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# 223 – Rebellion (2)

In the presence of transcendent beings like gods, giants, and demons, humans are powerless. The difference in basic abilities is immense. And then there’s the matter of lifespan. Those beings do not die of old age. The experience arising from their long lives is something beyond human reach.

How should one defeat such absolute existences? Lyn questioned Sehan as they journeyed towards the Imperial City, wondering how they would possibly bring the possibly forthcoming battle against Bangho to a victorious conclusion.

Sehan’s response was profoundly simple. “Instill fear in them.” Humans are so accustomed to fear due to their frailty. The fear of not wanting to die, of not wanting to have regrets. But because it’s always there, humans can withstand fear, overcome it, move forward. When fear becomes unbearable, that’s when humans perish.

“Gods, demons, giants—they’re not used to fear. Particularly the stronger ones may not even know what fear feels like.” They don’t age and die naturally. They’re impervious to disease, insensitive to fear.

“That’s why they’re weak against fear.” Their strength keeps them ignorant of fear. And when they finally feel it, their worlds shake. They realize the existence of a beast lurking within.

“It’s ironic that these beings, capable of human emotion and thought, claim themselves as gods.” Sehan laughed as he looked up at the sky, mocking the idea. “They’re nothing but monsters in human form. Show them that.”

The emotion of fear. And when they feel it, one must not miss that moment. With those words, Sehan patted Lyn on the head.

‘I can feel it.’ Lyn grabbed Bangho by the collar, gazing into his golden eyes, which stopped blinking altogether.

An intense emotion, previously unnoticed, became apparent in Bangho’s heart, which had always been as still as lake water. The tumultuous wave had to be captured.

In the returning flow of time, everything is forgotten, but Lyn pursued the emotions leaking through the cracks. She intercepts Bangho on his path of regression.

“How could…” Bangho’s golden pupils, unblinking like a doll’s eyes, shone like a mirror reflecting his own image. “How could such a thing be possible?”

Humans overturning time? It was inconceivable to Bangho, who dismissed the notion as accident: the resistance against reversing time, the grip on his collar.

“But it cannot be!” With a swipe of his right hand, Bangho knocked Lyn’s grasp away, halting her momentum and the reversal of time. His action had intervened before time could fully turn back.

“You dare to rebel against us, egotistical life forms! Parasites clinging to a star!” Bangho screamed at the retreating Lyn, his demeanor a harsh contrast from his usual tranquility. Tearing his top to shreds with his right hand, he yelled, “Are you humans truly attempting rebellion?!”

On Bangho’s chest was a gem, not unlike the one implanted in his forehead. Both jewels began to emit a blueish light, shining bright. Embedded within a giant’s body, the gems are their core, harder than any other substance, unbreakable. They are the crystallization of a giant’s power.

Bangho possessed two of them. Maybe it was because he was a primordial giant. Either way, his cores were two, and their capacity was tens of times that of an ordinary giant. Only Ymir had ever faced him in a battle employing both cores through an age-long conflict.

He never expected to use his full strength against a human. For Bangho, it was a humiliating affair.

Lyn twisted her lips in a smirk reminiscent of Sehan, imitating his tone as much as possible. “Shouting often serves to forget one’s fears, doesn’t it?”

“You wench…!!” As the two gems glowed, black lines like tattoos spread across Bangho’s entire body, starting to glow with a faint blue light. It was a technique similar to the one used by Jisu, but far more powerful.

The Imperial City crumbled as Bangho stamped his foot. Reflexively, Lyn raised Libra to block the upcoming attack.

Her arms trembled, and she was hurled into the sky. She smashed through several walls and realized she was airborne only when she regained consciousness after a moment of darkness.

Bangho was there, having followed her somehow, ready to finish what he started. “You thought, after a fluke grasp, you could defeat me?”

The Loop is powerful, but Bangho’s strength doesn’t come from it. He was the mightiest of all giants, the strongest fighter of the Publischer.

“Don’t fool around, you mere human!”

His fist struck Lyn in the abdomen, the impact wave pushing away the clouds above. With a speed beyond sound, Lyn collided with the ground below.

The shock was so intense it nearly knocked her unconscious. The Imperial City crumbled and heavy stones rained down from all sides.

“Stay focused, Lyn Taylor!” It was Sehan’s voice, speaking from the pit to the struggling Lyn. It seemed the place where she fell was just where Sehan was located.

“Uncle?” Lyn steadied herself with trembling hands, lifting her head to see a man with black hair and violet eyes. Two other men stood before him, but they didn’t catch her attention, despite being powerful members of the Seven Heroes.

‘Ymir.’ Despite this being their first encounter, Lyn instinctively knew who he was. His commanding aura and blazing violet eyes made her flinch.

A projectile whizzed towards Lyn, but it didn’t reach her—it was caught by Sehan’s outstretched hand. A sharp icicle pierced through, stained red with his blood.

“Pay no mind to this side.” Sehan, fixing his gaze on Ymir, spoke as if to imply that Lyn had something else to tend to than what was happening here.

Sehan pointed towards Lyn’s hand, towards Libra, continuing, “Sometimes, to win, you must learn to let go.”

Lyn wanted to ask what he meant, but before she could, Bangho charged at her again. Meanwhile, Ymir’s magic surged, causing anomalies in the surroundings. The two heroes ignored Sehan and lunged towards Lyn.

But they didn’t reach her; the wall beside her shattered as two sword energies sent the two heroes flying. Ymir’s gathering magic scattered—or rather, was sliced apart.

“I anticipated this and made preparations.” Blocking the two heroes who had bypassed Sehan were King Zinep and King Aldeon.

They, too, had joined in, preventing Ymir from going after Bangho. With Sehan and Gaile present, it seemed impossible for Ymir to intervene. The system would have to spawn a quest to allow him to strike together; otherwise, going against the system would cost him his administrator seat.

Ymir looked at Bangho, but his focus was solely on Lyn. For the first time since becoming Ymir’s right hand, Bangho defied his command: there was no turning back.

“I will make sure you die.” His adversary stood before him, defying everything he had defended and built over time, the first to elicit fear rather than joy. He could not let this being live.

Bangho lunged, the two clashing fiercely. Lyn braced with her sword, standing her ground. A normal punch would have been sliced in half, but Bangho’s flesh held no living tissue.

As Lyn was pushed back, piercing through walls, she realized that being catapulted would lead towards the Imperial City. Battling there would result in high casualties. An urban disaster awaited, one that no ordinary person could survive.

Lyn arrests her backward flight with a struggle, tearing the ground asunder beneath her. As she regains her footing, Bangho’s fist looms before her—expected. She dodges and strikes with Libra’s hilt, launching Bangho skyward before giving chase with a powerful kick.

Despite the destruction they cause, these moments highlight the unique resilience of the Barundark Imperial Castle, standing against the tremendous force of a giant.

The pain is excruciating, and the crown atop his head seems to cry out as divinity concentrates on his legs. And just like Lyn before him, Bangho ascends skyward with distress.

In his surprise, Bangho scrambles to reorient himself in midair, searching for Lyn on the ground, but she has already vanished.

Lyn’s blade, Libra, shines as she descends upon him like a golden shooting star, its celestial skill unleashed—a divine blade to judge the wicked. Bangho raises his arms crossed in defense as the radiant sword finds but the smallest breach upon his skin.

The impact sends him hurtling towards a desolate plain, where Lyn has guided the battle. Realizing her tactic, Bangho, however mighty, gazes skyward at the descending golden light, clenching his fist for the impending clash.

As the golden meteor from the heavens meets Bangho’s raised fist, the earth itself seems to revolt. Libra quivers on impact, pressing in but barely making a mark.

“You may be swift to learn new techniques,” Bangho mocks, “but you lack the fundamental strength to match me. After all, you are merely human.” Even united with a goddess, her flesh remains that of mortal kin, forever beneath the transcended…

[Translation End]


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