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# 264 Head-on Confrontation (1)

‘Can I escape alive?’

Yuna scanned her surroundings for any signs of danger as she faced the towering giant before her.

Hoping that it was the only giant, her senses told her otherwise—she felt the presence of at least three.

‘It could be a little difficult.’

Straightening herself up, she drew out a spear from her inventory, a weapon she seldom used of late, yet her skill with it had never dulled.

The problem was, even risking her life, facing one giant was the limit.

With the approaching footfalls of the other giants, Yuna bit her lower lip in an attempt to suppress her fear.

‘At least it’s good they’ve stormed my base.’

Had they attacked where Song Siwoo was, they might’ve discovered the ‘sword’ he was crafting.

“Indeed, it’s no good giving up too easily. You look quite pretty; it’ll be a shame to kill you.”


The giant’s arms resembled giant hooks—if she approached carelessly, she’d be cleaved in two in an instant.

“Was it you who destroyed that building just now?”

“Kekeke. Why should I answer that? But, since I’m a generous giant, I’ll tell you it wasn’t me.”

“I thought so.”

“And what will you do knowing that? We came in a set of three just in case, but I alone am enough to deal with you.”

True to his words, the divine power emanating from him was of a higher order.

Physically formidable, he could be stronger than a regular deity.

Lacking only traditional skills of authority, his existence verged on that of a transcendent being.

Since time immemorial, gods and giants have been equal adversaries, beings of an entirely different caliber from humans. Never in her wildest dreams did Yuna imagine she’d be fighting such mythological monsters.

It felt vague when Sehan mentioned it, but now, facing the reality, even holding a weapon felt daunting.

The fear spreading through her chest began to cloud her mind.

‘Has Sehan been fighting such beings all along?’

Truly nothing but admiration could be felt.

And among those he fought, some were of the highest order, transcending the superior, including foreign gods.

“Come on, struggle all you like.”

“That was my intention, without needing your encouragement.”

“Kekeke! This is why I like humans. They never give up easily. Like insects.”

Well, he’s the one who looks more like an insect, if you ask me.

Yuna held back her retort and took a fighting stance. She had no intention of dying quietly.

“Before I kill you, I’ll tell you my name. I am Ketan, seated tenth in the Guard. When you go to hell, pass a greeting to King Mamon for me.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He may have had a 2-meter-tall frame, but his true body was dozens of times larger.

The mass remained the same, so every step he took made the earth shake.

‘Nobody’s likely to come to my aid.’

The other two accompanying him probably had the area locked down.

Was there even another player powerful enough to penetrate through such monsters and come to her rescue?

Even if there was, surely not in China.



“Kyahahaha! You managed to withstand it once!”

Ketan’s swing sheared everything within a few meters in half.

Yuna barely managed to block it, but the impact left her breathless.

The power and speed of his whip-like movements were daunting and hard to read.

“I don’t possess any particular abilities like my other brothers. But that’s why I have the strongest and sturdiest body among them. Against average players like you, I’m invincible!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Head, shoulders, waist – Yuna deflected blow after blow with rapid thrusts of her spear.

But that was all she could muster, and she knew that if she kept this up until her stamina was exhausted, death was certain.

“Still, you’re doing quite well. To think a human could block my attacks. I understand now why Imir pays such attention to Earth. You’ve fought beings with divinity before, haven’t you?”

Clamping her teeth, Yuna parried another attack, and Ketan found himself somewhat puzzled.

He had heard that she was quite strong, but to think a mere player could withstand his onslaught.

So far, Yuna had sustained no damage, besides the initial assault, which hadn’t affected her physically. Continuing his attack would surely lead to victory, but the act of ‘blocking’ itself was baffling to the transcendent being Ketan.

Divinity was a power distinct from mana – an energy that made transcendent miracles possible, incomprehensible to mortals.

Yet Yuna had already deflected several divine-powered attacks, as if she knew exactly how much mana to counteract the force of divinity.

“Why should I answer that?”

“Kekekek! What an audacious wench!”

Yuna had encountered Aldebaran before, and even though Ketan’s divinity was higher, Aldebaran felt much stronger.

She couldn’t explain why – it wasn’t just because she had grown stronger.

Nevertheless, the fight with Aldebaran had been helpful, as had been her several sparring sessions with Sehan, in preparation for this.



“Quite resilient you are, but it ends now!”

After withstanding tens of Ketan’s strikes, Yuna’s limit was nearing.

Her grip tore, and the spear flew from her hands.

Ketan’s hand, curved like a scythe, swung toward her now-exposed neck.

There was no escape.

As she clenched her eyes shut in that moment, an explosive boom launched Yuna backwards.


It wasn’t the shockwave from Ketan’s strike that had thrown her.

What in the world happened? Yuna quickly picked herself up and turned her gaze toward the source of the explosion.

“Kuh, Kuhhhhk!”

To her astonishment, Ketan’s form was grotesquely bent at the waist, a man’s fist buried in his abdomen.

‘Could a punch have caused such an explosion?’

If so, what kind of physical prowess was this?

“Are you alright?”

“Yes. Yes, I’m fine, but…”

Responding to the man, Yuna examined his face with puzzlement.

‘Who, who is he?’

He was a stranger to her.

A player with such strength capable of harming Ketan’s physique should be known to Yuna, yet here he was, an enigma.

His whole being radiated a sacred power, immediately dismissing any notion that he might be a demon.



“About who I am.”

His terse manner was clear.

Despite the multiple piercings eluding to a delinquent-like appearance, his words were brief.

“I am Kim Taehoon from Agatram.”

As if saying that should suffice, Yuna remained silently questioning.

Not because she recognized who he was.

‘What do you mean, who are you?’

She truly had no idea who he was.

All she knew was that he belonged to the guild Agatram and was an ally.



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