearby players.

“Good, I’ve been irked by you for a while anyway. I’ll make sure to beat you down thoroughly.”

Sword Saint Gaile.

A human with a divinity higher than Regulus until recently.

Regulus had never once considered himself lesser, confident that he could defeat Gaile every single time in a hundred battles.

The size of divinity doesn’t equate to strength.

Even with the power to perform miracles, it is useless without a physical vessel to support it – a fact confirmed by their battle.

Gaile could never beat him.

“I intended to conserve my strength, but seems I have no choice.”

He planned to reserve as much power as possible for fighting Lynn Taylor, but now his thoughts shifted.


Regulus, like a cannonball, understood that Gaile moved with full power.

If dodged, the Dearside behind him would turn to dust.

‘Of course, I have no intention of dodging.’

Regulus advancing with full force was precisely what Gaile had intended.

Aiming solely to kill him, if Gaile counter-attacked, he’d certainly lose.

Regulus was right.

A continued fight would lead to Gaile’s defeat every single time.

Yet Gaile posed as if ready for a head-to-head confrontation.

Waiting for the moment Regulus would charge like now.


Gaile drew his sword, arcing a half-moon slash.

Charging like the great slaughterer Dongguieojin, Regulus welcomed Gaile’s move with glee. A head-on collision would be most comfortable.


But Regulus’s thoughts changed in an instant.

Gaile’s sword, aimed at his heart, twisted like a serpent, changing its path.


Gaile’s sword now angled horizontally, dropping diagonally downward.

It wasn’t Regulus’s heart he targeted.

But Regulus’s outstretched right fist.


Attempting to cut his arm? Useless. His hide astounded even the gods for its toughness.

Plus, his arm wrapped in divinity couldn’t be cleaved by a mere sword.

Clang! Crackle!

Gaile’s sword clashed with Regulus’s fist, sparking. The quickly fracturing and chipping blade painted Regulus triumphant.



In the end, Regulus’s fist shattered Gaile’s sword, hitting his chest squarely.

Gaile’s splattering crimson blood was unmistakably a mortal wound.

Yet Regulus’s expression wasn’t pleased.

The hit didn’t penetrate as expected, and nothing shattered nearby.

Gaile took on the remaining impact, perfectly nullifying Regulus’s strike.

“You fool, why would you… Hm?”

Regulus, puzzled by Gaile’s actions, slowly attempted to retract his right arm.

But it wouldn’t move. Drenched in bright red blood, Gaile clasped his arm with both hands.

‘What’s he aiming at now?’

Although surprised by the sudden restraint, it was but a momentary setback.

An empty left hand could swat Gaile away if swung.

Still, something felt off.

Regulus saw Gaile’s grinning reflection.


Regulus noted Gaile wasn’t looking at him, but someone behind.


Blonde-haired Luke Taylor held Libra, standing behind Regulus with his sword raised.

‘When did he get close?!’

Regulus tried to turn quickly.

However, Gaile, with the last of his strength, held onto Regulus’s arm, preventing any movement.

‘Was this the Sword Saint’s aim?’

After the full-powered attack, his divinity was already significantly drained.

Although recovering, it wasn’t enough to shake off Gaile, who defended only.

“You focused too high.”

Gaile, bleeding, spoke.

“Ignoring what lies below.”

Luke was feeble compared to Regulus.

So insignificant, as if he were mere dust.

That’s why Regulus never considered him a threat, even until Luke drew close enough to strike.

‘But the left arm remains.’

Regulus’s trapped right arm hampered his movement, but at least his left remained free.

Even an average player could be obliterated with a casual swipe of his left arm.

Regulus regained composure quickly after a brief fluster.

Upon reflection, an ordinary player, even wielding Libra, couldn’t possibly cut through the hide of a divine beast.

Even without divinity, divine beast hide wouldn’t succumb to an unadorned blade.

Having decided, Regulus harshly swung his left hand towards Luke.

To slice the foolish human aiming for his back.

“Quite clever, but merely a futile struggle…”


Regulus’s words didn’t carry on.

Not a human, but his own left arm had been severed.


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