Return To Player Chapter 254


Return To Player

# 254 Return to the Demon World (1)

“Do you remember? The VIP room door will open after 30 minutes.”

Before parting ways with Idra, Sehan had said so. It was information he had heard through Minsuah, and Sehan had devised several plans based on it.

If everything went without any issues, Sehan could shake off Rin and steal the Shining Trapezohedron that was at the summit. However, there was a chance that problems could arise, and he certainly had a plan for such an eventuality.

“I think this possibility is higher. So, you’re the key here.”

Sehan thought that the situation would not resolve easily. His opponent was none other than Rin. Minsuah and the other Dearside guild members had been active for 30 years, so the probability that it would be difficult for Sehan to shake them off was high. Hence, if things went awry, Sehan intended to act as bait, pretending to head to the rooftop while drawing them away thoroughly.

In that case, who would steal the Shining Trapezohedron?

“Ugh, ugh, ugh.”

The female who had fallen through several ceilings was writhing on the floor.

Unfortunately for her, the place where she had landed was right where the VIP room door had been, and alarms were sounding from every direction.

‘The door didn’t open so much as it was completely destroyed.’

The VIP room door was indeed open, as Sehan had said. Because Mina had fallen through the ceiling, the door had been completely shattered.

“Hmm. But why has this wench not aged at all?”

Idra looked closely at Mina, who was groaning while trying to get up.

It was quite noticeable behavior, but Mina ignored Idra completely.

Naturally, because Idra had been perfectly forgotten by the people in this world.

Unless one possessed power to resist the power of the key to the demon world, it was impossible to recognize anything Idra did.

It was the same for Mina.

She had certainly become stronger, but she hadn’t reached the level of external forces.

The power of Loki, who formed the basis of Mina’s strength, was that of a supreme god, hence why she couldn’t obtain power beyond that.

In the case of a fused being, it would have been possible to raise divinity through effort, but Mina was not such a case.

Therefore, Mina couldn’t even perceive Idra, let alone see him.

“Argh, it hurts. Anyway, I need to quickly chase after that suspicious man.”

Despite the fall from the 15th floor, Mina was relatively unharmed and complained as she got up.

“That won’t do. Excuse me for a moment.”

As Mina tried to stand, Idra lightly touched her forehead with his index finger.

A ripple spread from her white forehead, and Idra’s divinity radiated throughout Mina’s body.

“Huh? What? This feels weird…”

Mumbling to herself, Mina’s body suddenly flipped backward and she fell.

“Cool, cool.”

‘She’s fast asleep.’

Known as the Witch of Dreams, it was possible for her to put other beings to sleep as well, especially since Mina couldn’t even resist since she was unable to perceive him.

“Let’s see, is this it? Oh, yes, this is it.”

Idra rummaged through Mina’s belongings and found an identification card carried by the officers of Dearside guild.

It was essentially a VIP pass, and with it, one could use all the facilities inside the guild tower. Minsuah needed it to use the conference room, and because Rin would definitely check, Sehan or Idra couldn’t have it. Thus, the plan required this pass, and Mina was chosen as the target.

With Sehan’s abilities, he could make Mina fall exactly where Idra was.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm~!”

Idra cheerfully obtained Mina’s pass and stepped out of the ruined VIP room.

The rest was simple. He just had to board the elevator while passing other employees and players bustling within the guild tower.

No one could recognize Idra, so there was no one to stop him.

‘They’re fighting well.’

Idra used Mina’s pass to ascend to the top of the tower, looking in the direction where Sehan was fighting the cat-and-mouse battle with Rin.

Sehan kept checking Idra’s position from time to time, leading Rin away from the elevators as much as possible.

And when Idra reached the top, Sehan intentionally took a strong hit from Rin, sending him flying out of the building.

Now, if Idra touched the Shining Trapezohedron, a considerable amount of power was bound to be released.

He would try to make it as discreet as possible, but at such a close distance, there was a possibility that Rin would notice.

Therefore, Sehan used himself as bait to lead Rin out of the tower.

Fortunately, there was a strong barrier in the Dearside guild tower that distorted even the spaces that Mina had set up.

Because of that barrier, the tower and the outside were completely separated and Idra’s power did not reach Rin, who had followed Sehan out of the building.


The next step was simple.

Idra didn’t even need to look for the Shining Trapezohedron as it flew into his hand.

A tremendous power was felt from the Shining Trapezohedron, and Idra flicked his finger with a faint smile.

“Alright, it’s time for you to start preparing as well.”

The square Shining Trapezohedron began to rotate in the air, surrounded by several black, round bands projecting a dark beam toward the sky.

It was, after all, to open the door to the demon world.

‘If it weren’t for Idra, it would have been discovered.’

Sehan sighed in relief as he looked at the sky behind Rin.

Minsuah had said that Rin could see Idra. If so, she would feel Sehan’s power and even sense Idra’s presence.

Conversely, if she couldn’t see Idra, then she wouldn’t understand his presence or power.

So, Sehan moved independently from Idra, who in turn avoided Rin’s gaze and suppressed the use of his power as much as possible.

The only time Idra had used his power was to put Mina to sleep, and even then, he had used a very weak force so that Rin wouldn’t notice.

“You shouldn’t be focusing only on what’s visible.”

“You…!” Rin’s attention swiftly turned back towards Sehan upon hearing his words.

No matter how powerful Rin was, it was impossible to close the door that had been opened with the Shining Trapezohedron right away.

“Then, it was nice to meet you. I’m sorry, but I’m too busy to have a longer conversation.”

“And who do you think is going to send you off?!”


Behind Sehan, a black space opened.

Instinctively, Rin felt that Sehan was using that portal to move near to where the black hole had opened in the sky.

If the portal had appeared inside the guild tower, it would have been impossible, but since it was above the tower, there was nothing to hinder it.


As Sehan moved to enter the opened void, Rin hurriedly thrust her sword towards him.

Her speed was like a beam of light, but Sehan’s prediction of the situation was faster.



With Sehan’s shout, space opened in the sky and Baeksulyi, wearing a remarkably lively outfit, fell right in front of them. From her outfit, it seemed she had been having fun somewhere in Seoul, not in the demon world.

After 30 years, Baeksulyi had matured into a woman with the appearance of her early twenties, but that was beside the point.

Regardless, Sehan and Baeksulyi were connected as pet and master, and it had already been confirmed they were still linked after the branching event.

She recognized both the demon king Sehan and the non-demon king Sehan as the same person.

Of course, for Baeksulyi of 30 years later, it looked like someone she had never seen before had summoned her.

“??” Baeksulyi landed head-first in confusion in front of Sehan, precisely in the path of Rin’s sword aimed at Sehan.

“What’s going on?!” Rin’s sword immediately halted upon Baeksulyi’s sudden appearance.

It wasn’t just because Baeksulyi had suddenly dropped in the path of the sword. Rin was aware that there was only one person who could summon Baeksulyi.

“Who on earth are you?!” Rin demanded, sheathing her sword and shouting towards Sehan.

Sehan just grinned and waved, also glancing once at Baeksulyi who had fallen to the ground.

Baeksulyi, confused at first, rounded her eyes upon recognizing Sehan’s face.

As they were connected as pet and master, she instinctively knew Sehan’s identity.

“If you want to know, you’ll have to chase after me.”

With that, Sehan disappeared into the void, leaving the two women standing in a daze behind him.


30 years later, in the demon world.

As soon as I emerged from the void, the sight of the ash-gray sky filled me with an inexplicable emotion.

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I last visited, but somehow it feels like a very long time ago.”

“As for me, it’s the first time, so I have great expectations.”

Idra looked like a tourist who had just arrived on an overseas trip.

If we had plenty of time, we might have taken the time to go sightseeing at the famous places of the demon world, but unfortunately, we didn’t have that time.

“Rin is likely to follow us, so let’s move quickly.”

“Why provoke her then?”

“It just felt like I should.”

“It felt like you should?”

“Somehow, I think I know what ‘I’ want.”

In any case, even if I hadn’t provoked her, Rin would have followed.

That much was clear if I thought about what Minsuah had said.

‘Even if she didn’t notice my true identity, she would have realized that the door was opened to the demon world.’

It wasn’t just any item, but the Shining Trapezohedron that had been stolen.

Moreover, someone had used an item that no one had been able to use for the last 30 years to open a door to the demon world.

The external key to the game had been snatched and used by ‘someone.’

Even if Rin didn’t remember Idra, she would have roughly grasped the cause and effect.

She would have questioned Minsuah, and her final destination would be the demon world.

“Anyway, where are we?”

“I don’t know.”


When trying to move quickly to the place where the Demon King’s castle was, Idra just shrugged and shook his head.

“It’s been 30 years, but it’s still the demon world, right?”

This is where the transcendent beings, the demons, reside.

The demons live here too, but they have a considerably long lifespan, so 30 years isn’t such a long time for them.

It didn’t seem likely that the territories would have changed during that time.

“Didn’t you do something before returning from the demon world to Earth?”


Beelzebub’s territory had been smashed to pieces. Mammon was dead. The Pride territory had been destroyed by somebody I forgot, as Idra had said. Wrath was taken over by Shin Jawoon, and Envy had been missing for over 30 years.

“…It’s a mess.”

“Even in the demon world, that much would cause a change of regions. The place where I just moved to was supposed to be the territory of Greed.”

Mammon’s territory, the territory of Greed, was near the middle of the demon world.

Naturally, there should have been a sizeable city there, but all I could see was a barren landscape.

“But it seems there’s a city nearby.”

I sent out crows to scout the surrounding area.

Fortunately, there was a large city not too far from here.

Perhaps the city that had been here was destroyed and moved there.

“Then let’s move on, shall we? Here.”

Idra spread his arms and looked at me.

“What? What does that mean? Are you threatening me?”

“It means you should carry me and fly. Surely you don’t expect me to walk?”


He made a valid point, but for some reason my head started throbbing.

“…Didn’t you say not too long ago that you wouldn’t act like this?”

“Haha, that was when there was no hope, wasn’t it? Now it’s different. It won’t hurt to be a little free until she returns.”

‘She.’ I had no memory of her, but it seemed she had been deeply related to me.

“Tch, can’t help it, then.”

“Ah, good. Let’s go!”

As Idra had pointed out, if I had made him walk with his weak physical capabilities, traveling would have taken an eternity.

Furthermore, aside from using the void for short distances, Idra had no other skills for flying or fast movement, so I had no choice but to carry him and fly.

With my recovered wings of Qigong spread wide, I took to the sky.

I wasn’t completely healed yet, so my speed was slower than before, but there was no problem moving at this pace.

“Is that the place?”

“Mm, I can feel the presence of strong demons… No, rather it’s the presence of demon contractors.”

“Ah, did the contractors on Earth move to the demon world?”

Then the city below that had a similar construction style to humans rather than demons or devil-kind, was it a city where the contractors and followers resided?

‘I’ll find out when I get there.’

As we approached, I could see more details of the city.

Certainly, the architectural style resembled human rather than demon or devils.

“There seems to be some conflict.”

“That’s so. Is that something that happens often?”

As I searched for a place to land, I could hear fighting noises below.

They were all contractors and followers. It sounded like a gangster movie with rough curses being thrown around and the sound of clashing weapons.

“Huh? There’s a familiar face.”

The brawl seemed to be between two factions.

While assessing the situation from above, I saw a quite familiar face from one of the factions.

“Isn’t that Chris Bright?”

The contractor of Lust I had casually parted ways with in America.

She was down there.


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