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# 215

215. Hero Devourer (1)

“Is that even possible?”

The Lion King still seemed incredulous after personally seeing the item I had produced.

Well, it’s true that only Mina on Earth could make such a thing.

As far as I know, Petroiya has so many items available for purchase with points that alchemy hasn’t developed much there.

“Yes, yes. Absolutely.”

Perhaps because of the intimidating presence of the Lion King, Dyllan, Lynn was stammering, nodding her head.

The authority of the Goddess who wore Lynn’s cap was persuasive enough to skip any unnecessary explanations.

Dyllan seemed skeptical, but he stopped quibbling about whether Gail was alive or not.

“Then it must have been you who triggered that quest.”

He was talking about the quest to protect the family of Sword Saint Gail.

“That’s right. With Gail dead, why would Bango keep his now valueless family alive?”

Dyllan seemed to agree with me.

He silently gazed at me and spoke with a strange expression on his face.

“…I’ve heard of a heretic who made the game their own, but it’s quite the feeling to actually see it.”

“Just lucky, I guess.”

“Taking back one’s star from the publisher is not something that can be achieved by luck alone. It’s a feat no one else can accomplish. And there’s another rumor I’ve heard…”

“A rumor?”

“That you made an outside god your avatar? And that this god is currently managing Earth?”

I hadn’t intended to hide it, but I didn’t think such stories would have spread all the way to Petroiya.

“It’s all true.”

“Remarkable, truly remarkable. You and the young girl by your side… I’m curious what kind of place Earth is.”

Dyllan’s eyes shone like a child’s, mixed with an odd sense of rivalry.

“Anyway, back to the main point, you came here to kill Bango, didn’t you?”


“How did you find out it was Bango who orchestrated this?”

“Being the Giant King, Ymir wouldn’t move easily, so the only one who could check on me would be Bango.”

“Just Bango…”

He stretched out his words as if sensing something flawed in what I’d said.

To some, it might sound arrogant.

But I didn’t bother to defend or explain myself about that.

A single statement was sufficient.

“I killed an outside god.”


“The outside god, the Crawling Chaos, is dead, so who else strong enough to step forward from the publisher’s side but Bango?”

“What do you mean…”

For the first time, shock registered in Dyllan’s usually stoic eyes.

His face had only shown a hint of wariness when he first saw us, but now it had frozen solid like a statue.

‘Well, it’s only natural he’d react that way to the news of killing an outside god.’

Actually, for someone like Dyllan, it was quite skilled of him to hide his emotions.

“I can’t comprehend it. How did you kill an immortal being?”


“Ha, haha. Is this really true, young Goddess?”

“Yes, it’s true. Really.”

When Lynn confirmed it, Dyllan’s face took on a look of defeat.

“…Now I see why the publisher went to such lengths to try and kill you. Killing an outside god means even the Giant King could be next.”

He muttered to himself as if talking under his breath.

Then, he closed his mouth tightly and said nothing more for a while.

“It really is astonishing. If you have the power to kill an outside god, why not go straight to the heart of the empire and take down Bango?”

“That’s because there are heroes who have allied with Bango. How could we confront that?”

I said with a smirk, but Dyllan’s face stiffened.

“How did you know that?”

“Isn’t there a lot of conflict between the city of heroes lately? Those on Bango’s side won’t be left alone by the other heroes. Plus, infiltrating the royal palace where Gail lived would be impossible for Bango without collaborators.”

“That makes sense.”

Dyllan leaned back in his chair, exhaling deeply.

“There were those coveting Gail’s position, you know. Four of them. Their skills are on par with mine, so it’s not easy to confront them rashly. But you, having killed an outside god, should easily handle such fellows…”

“No. I’m actually weaker against humans. My skills are specialized for killing gods. That’s why I brought her here.”

“The Goddess of Justice? Why?”

“To fill what she lacks at last.”

The duration of the quest was two weeks.

I planned to squeeze all the benefits I could out of Petroiya during that time.

Bango might be suspicious that I wasn’t coming for him right away, but he can stew over that.

“Who knows when I’ll visit this place again? Since we’re here, I’ll take whatever I can get.”

“There’s nothing special here though.”

“There are many strong ones here.”

I glanced quietly at Lynn sitting next to me.

She looked tense, sitting demurely; Lynn flinched under my gaze.

Despite gaining tremendous power, Lynn still had a passive side.

“Coming to a fine restaurant like this and not trying at least one menu item before leaving would be foolish.”


What does Lynn lack now?

Anything Lynn needs to learn, she can immediately grasp, so she doesn’t know the pain of learning.

She has also become quite adept at handling divinity.

But experience is different.

If she hasn’t gone through it, she wouldn’t know.

Of course, even this experience she would likely pick up faster than most others, but right now she was almost a blank slate. In that sense, Petroiya was an apt place for Lynn to gain a variety of experiences.

“Perhaps the four who have cooperated with Bango will target you. So be careful.”

Before leaving, Dyllan gave us that advice along with a necklace adorned with a purple bead.

According to him, the bead turns red if a deity above a certain level, including the four heroes, is nearby.

Thanks to a map of Petroiya he provided, we were able to move on without getting lost.

“Thus, from now on, Lynn will deal with all assailants who attack.”

“Myself alone?!”

“Think of it as part of the experience.”

I continued to scan the surroundings through the eyes of flying crows.

Given that we were moving through a sparsely populated forest, it wouldn’t be strange for attackers to appear at any time.

“Even heroes attack me and I fight alone?”

“They won’t move easily. They’re sitting in high places; they won’t lift their heavy buttocks.”

“Is that… right?”

“Of course. Even if they come, you will fight alone. If it’s dangerous, I’ll help, so don’t worry.”

At my cold words, Lynn looked downtrodden.

It might be harsh for young Lynn, but there was nothing I could do about it.

‘If Bango is on the move, it won’t be long before Ymir acts directly.’

When that happens, it will essentially be an all-out war.

Compared to the first round, this is coming decades early, so we must elevate Lynn to a certain level as quickly as possible.

Though she had surpassed Lynn from the Dream Dungeon, that alone wasn’t enough.

‘If it were the Lynn who defeated Aldebaran, there’d be no worry.’

Would it have been better to throw Lynn into the Dream Temple to get another Hourglass of Laplace? No, that’s too risky. It’s useless after the duration ends; indeed, it’s better for her to strengthen her own power.


The attacker didn’t show in the crow’s eyes, but I felt something approaching through the net of divinity.

Probably someone using stealth drawing near.

‘Just perfect.’

Lynn hadn’t noticed yet.

Assassins hiding their murderous intent.

They were skillful, none of them ordinary. How would Lynn fare against them?

‘Twenty of them?’

The attackers were slowly closing their encirclement, but they didn’t rush us.

Perhaps they were waiting for us to show a weakness.

But waiting around was just as tiresome, so I spoke to Lynn.

“I have some errands to run, so you rest here. It’s getting late, so let’s spend the night here before moving on.”

“Oh, okay!”

“I’ll be back soon.”

After traveling far, Lynn smiled tiredly, looking utterly exhausted.

Though I felt sorry for her, I turned away purposefully.

Luke would kill me if he found out.

‘One is following me… the others are all after Lynn. They aim to deal with Lynn first.’

Just as predicted.

I was still quite lively, and Lynn looked exhausted, after all.

In fact, Lynn’s exhaustion was more mental than physical. Being young, she just looked more tired.

Anyway, I leisurely waited, observing the situation through the crow’s eyes.


Once Sehan left, Lynn took out a mat from her inventory and sat down.

She had a pop-up tent too, but she wasn’t accustomed to setting it up and planned to ask Sehan for help later.

‘Will I have to fight alone like this?’

Recalling what Sehan had said, Lynn’s complexion darkened.

She was aware she had grown stronger, but the prospect of fighting directly was still scary.

Especially so soon after having been defeated by Gail, her confidence had also dropped significantly.

“I guess first I should rest here since Uncle Sehan said to…”

Mid-sentence, Lynn reflexively threw her head back.

A flash of light that had just zipped past where Lynn’s neck had been.


Not expecting such an instant attack, Lynn screamed.

The assault didn’t stop. As Lynn moved back, over ten swords swirled around the spot she had been, aiming in all directions.

For Lynn, sitting still, it was a crisis, but she avoided all the blades with that same sitting posture, rolling away to safety.

‘Avoided it?’

The assailants were taken aback at how she managed to evade so easily after letting out a scream.

‘Who is this child? She’s supposed to be a goddess with divinity, but…!’

They were the finest of the Wind King Shred’s elite unit.

The fastest and most secretive of attackers.

Even a god was just another player to them.

These young kids should have been killed off in an instant.

They were players with their own mid-tier divinity, after all.

Lynn, who had sprung up, was attacked immediately by the assassins without hesitation.

Their movements were much faster than before, signaling they had unleashed their hidden divinity throughout their bodies.

‘Ah, what a divinity fire sale!’

Following the guards, even the assassins came pushing their divinity at her, and Lynn bit her lower lip.

Even though she clearly saw their movements, her body hesitated to respond.

It was her first time facing such vile murderous intent head-on.

Besides, central-grade divinity was the baseline for occupying a constellation.

Lynn recalled a conversation with Sehan while coming here.

“In Petroiya, being a god means holding a different standing from other stars.”


“Unless you’re a supreme god, you can’t command reverence from the players of Petroiya. Some players climb up to the middle tier if they’re a bit strong. Heroes possess high-tier divinity, and the Sword Saint you fought held supreme-tier. That’s nearly a top-tier god.”

Without graces and with inherent physical abilities set apart, they weren’t as strong as true gods.

But they were still not weak.

Especially, gods who just settled for constellations couldn’t hand out their names in Petroiya unless they were part of the Zodiac.

“Unless you’re a god with supreme-tier divinity willing to spill lots of points, it’s hard to create an avatar. The top gods start religions here and mingle with humans. Unless you’re serious about investing, defeating the players at the top tier here with a new avatar is a tough job.”

Frankly, Lynn hadn’t really grasped what Sehan was saying, but now being attacked like this, she understood.

Idra called this place the Land of Gods.

Indeed, those words rang true.

‘It’s okay. I have Astraea.’

Lynn’s blue eyes turned to gold.

Facing the assassins’ swords without fear, she didn’t evade.

She comprehended their stealth techniques, footwork, and sword movements.

‘Even if they are strong…’

She was trained fighting directly against the gods of Olympus.

Such small matters weren’t going to stop her.

Lynn’s golden eyes grew intense as she waited for the swords to come within inches of her body.

And just before they touched, she drew her sword.



A single stroke, just like what Sword Saint Gail had used.

Dozens of swords clashed, but only one sound rang out.

At the same moment, Lynn’s figure shone white and disappeared.

“This, this is!”

The assassins immediately recognized what it was.

The Lion King Dyllan’s favorite technique.

They needed to dodge, but the recoil from their deflected swords tangled up some of their feet.

A white light then flashed down from the sky upon them.

Crash! Bang!


Three assassins were flattened onto the ground by the circular wave of white fury as if crushed by an elephant. They weren’t dead, but with their bones shattered, they didn’t seem able to continue the fight.

‘I heard she spent just one day at the Lion King’s castle!’

They didn’t expect that she’d learn the secret technique of the Lion King in just one day!

The assassins were left astonished by the young monster before them.

Actually, they were mistaken.

Lynn hadn’t learned the Lion King’s technique.

She had just seen it, once.


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