Return To Player Chapter 249


Return To Player

# 249 Parallel World (2)

“Wow, that’s enormously huge.”

Min Sua’s mansion was located quite a distance away from the place where the guild building of Dearsyde resided.

The sheer size of the mansion made one question whether such a large house could even be built in Korea.

It was so imposing that I wouldn’t have been surprised if there was a zoo within the estate grounds.

“So, how do we get in?”

“I’m thinking about that now.”

A rough count showed about ten players guarding the entrance to the mansion.

Probably more would be inside.

‘Given that it’s 30 years later, the level has certainly…’

While Earth players originally operated at a considerable average level, 30 years later it had developed even further. Players with abilities at level A or B were common.

“Hey, you there.”

While I was surveying the entrance, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Turning, I saw a cold-looking woman standing there.

‘I feel like I know that face?’

It’s been 30 years; known people should have aged to middle age or elderly, yet the woman before me felt strangely familiar. She was a beautiful woman with sharp eyes and short hair that fell around her shoulders.

Moreover, she was of a much higher level than any of the players guarding Min Sua’s house.

“I feel a familiar sense from this child.”

Idra whispered to me in a low voice.

“You too? I do feel like I’ve seen her face before.”

“No, not the face, but the aura emanating from her…”

“What are you muttering to yourself?”

The woman interrupted our quiet conversation.

“This is the mansion of the Great Prophetess. If you are not identified, I ask you to leave. Do you know how troublesome it is because of people like you, coming out of curiosity?”

Her face was deeply tainted with annoyance, as though such occurrences were not rare.

Indeed, not far away, a man in a suit was being dragged away.

“Who even thinks they can just enter as they please?!”

“Let go, please! Just once! I beg you, please allow me to meet the Prophetess just once!”

“The Prophetess does not meet anyone unless she wills it.”

The suited man was dragged away helplessly and thrown into the distance.

Rolling and groaning in pain, he picked himself up.

“Damn it, that damned TV celebrity… Making such a fuss over nothing. They’re just a person, after all.”

Cursing, the man shrank under the watchful eyes of the surrounding players and scurried away.

This incident seemed all too common, judging by the unperturbed reactions of the other players.

“You see? If you plan on any foolish acts, you’ll be dragged away like that. You seem like a skillful player, but…”

The woman turned her gaze away from the man in the suit to look at me again.

“It would be wise not to foolishly throw yourself into trouble.”

As the woman’s cold eyes narrowed and glared at me, any average player would have felt huge pressure.

‘She is definitely strong, but to me… ‘

To me, her demeanor was no more than a quaint act.

But, of course, I couldn’t fight back, so I thought to get through this amicably.

“If the Great Prophetess is who you say, she already knows I am coming.”

“What nonsensical talk is this? Who do you think you are, that the Prophetess would be aware of?”

“Please tell the Great Prophetess that ‘The Forgotten One’ has arrived, and she will know.”

Though the woman’s face wrinkled in displeasure, my confident stance seemed to leave her grappling for a response.

“Surely just asking is no difficult task, right? If the Great Prophetess denies knowing, I will peacefully depart.”

“Don’t push your luck too far.”

Rattled, the woman glared at me with widened eyes.

“If what you say is indeed true, then you are a guest who would have made a reservation days ago. There’s no reason why we would not be informed.”

Her point was valid.

However, since Idra and I had only arrived in this world less than a day ago, it was possible Min Sua hadn’t yet seen into the future.

I wanted to convey the term ‘The Forgotten One,’ hoping that, even if she hadn’t foreseen the future, Min Sua would understand the meaning and perhaps engage in conversation.

“If you continue to act suspiciously, there will be no choice but to eject you forcibly…”

The bustle emanated from the crowd as the woman appeared ready to take a firm stance, a commotion arose near the mansion doors.


At the same moment, the woman’s attitude, who had seemed ready to confront me at any given point, also changed.

“Has something happened?”

“Th-that is…”

The woman’s once piercing gaze softened into naivety as she glanced between the entrance and myself, her demeanor visibly flustered.

“The Great Prophetess is coming out!”

“The Prophetess? Why? Were there no special schedules set for today?”

Boom, boom, boom.

Amidst the noisy crowd, the heavy doors of the mansion opened slowly.

A neatly dressed woman walked out between the grand doors which split apart.

With long lavender hair and serene eyes closed, she presented a calm appearance.

Though quite short in stature, her aura was so enigmatic that she seemed out of reach.

‘Is that Min Sua?’

So much time had passed that the thought felt surreal.

The seemingly forever-youthful Min Sua had matured into a stunning woman.

Though her face maintained its youthful look, her presence was on another level—like a living goddess.

Thinking about it, she had become one with a god, so it wasn’t a falsehood.

Pat, pat. The bustling of the crowd died down to a heavy silence as Min Sua began to walk. Except for the sound of her footsteps, all fell quiet, with people parting to either side like Moses parting the Red Sea.

‘But why are her eyes closed?’

Internet searches had informed me she hadn’t lost her sight.

“Come on in.”


Min Sua, the so-called Great Prophetess, approached me gracefully and bowed almost as if she would kneel; an extreme display of humility. The crowd, surprised by Min Sua’s sudden reverence, gasped and looked at me with shocked eyes, especially since only moments earlier, the same woman was berating me. Now her face turned pale, her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of the water.

I, too, was quite taken aback by Min Sua’s approach.


After a soft cough, I calmly spoke up.

“Is ‘long time no see’ appropriate?”

“You may speak however you are comfortable.”

“But it’s very awkward with so many eyes on us if you act like this.”

Min Sua just smiled and slowly lifted her head.

That’s when it dawned on me that this entire situation was orchestrated by Min Sua herself.

‘She was playing a trick on me!’

Her face, now filled with mischief, contrasted starkly with the ever-shivering Min Sua of the past.

“Eunhwa, please escort this gentleman inside.”

“Yes, yes.”

The woman who had been blocking us earlier appeared to be named Eunhwa. Min Sua mingled with the crowd—snapping pictures and lightening the mood—enabling us to enter the vast mansion.

“Really, you knew the Prophetess?”

“Had I not said so?”

“That, that’s true but…”

Her sharp eyes had changed into soft ones, giving off an almost comical impression of teasing an innocent child.

“Please wait here.”

Lead to what seemed to be a guesthouse, Eunhwa instructed us to wait and then stood guard at the entrance with a tense face.

About ten minutes later, a woman with long purple hair entered the room.

Min Sua greeted both me and Idra, then turned her gaze to Eunhwa waiting at the door.

“Eunhwa, did you greet him properly? This person has a deep connection with you as well.”

“Me, with me?”

Eunhwa gaped at me, surprised, but I was equally startled. Though she seemed familiar, I did not recognize her.

“Doesn’t something ring a bell?”

Seemingly reading my thoughts, Min Sua covered her mouth and chuckled lightly.

“This child’s name is Song Eunhwa.”

“…Song Eunhwa?”

I mulled over it, feeling just as clueless.

If there’s a Song in people I knew, the most would be…

“Gasp?! Can it be?”

“Yes. She is Song Chang-woo’s daughter.”

“And her mother is?”

“Hong Ga-eun.”


I sensed a kindred chemistry between them, but married?

With 30 years having passed, it wasn’t odd for them to have a child, but it was still shocking.

‘It really feels like I’ve landed in the future.’

Far more shocking than the changes in the cityscape, the knowledge of a familiar person’s child suddenly brought it all to reality.

“If you knew her father, who might you be…?”

Seeing that I recognized Chang-woo, Eunhwa’s demeanor became more cautious.

But finding the right words to explain was tricky.

After all, as the Devil King in this place, I couldn’t exactly go tossing my name around.

“Eunhwa, I’ll explain everything later, so please step outside for now.”

“But as your escort…”

“You haven’t forgotten I can see into the future, have you?”

“Oh, alright then.”

As Min Sua converse with a gentle smile, Eunhwa, sweating, shut the door and left.

“…You’ve changed quite a lot.”

“Hehe, well, with age comes change.”

Pouring tea into a cup, Min Sua smiled faintly.

“I take it you know why we’ve come here?”

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have acted this way.”

“I suppose so.”

“I joined Dearsyde just for this day, after all.”

Idra’s ears twitched upon hearing Min Sua’s steady voice.

“So that’s how it was. I wondered why you, who should be with Azazel, were here.”


“Why no reply?”

As Idra queried, Min Sua pursed her lips deep in thought but soon responded.

“It seems there truly is a ‘Forgotten One’ beside Mr. Sehan.”


“In case you were wondering, only Mr. Sehan appears before my eyes.”

I struggled to comprehend the implication. Feeling a nudge in my side from Idra, realization dawned on me.

“Ah, of course. That’s why Eunhwa referred to you as ‘talking to himself’ earlier.”

“Right, that slipped my mind.”

I had spoken so fleetingly that it went unnoticed.

So does this mean that people in this world can’t see Idra?

‘I should have realized why they were looking at me strangely.’

I had assumed it was Idra’s striking beauty that drew attention, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

“If you’ve escaped the system, then it would be possible. However, only two players would be able to do so. The two who hold the key.”

“The Devil King, which is me, and Lynn Taylor. So it’s just us two.”

“If it’s about beings at the level of external gods, then yes, only you two.”

But if that’s the case, shouldn’t I, the Devil King, remember Idra?

“Seeing and regaining memory are different matters.”

Min Sua, who had been silently observing, answered my internal questions.

“For now, since they share a name, I will refer to this world’s Sehan as the ‘Devil King.’ Mr. Devil King, you’ve indeed stepped into the realm of external gods and freed yourself from the system’s shackles. However, since you didn’t pass the key’s trial by will, you couldn’t regain your memory.”

“A lack of a trigger, then?”

“Yes. You didn’t necessarily belong to the devils’ system, but the ‘Trial of the Devil King’ influenced your memory. As a result, no one in this world remembers the person you do.”

Imyr would’ve known, but an adversary like him wouldn’t tell the Devil King the truth.

“So your presence here is because…”

“Even though I cannot recall who the ‘Forgotten One’ is, I am aware someone has been erased. Since I’ve watched over Mr. Devil King, I knew immediately upon viewing the past of this world that it was long ago, prompting me to join Dearsyde. I knew you’d come today.”

“To help me?”

“More accurately, to assist this static world.”

At that moment, her eyelids trembled.

Bathed in a sacred blue, Min Sua’s eyes—which transformed to blue when foreseeing the future—were different this time.

The subtle glow emanating from them didn’t reflect the ‘present’ but peered far beyond into the ‘future.’

Her gaze belonged to someone who saw a far deeper future than the Min Sua I knew.

“The power of my foresight has grown too strong for me to dare open my eyes carelessly. That’s why I learned the Inner Sight technique through Chang-woo.”

So that’s why she kept her eyes closed.

“But, if the ending has been reached, can it change?”

“The ending will not change. But, as you know, an ending is not the end of everything.”

Those words echoed the developer’s message.

There were words from ‘me’ in the past, telling me not to focus on the ending, that the ending wasn’t everything.

“You already know our purpose, don’t you? To retrieve the Shining Trapezohedron.”

“That’s correct.”

“It’s kept at the peak of the Dearsyde guild.”

As the blue of her eyes intensified, Min Sua gazed directly at me.

“Prepare to battle at the pinnacle of humanity.”

The protector of the world, the goddess of justice, had emerged as our adversary.


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