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# 217

Hero Devouring (3)

“Have you heard that rumor?”

“Rumor? Ah~! The recent hero assaulting incident?”

“Yes, yes! That’s right, that one!”

The words of a traveler heated up the inn.

The hero assaulting incident had become one of the hottest events in Petroya recently.

Players, as well as gods interested in Petroya, were discussing the matter first and foremost.

“This time, it’s said to be the Throwing King, right?”

“Followed by the Gale King… Even amidst the chaos of the collaboration quest, it’s quite a mess.”

An ill-looking man slammed his glass down at another man’s words.

“Damn, the situation is utterly ridiculous. I hear it’s those newcomers from the newborn game, Earth, right? Those folks targeting the family of Sword Saint Gail in the collaboration quest—are they the culprits?”

“Everyone seems to be guessing so.”

“But rather than heading straight to the Empire, they’re mainly attacking the cities of heroes… it’s hard to understand what they’re planning.”

“Lately, Lord Gail has been acting strange as well; it must be because of those guys.”

Who are considered the strongest in Petroya?

The Seven Heroes and the Sword Saint.

These were beings that no player dared to challenge.

Even with gods pouring points into avatars to nurture them, there were limits.

Heroes who reached the level of the Seven Heroes not only achieved high divine status but also possessed tremendously high stats. Practically living gods.

It was thought no one would ever be able to defeat them, regardless of time.

However, in the past few days, disturbances had been occurring among the Seven Heroes.

The first victim was Shturad, the Gale King.

His body was found at the top of the tallest tower in the Holy City of Teion.

Surprisingly, despite the room where the Gale King stayed being undamaged, his body bore countless wounds.

“There’s also a story that the reason heroes are being attacked is to steal their powers.”

“Pff! What nonsense! Could such absurd powers even exist?”

“I thought the same, but it seems to be true. Especially since there are accounts that both the Gale King and Throwing King were ‘defeated with their own techniques’.”

Even those who had chuckled and scoffed gradually became more reserved in their laughter.

They too had heard similar stories before.

“So they’re called ‘Hero Devourers’, huh? There are rampant rumors that they are moving to consume all the other heroes.”

“Now that you mention it, besides the heroes, I’ve heard stories of some shady figures challenging strong individuals lately.”

“The same people?”

“That, I’m not sure of. But I hear a young girl is picking fights regardless of whether it’s individuals or groups.”

At the mention of a young girl, those who were listening intently let out a snicker.

“Even if players don’t care about age, going after a young girl is taking it too far. Isn’t that just an absurd rumor?”

“But there are too many similar rumors!”

The conversation topic shifted from the assault on the Seven Heroes to whether or not the attacker is indeed a young girl.

“…Haven’t the rumors spread a bit too much?”

Listened quietly from a corner of the room, Lyn conveyed the thought to Sehan, who was calmly eating his meal.

“Rumors are bound to spread when you start a fight. Observers swarm like ghosts whenever that happens.”

“That’s certainly true. But there’s something strange. Wasn’t Sword Saint Gail left on Earth for sure?”

If one listened to the people’s conversation, they would assume the Sword Saint was fine.

It was said that, although reclusive in the capital city of the Empire, he was occasionally spotted.

“It’s Van Gogh in disguise.”

“Van Gogh, the one who used the collaboration quest to manipulate Lord Gail?”

“Yes. Since he has many skills, it wouldn’t be odd if he had one for transformation. Moreover, since humans other than Gail wouldn’t know about the collaboration quest, it’s likely Van Gogh has been pretending to be Gail in the Empire since Gail went to Earth.”

It was somewhat expected.

Otherwise, how could there be no mention of it on the community? Even the disturbance at Seoul Station was unknown to the gods.

At most, it was the jester with Mina, and all the other observers didn’t know what happened afterward since Gail had eliminated them.

Also, the collaboration quest ended as soon as it appeared, so hardly any gods recognized it properly.

“Then should we head to the Empire as soon as possible?”

“There’s still over a week left. And there’s no need to go since they will make the first move.”


“With two of Van Gogh’s four heroes dead, the remaining two will hardly stay put. They are bound to inform Van Gogh and make their move.”

They might flee or attack first.

“So in the meantime, we need to get busy.”

“Take down the remaining two heroes?”

“No, it’d be tough even to find them now. We should fight against other figures instead. We’ve been facing some easy targets recently.”


Lyn’s face darkened.

Indeed, Lyn had been fighting not just against the Seven Heroes, but other players as well.

There were many strong individuals and odd characters in Petroya.

‘Let’s see, Petroya’s 100 Great Masters. If I try to finish this list, there won’t be any time to rest.’

The list of a hundred compiled from information posted by gods on the community.

Most were related to martial professions.

Even if it was not a problem to learn magic, Lyn’s application was lacking when it came to physical skills, similar to Baek Seol Yi.

“Then let’s move out right after you finish your meal. There’s a man nearby called the Mercenary King.”

“…Why are there so many kings around here?”

“That’s just how fantasy is.”

After checking that Lyn, though gloomy, didn’t look fatigued, I smiled.

Helping others cultivate had its own kind of fun.



Title: Spilling the Beans on Meeting the Hero Devourer

Lucky with gear drops, things have been going my way lately.

I was nervous, but today the Hero Devourer showed up.

Just as heard, the fighter was a blonde girl.

The one who replaced Astraea, you know.

Still a rookie who hadn’t shed her player-ness, so I honestly thought my avatar could win.

But I was utterly crushed, LOLLLL

My avatar is half-crippled now; says I need to take half a year off.

What a crapshoot.


Anonymous: LOL, surviving is something, isn’t it?

ㅠAuthor: If they’re not associated with the Seven Heroes, they seem to spare them.

Anonymous: Not true? I heard some among the Seven Heroes survived?

ㅠAuthor: Maybe they spare lives when they feel like it. But should gods be sabotaging players like this?

Anonymous: They’re only gods in name but still players, since the game isn’t over yet. Complain after the Earth ending.


“Van Gogh, what exactly are you looking at all this time?”

Van Gogh, who was scanning the community’s situation, slowly closed the community window at the sharp-toned voice.

Then a red-haired man emerged from behind the now-closed screen.

“Didn’t I take care of everything you asked?”

“The crow is causing a commotion in Petroya right now! It’s obvious there’s an ulterior motive; if you let this continue, big trouble might erupt.”

“Am I to trudge around looking for those guys? By now, they’re fighting not us, but other powerhouses. Besides, chasing after a crow with the Witch of Dreams’ skills is impossible, even for me.”

Aren’t you being too irresponsible? We didn’t side with you to be treated like this!”

What a noisy fellow.

Van Gogh propped his chin, looking at the red-haired man.

He was right; things were going strangely.

But did that mean he had to disgracefully chase after those guys?

The thought went against Van Gogh’s pride.

He was, after all, just a player.

An upstart girl who had only just become a god.

He didn’t want to do something so pathetic like chasing after such beings.

Especially with the bind of the quest, things had turned sour.

Imyur would have concerns if he knew.

‘I wish it was a world with fewer divine influences, I’d just wipe out the entire country.’

He wouldn’t have maintained such a leisurely stance then.

But unfortunately for Van Gogh, he was in Petroya, which made it impossible for him to wreck havoc.


More than he had expected.

He disliked it, but the insolent man before him had a point.

‘The little goddess is cultivating, aren’t they …’

Van Gogh’s eyes turned toward the red-haired man and remembered another person not present.

He had been somewhat looking down on the two, but they were monsters with high divine statuses.

Their talents incomparable to other humans.

‘Indeed, I need to be prepared for this.’

Van Gogh, who had once rivaled Imyur and the Primordial Giant for their positions.

Among all the beings in the universe, none held more techniques than he did.


And so another week passed.

During that time, Lyn and I traveled through Petroya, fighting all sorts of strong figures.

The Mercenary King who ruled the continent.

A sword genius who went into hiding a generation ago.

The dark ruler who built a kingdom of crime.

And so on. We had pretty much crossed hands with anyone of some renown in Petroya.

Obviously, this meant Lyn had to keep moving without proper rest.

“So impressive.”

The funny thing was, the only time Lyn could rest was when fighting other Seven Heroes.

Unlike other opponents who had to flee immediately after fighting, the members of the Seven Heroes all waited in their own cities.

Excluding the four attached to Van Gogh, the remaining three didn’t need to be killed, so Lyn could afford to duel with them.

The two others, excluding the Lion King, were the Overlord (覇王) and the Light King (光王).

The fights against those two were the most intense of all the battles Lyn had fought.

The Overlord used roguish techniques fitting his name, and the Light King mixed spear fighting with magic, making the combat quite tricky.

After facing the different styles of the two, we returned to the city where the Lion King was.


The Lion King’s greatsword stuck into the ground.

Due to the fierce duel, parts of the thick blade were chipped away.

“I felt you were amazing even then…”

The “then” Lion King Dillan referred to was the first encounter with Lyn a few days prior.

Only a little over a week had passed since their parting.

“I did not expect you to become this polished in such a short time.”

Lyn, who had been lacking in man-to-man combat, had indeed become quite well-rounded, as the Lion King said.

Still lacking experience, but worlds apart compared to before.

‘She cleanly swallowed up the last of the Lion King’s techniques, too.’

It wasn’t just the white charge; Lyn had managed to absorb even the other skills.

Although there wasn’t enough time to face all one hundred, by tackling around fifty players and savoring the skills of three heroes, Lyn turned them into her own.

Having a variety of skills didn’t necessarily mean it was better, but Lyn could pave a new path by combining them.

“Ugh, ugh. I’m really exhausted now…”

Drenched in sweat, Lyn plopped down.

She looked quite worn out, perhaps due to the relentless grind.

Despite the massive divinity that made her immune to fatigue from trifles, there seemed to be a limit.

‘Only about four days left until the quest deadline.’

I would have liked to fight the remaining fifty players, but with the last day earmarked for the Empire, we could hardly fight much, even if we spent the next three days doing it.

More importantly, it was crucial to restore and maintain Lyn’s condition.

“We’re going to rest until it’s time to go to the Empire.”

“R-Really?! Are you serious?!”

“Yes, rest for two days and then we’ll head out. On the third day, we’ll enter the Empire and head straight for Van Gogh, so mentally prepare yourself.”


Learning she could rest for two days brought tears of joy to Lyn’s eyes.

I’ll let her rest for a while once this affair wraps up.

‘I wanted to take her to the Demon World too.’

If this ends safely, I planned to take her to the Demon World, but it seemed unlikely now.

“But mister, I mean, brother. So we’re heading to the Empire to fight that Van Gogh right away? He has two turncoat heroes with him, right?”

“That’s right.”

“So I’ll fight those two, and in the meantime… you’ll defeat Van Gogh… right?”

“Not quite.”


Lyn looked puzzled, and I reached out to pat her shoulder.

“You’ll be fighting all three.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll join the fight too! Of course, it’ll mainly be as your support.”

Van Gogh isn’t likely to go all out.

If he does, I have a trump card.

Of course, Lyn, unaware of my thoughts, simply gaped like a goldfish.


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