Return To Player Chapter 255


Return To Player

# 255

Back to the Demon World (2)

“The same annoying pests coming to this city again!”

Chris Bright, a player contracted with the demon of lust, could not hide her rising irritation.

And for good reason – it was already the third attack just this week. It would be more surprising if she weren’t annoyed.

‘That lunatic!’

Grinding her teeth, Chris gazed at a snake-like man at the very end of the group.

Viper Margal.

As contractors of demons moved their livelihood into the Demon World, frequent skirmishes occurred, and it was during this chaos that this player stood out.

“How about you give up and become mine? Chris. Playing hard to get is only fun when it’s not overdone. Too much resistance spoils the fun.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you lowly creature.”

“Heh, you may be a contractor of one of the seven great demons, but the legacy skills you possess aren’t all that impressive. If one is immune to your charm, then your power is pretty much useless.”

Margal was well aware of Chris’s powers.

Chris had transferred most of her strength to her younger sibling who had become attached to the demon of anger upon moving to the Demon World.

Her sibling was a link between the alliance of anger and lust demons.

Relatively safe due to her numerous followers, Chris had assessed it was fine to transfer her power.

Chris stayed within the domain of anger as one of the contractors of the seven great demons, becoming like an ambassador symbolizing the alliance between the two great demons.

Chris, on the other hand, was different.

While demons avoided the Mara Papiyas due to fear, the players did not follow the same code of conduct.

As long as demons were not the ones causing mischief, they didn’t intervene in fights between players.

Thanks to this, Margal could openly challenge Chris.

Despite the ongoing struggles, Chris’s own abilities, appearance, and her powerful legacy skill of charm, granted her considerable influence.

‘She would make the perfect wife.’

Physically not so strong but with sizeable influence.

What better prey could there be? And the demon Margal had contracted with wasn’t of high stature.

That meant even the Mara Papiyas had more difficulty intervening.

Since it was a lower-grade opponent, sincerity was hard to muster.

Repetitive provocations had become a nuisance, and Chris was thoroughly exhausted.

‘I don’t want to trouble Sirius with this.’

She could probably take care of such trash easily if she reached out to her brother.

But Chris refrained from doing so, not wanting to worry him needlessly.

After all, she still had her pride as a contractor of one of the seven great demons.

The last thing she wanted was to yield to such a snake-like fiend.

“You must be getting tired. Come to me now. I promise I’ll treat you well.”

“Shut it. You’re shorter than a blade of grass.”

At the mention of height, Margal’s lips twitched.

For someone of his small stature, remarks about height touched a nerve.

“… It seems you have no understanding of your situation. Today, I’m going to have to deal with you.”


Again, it has come to this. Chris gritted her teeth and signaled to those around her.

Her followers, both contractors and minions, were visibly tired from the constant fights.

‘We need to settle this once and for all.’

It was a matter of life or death. She knew he was aware of her revival trait, so there was a risk of being kidnapped even in death, but that was secondary. The situation called for resolution.

For her followers’ sake too.

Chris, her expression fierce, looked at Margal, who was happily watching her, and he raised his right hand.

“Now, seize Chris Bright—gack!!”


Margal’s face, smirking with a sinister smile, was smashed as a loud explosion echoed.

Something fell from the sky and trampled all over Margal’s face.

“Ku… kuhuk! Who, who the hell!”

Dazed from the impact at the top of his head, it took Margal quite a while to realize that his head was being trampled by someone.

“Remove that foot immediately! Do you have any idea who you’re stepping on…!”

“You’ve changed quite a bit, Chris Bright. I suppose it’s only natural considering you’re over forty now?”

For contractors, selling their soul to a demon essentially, meant being bound for life.

In essence, they were lifelong slaves.

Still, different demons treated them differently, and the Mara Papiyas, in particular, cherished the beautiful likes of Chris and Sirius, so there was no way they would be allowed to age.

In contrast, Margal, who was being stepped on by Sehan, was quite old.

Being seemingly over his thirties indicated he wasn’t exactly a high-ranking demon’s contractor.

“Who… who are you?”

“Ah well, even after coming 30 years into the future, it feels a bit deflating when all the familiar faces look so youthful.”

“Then who the heck are you…”

Chris stared at the man speaking nonchalantly while stepping on Margal’s head.

He felt familiar, yet his face was foreign to her.

“Before we chat, let’s take care of these guys first.”

“Will you just stop talking and get off my head already!”

“Doesn’t seem to understand the situation, does he?”

Sehan, undisturbed as Margal cursed and spat venomously while being stepped on, was simply bemused.

“I don’t spare demons.”



Margal’s defiance ended abruptly as Sehan simply crushed his head with the force of his leg.

“Kill that bastard immediately!”

“Shoo, pest.”


As Margal’s head was destroyed, his followers swiftly surrounded Sehan, looking to jump at him.

However, they couldn’t even manage a single step.

Sehan’s finger flicked, and the flat stone pavement morphed into cone-shaped spears, piercing through the hearts of dozens of contractors and minions.

“Ah, ahh.”

The dozens of Margal’s underlings fell within less than a second.

‘This is the power of a high-ranking demon.’

Chris swallowed her dry saliva, assessing the strength of her opponent.

She clearly couldn’t face such a monster, having transferred all her power to Sirius.

“Now, Chris.”

Having taken care of the situation, the man took one step after another towards Chris.

With each step that brought him closer, Chris shivered uncontrollably.

“Do you remember me?”

The man, now just at arm’s reach, spoke as he ran his palm across his face.

Then, his features, once slightly harsh, changed instantly.

Chris recognized the face all too well.

“De, Demon Lord.”

At his words, Chris frothed at the mouth and collapsed.


Having nonchalantly dragged the fallen figure to Chris’ mansion, I idly wondered about the situation.

The other demon contractors, seeing their leader Chris in my hands, simply scoped out the situation instead of attacking, and they obediently escorted us to the mansion.

It felt like they were surrendering a prize animal.


About an hour later, Chris’ eyes fluttered open.

Immediately scanning the surroundings, her gaze turned vacant upon seeing me.

“Demon Lord, I haven’t done anything wrong, I’ve been a model taxpayer.”

Her pitiable trembling was evidence enough of the kind of terrifying entity I must be here. What on earth did I do to make her shake like that?

“I’m not the Demon Lord.”


“Well, it’s a bit complicated, but I’m not the Demon Lord. I’m Kim Sehan, that part is true.”

“Then, what are you talking about?”

Confused, Chris looked at me as I shrugged noncommittally.

“Let it go. What’s the situation like in the Demon World currently?”

“You? The Demon Lord would surely know better than…”



The intimidated Chris babbled about the current state of the Demon World.

There were new seven deadly demons, with the top three unchanged.

The fact that the newcomer, the Demon of Anger, had outdone the Demon of Lust to take fourth place had me inwardly impressed.

‘Wow, ascending to the fourth rank among the seven deadly demons in 30 years? Sinjahyun is certainly no ordinary fellow.’

Mara Papiyas, who had been among the seven deadly demons from the beginning, was now ranked fifth. Below him were the roles filled by the missing Demon of Envy and the new Demon of Greed.

“Where’s the Demon King’s castle?”

“Naturally, it’s within the domain of Pride.”

As if asking such a thing was peculiar, Chris’s face said it all. But as I frowned, she quickly cowered again.

Though I’m being lenient while in America, Chris was still someone who dared to confront me once, so there was no reason to treat her kindly.

“And Azazel and Sinjahyun got married…”

“What? Who? Azazel?”

“That marriage…”

I was speechless.

Azazel getting married? And to Sinjahyun of all people?

‘Wow, Sinjahyun really is insane.’

I knew about it already, but didn’t expect this development.

Azazel of all demons!

The slothful demon, so detached from typical sentiment, getting married?

Part of me was astonished at Azazel for partaking in such a human convention.

“Fine, fine. I’ll hear about that later. How do I get to the Demon King’s castle? Assuming, of course, I’m not the Demon King.”

“That’s impossible.”

Chris responded outright.

“That area is one of the Demon World’s danger zones. Pride’s demon, Lucifer, is monitoring it. Plus, the domains of Sloth and Anger spread out nearby, preventing other demons and devil folk from approaching.”

“So, I can’t enter just like that?”

“You’d need at least the consent of the Demons of Anger and Sloth.”

In other words, I’d have to meet them first.

“Which direction from here is the domain of Anger?”

Sinjahyun seemed the easier bet.

If I meet him first, meeting Azazel should also go smoothly.

If they are married, that is.

‘I wonder though, with their own domains, wouldn’t they live separately?’

As I questioned, Chris hesitated then spoke.

“Do you plan on meeting them?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Ah, no! There can’t be anything wrong with what the Demon King does! It’s just… I thought the timing was good.”


I asked, puzzled, and Chris took a deep breath before continuing.

“It just so happens that they are both currently in the domain of Anger.”

“They usually reside separately?”

“They have to manage their domains…”

Indeed, as I had speculated.

“So why are they together now?”

“That is…”

She hesitated for a moment before finally speaking.

“Their child’s 100th day celebration is coming up soon.”

In other words, a first birthday celebration was scheduled.


I softly asked Idris while looking out the carriage window, “I’m just curious, but do demons hold first birthday parties?”

“I’ve never heard such a thing. Sinjahyun probably initiated it, I suppose.”

Sinjahyun really was crazy.

I couldn’t fathom his eccentricity.

A first birthday party in the Demon World, of all places, and not even on Earth.

“Still, it’s good that it makes things easier for us.”

It wouldn’t have been simple to just wander around the changed Demon World.

On top of that, I couldn’t recklessly intrude into the domains of Anger or Sloth.

Especially if Azazel turned hostile, with my current weakened state, I couldn’t possibly stand a chance.

While Sinjahyun seemed like a potential ally, there were no guarantees.

So, it was best to act on the right side of Demon World law.

‘After all, even after decay, she’s still a contractor of the seven deadly demons.’

I was grateful for the lucky encounter with Chris.

Apparently, due to that snake-like dork, she couldn’t leave her territory despite being invited to Sinjahyun’s event.

Because of Maral’s elimination, Chris pledged to help me secure an invitation to the celebration.

Being in a significant position in the domain of Anger, her sister Sirius made the process go very smoothly.

“By the way, Demon World carriages are absurdly fast.”

“Because it’s not a regular horse but a demon beast.”

Having successfully received an invitation to the party, we were now traveling with Chris’s party towards the domain of Anger. The demonic beast leading the carriage made it incomparably faster than any horse.

We were soaring in the sky, not even touching the ground, making the ride somewhat entertaining.

Idris seemed to enjoy the view too, constantly looking out the window.

“Yet I haven’t received an invitation, is that still okay?”

“Well, it’s not like you can receive an invitation that no one can see.”

“That’s true.”

Idris seemed slightly troubled.

Maybe it’s the unfamiliar situation of not being recognized by anyone that bothered him.

“We’ll be arriving in ten minutes!”

Just then, the coachman’s booming voice resounded from outside.

Idris and I both gazed at the approaching city.

Fourth in the demon hierarchy.

The city ruled by Sinjahyun, the Demon of Anger, had grown immeasurably compared to before.


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