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# 250 Parallel World (3)

Goddess of Justice. Lyn Taylor.

For the last 30 years, she has been the strongest entity protecting humanity.

Having transcended the limits of a player long ago, she was almost an object of worship for humanity.


Lyn was staring blankly out the window.

The towering buildings and the beautiful cityscape were in sight, but in the distance, the scorched earth remained.

It was the site that had last been invaded by demons ten years ago.

It became barren land difficult for people to live on because it was completely ravaged and remnants of the demons’ power lingered.

‘It’s fortunate that the demons have been quiet lately, but….’

With the demons quiet, now the Publishers were causing trouble.

Emyr had been constantly scheming to regain control of Earth, putting Lyn at odds with them quite often.

Of course, they did not dare to act recklessly, knowing Lyn’s power, but it was still quite troubling for her.

“Goddess. Am I doing this right?”

“Yes, Lyn, you’re doing well.”

“I’m not so sure,”

Astraea was Lyn’s mental pillar.

Though the powers she wielded had long surpassed that of a goddess, her spirit hadn’t yet escaped the confines of humanity.

The burden of the future of all mankind weighed too heavily on her shoulders.

“I remember fighting against Aldebaran and myself, it was surely a future about ten years from now. So my timeline might have already passed that point.”

Unbeknownst to her, Lyn’s information would have been taken by Laplace’s hourglass and conveyed to the Lyn of the past. Thus, ‘I’ would have already transmitted the ending of the Mad Demon King to the past ‘me’.

This must have introduced a new variable.

But the present remained unchanged.

Despite following Sehan’s words from before the demon king transformation, nothing changed.

The world still continued down the path of the ending of the Mad Demon King.



「It’s incredible that the world continues to exist at all. It’s all possible because of your power.」

That might be true.

After achieving a True Ending, most worlds succumb to destruction.

The Publishers, who don’t leave the stars alone, are the cause.

The stars chosen by the system are judged by Emyr to be expendable in the universe, and it acts on behalf of the system to judge the star.

However, Earth didn’t suffer that fate.

Because of Lyn, and because the demon king had kept the Publishers in check.

This made it difficult for Publishers to cause havoc to other stars as they used to.

‘How long can this situation continue?’

The Publishers and the demon realm.

Can a world where nothing resolves continue to persist?

Lyn turned away, trying to ignore her uneasy heart, as she had an appointment to meet with Minsuah later in the afternoon.

She would likely provide sound advice for the future.

With that thought, Lyn took heavy steps as she moved on.


“Anyone verified can enter the Guild Tower.”

For example, staff essential for game operations.

And guild masters from other guilds on business or important national figures could request entry from a Deaside executive.

“Of course, those with unconfirmed identities are mostly cut off at the entrance.”

We were in Minsuah’s car, heading to the Guild Tower.

Inside the car, which resembled the fancy limousines seen in movies, I sat across from Minsuah and Idra.

“Does this mean we can’t enter either?”

“Normally, that’s the case, but since I’m an executive of Deaside, I can manage getting through the entrance.”

“Sloppier than I expected.”

“That’s because it’s just the entrance.”

Minsuah revealed a small smile.

“To enter a confidential area, you need to get past the modified Guild Tower’s security. Plus, there’s a chance you’ll run into the other executives.”

“Are you talking about Lyn? You said earlier to be prepared to fight.”

“There is such a future. However, even Sehan wouldn’t be able to defeat the current Lyn.”

“Preparing for the worst scenario, is it?”

Currently, I was weakened due to having ‘forgotten something.’

Facing Lyn in this state would be foolish; Minsuah meant to prepare an escape route in case we would have to fight Lyn.

‘Can I manage to escape from Lyn, who can handle facing the demon king me?’

“But we have the forgotten one with us, don’t we? Where is he sitting now?”

“Beside me.”

“Ah, I see. You seem to be getting along well.”

Suah greeted Idra with a nod, who sat there blankly, asking for his cooperation.

“Lyn might not remember the forgotten one, so their power could be the variable.”

“But since Lyn has transcended the system, couldn’t she possibly remember?”

“Lyn reached the realm beyond after the person beside you became forgotten, so the chances are low.”

Suah then slowly opened her lightly closed eyes.

A blue light leaked through her slightly opened eyelids.

“However, if we face her directly, we might start recalling certain information. Then escaping will become even more difficult.”

“So, in short, keep Idra out of Lyn’s sight?”

“Yes. Lyn may not remember, but unlike me, she ‘can see.’ We’re uncertain if this could restore her memory, but it’s definitely influenced.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to use that to persuade Lyn?”

“With the face of a demon king?”

“You never know.”

If Lyn could be convinced, all impediments would vanish.

“Unfortunately, the demon king and Lyn have been in opposition for too long. Even if you show your face, she’ll consider anything you say as part of a scheme.”

“I’m that untrustworthy?”

“You, the demon king, would resort to any means necessary to bring down your opponent.”


Even though she wasn’t talking about me, it stung.

It wasn’t wrong. Surely, if I truly were the demon king, I would have used any cunning method to target Lyn.

“Let’s change the subject. Let me tell you the plan.”

“Go on.”

“There isn’t much to it, really… In short, while Sehan enters the tower, I plan to have a meeting with Lyn.”

“Meanwhile, I sneak into Lyn’s room at the top and steal the Shining Trapezohedron.”


Suah nodded with a solemn face.

Being part of Deaside for decades for this mission, the determination was palpable.

“We should go over who we might encounter in the tower and how to avoid them.”

Suah started discussing those we might meet within the tower and how to evade them.

I realized once again how powerful knowing the future could be.

‘The best thing Sinjawoon did was to keep her alive.’

I couldn’t help but feel immense gratitude towards Sinjawoon, who was not here.



The players guarding the entrance to the Deaside Guild Tower yawned as they stood guard. Each was a renowned player on Earth and had faced beings as mighty as demons.

Of course, they were not members of Deaside.

Apart from the original members and Minsuah, Deaside didn’t take on additional players as guild members.

The players inside the Guild Tower were more like mercenaries cooperating to protect Deaside.

But hardly anyone dared to invade the Deaside Guild, and their usual duty was akin to watching sparrows fly in the sky.

“Darn boring.”

“Stand straight. Minsuah is coming today, remember?”

“Ah, right. It’s lucky today. Will I finally get to see the Great Prophetess only seen on TV?”

“It’s a lucky day indeed. They say you’ll be blessed if you see the prophetess.”

Minsuah had many fans due to her frequent TV appearances.

After all, she was one of only three players worldwide who had achieved divine union.

She hadn’t aged, plus her ethereal demeanor captivated a wide fanbase across ages.

“Here she comes, get ready.”

Upon someone’s command, everyone put on a serious face and faced the approaching large limousine.

The doors opened, and as Minsuah’s face appeared, those awaiting her gazed in awe, then confusion crossed their faces as they saw a man following her.

“Excuse me, Miss Suah. Who is this….”

“He has business in the guild today. Please lead him to the VIP room.”

“Ah, okay.”

Unsure of who the man was, they found it awkward to question the word of a Deaside executive.

Plus, it was Minsuah.

There’s no way she’d let a foe into the guild.

“Then please come this way.”

A doubtful glance was cast, but only for a moment, as one of the players led the man beside Minsuah, Sehan, to the VIP facilities.

“Good luck to you.”

With a nod, Minsuah sent them off, and Sehan responded with a short greeting.

Not visible to others, but following right behind Sehan was Idra.

“Wow, what a massive building. This is success; you’ve made it.”

‘Could you build one like this even now?’

It’s not a matter of if; I simply haven’t due to the lack of time.

Sehan grumbled inwardly as Idra marveled like a child at the building, unable to maintain a stern face.

“Please wait here until Miss Suah arrives. If you need anything, just press the button and call.”

“Yes, understood.”

After guiding us to the VIP facility, the player said this and exited after a bow.

“But as Minsuah said, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be easy to move around.”

“I agree. They’ve invested at least twice as much compared to the last building you modified.”

Sehan had previously utilized a guild building’s security system when facing Mamajack.

This Guild Tower was thoroughly coated in such security systems.

“But every security system has its weak spot.”

Sehan slowly stood up and gazed at the robust-looking ceiling.

“As long as no problems occur, we’ll be fine.”


With a flick of his fingers, Sehan’s body became translucent.

His power was to realize illusions; by temporarily turning his body into an illusion, he could easily pass through physical walls.

This way, walls and security systems wouldn’t be stimulated, avoiding any issues.

“The room above the VIP is empty, if I recall correctly.”

Sehan looked at the ceiling, giving Idra a signal.

“Remember? The VIP room door will open in 30 minutes.”

“Of course. Be careful yourself.”

After bidding farewell and wishing good luck to Idra, Sehan took a light jump to move to the room on the upper floor.

He had wanted to skip several floors at once, but the structure didn’t allow it.

The room directly above was an office.

‘Let’s take a look inside the building….’

Feeling the presence outside the room, he placed his palm on the floor.

Gradually, from the shadows of Sehan, crows emerged, forming from the mist, and began to ascend.

There were dozens of them.

Sehan made these creatures invisible using his power of illusion.


The crows scattered in every direction as soon as his command ended.

Unlike ordinary crows, these new ones could effortlessly pass through obstacles like walls since they were just clumps of illusion.

‘I’ve used quite a bit of magic, but it was necessary.’

It was essential work.

No matter how much we knew about the future and heard about the building’s structure from Suah, nothing beat real-time surveillance.

‘Alright, let’s go.’

Reaching the 15th floor without any issues seemed plausible.

The problem was the 15th floor.

Above the 15th, instead of simple systems, there were barriers set up by players.

「On the 15th floor will be Minah Unnie. No matter what method you use, you won’t be able to get past her without being detected.」

According to Suah, although Minah had not united with Loki, she was in a similar state.

Loki must have done something, surely.

‘He’s not the type to be bound to one thing.’

Still, he must have taken some measure since he valued Minah more than anticipated.

From Sehan’s standpoint, it was quite troublesome.

「If you can incapacitate her within 5 minutes, it’ll work. If it takes longer than 5 minutes, Lyn will notice.」

‘Easy to say.’

The challenge was to take down Minah, who had nearly achieved demi-god status, within 5 minutes.

Could the current me accomplish that?

Sehan swallowed his dry saliva.


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