Return To Player Chapter 222


# 222

222. Rebellion (1)

I first met him a long time ago, in an era where the concept of a publisher did not even exist.

Born from the system, we were bound to live by its will.

Bangoh was then the most influential of the giant clan.

No one dared to oppose him, except for one.

His name was Imir, a giant born around the same time as Bangoh.

Initially, he did not receive much attention among the giants.

His combat abilities were subpar compared to the other battle-inclined giants.

Unlike them, he was intelligent and could use magic.

Over a very long time, Imir gathered his own forces.

Little by little, ever so slowly.

Bangoh paid him no heed.

The throne of the Giant King was within his grasp, and he had found one of the keys to access the system.

Bangoh wanted to break the system.

A giant born from it could never truly escape its hold.

He did not wish to live a life under its control.

He believed that if he could find the other half of the key and access the system, he could destroy it.

But before he could enact his plan, Imir made his move.

Bangoh had not anticipated Imir would draw the sword at that moment, but confident in his victory, he accepted the challenge.

Afterward, the two fought for the throne of the Giant King.

Time passed, and ironically, Bangoh was the one who was defeated.

Imir became the Giant King and the guardian of the key.

And it was Imir who gained immortality, not Bangoh.

“We will use the system from now on,” said Imir to the one who had lost everything.

“We who were born from this world’s system cannot resist it. Isn’t it better to use it to our advantage then?”

“Why must we do so? Would it not be better to destroy the system…”

“Without the system, we lose the means to control the other stars. As civilizations develop, intelligent beings inevitably give in to desire.”

Imir wanted to use the system, unlike Bangoh.

He judged that without the system, the current order of the universe would be disturbed.

Stars that should have existed for long durations would prematurely perish with the emergence of intelligent beings, and resources that should be returned to the universe would disappear.

Imir felt the system was an absolute necessity.

It was needed to keep in check the numerous gods who had battled with the giants over eons.

Therefore, Imir created the publishers, and using the abilities of the giant clan, transformed the system’s ‘management function’ into a game.

The stars that abandoned gods inevitably became a game, and civilizations that could not overcome the trials given by the system perished.

Only intelligent beings on the stars remained.

As such stars devoid of intelligence regained their natural state, new civilizations arose and time repeated itself.

Only then did Bangoh realize Imir’s intention.

He had wanted this world to perpetually recycle.

If intelligent beings spread out into the universe, it could affect an increasing number of things, potentially leading to a cataclysm extending beyond just one star.

Imir wanted to eliminate even the probability of such an event.

Upon this realization, Bangoh naturally became Imir’s right hand.

As the vice president of the publisher, he remained close to him.

“I will follow you forever.”

Though he did not achieve the freedom he had envisioned, Bangoh saw this as his responsibility.

As a member of the giant clan, it was his duty to prevent the world from crumbling.

However, he didn’t anticipate the existence that would boldly dispute it —


Sparks flew as Lynn’s weapon, Libra, clashed against Bangoh’s arm and was repelled.

Her movements were noticeably different from just moments ago.

As if she had shaken off all hesitation, her steps were light, and any faltering had disappeared.

‘Justice, does she truly believe she is justice?’

Who dares to be so presumptuous to call themselves justice?

Not even a deity or a giant, but a mere human.

To speak of themselves as the embodiment of justice…

“Know your place, foolish human!”

Bangoh’s fist was launched towards Lynn’s abdomen.

She dodged by rotating to the right and managed to bring Libra up to Bangoh’s neck successfully.

“Did you think you could defeat me just by getting a little stronger?!”

Libra’s blade was about to cut into Bangoh’s neck when time began to rewind.

The sword was drawn back, and Lynn’s body reverted to its position right before rotating to the right.


Bangoh’s punch that was aimed at the abdomen now struck Lynn’s head vertically.

Lynn’s head rocked violently before being driven into the ground.

It pierced through several layers of the imperial ground, and above it Bangoh’s foot crashed down like a meteorite.

Avoiding it cat-like, Lynn bounced up and kicked off the walls, rushing forward.

Bangoh tried to detect any hint of her movements.

“It’s futile.”

Bangoh’s fist struck Lynn’s face.

No matter where Lynn struck, Bangoh rewound time and counterattacked.

Over and over, Lynn was hit by Bangoh’s fists.

But she got up immediately and charged again, shattering the walls and flooring of the imperial palace only to be flung away and fall repeatedly.

“Is that all the strength you claim to be justice? How laughable, how pitiful. You too are nothing more than an arrogant human.”

“Shut up.”

Lynn retorted, her body soaked in blood, her voice terse.

Her golden eyes burned with intensity, and for once, her usual honorifics were absent.

“Don’t underestimate me.”

Though her sword-hand trembled, it steadied with a snapping sound.

Step by step, she advanced towards Bangoh without showing any sign of backing down.

Until now, Lynn had never lost her rationality in battle.

She had never fought so recklessly.

She was knocked down countless times; her attacks didn’t land, and she was thrown about defenselessly.

‘And yet …’

Why didn’t she fall?

Her body had accumulated shock upon shock.

Her defenses could have been easily broken at any moment. Although she had ample divine power and magic, it wouldn’t have been surprising if she had depleted it long ago.

But she showed no signs of weakening.

On the contrary, each movement Lynn made seemed to be growing faster.

‘It’s not just a feeling. She’s definitely speeding up.’

Why is she accelerating this continuously?

Bangoh noted a change in Lynn as she shakily rose to her feet.

‘Has her body grown?’

Bangoh squinted as he saw Lynn, who had appeared as a young girl just moments ago, now with increased stature and a different overall skeletal structure.

It was as if she had rapidly aged.

Her previously tied-up hair had come loose, becoming long and flowing.

‘Could it be, has she forced her body to grow using her divine power?’

He let out an incredulous chuckle.

Such a feat was unthinkable.

Forcing her young body to grow, transforming it to be more suitable for combat.

In the body of a child, there were limits.

So by forcefully stimulating growth, she was getting accustomed to the larger body while repeatedly colliding with him.

“…But it’s all in vain!!”

Enough of entertaining the game—it was time to end this.

With eons of martial arts experience, his skills were not just for show.

One blow held the power to shift the landscape of a star.



Bangoh’s fist collided with Lynn’s sword and rebounded.

The impact obliterated the upper half of the Imperial Palace, raining debris like a storm.

Her fist had repelled his punch head-on.

Not just once, but again and again.

In mid-air, Bangoh’s fists and Lynn’s sword met and deflected several times.

Just moments ago, she couldn’t even follow his movements.

Now, her golden eyes locked onto Bangoh.

Without blinking, her eyes seemed to see through everything.


Vibrating muscles propelled Bangoh’s fist with ferocity.

Fist and sword, leg and hand, dozens, hundreds of exchanges took place in an instant.

From the very beginning, it wasn’t that Lynn blocked all of Bangoh’s attacks.

The gap in their lived years was vast.

Even without using the loop ability, Bangoh was overwhelmingly more powerful than Lynn ‘had been’.

‘She’s catching up.’

Her sword began following Bangoh’s fist.

His every move was now shadowed closely.

He could sense it.

The footsteps closely following behind him.

“What on earth…?”

Bangoh was not the only one who noticed.

Imir, observing the situation, was aware of the change as well.

Engaged in blocking Sehan from advancing, Imir kept a close watch over the shifting circumstances with Lynn.

“What’s wrong?”

Sehan’s sneering remark made Imir go stiff.

Sehan was also informed. He had been watching the battle between Bangoh and Lynn through the crow’s eyes.

“Not turning out well, is it?”

“Step aside.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Imir’s mind was preoccupied with Lynn and Bangoh’s battle.

Honestly, Bangoh was not in danger yet.

He had the loop ability, so there was no way he could lose.

But the feeling was bad.

“Move out of my way right now.”

“It seems like the situation has reversed.”

Sehan smirked at Imir.

The King of Bows and the King of Ice frantically attacked him, but they could not even graze his clothes.

They were powerful, but lacked will.

Moreover, Imir could not engage in the fight directly due to the system’s constraints.

“If you want to pass, use your power. Though that means you won’t be able to leave the publisher for a while.”

Giants, born from the system, are free from it but receive greater penalties for their actions.

Even by coming to Petroya on a whim, if Imir were to exert his power, the penalties would be much harsher than for normal gods.

Thus, Imir could not rashly use his full power.

“Do you think you’ll be safe after doing something like this?”

“You made a mistake.”

If Imir had grouped up with Bangoh from the start, things might have been simpler.

But he didn’t do that. He wanted to ensure that Lynn was dealt with decisively.

If he stayed with Sehan, he might run away with him.

In simple terms, Imir underestimated them.

He believed Lynn could be handled by Bangoh and that he could stop Sehan.

That’s why he started his scheme.

Lynn, vulnerable at that moment, was bait to persuade Sehan, and inexperienced Lynn could be convinced by Bangoh.

If negotiations failed, then Lynn would die by Bangoh’s hand.

However, Imir’s plan went awry.

Lynn should already be dead, but now she was growing increasingly powerful while battling Bangoh.

“A mistake? The mistake you’re making right now is what you should be worried about. Move right now. If you don’t, I will make sure to obliterate your world without leaving a single blade of grass.”

“You were going to do that all along, weren’t you? You dislike deviations. Earth is a star with too many variables. Do you expect it to be left untouched?”


“You’ve underestimated humans too much.”

Sehan’s eyes, one red and one golden, flared with rage.

The boundless malice filled his eyes, tangling around Imir like cobwebs.

The endless spite of humanity silenced Imir.

“I don’t care about your lofty intentions.”

For the sake of the world’s providence. It’s a noble notion.

But there was no intention to be sacrificed for it.

He would not give up the possibility of the present for the unlikely eventuality of the future.

“You people are only a bit stronger and live a bit longer than humans. It’s laughable you act as if you’re masters of all.”

Freedom that was not fought for bears no meaning.

For it can be taken away at any time.


Sehan casually spoke to Imir.

“Do you know where my sword went?”

“Your sword?”

Only then did Imir realize.

Sehan’s sword, Fragarach, that he was swinging around just moments ago, was gone.

Where did it disappear to?

The answer was simple.

“This… crow bastard!!”

Imir glared with bloated fury, ready to pounce at any moment, as Sehan merely shrugged.

Fragarach was no longer in his possession.

A mere sword, perhaps insignificant, but often such trivialities can determine the outcome of a battle.


Sehan gazed through one eye at Lynn’s battle.

Looking at the girl fighting, becoming increasingly battered.

Following the steps of Bangoh, who had lived for epochs, she embodies the justice of humanity.

No doubt, Bangoh held absolute power.

If it were a close-combat battle, even against Imir, the outcome would be uncertain.

The strength of Bangoh stemmed from his yearslong experiences.

But Lynn had the potential to follow.

Lynn possessed the trait ‘Mary Sue’.

In other words, the compatibility between Lynn and Bangoh was not favorable.

‘Devour him.’

Every bit that Bangoh possessed.


Within the crow’s eyes, Lynn was seen bringing her sword down on Bangoh.

It wasn’t another futile repetition of actions.

That sword strike bore resemblance to Bangoh’s martial arts.

Above all, it was fast and contained the ferocity to destroy anything.

The footsteps, once barely following, were now leaping forward tenfold.

Lynn was retracing the path Bangoh had trodden.

Skipping across the multitude of years he had experienced.

An insignificant human, once unimaginable, now stood right behind him.


Something that shouldn’t exist. Something that must not exist.

A bug that stepped out of the system’s boundaries.

Bangoh realized.

This being he was fighting was not some mere human.


A flash of gold was just about to launch its sword, coming alarmingly close.

He was no longer allowed to deflect it.

Seeing the sword aimed to pierce his right shoulder, Bangoh hastily reversed time.


The approaching sword was pushed back as time regressed to the past.

‘She aimed for the right shoulder, she’ll immediately move left to target the back of the head.’

Bangoh quickly judged and tried to turn his footwork before time completely reverted.

Or he intended to.

If Lynn’s left hand hadn’t grasped Bangoh’s collar.


Time was rewinding, and Lynn should have been pushed back.

Her right arm holding the sword was indeed being forced back, but she resisted, her left hand clutching Bangoh’s collar.

Time is the essence of the universe.

Nothing can escape it.

Excluding the Deities beyond time…


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