Return To Player Chapter 261


Return To Player

# 261

261. Publisher (1)

Celestial Publisher.

A group that, for a long time, utilized the system to obtain points from countless stars.

In fact, the concept of ‘points’ was just a term; originally, it was something closer to one of the universal energies.

Translated into a more familiar term—points.

What the giants had monopolized, something that could cause numerous miracles.

Compared to the power of the gods and devils—individual strength was strong, no doubt—but incomparable to the giants who had expanded their forces through points obtained from numerous stars.

“Hey, Yoruem. You’ve been very diligent lately.”


Yoruem was one of the giants living within this Publisher.

Furthermore, he was one of the few giants who could enter the management room—the core of the Publisher, managing all stars.

“Oh, I guess I’ve just gotten used to the work.”

“Hmm, I thought you were a more arrogant guy.”

“Ha ha…”

There were about ten giants entitled to enter the management room.

Included among these ten were Imir and the giant, while Bango had died, leaving about nine remaining.

“Then keep up the hard work. Imir will surely reward you appropriately.”


Yoruem bowed deeply to the senior who had entered the management room before him.

Watching the giant who patted his shoulder and left, Yoruem sighed faintly.

‘Whoa, thought I got caught.’

Yoruem, or rather Lee Mina, who had infiltrated the Publisher disguised as Yoruem, cautiously wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.

‘How long have I been here? It must be almost a month now.’

Originally, Yoruem, who harbored a sense of rivalry toward Akinen, promptly set a meeting in response to his call.

Probably wanting to brag about his clearance to enter the ‘management room.’

The problem was that it was all a trap set by Akinen.

Despite being caught off guard, Yoruem was, in fact, a superior among giants.

Firstly, an elite with access to the management room.

If he started as a GM like Akinen, rising to that level proved his exceptional ability.

Well, Akinen may have been slightly superior in skills, but he chose to stay as a GM, while Yoruem yearned to climb higher.

And having achieved his goal, the desire to boast was understandable.

‘Thanks to that, we were also able to resolve matters smoothly.’

Yoruem, who showed up at the meeting place, was quickly subdued by Loki.

Facing Loki, a renowned power since the mythic era, Yoruem’s resistance was futile.

Then, Yoruem was taken away by Loki’s hand, and it was Mina who stealthily replaced him in the Publisher.

“Then, I’ll return to Earth. The rest is in your hands, Ms. Mina.”

Akinen spoke and disappeared with a polite manner. His image still lingered.

Though Loki was also in hiding within the Publisher, his location remained unknown.

It was clear he wouldn’t reveal himself until the time came.

‘Am I going to die doing this?’

Despite extracting information from numerous organizations while in hiding, this task was of a different level altogether.

Her blood ran cold each time she had to enter and leave the management room daily.


The sound of air escaping was heard as the management room door opened.

Stepping inside, a green light streamed from the threshold, scanning the gem embedded in Yoruem’s forehead.

[Verification complete. Entrant identified: giant Yoruem.]

‘Ah, this is terrifying.’

Mina touched the gem stuck on Yoruem’s forehead.

This gem, embedded in Yoruem’s forehead, was authentic. After Loki subdued him, he had plucked the gem and handed it to Mina.

It allowed Mina to impersonate the real Yoruem.

“Arrived? Alright, get ready. It’s about to start soon.”

“About to start?”

Entering the management room, the atmosphere seemed busier than usual.

Observing everyone moving quickly to their stations to operate the system, Mina instantly grasped the unfolding situation.

‘Oh, it’s finally happening!’

Sehan had mentioned that it would take about a month for Imir to make a move.

And now, a month had almost passed.

Imir, having finished negotiations with the foreign forces, revealed himself before the giants of the Publisher.

In other words, it was almost equivalent to saying that Publisher was preparing to invade Earth.

‘Is everything truly prepared? Right, brother?’

Recalling Sehan, who had visited the Demon World not long ago, Mina licked her dry lips.

Hoping for things to unfold as he had planned.

Mina could only pray.


“Wow, this is way more impressive than I expected.”

I craned my neck, looking upward.

Though it was neck-breaking, the awe of the object in view made it a minor inconvenience.

“To see it actually completed, what should I say…”

It was an immense sword.

A sword forged with precious metals collected from Earth and other planets.

If this was Korea, perhaps it wouldn’t have been possible.

But it was feasible here in China’s vast lands, with the help of countless players.

Particularly the massive ‘forge’ and manpower provided by the U.N., I couldn’t help but express my gratitude.

“I really appreciate the hard work.”

“We just followed the blueprint. But who’s going to wield this thing?”

The U.N. smiled at my words of thanks, fatigue evident on her face.

“It doesn’t necessarily need to be wielded. Anyways, shall we proceed with the final task?”

“If by the final task you mean…”

“It’s probably orichalcum, sis.”

Siwoo replied tentatively to the U.N., answering in my stead.

Siwoo, too, appeared unrested, dark circles under his eyes evident.


I lightly rolled my feet up to the blade of the sword.

The blade alone stretched several kilometers.

A size too large for humans, and nearly enough for giants.

Perhaps only Imir’s true form could wield such a weapon.

From what Idras had told me, it was certain.

“Right here.”

I approached the hilt of the sword and touched the round magistone embedded in its center.

Clank, clang!

Subtle magical energy began to dissipate as the central part unfolded, mechanical in its operation.

A small cavity just big enough for something to fit.

‘Well made.’

And none other than Siwoo.

The avatar of Hephaestus, humanity’s greatest blacksmith, aided by the efforts of countless players.

As a result, all the mines that Deicide had possessed were now dried up, and the status of mines elsewhere was not promising. But, that was of little importance at the moment.

“It’s been a while.”

I pulled an item from my inventory.

A bottle containing a silvery liquid that glowed faintly.

[Variable Orichalcum]

An item I received as a platinum grade reward from my first main quest.

Upon use, it could coat the surface of an item with orichalcum.

While system rewards had become less significant at some point, no item had been more helpful than this.

Without it, killing Karas would have been impossible.

“This is your last job.”

I opened the top of the variable orichalcum and slowly poured it into the cavity.

Despite its quantity, barely enough to cover a dagger, this substance’s specialty was that size didn’t matter.


As the variable orichalcum was deposited, the cavity sealed with magistone, and golden lines began to spread outwards.

The massive blade, spanning dozens of kilometers, started to turn golden as it became coated in orichalcum—the strongest metal in the universe.

“Is it… finished?”

“Yes. Once fully coated, I will take it with me.”

“How will you carry… that?”

“I have a pocket dimension.”

Size was not an issue.

U.N. didn’t ask further, though it seemed she had many questions, she kept silent.

“Don’t worry.”


“I know what you’re worried about. You’re uncertain about the future, aren’t you?”


Perhaps I had hit a nerve as U.N. slowly cast her gaze downward.

“Honestly, I can’t predict the future either. But, at least, I will ensure our efforts are not in vain.”

“Haha, I’ll trust you. So, will you return to Korea now?”

Upon U.N.’s inquiry, I nodded.

Coincidentally, I had received a message from Mina this morning.

“Time for the final preparations.”

“The final preparations? Is there still more to do, brother?”

Seemingly surprised that there was more to do beyond the giant sword, I grinned back at Siwoo’s question.

“We need to manipulate public opinion.”



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