Return To Player Chapter 259


Return To Player

# 259

Last DLC (3)

“The one I’ve forgotten.”

Who could it be?

No matter how hard I tried to remember, nothing came to mind.

However, that someone had saved me, the Demon King.

That much indicated that this person, whether male or female, was important to me.

“I can sort of understand that feeling now.”

The reason I can be okay now is only because there were no errors left, and Idra was right by my side. Also, because no issues had been resolved yet.

It was after Emir and I had fought that I, the Demon King, had gone mad.

“OO never left my side, not even for a moment. They always stayed with me.”

Even when I was crazed with madness, suffering through it all, this person remained by the side of the Demon King.

When I wept over the forgotten, they held and comforted me.

Thankfully, such dedication was eventually rewarded.

“I gradually began to regain consciousness.”

Because the veil of madness that had dominated my mind started to lift.

“Little by little, very little by little. In the times not eroded by madness, I became capable of thought.”

It began with very short moments.

But that was enough. In those brief moments of regained consciousness, the Demon King, who was not the mad ‘Kim Sehan’, pondered ways to find a new path.

“The conclusion was simple. This world does not change, no matter what you do.”

So what should be done?

“That’s where I developed a hypothesis.”

Someone who had experienced the second round in a different way from me pondered.

Slight discrepancies. Divergences. Branch points where one could enter a new path.

A way to satisfy it was found.

“In essence, it was time. And there was also a need to fill the lack of power.”

“Is that why you created the DLC?”

“That’s correct. Power that the ‘me’ who is a gamer would not doubt and accept.”

Any gamer who enjoyed single-player games would not be unfamiliar with the term.

Using the name DLC, the Demon King had prepared various things to help me.

Removing things that would delay my time, creating items that would lead me to an optimal route, all under the guise of DLC.

That’s why items that were exactly what I needed appeared right on time as DLC.

“Though I made various types but the ones that I would use were pretty much gauged. The rest were mostly lure products. To make sure you don’t doubt it. As you know, ‘I’ am someone who doubts a lot.”

“Indeed… But how could you create such things?”

“It was not difficult to make. Unlike you, I had a ‘key.’”

Even the key of the demon realm was different from the halved ones that Emir or Lin held.

One whole thing. The power of the perfect key was much more formidable than I had thought.

“I crafted them during the times when I was sane. Decades went by.”

Minsuah said.

The last time the demon realm invaded Earth was 20 years ago.

The Demon King had been reclusive since then, not showing himself. That had been the perception of the world.

During those 20 years, I was sharpening my sword.

For a single moment.

“To get through the main quest faster than I did, to reunite with OO and to guide her, and to help the players advance more and acquire the things I couldn’t get.”

Thanks to the DLC, I was indeed able to skip a lot.

Those skipped parts little by little created a different path to the second round unlike his and made a decisive difference.

“As expected, ‘OO’ obtained the hourglass of Laplace and was forgotten.”

“Is this what you wanted? To lead down this path by sacrificing someone who cared for you your whole life?”

Yes, all of this has gone according to his plan.

The Demon King was me and he knew exactly what I would do.

He had presumed that I would certainly choose to do so.

And as he intended, I eventually came this far.

That someone’s sacrifice was necessary was something I could understand.

But for some reason, I felt a boiling anger within me.

It could be said that I was furious.

“It is not a sacrifice.”

He bluntly received my anger with a calm tone.

“The end has not come yet. What do you think an ending is?”

“The ending? That is…”

“Merely a conclusion, you must think. It is not wrong, but it is not entirely correct either.”

Images of what I had done as the Demon King were displayed on a hovering screen.

However, the image rotated once and changed into something different.

The graph-like image had lines stretching out like a bar chart.

“You would know there are ‘routes’ that branch off by choices in games occasionally. We can consider that the routes have branched off through these points.”

“What does that have to do with anything? That’s obvious.”

“Right. It is obvious. If this were a game.”


It was then that I understood what he meant.

“This world is not a game. It’s something the system made to look like it. You remain as a character in it. You have not escaped. This ‘route’ is not the genuine parallel universe created by time. It is merely a different world categorized by the system. A world distorted by the system.”


“Reality doesn’t have routes. Endings do not exist in this world!”

Unable to counter the Demon King’s words, I was speechless.

His words were correct. Until now, I had been fixated on endings.

I thought I would steer the world towards a happy ending.

That was fundamentally wrong thinking.

“So, nothing is over yet.”

The Demon King slowly stood up from his throne.

And he walked toward me.

“It does not matter what ending the system defines for you or me.”

The person, now at arm’s reach, extended a hand towards me.

As if asking for something.

I immediately knew what it was.

The hand ax accompanied by the developer’s message.

“Of course, it’s you. You’re quick to understand.”

“Is this ax something the one I forgot had?”

“Correct. Originally, I wanted to send a finished product, but it was difficult.”

As he took the hand ax from me, he slowly passed it to someone next to him.

Of course, I couldn’t see who it was, but from the hovering ax, I knew that someone invisible to me had taken it.

“I lacked the power to complete it. Not just the power of the key, but a power that could break the laws. A privilege held by a being not bound to this universe was necessary.”

“…A power from outsiders.”


The Demon King smirked.

Then, he looked to the side. He hadn’t opened his eyes yet, but I knew.

Now, he would open his eyes.

Time was running short.

“Rin Taylor is entering the demon realm.”

Sure enough, Idra tugged on my collar and said.

I could clearly see the worry in his eyes.

Perhaps he was shocked by what the Demon King, myself, had just said.

Or perhaps he feared what was about to happen.

Since this incident was far beyond Idra’s expectations.

“Right on time.”

The Demon King commented as he raised his hand.

A dome-like barrier then formed around us within a few meters radius.


Golden light smashed the Demon King’s castle and fell.

Among the crumbling debris, a golden figure appeared.

The Goddess of Justice, Rin Taylor.

“What are you doing now!”

“Despite being uninvited, you ask quite the bold question, Rin.”

“First, you take what belongs to us…!”

Unable to break the barrier the Demon King created, Rin landed at a distance and shouted.

Her tone gradually weakened as she spotted me and Idra beside me.

“That’s a duplicate daddy? No, more importantly, the one beside… “

“The forgotten one. You can see too, I haven’t seen it though.”

“What is that, no, what are you talking about?”



With a flick of his finger, the Demon King opened a dark hole in the sky, and countless demons started to fall from the sky.


Rin staggered back at the sudden appearance of the demons, and from behind her, numerous players made their appearance.

As expected, she hadn’t come here alone.

She came with other players after opening a gate in the sky above the Demon King’s castle.

‘Thousands? No, at least tens of thousands are here.’

It felt like the players from all over Oman’s realm were approaching. And the Demon King, as if waiting for this, opened a portal in the sky, summoning demons from all over the demon realm.

“Are you starting a war again?”

“The one who came first was you, though.”

“But you were the one who took our belongings first! Besides that, the one who can handle that thing… Ugh!”

Rin glanced at Idra and gripped her head as if suffering from a severe headache.

Then, enduring the pain she said,

“You look different than before. I don’t see the madness.”

“A bit better, yeah.”

The Demon King replied with a sneer.

Seeing that, I thought to myself, that’s just like me.

“No, you wouldn’t be doing this if you weren’t still mad. As if you were asking us to chase you, you declared war. And having prepared the forces in advance like this says it all.”

“If you’re talking about declarations of war, I made them to others, not to you.”


Rin asked with a stunned look as if questioning what he meant.

The Demon King wore a slight smile.

Then, slowly he turned to me, as if to convey a last unfinished message.

“Now you would know what I intend to do.”

I slowly nodded.

“That is what you will do from now on, too. But you’ve come too quickly, you’re not fully prepared yet.”

I knew that.

I was one step short.

“I’ll fill in that missing step for you now.”

The Demon King said, as he slowly opened his eyes.

His dark, lightless eyes were not directed at me but at someone beside me.

Idra, looking worriedly at me and the Demon King.

The two’s gaze met in mid-air.

I felt it.


A faint chuckle escaped the Demon King’s mouth.

The darkness in his eyes gave way to returning light and moistened.

“Heh-heh-heh, right. I had forgotten you.”

Unlike Rin, his face did not grimace.

As soon as he saw Idra, he smiled as if he had known all along.

Even though he shouldn’t have any memories at all.


His voice was powerless.

“Idra, Idra. Yes, it was Idra. Heh-heh, to think that I forgot. Kim Sehan, you stupid fool.”

The Demon King extended his hand.

Not toward Idra beside me, but towards the sky where the hole opened and demons were pouring out.

Grasping the ashen sky as if holding it in his palm, slowly curling his fingers.

‘It’s breaking.’

I could feel it.

The world was shattering.

This world constructed by the system.

Crack, crackle!

It wasn’t just space opening up.

Something fundamental was splitting and breaking.


Just then, Rin noticed the anomaly and lunged.

Going for the Demon King who was defenselessly reaching towards the sky.

‘I have to stop her!’

I hurriedly moved to block Rin, but someone faster than me stepped in.

The white demon.

The demon of Sloth, Azazel.



“Hello, Goddess.”

Azazel greeted with a faint smile, fending off the attack as Rin screamed.

“What in the world are you doing right now!”

“That’s something only the Demon King would know.”


Rin glared at Azazel, who was blocking her, then turned to look at me.

As if asking me to tell her what was going on here,

But I had difficulty giving her a proper answer, too.

I couldn’t precisely define what this was.

I looked at Rin and calmly parted my lips.

“You probably have some guess about it already.”

“Me? Wait, you can’t mean…”

Startled by my words, Rin’s eyes widened in confusion,

But before she could continue, something else happened.

Tiny fragments of light began to fall from the torn sky.

In the dreamlike world, only the Demon King’s voice filled with a small thrill could be heard.

“My god. My avatar.”

As he watched the beginning shatter of the sky, the Demon King spoke.

Clutching the world in his hand.

With the movement of his hand, the ripped gap in the world grew wider.

Finally, when it seemed to have reached its limit,

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”


Fragments of countless worlds crumbled and fell.

Like starlight, the debris of the laws created by the system broke and dropped around us.

And from within, a woman could be seen reaching out her hand.

She was a beautiful woman with bright blonde hair, wearing a dark, red dress.

The Witch of Dreams.

Idra of this world came into the arms of the Demon King, me.


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