Return To Player Chapter 253


Return To Player

# 253

Enemy Turned Ally (3)

A golden crown floated above the head.

Hair scattered with golden particles.

Eyes that shone a clear golden hue.

Her figure resembled the sun itself.

The golden goddess who illuminates the Earth.

A girl who embodied the justice of humanity and all possible potential.

No, now a woman – Sehan swallowed hard at the sight of Lynn Taylor.

‘I had thought such a situation might happen one day.’

Lynn from not just 10 or 20, but 30 years in the future.

Fortunately, it seemed that Lynn hadn’t become overly powerful since most of her foes were rather average. Had she contended with Ban Go, Imir, or seven demons of that rank over those 30 years, her power would be many times greater.

‘Still, it’s not a good situation.’

Only 5 floors remained ahead.

Yet to Sehan, these 5 floors seemed dozens of times more challenging to overcome than the previous 25.

Others might manage, but for him, even facing Lynn was a struggle.

During the days when the Temple of Dreams was still a dungeon, he had entered in pursuit of the Hourglass of Laplace and had battled Lynn.

However, at that time, Lynn had recently awakened and had just merged with Astraios.

She was far from comparable to her current self.

“A familiar feeling.”

Lynn murmured, gazing at Sehan.

The Deicide Guild Tower, the last bastion of Earth.

A man had penetrated its core.

An act not even demons or giants could accomplish was now achieved by the human before her.

‘Not a demon… not a giant nor a god.’

Though a divine might emanated from him, something was different.

It felt alien like an outsider god, yet he was not one.

Clearly, the being before her was human.

‘The skeleton and stature are the same as that man.’

The problem was the completely different aura.

‘His face is covered, but yes, definitely different from that man.’

For Sehan, possessing the power of the Demon King, infiltrating the Guild Tower wasn’t much of a challenge.

Considering Min Su-ah was involved, it made sense to relate this to Demon King Sehan, but it was somehow off.

‘An illusion I can’t see through with my own eyes. And a modulated voice.’

Not an ordinary foe. Lynn’s eyes saw through deception, the eyes of a goddess of justice.

Yet she couldn’t distinguish the reality behind the illusion that veiled the man’s face or the altered voice.

This indicated that the man’s power was akin to an outsider god’s.

She felt a certain unease but couldn’t identify it.

‘If it were that man, it’s unlikely he’d wield such illusory powers.’

The Demon King Sehan’s forte was close combat centered around the Bloody Asura Technique.

He mastered various magics and techniques, but illusions weren’t among them.

At least, that’s how Lynn remembered it.

“I can’t overlook the crime of uninvited intrusion into the Guild Tower.”

“Can’t it be overlooked since there’s a reason for everything?”

“A reason?”

Sehan hesitated under Lynn’s puzzled scrutiny.

‘Should I show my true form and say I come from a different branch? Wouldn’t that convince her?’

The thought crossed his mind, but according to Min Su-ah, Lynn could never trust Sehan.

Yet Lynn had the ability to discern lies from truth.

Could she not trust his words despite this?

‘Or perhaps…’

Was convincing Lynn not the correct answer?

Maybe Min Su-ah was trying to prevent him.

It was all speculation.

Was it right to persuade Lynn or was it right to force his way through and steal the Shining Trapezohedron?

The answer was unknown.

Sehan had always acted based on knowledge from the first cycle, but now that was impossible.

Only Min Su-ah knew the future.

To trust her or not.

There lay the fork in his path.

“Forget it.”


“It’s better to seize it first then decide what to do after.”

“What are you implying…?”

Lynn looked up.

Sehan’s destination had clearly been the top floor above.

It was filled with Deicide’s top-secret treasures.

Was he after one of these treasures?

“Are you insinuating you can pass me and go upwards?”

“It’s not impossible.”

Stunned by his confident response, Lynn fell silent.

No one had ever shown such an attitude before her.

Lynn was always the predator; every powerful foe couldn’t help but tense in her presence.

Only insane Sehan or Jisoo by his side, Azazel, Lucifer, and Imir, might compare.

The man before her didn’t seem equivalent to such monstrosities.

“Folly of fools. Or perhaps bluster.”

Golden light flowed from Lynn’s eyes, and the surrounding area brightened significantly.

Divine power emanated from her, scorching everything around like the heat of the sun.

“Let’s chat after I’ve caught you.”

A silver gleaming sword now filled her hand.

The gold light flowed over the blade’s surface, tracing a golden outline.

‘Luckily, it’s not Libra.’

Had she held Libra, it would have been truly dangerous.

She didn’t intend to kill him now, but to subdue him.

‘Let’s see…’

Sehan glanced at a spot.

He eyed the place a little away, where the elevator was, then looked back up at Lynn.

“It’s time for a lesson.”


At her puzzlement, the wall beside Lynn suddenly writhed and erupted.


Like a subway train, the soaring wall smashed into Lynn’s body, shattering through several walls and hurling her away.

Considering Guild Tower’s exterior was at least as strong as mithril, the force was truly terrifying.

Sehan spread his wings and soared upward as Lynn was flung away.

Using Subspace would have been handy, but Min-ah’s barrier prohibited long-range spatial movement.

He could only enter within a 5-meter range of the targeted object.

“What is this power?”

As Lynn sliced through the wall that had struck her, confusion was evident on her face.

The split wall crumbled as if an illusion, smooth once more, except for where Lynn had impacted and broken through.

‘What kind of power is this?’

It was just the beginning.

As Lynn gathered strength in her feet to pursue Sehan, the mithril floor twisted into tendrils, ensnaring her legs. Her immense strength easily broke them, but each small event unsettled Lynn.

‘It’s unreadable.’

Any power could usually be understood by Lynn at its core.

But this power was inscrutable.

Whether magic or divine authority, its true nature was unclear.

It was ephemeral, like an illusion.


Lynn’s expression shifted for the first time.

Inextinguishable irritation surfaced on her face as she blazed in golden light.


Sehan flew, continually moving his arms.

Creating barriers to match Lynn’s movements was one thing, but he also opened Subspace to fling weapons haphazardly.

Boom, boom, boom!

But with every passing flash of golden light, the weapons emerging from Subspace turned to ash And disappeared.

She weaved or slipped past the obstructions fashioned from the building’s structure, closing the distance to Sehan in mere moments.


In the blink of an eye, Lynn’s sword reached Sehan’s throat.

Raising his arms hastily in surprise, Sehan blocked her fist.

The impact shattered his arms, sending him flying backwards.


The shock left Sehan unable to stabilize, crashing through the building’s outer walls.


Plummeting through several buildings, he landed in the middle of a car road, with nearby passerbys screaming in panic.


“A man fell from the sky!”

Fortunately, there were no casualties but Sehan, now embedded in the asphalt road, was in excruciating pain.

‘It took an era to climb to the 28th floor, but falling took only a moment.’

Just one hit, but his whole body ached.

Even a punch holding no murderous intent did this much damage.

‘If only I had the Bloody Asura Technique.’

Had he possessed it, he wouldn’t have been pushed back so much in close combat.

He did have regenerative skills, but his restoration capabilities felt oddly insufficient.

‘And the power output is too low.’

When he fought with Beelzebub, he’d wielded power on a much larger scale than with Lynn, using illusions. Now, even within any barrier, the output had dropped.

For sure, using the Bloody Asura Technique, he must have accessed powers several times greater than the current situation.


“It’s over now.”

As Sehan slowly rose from the ruined road, Lynn descended before him.

No intention to attack – likely confident she could suppress him no matter what.

“That’s right, it’s over.”

“Just don’t resist and…”

Her gaze shifted from the collapsed Sehan to his face, where an ironic smile creased it.


Did he have a way to overcome this situation?

Impossible. Sehan had certainly used all his strength against her.

He couldn’t have a hidden card left…

“I did say I was about to teach you.”

The laughter in Sehan’s voice made Lynn hurriedly glance behind her.

The very place from which Sehan had flown, the Guild Tower of Deicide.

Because something was starting to change.


Thin lines sliced through the tower’s summit, spreading like eyelids, revealing a massive black space connected to another dimension.

It was now opening.

“Bait’s usually quite visible by default.”

Sehan, who had blatantly aimed for the 30th floor, like herself, was a decoy.


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