Return To Player Chapter 263


Return To Player

# 263

263. Publisher(3)

“Is there something to find here? It doesn’t seem like there’s anything out of the ordinary.”

Park Dong-kwon approached me with a question as I emerged from the computer room, as if he had been waiting for me.

It appeared he had stayed behind, claiming to have come to inspect the building.

“Were you perhaps hoping for some scraps to fall your way?”

“Ah, no, that’s not it.”

He was transparent like glass.

He probably thought I had hidden something here.

“You are consistently predictable.”

“But I’ve never done anything bad!”

“I know, pal.”

If he had, the silver band around his neck that I’d attached would have strangled him to death.

‘Or did I really put it there?’

The memory was elusive. My head throbbed slightly, so it must be related to ‘her’.

It was clear that the person I had forgotten was a woman, since she called me ‘brother’ in the notepad.

“Hey, do you remember who put that thing around your neck?”

“Huh? That was obviously you…”

He cut himself off mid-sentence, then his expression soured, and his face turned pale as he grasped his head and took sharp breaths.

Alarmed by his sudden change, I hastily shook his shoulders.

“What the hell? What’s wrong all of a sudden?”

“Oh, nothing. I just suddenly saw terrifying red eyes in my head.”

“Red eyes? Whose?”

“I can’t remember. Whenever I try to think of it, my head just—Argh!”

Red eyes? Was the forgotten one a woman with crimson irises?

‘That’s right, there was the Heavenly Murder Star.’

Sure enough, she had definitely mastered the Blood Heaven Asura Technique.

If you master that technique, your eyes turn red.

‘Did I really have the Heavenly Murder Star as an ally?’

What kind of person would I be to keep such a perilous being as a companion?

But maybe thanks to her, I managed to learn the Blood Heaven Asura Technique, so it’s a bit late to complain now.

“There’s something else I remember…”

Just as I was about to ask if he recalled any better information, something strange caught my sensation.

“Why did you stop talking all of a sudden—Gah!!”

I swiftly pushed Park Dong-kwon’s chest with all my might.

The suddenness of my action sent him tumbling through the air for at least ten meters.

“What on earth was that for!”

Tumbling and flying, Park Dong-kwon shouted with a look of injustice on his face.

His shouts didn’t reach me, though.


A sharp blade had fallen exactly where he had been standing moments before.

A shimmering godly blade plowed through the ground, carving a long line.


Park Dong-kwon, who was just shouting at me, staggered back in shock.

“Who, who’s there.”

“Don’t move from there.”

I warned him and scrutinized our surroundings with trembling hands.

I had seen the blue gleam of the sword blade fall, but I hadn’t caught sight of the attacker.

‘The publisher’s vanguard.’

They arrived sooner than I expected.

They must have planned to take out the weaker Park Dong-kwon first with a surprise attack.

‘Undoubtedly a competent skill.’

I could barely feel a slight presence when concentrating on it.

Seeing how the source of the feeling kept changing, it seemed like they were very quick.

According to Akkinen, although they’re just called the vanguard, they’re not for show, but Imer’s personal guards.

‘Well, regardless.’

The assailant’s presence was circling around me.

It seemed they had given up targeting Park Dong-kwon. Perhaps Park Dong-kwon was too weak, or after the surprise failed, they thought it better to take some risk and fight me with full strength.

I don’t mind, though.

Shik! Kaaang!!

I felt a sharp sword blade targeting my shoulder from behind.

But before it could even graze my shoulder, the blade was blocked by a wall of earth that had suddenly shot up.

“Kuk! Damn it!”

A regular stone or metal would have been sliced, but the wall I created was an illusion.

Its strength reflects what I imagine, becoming stronger with more godly energy invested.

Obviously, my defenses, now at their peak, couldn’t be breached by Imer’s guards.

“Coming after me with such a sloppy attempt?”

“Damn it!”

That’s when I finally saw my attacker.

Blue hair combined with a blue gemstone embedded in the forehead, instantly reminding me of the color of the sword energy used.


The attacker tried to escape, but my gesture was quicker.


The ground moved like an escalator, sliding towards me and bringing the escaping assailant right before me.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“How is this power even possible!”

Before he could fully express his shock, I pointed my finger at him—the same one I had raised before.

Pragarah, which I had casually flicked into the air, fell through the extraspacial void and split the attacker’s two swords in one stroke.

‘SS-class items are something else indeed.’

To think the casually flicked Pragarah could cleave two godly energy-coated swords.


But the assailant didn’t stop.

“Die by my hand or by randomness,” he seemed to think, keeping his balance despite the chaotic earth, planting his legs and beginning to draw out all his godly energy.

Blue light shone from the gem, and a vast amount of godly energy began to course through him.

‘Intermediate? No, advanced.’

I recalled the technique; it was one I had seen before.

When I had trapped Akatus in the world of illusion, he used this desperate technique to draw out all the power of a giant.

I had no intention of just watching it unfold.

“That’s something you should use ahead of time.”



As I moved my index finger from bottom to top, the earth shot up, striking his jaw like a hammer.

I pointed at him again as he floated in the air, and Pragarah, the one who had bisected his swords, whizzed past me, rushing towards his throat.



He raised his arms in a hurry to block it, but Pragarah skewered his arms like a skewer, halting just before his throat.

“What were you thinking coming here alone?”

I used reality manipulation to bind his body with vines, covering him completely.

The sight of him bound like a butterfly in a cobweb was so pitiable it was almost laughable.

“If you were coming for me, you should have brought at least five.”

“You’re mistaken, I wasn’t targeting you.”


Confusion clouded his face as he looked genuinely aggrieved.

“I came for that trash! Why, why are you here! I was told you were at Dearsidhe!”

“Oh, you weren’t after me?”

Odd that he came alone.

‘I assumed they would kill the weakest first by aiming at Park Dong-kwon.’

That wasn’t the case—they had come to kill Park Dong-kwon.

“Why would you target such a guy? There are plenty of others.”

“Argh, that human is quite an important figure…”

He muttered in genuine frustration as I glanced at Park Dong-kwon.

With a blank look on his face, Park Dong-kwon was watching me.

‘Ah, but then again he’s the vice-guild master of Blue Whale.’

It’s not unreasonable to target a vice-guild master of a leading guild.

Had Park Dong-kwon faced him alone, the assassination would likely have been easy.

However, Park Dong-kwon was fortunate.

Because I happened to be in the place where he was attacked.

“So now have you started attacking other key figures like this?”


He sealed his lips, refusing to answer, but the silence was answer enough.

‘As expected.’

Not a brazen assault, but a form of assassination.

And by beings with at least mid-level godly energy.

For me, it was simple to take them down, but that’s because of who I am.

Even though I cannot exploit my true strength, my base godly energy alone has reached the highest level since I killed Nyarlathotep.

With the reality-bending skill called Illusion Materialization, acquired during the first experience with Idra, I could suppress them with pure godly energy output.

But for other players like Park Dong-kwon, it could be quite dangerous.


“What do you want?”

“Do you plan to tell who will be attacked first?”

“You’re crazy.”

He twisted his lips into a sneer, maintaining his pride even in defeat, befitting a representative of the powerful Publisher.

“Of course, you wouldn’t tell.”

“Even if I lost in battle…”

“Then rest for a while.”


Reach out to him—specifically, towards the blue gem embedded in his forehead.

“I can just read the information in your dreams.”


It was only then that he seemed to recall my ability, his face turning pale.

He could resist with his will now, but in a dream, the story would be different.



Shangguan Yuan leaned back in her chair, tired.

These days had been so hectic that there was hardly any time to rest.

Even her rest was limited to sitting in her office like now.

‘Who knows when Publisher will attack.’

Based on previous reports, an advance party from Publisher would soon strike Earth, so she had to be ready for it.

The problem was not knowing how they would attack.

Would they attack with an army, or would it be assassination?

‘I’d be grateful if they attacked head-on, but I don’t think it will happen that way.’

Before a frontal assault, taking out the leaders first would stymie any organized resistance, and they could rush in through a dimensional gate.

‘If they were to attack, would I be able to win?’

Yuan was among the strongest of players.

Her god was of high rank and favorable to humans, allowing her to grow quickly.

“Now, how far had I gotten…”

The Sky-Piercing Guild had a vast military presence, one of the guilds with the largest troop numbers.

Accordingly, they often dispatched resources to various guilds, most closely with Pendragon Guild in England.

“I should meet Mr. Arthur tomorrow afternoon.”

Just thinking about traveling to England made her head spin.

‘Should I ask Lady Morgan?’

Traveling through the lake would take just 5 minutes, so the temptation was there.

Morgan might be angry for using the mythical witch as mere transportation.

“Anyway, I better pack some stuff beforehand…”

Yuan mumbled, her face fatigued, and stopped talking.

An unusual presence tingled her senses.

‘Wait, above my head?’

She was one of the powerful figures representing Earth.

If the opponent had mid-level godly energy or lower, she could handle them.

However, the presence she felt from above was certainly not mid-level.

‘It’s coming from the building’s rooftop!’

A rapidly intensifying godly energy was sensed from the building’s rooftop.

Rather than identifying what it was, Yuan immediately enveloped her entire body with magical power.

The entity that had appeared on the rooftop was undoubtedly not benevolent toward her.


The Sky-Piercing Guild’s building erupted, and a pillar of pure white magical energy tore through it from the rooftop to the ground.

The massive building burst and collapsed in an instant.

“What in the world happened!”

“Get out of here! It’s an attack!!”

Surviving players quickly scurried from the crumbling building.

If they were normal humans, they would’ve died immediately, but they were players and could escape easily.


The only one left standing after the direct assault was Yuan herself.

Of course, the attack had specifically targeted her.

‘At least there’s little loss of life.’

Bearing the pain from all over her body, Yuan forced herself to stand and landed on the ground.

She had fallen because the building had collapsed.

‘I didn’t notice a thing.’

The area around the Sky-Piercing Guild was fortified with various defensive spells to prevent such incidents.

The enemy had bypassed all detections, delivering a blow unbeknownst to anyone.

“Keke, not bad. I never thought a mere human could withstand my attack.”

The figure spoke to Yuan as she attempted to steady her breath and heal her wounds.

A massive man, well over two meters tall, with a red gem embedded in his forehead stood out.

‘It was said that an advance party might come.’

She knew through Sehan’s note, but she had never dreamed she’d be attacked like this.

Cold sweats ran down Yuan’s back.


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