Return To Player Chapter 252


Return To Player

# 252

Enemy Turned Ally (2)

Sehan looked at Minah and recalled the time when he fought Mama Jack,

Mama Jack, who occupied the Chameleon’s seat, was famous for changing forms to match opponents. This characteristic was inherited by her lover, Elise, manifesting in a different way – always transforming into a form more advantageous than the opponent.

We could not find a way to immediately defeat her as she continually evolved, so we resorted to sealing her in the Temple of Dreams.

‘So you’ve followed that approach.’

Minah resembled Elise now,

possessing the endless magical power production of the Dragon’s Heart.

Her arms bore the strength of Behemoth, and her physical body, tough as orichalcum, was sturdier than anything else.

Likely, her torso and legs transformed into something different as well.

Minah’s divinity may not have been plentiful, but her abilities transcended that.

Capable of wielding the powers of a legendary monster, Minah could exert force beyond a mid-tier deity – perhaps equal to that of a high-tier god.

For Sehan, this was far from welcome news.

‘This Minah is even stronger than the one from the first timeline.’

Indeed, back then, Lee Minah could transform into a dragon.

She just couldn’t apply the transformation to parts of her body.

Now, Minah had acquired the potential to be stronger and had lived a much longer time.

It wasn’t surprising for her to wield such power.

“Whoever you are, you’re in for trouble if you underestimate me.”

Minah’s eyes blinked as she fixed her gaze directly on Sehan.

Sehan reflexively entered the void space to escape her line of sight.


The floor and walls where Sehan had disappeared turned into ashen color.

Everything within a certain space had petrified.


Emerging behind Minah, Sehan couldn’t help but click his tongue as the hem of his robe turned grey and crumbled away.

‘Stone Gaze?!’

He had once encountered a similar attack facing a basilisk, but this was far more powerful.

This was no mere basilisk’s ability but a superior kind – at least on the level of the Gorgon’s Stone Gaze, if not stronger.

Not limited to life forms, anything Minah looked upon would turn to stone. Facing such might head-on put even Sehan at risk.

Given that her gaze petrified even the hem of Sehan’s robe, protected by his supreme divinity, most beings would die simply by catching her eye.

“You think to evade this?”

“If I didn’t, I’d be dead.”


Minah clicked her tongue as Sehan’s voice came from behind her. She swung her arm widely and turned around.

Boom, boom, boom!

Minah’s right arm, empowered with Behemoth’s strength, tore through the reinforced guild building like tissue paper.

‘I never expected to be outmatched in close combat by Minah.’

Minah was a genius, indeed.

It wasn’t just her transformative ability; her sense in close combat was extraordinary as well.

With the ability to enhance her body, even Sehan struggled to engage freely.

Stone gaze upon eye contact, and as time passed, the strength of Behemoth grew stronger.

She might even reach the earth-shaking strength of Beelzebub.

‘If only I could use Blood Heaven Asura Skill!’

Sehan regretted being unable to use the skill, Blood Heaven Asura Skill, listed in the skill window.

Had his memories not been erased, he could undoubtedly have used it.

With that skill, he wouldn’t be falling behind in close-combat.

Boom, boom!

Sehan dodged Minah’s sweeping hand and flicked his fingers upward.

A round pillar erupted from the floor aiming for Minah’s chin.

Minah didn’t bother to dodge.

Her bodily toughness, close to that of orichalcum, saw no need for evasion.

Boom, crash!

As expected, the pillar shattered against Minah’s chin.

The shock, however, made her head sway slightly, and Sehan seized the opening to kick at her legs.



Sehan’s divinity-filled kick distorted Minah’s face as she lost her balance.

‘I just have one minute; I can’t keep this up.’

Sehan thought he would have difficulty subduing Minah, but she was much stronger than expected.

‘No helping it.’

If he had to kill her, there was no lack of means.

Sehan’s void space contained infinite malice obtained from Ahriman.

Regardless of how much Minah altered her body, there was no resisting such malice.

Even if she didn’t die, it would neutralize her for a considerable time.

However, he didn’t want to go that far.

Though she came via the Temple of Dreams, this was reality, not an illusion.

Despite being Minah from a different timeline, he didn’t wish to inflict significant harm on her.

“I’ll have to risk getting caught sooner.”

“What? Caught…”

Minah, about to shout ‘Soriya!’, felt the ground disappear beneath her.

During her moment of imbalance, Sehan had made the floor beneath her vanish.


Knocked off balance, Minah could only fall helplessly below.

Hurriedly trying to create dragon wings to take flight, the disappeared floor reformed, reverting to its original state as walls, and blocked Minah’s path.


As she unfolded her wings to ascend, Minah raised her fist to break through the ceiling.

But faster than her, a square pillar stretched down from the ceiling, pressing her body downward.

“What in the world is this?!”

Magic wasn’t this omnipotent.

Annoyed by this absurd power, Minah kept falling as she broke several floors.

“I guess I’ll have to hold out for about a minute.”

Watching Minah vanish below, Sehan caught his breath.

With such a commotion, it was impossible that Rin hadn’t noticed.

He could feel a giant divinity stirring as Minah plummeted down.


The player with the ability to read the future, Min Sua.

Like Rin, she was not merely an avatar of a deity but had ‘fused’ with one.

Not to mention, she was the only woman in the world who had a connection with a goddess even before the world became a game.

Her power to see the future was unparalleled, even deities couldn’t catch up to her.

She could see the branches of endings, ignoring the power of the system.

Naturally, when Min Sua became a deity on Deuside, Rin was suspicious.

Did she have an ulterior motive?

But now, after ten, twenty years, Rin relied on her like no one else.

Even Rin, with her impressive abilities, couldn’t see the system’s branching paths.

She could peer into the near future by slipping through time, but she couldn’t reach Min Sua’s level, even with her Mary Sue abilities.

The one power Rin couldn’t catch up to was Min Sua’s.

“Rin, what do you wish to do with this world?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know. This situation can’t last. The publisher will move soon. You won’t be able to stop it on your own.”

Of course, Rin would survive.

She was confident enough to assert that she couldn’t be killed.

But others wouldn’t.

Rin also knew that.

“You are strong. The level of Earth has increased, but it hasn’t reached a degree of absurdity like yours. You know why Ymir remains unbothered.”

“Because there’s no benefit from provoking me.”

“Right. But that doesn’t mean he’ll leave it be, right? After the Demon King’s movement ceased, Ymir has started eyeing the Earth again.”

Rin’s biggest concern lately.

She even considered making a preemptive strike against the publisher.

But if she falls against Ymir, Earth would be doomed.

And if she won, as soon as Rin left Earth, Ymir would obliterate it.

“… I can’t do anything.”

Rin smiled bitterly.

The strongest of them all, yet that was individual strength.

──Rin. You can do anything.

He had said that to her.

Patting her head, always just so.


She could do nothing.

Neither leave Earth nor maintain this world.

The peace was falling because the Demon King, now an ally, went into hiding.

Once the most reliable ally, it hurt that he had now become the enemy.

However, there would never be a chance for him to be an ally again.

He was enraged.

At the people of Earth who forgot a certain memory.

At Rin, and everyone.

Initially, she worked hard to find a way to reverse it.

Thirty years had passed.

Her feelings remained, but doubt had crept in over time.

Now unable to trust each other, returning to the previous relationship was improbable.

“Indeed, you can’t do anything right now.”

Sua said, smiling faintly while looking at Rin.

“What if you could do anything again?”

“Anything… ?”

“There’s a way for you to return as Rin Taylor.”

Not the just goddess of Earth’s humanity.

But human Rin Taylor.

“That, I don’t know what you mean…”

Confused, Rin stammered, but then she suddenly turned alert.

She sensed ‘something.’

“…Something just fell around the 5th floor.”

“Can you really detect that accurately?”

“I sensed it late, around the 15th floor. A disruption occurred, causing it to fall to the 5th.”

Only Minah would be on the 15th floor, where she had made her workshop and lived.

So, the person who fell must be Minah. Judging by the shifting presence, she seems mostly unhurt, but something on the 15th floor was clear.

‘Unfamiliar, no, a familiar presence? What’s this?’

Rin focused, sensing something moving on the 15th floor, and stood up.

There was no time left for further dialogue with Min Sua.



“You knew an intruder was going to enter our guild tower.”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t.”

How could Min Sua, known as the Great Prophetess, not know about such an incident?

Staying silent meant there’s a reason behind it.


“You’ll find out faster if you look for yourself.”

“I’m going to catch the intruder now. Will I understand if I catch him?”

“If you can, that is.”

At Sua’s words, Rin’s eyes narrowed.

She is the righteous goddess, blessed with every boon humanity could possess.

Even gods and demons regard her with awe for her unreasonable power.

She felt like Sua was implying she couldn’t capture it.

“If this is an opportunity to turn me human again?”

“I don’t know.”

“Should I stop the intruder?”


“You don’t know?”

“I can’t see it.”

If she went after the intruder, she wouldn’t be able to see anything.

At that moment, a light returned to Rin’s previously lifeless eyes.


Slowly, Rin bent her knees.

Preparing to leap in the direction of the intruder.

‘Not being able to see means.’

Pursuing the intruder would affect the ending.

Fixated and stagnant – the ‘Demon King of Madness’ ending.



Sehan flapped his wings, tearing through walls as he flew to the top, the 30th floor.

Though security systems recognized Sehan as a foe and launched multiple attacks, the minor delays they caused were the extent of their influence, for Sehan wielded void space and reality-altering powers.

Yet, those slight delays were troublesome.

Rin, who had been in a meeting on the 1st floor, was almost upon him.

‘Just 5th floor.’

Though nearly caught, doubts lingered about overcoming Rin and reaching past the 5th floor.


Sehan felt a weight upon him as he was pulled backward.

“This force, could it be…”

The direction of Sehan’s wings twisted.

As if time was rewinding, the ground he shattered in flight reverted to its original state.

‘It’s not like time is rewinding.’

It actually was.

Sehan knew this power: Ban Go’s Limited Regression.

The power Ban Go wielded in battle against Rin – reversing time within a certain area to undo causality!

“Damn it!”

At this rate, he would retrace his flight, descending.

Sehan forcibly moved his body being pulled back, channeling his divinity.

His eyes turned golden and the foreign divinity concentrated in his heart began to flow.


By fully unlocking the power of Edra, which he had used only in a limited capacity, his body screamed in resistance.

But to escape this power, it was the only way.

Only the foreign divinity, transcendent from causality, could break free from the constraints of time.

Sehan’s body stopped being pulled back and ascended another floor.

Upon his ascent, he saw a pair of golden eyes looking down on him.

“You are.”

In the short period gripped by reversing time,

she had overtaken Sehan almost instantly.

“Who are you?”

Blond hair glimmering like starlight, topped with a golden crown.

The just goddess who guarded humanity stood before him.

Now an enemy.


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